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Owlflight is a long-haired, color-pointed white tom with blue eyes. His breed is ragdoll. He currently has no scars or disfigurements.


age (moons/years) 48 m/4y
gender Tomcat
pronouns he/him/his
sexual orientation gay, homosexual

Playful, absentminded. He often does things without thinking of the consequences of his actions, and his ideas to solve problems are not always fully thought out. He has a hard time understanding things at times. He tries his best to be positive and determined despite his setbacks, and strives to be the best warrior he can be.

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Owlflight was born into Riverclan to his mother, Whisperingdove, and his father, Nightshade. He has two sisters, Wrenfeather and Eveningsky, and a brother, Stormcloud. Being the smallest of his litter, it seemed that Owlflight was always behind his siblings with everything.

When Owlflight became an apprentice, he found it hard to keep up with his mentor's training and instructions, and fitting in with the other apprentices and the rest of the clan proved to be a challenging task. Learning things was difficult, and his mentor got frustrated with him often. He failed almost every assessment that he did. Owlflight went through three mentors in Riverclan before getting appointed to train as a medicine cat, but he wasn't good at that either. He finally got thrown out of Riverclan when he tried to give a sick cat the wrong herb on accident, before being quickly stopped by his medicine cat mentor.

After a few days of wandering, Owlflight joined Windclan, still an apprentice. He was given a new mentor, and this time, Owlflight was determined to do the best that he could.

While he was in Windclan, Owlflight met Copper- a loner who lived near the edge of Windclan territory- while on a patrol. The two quickly became friends, and Owlflight would even sneak out of camp to meet him whenever he could. Even when Owlflight eventually got thrown out of Windclan for failing yet another set of assessments, they still remained friends.

Owlflight finally got his warrior name in Thunderclan, when he (yet again) got kicked out, this time for being out of camp visiting Copper instead of in camp when enemy warriors had attacked. In Shadowclan, he finally got banished from all the clans in the territory, when in an attempt to poison a set of badgers, he accidentally led one into camp.

Owlflight went to live with Copper, in an abandoned grain silo. At this point, Owlflight had long since realized that his feelings for Copper were more than just friendly. He had fallen for his best friend, and he already knew that Copper would never return his feelings. Despite the pain he knew it would cause, Owlflight stayed with Copper for two years, before confessing his feelings in a heated argument. Copper, as Owlflight already knew, did not feel the same.

After that, Owlflight finally decided to leave the territory. He went beyond the twoleg place and beyond the mountains, in search of a new start.

current allegiance

clan fernclan
rank the watcher

past allegiances

clan rootclan
rank warrior

clan shadowclan
rank warrior

clan thunderclan
rank warrior, apprentice

clan windclan
rank apprentice

clan riverclan
rank apprentice, kit

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