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Before joining Orphic, I was adrift in a sea of darkness, searching for the flicker of a flame to light my way.
“Bound by ancient bonds and fierce determination, our pack runs as one through the timeless wilds of Greece, where unity strengthens our spirit and courage fuels our chase.” ― Galini
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Missyroyal May 2024 Aj&Discord Bronze & Zios Mask Wolves
  1. ★Galini | Missyroyal
  2. ★Rayne | Nemophilists
  3. ★Eros | Thegodofcoffee
  4. Abaddon | Bøisterøus
  5. Laika | ßold
  6. Sibyl | Expressionism
  7. Jadis | Random_nerd475
  8. Xander | Misltoebunny
  9. Ember | Emofurs
  10. Opal | Ecliphoenix
  11. Aitne | Loyaltytowarriors
  12. Forneus | Díctated
  13. Lyra | Holistic
  14. Kaz | Thykings
  15. Soliel | taintedfish
  16. Chrysanthos | Sinisterchills
  17. Asterios | Soulxful
  18. Pyrrhus | Rubixcubix
  19. Isshu | Sachi0706
  20. Atlas | Cryptskull
  21. Amos | Starryniights
  22. Gallo | Mudleap
  23. Prima | Valeskan
  24. Zenith | 1nkbl0b
  25. Sitara | Quinncyann
  26. Aiden | Animeluv17
  27. - | ßaited
  28. Sparrowlight | Feralfoliage
  29. Blazescar | Aleska27
  30. Edmumd | implxse00
  31. Hecate | Whiteflags




Orphic's origins began in the early days of the Greek world. When Prometheus created animals and man. Nature flourished in all aspects.

It began with Lykaion, a cunning and fiercely intelligent pack, whose bloodline traced back to the very wolves that had once accompanied the god Apollo on his nightly journeys across the sky. Lykaion was said to have been blessed by the moon herself, their fur shimmering silver under the ethereal glow, and their howls carrying the echoes of forgotten prophecies. Lykaion thrived under Lykos's leadership, their territory expanding like the creeping tendrils of darkness in the twilight hours. Yet, their prosperity came at a cost, for they were not mere wolves but creatures infused with the essence of ancient gods and primordial forces. Orphic was feared and revered in equal measure by those who dared to tread near their domain. Their howls were said to chill the blood and stir the soul, a haunting symphony that echoed through the forest, warning all who heard it of impending doom. But amidst the terror they instilled, there was a streak of dark humor that ran through the pack. They reveled in their reputation, delighting in the tales spun by terrified travelers and superstitious villagers. Some whispered that Orphic would feast on the flesh of those foolish enough to venture into their territory, while others claimed they would play tricks on unsuspecting wanderers, leading them astray with phantom trails and ghostly apparitions. Yet, for all their ferocity and mischief, there was a bond that united the members of Orphic, a fierce loyalty born of their shared heritage and the ancient pact they had made with the gods. They were more than just a pack of wolves; they were guardians of the wild, protectors of the hidden secrets that lurked within the depths of the forest.

And so, the legend of Orphic grew, weaving its way through the tapestry of Greece like a dark thread, forever entwined with the fates of gods and mortals alike. To encounter them was to glimpse the true power of the wild, to feel the ancient pulse of the earth beneath your feet and the eerie call of the moon overhead. But beware, for Orphic was not to be trifled with, and those who crossed their path did so at their own peril.


Plots & Topics: Orphic is based on Greek mythology which involves murder mysteries, traumatic experiences, war, etc. We as a group do not intend to trigger anyone with such topics and intend to monitor sessions/plots that will be considered okay for everyone within the group. You as a member of the group are obligated to decline any sessions/plots you feel uncomfortable with. The majority of our sessions/plots will be based on Lore & Improv.

PowerPlaying: Power-playing is not prohibited. OC(s) aren't to be overpowered within the group, make sure to use proper communications with roleplaying on AJ or Discord.

Limitations: If you wish to have an OC that has any limitations please make sure to have researched proper topics and discuss them with a higher rank before proceeding with these intentions. It's disrespectful to those who have limitations. Accessorizing:Members of Orphic are allowed to wear accessories. In ancient Greek society would wear gold, silver, pearl, and emeralds. We ask to keep items within roleplaying terms. If you aren't sure about a certain accessory please contact someone of higher ranking.


Respect: Everyone within the group is to be treated equally. Orphic is a group that is about making connections and forming bonds.

No Harassment: Sexual, Offensive, or Racial harassment is NOT tolerated in the server. If seen doing these actions you will be punished with immediate BAN from the server and if found in other related servers their administration will be notified of these actions.

જ⁀➴Channels: Please use the correct channels for the correct topics to ensure no confusion within channels and confusion amongst members. (if you cannot find certain channels please notify someone of higher authority within the server to direct you.

જ⁀➴ AGE LIMIT: 18+ This server wants to ensure a safe and mature environment (people below 18 will be restricted from most discussions)

જ⁀➴ NO HARASSMENT*:Sexual, Offensive, or Racial harassment is **NOT** tolerated in this server. If seen doing these actions you will be punished with immediate **BAN** from the server and if found in other related servers their administration will be notified of these actions.

જ⁀➴CHANNELS: Please use the correct channels for the correct topics to ensure no confusion within channels and confusion amongst members. (if you cannot find a certain channel please notify someone of higher authority within this server to direct you.

જ⁀➴ACTIVITY: We want to ensure a fun and active environment for all our members. Servers sweeps will happen monthly to ensure inactivity members are dealt with. (If you know you are going to be on hiatus for long periods of time please discuss visitation or joining matters with higher authority within the server.)

જ⁀➴EXPLICIT CONTENT: Sexually related messages, images, or topics are forbidden with the server. Please refrain from such topics, failure to do so will get you kicked from the server.

જ⁀➴SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING: If you notice someone within the server bullying or doing something that makes you uncomfortable please notify the higher authority within the server. We want to ensure everyone feels welcomed, safe, and happy within our server.

Note: Scroll to see the rest of the ranks.
The Archon is the highest rank within Orphic holding the title of leader and commander in the pack, this also includes that the Archon is the entire representation of the pack. They maintain order & balance in the interior of the pack while in command.
★ Galini philocalistx Missyroyal Female Gray Wolf Archon
The Aristocrats are the second highest in command. They are close to the Royal playing as a council discussing all matters within the pack together with the Royal. The Aristocrats will take charge when the Royal isn't available and are the public affairs within the pack. They discuss and listen to the members of the pack when the Royal is busy or needs their attention elsewhere. The Aristocrats report any and all aspects of conversation within the pack to ensure Orphic's protection and strengthen the bond for all our members.
The Strategus's are the war generals of Orphic withholding the title as the strongest, and most reliable wolves in the pack. They are in charge of training and taking full responsibility of the Hoplites in all aspects.
★ Rayne _jjcy Nemophilists Male Alaskan Grey Wolf Aristocrat
★ Eros connor.core Thegodofcoffee Male Tibetan Wolf Aristocrat
Abaddon Flutterssshhy Bøisterøus Male Archipelago Wolf Strategus
The Hoplites make up the majority of the pack. They ensure the safety, and longevity of the pack. They're trained and experienced soldiers when it comes to fighting or hunting. They are brutal, and unforgiving in times of bloodshed.
★ Aitne loyaltytowarriors tonysnacc Female Mackenzie Valley Wolf Hoplite
★ Xander misltoebunny goeatdrywall Male Yukon Wolf Hoplite
★ Opal ecliphoenix Ecliphoenix Female Grey Wolf Hoplites
★ Laika inkpods ßold Female Timber Wolf Hoplite
★ Ember Gabygums Emofurs Female Gray Wolf Hoplite
★ Forneus cacodemonic. Díctated Male Archipelago Wolf x Timber Wolf Hoplite
★ Kaz kaz6223 Thykings Male Grey Wolf Hoplite
★ Asterios Soulxful Soulxful Male Blue Bay Shepherd Hoplite
★ Pyrrhus Kukrii Rubixcubix Male Ethiopian Wolf Hoplite
★ Isshu 7starmonster sachi0706 Female Mongolian Wolf Hoplite
★ Amos 7enny Starryniights Male Northwestern Wolf Hoplite
★ Gallo eternal.order Mudleap Male Mackenzie River Wolf Hoplite
★ Prima armenite Valeskan Female Arctic Wolf Hoplite
★ Sitara summersideupsits Quinncyann Female Arctic Wolf Hoplite
★ Sparrowlight zeph808 Feralfoliage Female Gray Wolf Hoplite
★ Aiden marshall_2784 Animeluv17 Male Gray Wolf Hoplite
★ Busk cryptic_crybabyy Buggy3005 Male Timber Wolf x Unknown Domestic Hoplite
★ - ghoul_ish. ßaited Male Wolfdog Hoplite
★ Blazescar zappywiesel. Aleska27 Male Eurasian Wolf Hoplite
★ Tasoula fluttersshhy Bøisterøus Female Iberian Wolf Hoplite
The Healers act as the doctors and therapists in the group these wolves are chosen carefully for their knowledge and skills of creating medicines and understanding the anatomy and mental state of the pack. They work closely with the native plants and Shamans to achieve such status.
The Shamans are the ones who are connected to the ancient world and gods They undergo crucial procedures to have a connection. Shamans can have visions(good or bad) and are to report this to the council. Shamans connect to the land and animals of their world and are usually correct on most aspects of the well-being of the pack.
★ Jadis None random_nerd475 Female Coyote/Red Wolf Healer
★ Ivory cherripie pin1152 Female Grey Wolf Healer
★ Chrysanthos riley3918 Sinisterchills Male Iberian Wolf Healer
★ Soliel pimpnamed__slickback Taintedfish Female tba Healer
Sibyl expressionism sweetest_con Female Arctic Wolf Shaman
Lyra Holistic emdilemma Female Eastern Wolf Shaman
Atlas cryptskvll cryptskull Male Algonquin Wolf Shaman
Lyn eternal.order Mudleap Female Russian Wolf Shaman
The Novices act as the trainees of the pack and undergo training in whatever field they wish to be apart of including learning how to be a Hoplite or training to become the next Healers or Shamans of the pack. The Royal decides which Novices are chosen to be in which ranks.
The Pups are the newest members of the pack and are protected by the entire pack to ensure they can continue the legacy. Pups are usually seen around springtime when the Symposium takes place.
Zenith venzuus 1nkbl0b Female Tibetan Wolf Novice
Phaedra tonysnacc loyaltytowarriors Female Arctic wolf x Himalayan wolf Novice
Edmumd skweegi Implxse00 Male Yukon Wolf Novice
Hecate hahmburgher Whiteflags Female Gray Wolf Novice
Eustace ecliphoenix Ecliphoenix Male Steppe Wolf Novice
Amell random_nerd745 n/a Male Costal Wolf Novice
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The forest was thick with ancient trees, their branches intertwined to create a dense canopy that filtered the sunlight into dappled patterns on the forest floor. The air was rich with the scent of damp earth and the sweet aroma of wildflowers, mingling with the earthy musk of the forest. As the group of wolves stirred from their long slumber, they felt the weight of centuries of forest growth upon them. Vines and ivy had woven themselves around their limbs, and soft beds of moss cushioned their bodies. Their fur was tangled with leaves and twigs, and the once-clearings around them had transformed into dense thickets. The ancient grove seemed almost sacred, a place untouched by time, where the whispers of the gods could still be heard in the rustle of the leaves. Towering oaks and elms stood as silent sentinels, their gnarled roots forming a protective cradle around the sleeping wolves.

Orphic has emerged from Valor's End and is now in The Fringe. Galini senses that this land isn't claimed by anyone and the smell of nature thrives here. The pack looks with concern and wants answers, but Galini has none. She begins to seek the help of the Shamans to get a better understanding of why the gods have put them there. It's unclear if it was to protect them or simply a curse to bestow upon this strange new world. The others fighting for an understanding and all have different opinions Galini becomes stressed but must remain level-headed. Galini tells the rest of the pack to venture more into the fringe and discover what kind of resources the pack could use to determine if this land is lost or a start of a new era for the wolves. Some of the pack may encounter other animals on the land and some encounter plants they've never seen before. Galini trusts that the pack can remain leveled and calm while she seeks partnered guidance to understand the gods. The rest of the pack is left to venture more into the territory and they encounter strange creatures they've never seen before and plants and trees they've never came across. The pack must figure out what to do while Galini, Lyra, and Sibyl are on a separate journey for answers. Galini leaves the pack to bond and find a temporary shelter while she's gone. Galini will tell them to remain in the fringe but others might take this as an opportunity to explore what's beyond.


OUTCOME ONE: Unity and Prosperity Summary: The pack obeys Galini's request and bonds closely, utilizing their newfound environment to thrive while Galini, Lyra, and Sibyl uncover important truths.

The Journey: Galini, Lyra, and Sibyl eventually connect with the gods who reveal that the gods placed them in the new era as a test of their resilience and unity. They discover ancient rituals that strengthen their bond with the divine, providing them with guidance on how to lead the pack in this new land.

Pack's Exploration: The rest of the pack follows Galini's instructions, exploring the Fringe carefully and discovering abundant resources, such as new medicinal plants and plentiful prey. They build a temporary but secure shelter and develop strategies to adapt to the unfamiliar terrain.

Return and Reunification: When Galini and the others return, they find the pack has not only survived but thrived. Using the knowledge gained from the gods, Galini leads the pack in a ceremony that strengthens their bond with the gods and each other. This unity and newfound wisdom ensure the pack's prosperity in the world, marking the beginning of a golden era.

OUTCOME TWO: Division and Conflict Summary: The pack is divided between those who follow Galini's instructions and those who seek to explore beyond the Fringe, leading to internal conflict and external threats.

The Journey: Galini, Lyra, and Sibyl struggle to connect with the gods, facing numerous obstacles that delay their quest for answers. Their journey becomes a test of faith and determination, with sporadic, unclear messages from the gods.

Pack's Exploration: A faction within the pack, led by ambitious members, decides to venture beyond the Fringe despite Galini's instructions. They encounter hostile creatures and dangerous environments, leading to injuries and mistrust. The remaining members, who stayed in the Fringe, feel betrayed and stressed.

Return and Division: Upon Galini's return, she finds a divided pack. The explorers' actions have caused tension and mistrust. The pack faces internal strife and increased external threats due to their separation. Galini must work tirelessly to reunite her pack, but the road to recovery is long and fraught with challenges.

OUTCOME THREE: Mistrust and Disrespect Summary: The pack is divided between those who follow Galini’s instructions and those who seek to explore beyond the fringe, leading to an extreme threat. The journey: Galini, Lyra and Sibyl journey to the echoing grotto but encounter the sphinx. Twisting their minds to prove they are who they say they are. Pack’s exploration: All the members within the pack decide to travel beyond the fringe, and disobey Galini’s orders. They entrust that venturing towards the outer territory is better for them and decide to move further away from the fringe. As they venture too far they encounter a beast, they have to work together to get out of the situation of face the beast head on. Return & Threats: as the three return to the fringe they notice that the entire pack has left the shelter. Frustrated with the others the three begin their journey to find them. Tired from previous travels but determine to be reunited pushes them on Everyone is opposed to the idea of taking on a new world, and wants to travel to the gods themselves to ask why they were cast aside in the most dire of times.


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