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Comfrey flower

Welcome to my herb guide!


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I got most of my information from a website that lists herbal uses in warriors, but also from the books and my experience as a medic/shaman. I used my own sense of sight to describe the herb. This is also based on the book the Erins used to make their medic herbs.

Let's get started!

Burdock Root- A Tumeric like a root, with a pale middle that comes from the Burdock plant. They are added to bites and cure the infection.

Borage leaves - A common and dark leaf, with a bit of fuzz, and grows on the burdock plant. Increases milk in queens and helps with '''''fever.

Comfrey- The featured herb on the page, a purple flower that drops down, and its stem and leaves grow up. It soothes the pains in woods and mends broken bones.

Cobwebs- A web coming from a spider's internal web making glands, used after the spider abandons the web. Used to stop the bleeding of the wounds.

Coltsfoot- A beautiful golden coloured (coloured) plant, that helps with hyperventilation or shortness of breath.

Chervil-  A green veggie that cures infections with its leaves and its roots cure bellyaches 

Dried oak leaf- an oak leaf that has been dried by the sun completely, and cures infections.

Dock- a green veggie, similar looking to coltsfoot, that soothes scratches and make the fur of the patient very slippery

Goldenrod- a golden flower with a darker centre, applied on wounds. 

Honeycomb-soothes throat aches

juniper berries- a purple berry that grows on a Juniper plant. Used to help with shortness of breath and bellyaches.

Lavender- a lavender colour plant that soothes fever

Mouse Bile – Mouse bile is a goop used to remove ticks.

Poppy Seeds – a black, tiny seed that soothes distress, and eases the pain. DO NOT FEED TO KITS OR PREGNANT FEMALES!

Stinging Nettle –  a common herb with leaves, a light green. used to dispel! poison. Brings down swelling.

Tansy – a puffy golden/yellow flower that cures a cough.

Thyme – bits of seeds and plants from the thyme plant.Calms anxiety and frayed nerves.

Watermint – a lavender coloured flower that grows on the watermint plant, commonly found near freshwater springs. Helps bellyache.

Yarrow –this plant can be found in an assortment of colours, mostly pink, yellow, white, or blue. Prevents infections. rids of poison. If the herb is swallowed, it will make the patient vomit.

Adder Barrack – A buttercup looking plant that grows on a tall stalk. Cures a toothache.

Aloe Vera –a green coloured spiked plant, grows in humid weather. Cures burns.

Yew/Death berry-a red coloured berry in which contains a very poisonous seed. Just 3 berries and the patient will pass away. Given to the patient if he/she is in pain or done out of hatred. If yew is accidentally swallowed, give the patient yarrow to make the patient vomit out the poisonous seed. Harmless if the seed is spat out.

Bramble Twigs -a thorned twig usually used for den protection or clan protection, and is found in the bramble bush. Helps with insomnia.

Broom Malice Poultices –a poultice made from Broom malice. Apply to open wounds.

Chamomile – a white flower with a yellow middle. It gives the patient strength for long journies.

Ferns – Used to clean out wounds.

Ginger – an uneven root-like plant with a strong taste, a pale brown peel, and a white centre. Helps asthma.

Hawthorne berries –  a red berry, not to be confused with yew berries, used to treat heartburn and indigestion.

Wild garlic- rolled in to cure rat bites.

Heather Nector, Look: the nectar from a bell-shaped flower found in shady spots, makes swallowing Easier and sweetens the mix

Horsetail: Look: a tall Bristly stemmed plant, Chewed, and juice is applied to wound, Treats infection and helps to stop bleeding.

Lamb's Leaf: Look: a Soft fuzzy Green Plant found in the mountains: eaten Effect: Gives 

E/N: This is from Abi, the gf of the creator of this page. Please remember this only applies to those using traditional warriors herbs. If you are in a group or clan that does not follow the traditional warrior's medicine guide, please refrain from using this to some extent.

E/N: This is from Abi. If you are learning for your first time using herbs, this is simplified, so this should be easy to understand.