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Necropolis is a Chaotic Neutral Pack that homes themselves in Paradise Cemetary. While most remember Necropolis as the home to canids who are lost, abandoned, or alone, those who call it home tell a different story. Necropolis is host to a Coven of dogs, who have gone through the trials to perform real Magick. Hidden deep within the Crypt they call home, this group of canines hides a dangerous secret.

Do you dare to discover it?
09/20/2020 Hazak Discord Open / Recruiting Chaotic Neutral
Hazak 3 Characters Storytelling Canidae Rouge-Styled
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Name: Liam
Wiki: CanineCourtesy
Discord: caninecourtesy
Name: Jasmine
Wiki: Hologirlys
Discord: jasybomb
Name: Tobi
Wiki: HauntedHallowz
Discord: phoqnixx.
Name: Onis
Wiki: Monstrousskilla
Discord: monstrousskilla
Name: Rain
Wiki: Rainsss
Discord: rainsss.__86596
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Name: Phrog
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Discord: phrogbabe
Name: Wyrm
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Discord: woodwyrm.
Name: Ames
Wiki: Xxinsidiousxx
Discord: homewrecked.
Name: Pest
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Discord: kvrusu
Name: Pigeon
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Discord: .cassowary.
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beside OORP RULES beside beside IRP RULES beside

RESPECT beside Respect all members of the server at all times. Discrimination, bullying, or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Respect all members of Staff & the decisions they come to. Keep drama, personal or otherwise, out.

TOS beside Follow all Discord Terms of Service. The minimum age requirement for Discord is 13, however we require a minimum age of 15 to join our ranks. If you are found to be breaking any of these terms, you will be removed from our roster.

LANGUAGE beside Please keep all conversations in English, so all members can be included at all times. Swearing is allowed, but do not direct it at other individuals. Slurs and other derogatory terms may not be used, regardless of your identity.

ORGANIZATION beside Please keep all topics in the correct channels. This will help keep things clean & organized for yourself and everyone around you.

NSFW beside Necropolis is considered a PG-13 space, however Minors are still present and therefore all NSFW is prohibited in the server. Any sort of explicit NSFW content posted will result in an instant ban. Please be mindful and considerate when posting any content that may be considered Mature.

ADVERTISEMENT beside Keep all advertisements exclusively in the Advertisement channel. This can include commissions, raffles, etc. Group advertisements must be approved by staff.

NICKNAMES beside Keep all nicknames respectful and within TOS. If possible, include your preferred alias & character names somewhere in your nickname or bio.

LITERACY beside Do your best to create a literate & legible roleplay. Please don't use one or two sentence responses.

REALISM beside Please ensure your character is realistic and balanced for the setting that they are in. Your character is to have positive, neutral, and negative traits. Any breeds of canid are welcome, including dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, etc! Please ensure all ages make sense for the role they are in.

NECROMANCY beside All members are expected to keep the spells and rules in mind when using magick in roleplay. Please ensure your character's endurance is snesible, and their use of spells is respectful to those around them.

INJURIES beside All character injuries or deaths must be approved by the character owner, and/or Staff.

NAMES beside Names are to be rouge in style, leaving naming open to your imagination. Please keep names respectful

CHARACTER LIMIT beside All members can have up to 3 characters. Upon joining, you may only create one. Secondary OCs may be created a week after joining, and a third OC may be made two weeks after your second character is approved.

beside THE COVEN beside
[01/01] Closed
The Poltergeist is the leader of Necropolis. They deal with helping keep every member safe, and hold the highest respect and power. This member often deals with keeping their home hidden and organizing emergency patrols.
Hazak caninecourtesy Male x Yukon Wolf beside beside
WRAITH beside
[00/01] Earned Role/Closed
The Wraith is the second in command of Necropolis. Hand-picked by the Poltergeist, this member often deals with setting up hunts and patrols. They can be found often at the central area of the camp, barking orders at others.
x x x x x beside
SPECTER beside
[00/01] Earned Role/Closed
The Specter is the Third in Command and the head of defense. This member is often seen hosting spars, training Apparations or aiding in fortifying the defenses to keep the camp and territory free of humans.
x x x x x beside
ELITES beside
[00/05] Earned Role/Closed
The Elites are the members of Necropolis that have exceeded expectations in every way. These members are often long-term members, and are trusted with hosting patrols and constantly contributing to the pack's wellbeing.
x x x x x beside
WITCH beside
[01/03] Closed
The Witches are the healers and medics of Necropolis. These members specialize in herbal remedies and cures that help to heal wounds, sicknesses, and other ailments. They are well-versed in their job.
Hotaru jasybomb Female x Maned Wolf beside
[00/02] Open
Witch Rookies are those who are in training to become a Witch. These member strain underneath their superiors to learn the herbal remedies and cures and are often tasked with more trivial things.
x x x x x 0/5
[02/25] Open
Apparations are the bulk rank of Necropolis. As the warriors of the pack, these members are tasked with hunting for prey and fighting for the pack's cause to keep their packmates and family members safe.
Desdemona phoqnixx. Female x Mongrel beside
Teufel monstrousskilla Female x Wolf Mix beside
Kodiak rainsss.__86596 Female x Wolf Mix beside
ROOKIE beside
[00/15] Open
Rookies are the apprentices of Necropolis. Under the training of their mentors, these members are working to become full adults within the pack. They are trained by Apparations to hunt and fight for the pack's cause.
x x x x x 0/3
SOUL beside
[00/10] Closed
Souls are the pups of Necropolis who are still too young. Taken care of by either a parent or permanent caretaker, the pups are kept within the confines of the camp. These members are too young to gain magic.
x x x x x
WHISP beside
[00/05] Open
Whisps are the Elderly of Necropolis. These members are most often seen lazing about the crypt, enjoying their retirement and celebrating the final years of their lives. Their magic has grown weak in old age, and they aren't able to perform it as they used to.
x x x x x beside
beside MAGICK beside

Necropolis prides itself on its use of magic, housed in a unique charm held by each member of the pack. Each member has a spell type, one type of magic they are attuned to and able to use with ease. Some members, like older or stronger members, may develop an affinity for two. Each spell drains a different amount of energy, causing varying levels of exhaustion depending on the strength of the spell. Spell types often follow a general pattern in regards to the personality and strength of the user, however they are not required to follow these sets.

Spells overall are broken into two types: Natural and Spiritual. Natural spell types include Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. These spell types are the most common, and the easiest to control. Spiritual spell types include Light, Dark, Spiritual, and Ancestral. These spell types are rare, and do not often manifest in new magic users, instead most often evolving from the Natural types within strong and experienced magic users. These members are often higher ranking, but do not have to be. Those who manifest Spiritual magic often follow the path of a healer, though they are not required to do so.

Each caster has a duration of endurance in which they can cast spells. While it depends on the user, all casters have a limit to how much magic they can cast in a certain time period. Older, more experienced, members have a higher endurance than younger, less experienced members. As such, each member is expected to keep this endurance in mind during roleplay.

beside MAGICK TYPES beside

The use of Spells is gained through the use of the individual's Magic Charm. Magic Charms are small accessories forged of magic, with a crystal or gemstone of the elemental color set inside of it. The charms are unique to each individual, and can be any shape, size, or accessory. Be creative!

Every individual's magic type is forged from deep within the heart. While personality can influence the type of magic that they host, it does not dictate it, and magic types are wide in variety. If you are struggling to decide what magic type you'd like to choose, take a look below to decide what may fit your character best!

Null - beside
Null users are oftenmost unsure of themselves. They are often anxious and quiet, and despite the best efforts of those around them they do not wish to try to become anything else. Whether the Null is their choice or what the circle has chosen for them, these members are oftenmost not interested in magick at all.

Fire - beside
Fire users are oftentimes bold and bright individuals. They are strong, passionate, and ambitious. They work hard to achieve their goals, and will often do anything to surpass them. They are hot-headed and short-tempered.

Water - beside
Water users are most often calm and collected. They are known to be brilliant minds, thinking before acting. Despite this, they rely heavily on emotion, and are often skewed in their decisions by personal choice and conflict. They are oftentimes lazing around, keeping to themselves in a quiet and introverted kind of way.

Earth - beside
Earth users are often hard workers, putting others before themselves. They are stubborn, hard-headed, and occasionally hard to get along with. However, they are known to be the most practical and analytical, going off of pure fact to come to most conclusions. Many are described as dull or boring, as they have little personality outside of their work.

Air - beside
Air users are often described as curious. They want to know everything about anything, but this leads to carelessness amongst their surroundings. With heads in the clouds, they are often dreamers, and act before thinking it through. Friendly and extroverted, these individuals are fast to make friends, but quick to forget what they were doing. As fast as they were near, they are likely to be gone.

Light - beside
Light users are most often bubbly and kind. Sprouting from the love they have for others, these individuals have nothing but kindness and compassion for those around them. They often choose to spend time with those who may be hurting, working as a guiding light in tough times and acting as support for those who may need it. They are extroverted, and love to chat with those who are willing.

Dark - beside
Dark users are often secluded and lonely. Despite the efforts of others, these individuals often spend most of their time alone, preferring it to being surrounded by others. Introverted and quiet, they often struggle to make conversation, and prefer instead to spend their time quietly alongside others.

Spiritual - beside
Spiritual users are calm against the storm. They are kind, caring individuals who choose to help other more than themselves. Selfless and wise, they care for those around them as family, no matter who they are. They often go out of their way for others and choose to love everyone, though they often exclude themselves.

Ancestral - beside
Ancestral users are strong and wise. As these users are limited to only leaders, they are trusted beyond measure with the powers of the ancients. Spiritual strength and mental fortitude is gifted alongside these abilities, to give them the ability to make tough choices when it is needed.

beside BURIALS beside

Due to the unique circumstances of Necropolis, they have grown to greatly respect the dead. Necropolis has a strict ceremony when it comes to the burial of a deceased member or friend. The 2 Closest individuals to the deceased will go and pick out flowers, and with the help of the pack will create an arrangement that will be placed on the grave. Members will dig out a grave for the body. After this is complete, the family will confirm that they have had enough time with the body, and it will be brought to the open for the pack as a whole to mourn. All high ranks will touch noses with the deceased, before the body is gently carried and settled into the grave. Each member will take turns filling the grave, and the family will then plant the flower arrangement at the head of the grave, and it will be lined with stones. Any pack members may stay to mourn along the grave, but that night only family or close friends may be allowed to sleep alongside the grave. Flowers atop the graves are replaced if they die, and are looked after regularly by the Witchdoctors. The cemetery brims with new deceased, though the pack ensures to respect the previous graves.

beside TRADITIONS beside

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beside JOINING beside

All forms are located within our discord server. Just click the Discord logo, and you'll join our server! Once you fill out your verification form, you'll be able to view all our server has to offer. All Joining members are marked as "Wanderer" until an official character form is filled out. If you have any questions, our Staff is happy to help, just let one of us know!

Forms are located within our discord server for ease of access, and for a faster response time for you!

beside DISCORD beside

Click the image below to gain access to our Discord server! No forms required.

beside STAFF beside CREDITS beside
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Name: Ames
Title: Page Editor
Discord: homewrecked.

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