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In the Light of the Moon we thrive

Moonlight clan was started long ago, by the leader StormStar. He originally formed the clan from two other clans by the names of Sun and Moon. They were polar opposite clans, one leaning light the other leaning dark. He wanted to bring peace between them, due to the constant fighting and bickering that happened almost every passing moon. He called upon starclan for help and they guided him to the Moonstone where they shared with him an omen, 'Sun and Moon must shine together to lead the way of the passing age'. He decided to talk to the leaders of the clans of the time, and both Sunstar and Moonstar did not agree to it. They each had their own stubborn and prideful ways of doing things. Starclan got mad and sent twolegs who seemed to close in on the land, taking more of it each moon till they talked to StormRise and agreed. All three went to the Moonstone, with their two medics, where Sunstar and Moonstar were stripped of their leadership for their selfish and stubborn ways and their lives were give to StormRise who than became Stormstar. Many moons has passed sense than and Bloodstar was the last leader to be known to be running the clan. After his death cats started to leave, the deputy at the time RagingBark, couldn't do anything to make the cats stay. He decided to stay and die with the land, being the last Moonlight clan cat alive. Many Many Moons later Feverheart left Bloodclan because of their harmful ways. He swore to never be like them and would start his own clan that would outshine them. It would follow the path of Starclan not the Darkforest. He wondered the lands for days before coming across the Misty Rocks, The night time breeze ruffling his pelt as the moon seemed to shine brighter down on him directly. A cat seemed to be floating towards him till it was in front of him. It spoke softly to him,"Hello Feverheart, I am Ragingbark, here to grant you the wish you so desperately carry with you, a clan" the spirit touched noses with Feverheart. Causing flashes of beautiful imagines in his mind, of the future. Feverheart blinked them away before whispering,"Moonlight clan" as he looked up to the Moon."It will be so" he said.

Founded: Feb 14 2022
Founder: Princeyroman#6372
Species: Cat
Orientation: Neutral
Status: Off-Hiatus
Season: Mid Spring
Member Limit: 50
OC Limit: As many as you can keep up with
Roleplay Style: Descriptive & Traditional
Roleplay Platform: Discord

Fearless Moonlit Followers

Your FBI Agent ☽ ˖⁺#8682

The Welcomed Travelers

⋆ ✩ CosmicHail ✩ ⋆#0744

The Exiled Betrayers

Hopefully we'll never have to make this list


1.Follow the rules of the wiki, duh. Also ,don't edit the page without permission!

2. No Bullying or disrespecting or disrespecting others

3. No powerplay

4. No Meta Roleplaying, keep track of your characters knowledge and abilities

5. No NSFW

6. Do not kill another's OC without permission. If someone kills another's oc without permission it may be ignored and the OC may stay alive in rp.

7. Do not enter someone else's roleplay without permission

8. You may have as many OCs as you can keep track of and roleplay with

9. You must be in the clan for at least a week to make a 3rd OC (Any ocs after that we suggest waiting a day or two so you have time to roleplay with your new oc.)

YOU WILL BE GIVEN 3 WARNINGS BY A LEADER BEFORE YOU ARE KICKED. If you cannot keep keep all your ocs in rp and don't use one or more for at least a week a leader will contact you and give you a warning, after 3 warnings we will take the OC(s). If you wish to keep the OC(s) you will have to earn them back
Mental Illness: 0/3
Physical Disability: 0/3
Albinism/Melanism: 0/3
Declawed/Hairless: 0/3
Completely Blind: 0/1
Partially Blind: 0/2
Completely Deaf: 0/1
Partially Deaf: 0/2
Mute: 0/1
Heterochromia: 0/3
Paralysis/Polydactyl: 0/3
Missing/Twisted Limb: 0/3

LEADER [2/2]

DEPUTY [1/2]

The leader has nine lives and leads the clan.

The deputy is second in command and organizes patrols and learns to be leader.

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
FeverStar Princeyroman#6372 Male 36 Moons Leader N/A
DeerStar PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 36 Moons Leader N/A
Koiflame BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 NonBinary Female 26 Moons Deputy MouseWind



Elite warriors are more considered to be chosen for deputy in the future or lead patrols.

Elite queens are permanent caretakers of the nursery and make sure the nursery is in order.

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate



Medicine cats are in charge of doing all they can to heal and take care of cats. They also receive visions and signs from starclan.

Medicine apprentices are to learn all medicines and abilities to be a medicine cat.

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
Mousewind KCatLover#1968 Male 40 Moons Medicine cat KoiFlame
BuzzyBounce PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 25 Moons Medicine cat N/A
HeronPaw EarthSoul#5172 Male 9 Moons Medic Apprentice N/A


KITS [6/*]

Queens are cats that are expecting kits for some moons. they pause their warrior duties to have kits and raise them to 6 moons.

Kits are kittens who stay with their mothers till 6 moons then at 6 moons become apprentices

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
MoonWatcher Princeyroman#6372 Female 30 Moons Queen Touya & ScrapRat
EchoKit Ech0.#0771 Male 2 Moons Kit
ThunderKit FireDragon#0170 Female 1 Moons Kit
RaccoonKit ghostyboi#8761 Female 5 Moons Kit
InkKit FireDragon#0170 Intersex 0 Moons Kit
CloudKit Earthsoul#5172 Female 0 Moons Kit

WARRIORS [17/20]


Warriors hunt and protect the clan, they help take care of the clan and follow the warrior code.

apprentices train to be warriors by learning to fight and hunt for the clan, they take an assessment to become a warrior after moons.

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mentor/Mate
Nightpaw FireDragon#0170 Female 6 moons Apprentice Koiflame
RaggedPaw PumpkinPeter#2626 male 8 moons Apprentice FeverStar
PantherPaw PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 10 Moons Apprentice N/A
RoseyPaw Princeyroman#6372 Female 8 Moons Daylight Apprentice FlamingTail
GlacierPaw KCatLover#1968 NonBinary 8 Moons Apprentice N/A
LeachSplash PumpkinPeter#2626 Female 7 Moons Apprentice N/A
StormPaw Echo.#0771 Female 8 Moons Apprentice N/A
PixiePaw BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 Bigender 6 Moons Apprentice N/A
Flamingtail KCatLover#1968 Female 20 Moons Warrior N/A
DottedWasp KCatLover#1968 Female 17 Moons Warrior N/A
DragonSmog FireDragon#0170 Male 21 Moons Warrior N/A
SpangledStep PumpkinPeter#2626 Female 18 Moons Warrior N/A
CloudedRaven Tezuartzzz#1307 Male 20 Moons Warrior N/A
ScrapRat KCatLover#1968 Male 30 Moons Warrior Touya & MoonWatcher
Touya BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 Male 30 Moons Warrior ScrapRat & MoonWatcher
MilkFur PumpkinPeter#2626 BiGender 21 Moons Warrior N/A
CloverMist Earthsoul#5172 Female 52 Moons Warrior N/A
HawkHowl PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 20 Moons Warrior N/A
StarlingSight PumpkinPeter#2626 Female 30 Moons Warrior N/A
LionessPounce Ech0#0771 Female 30 Moons Warrior N/A
CloudedRaven Tezuartzzz#1307 Male 20 Moons Warrior N/A

ELDERS [1/10]


Elders are retired warriors or even medicine cats that the apprentices take care of.

We added spirits to give signs and visions to leaders and medics! or even for plots!

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
StormBreeze Wolf_Girl#4365 Female 99 Moons Elder N/A
Ghost/SmokePaw BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 Male 11/12 Moons Spirit

DayLight Warriors [3/5]


DayLight Warriors are part of the clan but have a home with Twolegs. Not everything thinks highly of them

kitty pets live with Twolegs and are not part of clans unless special circumstances

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
RedRiot BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 Male 25 Moons Daylight Warrior N/A
Sandy PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 16 Moons Daylight Warrior N/A
Swan KCatLover#1968 Female 13 Moons KittyPet N/A

Rouges [3/10]

Loners [1/10]

Rouges aren't part of clans and they often are thieves or a danger.

kitty pets live with humans and are not part of clans unless special circumstances

Name Username Gender Age Rank Mate
DaisyCloud BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 Female 40 Moons Rogue N/A
Fable/Gouge Princeyroman#6372 Male 13 Moons Rogue N/A
PantherHeart PumpkinPeter#2626 Male 42 Moons Rogue N/A


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The Sister Clan, BloodClan
Art Credit Goes To: Foxheartishere
Coding Credit Goes To: Sødalite


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