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M u l b e r r y m a n e
adult | warrior | tomcat
b a s i c
  • creator: XXSTINKYVAMPZ
    • creation date: February 24, 2021
  • roleplay status: active
  • beliefs: starclan, dark forest
  • theme-song[s]: devil eyes by hippie sabotage
    • theme-lyric[s]:
      • “You've got the devil in your eyes. You went and took me by surprise”
i d e n t i t y
  • nickname[s]: Mul, Maney,
    • disliked nickname[s]: Berry boy
    • former nickname[s]: Mulie
    • joke nickname[s]: Handsome Mul
  • Mulberry - a small deciduous tree with broad leaves, native to East Asia and long cultivated elsewhere and a dark red or purple color.
    • given by his Mother, in honor of Grandfather who died before learning that his daughter was having kits.
  • Mane - a growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or other animal.
    • given by himself, for the tuft of fur around his neck that resembles a fur mane.
y o u t h
  • age: 3 years old, 7 months
  • birthdate: March 5th
    • birthplace: Sicily
    • birth season: Summer
  • astrological sign: Pisces
  • element: Water
  • birthstone: Aquamarine
h o m e
  • residence: Pebbleclan
    • “I'm slowly getting used to clan life again...”
  • rank: warrior
    • “Time to be a warrior again.”
  • former residence[s]: Paris, France
  • former rank[s]: loner, apprentice, kit
  • mentor: n/a
  • apprentice: n/a
  • former mentor[s]: silverlily
  • former apprentice[s]: n/a
m i e n

[add pixel/ref here]

  • gender: male
    • pronouns: he/him
  • weight: 20 pounds
  • height: 15 inches
  • length: 40 inches long
  • breed: maine coon
  • description: Mulberrymane, being a Maine coon, his physical traits is having very thick and medium to long fur, his ears are large that looks very much of a bobcat, eyes being slightly rounded as well. This strapping male is quite tall since he 15 inches in height and about 40 inches long. The color of his eyes is that they are a very alluring mix of chartreuse and olive. The distinguished features on his body is that his fur is mixture of brown and black due to the fact that he lounged around in his younger years. His fur texture is very fluffy, making it look very soft and whenever he's outside with the sun shining, his fur shines which shows off the brown in his black fur. He is considered masculine. He has no known scars on his body.
  • scent: sandalwood and red rose
  • gait: deep with a italian accent
  • voice: rick pasqualone ( mafia 2 )
    • dialect: english with an italian accent.
p e r s o n a
  • positive: romantic, devoted, compassionate, understanding
  • neutral: trusting, subtle, adaptive
  • negative: mysterious, emotional, scatterbrained
  • type: enfp-t "campaigner"
  • chart: here.
    • sun: add
    • moon: add
    • rising: add
p l a y l i s t
  • CAN'T GET OVER YOU by joji feat. clams casino
  • COCO BOTTLE by penomoco
  • Needs by verzache
  • cooler than me by mike posner
  • why'd you only call me when you're high by arctic monkeys
  • devil eyes by hippie sabotage
  • hayloft by mother mother
  • with my h! by CD2
  • just the two of us by grover washington jr
  • henny in the hamptons by bren joy
s t a t i s t i c s
  • leadership:
    • ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • defensive:
    • ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • hunting:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • speed:
    • ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • intelligence:
    • ★★★★★★★★☆☆
  • mental stability:
    • ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • climbing:
    • ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • swimming:
    • ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • aim:
    • ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • balance:
    • ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • senses:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • herbal knowledge:
    • ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • agility:
    • ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • stealth:
    • ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • awareness:
    • ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • endurance:
    • ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
f a m i l y
  • mate: n/a
  • mother: Dewdrop
  • father: Caesar
  • sister[s]: add
  • brother[s]: Jupiter, Rhinestone
  • biological son[s]: n/a
  • biological daughter[s]: n/a
  • adopted son[s]: n/a
  • adopted daughter[s]: n/a
r o m a n t i c

✓ = yes, ྾ = no, ? = unsure, * = maybe,
❧ = leaning to no

  • long-lasting relationship:
  • short-term relationship:
  • open relationship:
  • quick fling: *
  • kits [out of a fling]:
  • kits [out of a stable, long-lasting relationship]:
p l a t o n i c

✓ = yes, ྾ = no, ? = unsure, * = maybe,
❧ = leaning to no

  • adventure buddy:
  • wise mentor: ?
  • sibling/child figure: ❧
  • comedian:
  • creative: ❧
  • acquaintance:
l o g
  • mentor[s]: 1
  • apprentice[s]: #
  • family figure[s]: 2
  • adventure buddy[s]: #
  • comedian[s]: #
  • creatives[s]: #
  • crush[es]: 1
  • mate[s]: #
  • ex-mate[s]: #
  • ex-friend[s]: 1
  • enemy[s]: #
k e y
  • attracted: Bulletpink
    • crush: BulletpinkBulletpink
    • love: BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink
  • trust: Bulletred
    • envy: BulletredBulletred
    • regret: BulletredBulletredBulletred
  • like: Bulletorange
    • respect: BulletorangeBulletorange
    • idolize: BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange
  • curious: Bulletyellow
    • intrigued: BulletyellowBulletyellow
    • interested: BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow
  • shy: Yellowgreenbullet
    • nervous: YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet
    • uncomfortable: YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet
  • acquaintance: Bulletgreen
    • friend: BulletgreenBulletgreen
    • close friend: BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen
  • unease: Turquoisebullet
    • disgust: TurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet
    • aversion: TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet
  • misses: Bulletblue
    • longs for: BulletblueBulletblue
    • can't bear without: BulletblueBulletblueBulletblue
  • distant family: Bulletpurple
    • close relative: BulletpurpleBulletpurple
    • family: BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple
  • wary: Bulletwhite
    • suspicious: BulletwhiteBulletwhite
    • distrusts: BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite
  • annoyed: Bulletblack
    • dislikes: BulletblackBulletblack
    • hates: BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack
  • offspring: Rose
    • mate: Heart-1
    • fling/ex-mate: Roseblack
  • status unknown: Question-0
  • dead: Dead-0
c l a n

format: character: #tag, rank, relation, bullets “thoughts”

  • character: #tag, rank, relation, bullets
    • “thoughts”

o t h e r

format: character: #tag, rank, relation, bullets “thoughts”

  • character: #tag, rank, relation, bullets
    • “thoughts”

l u s t
  • sexuality: homosexual
  • fertility: 100%
  • physical interests: dark and cooler colors and any fur. slim or stocky build.
    • likes toms with dark or cooler colors with any fur type, fine with either build
  • physical disinterests: brighter colors.
    • brighter fur colors
l o v e
  • relationship status: single
  • relationship role: submissive
  • love language: acts of service and physical touch
i n f a t u a t i o n
  • current mate/crush[es]: novacall
    • former mate[s]/crush[es]: add
  • mental interests: chaotic, outgoing, rebellious, and loving
    • he likes toms that have a bad streak
  • mental disinterests: just plain rude, dull, quiet
    • doesn't like toms that have no sense of fun.
k i t h o o d

0-6 moons

  • Mulberrymane was born to Dewdrop and Caesar, two loving parents who were ecstatic to meet their kits. He was the youngest one out of the litter with his older brothers, Juniper and Rhinestone who was originally named as Neptune. His kit years were nice and peaceful which turned around when his mother took him away and his littermates from their father after she found that he had another family with another she-cat. She took her kits to her clan who welcomed her even though there were few cats who were disgusted by this. Mulberrymane grew up, enjoying life in his mother's clan. .
    • “It was nice living with my clanmates but it was quite a bore as I gotten older.”
a d o l e s c e n c e

6-12 moons

  • Once, he became an apprentice to a loving mentor named Silverlily, he begin to go into a rebellious phase with his brother, Jupiterpaw. The two often running off at night to explore the outside of the clans with their brother, Neptunepaw knowing about this but he never intervened. Silverlily and his previous leader found out about this and made the two brothers to not attend the gathering and having to help out the medicine cats and the elders. Juniperpaw did this but Mulberrymane had snapped at the two, claiming that it was a mousebrained idea but his mother silenced him, making him apologize which he did...
    • “Ah, yes. My apprentice hood, it was quite fun actually but me and my brother had gotten caught by my former mentor, She was a sweet thing but she couldn't contain my wild self.”
a d u l t h o o d

12-28 moons

  • add.
    • “I'm loving life in Paris, handsome toms here and there but they always got their eyes on the dames.”
l i k e s
  • prey: Confit de Canard or duck
  • colour: Mauve and Mulberry
  • plant: Roses
  • season: spring
  • weather: warm
d i s l i k e s
  • prey: fish
  • colour: brown
  • plant: thistles
  • season: summer
  • weather: the fiery heat
t r i v i a
  • fact #1: He collects flowers which are often found in his fur.
  • fact #2: Mulberrymane is too sweet and compassionate for his own self which leads him to be easily manipulate.
g o a l s

strikethrough = failed, ✓ = achieved

  • Get a mate: x
  • add: add ✓
f e a r s
  • Thalassophobia: fear of deep bodies of water such as the ocean or sea
q & a
  • @user asked:
    • “thoughts”
  • name answered:
    • “thoughts”

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