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We each might be a tiny drop, but together we can make an ocean of mist.
MistClan has been active and thriving for
Founded Founder Accepting New Members Accepting Alliances Main Platform
08.03.2013 XxslystarxX Yes No Discord
Realm Leader System Roleplay Style OC Limit
Light Dapplestar - Descriptive Traditional 6 (When Group currency is used)

The Warrior Code is as follows.

MistClan uses a slightly modified version of the canon Warrior Code.

1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. Your first loyalty is to MistClan, however all Code-following allies are to be protected as well.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory, or you will be subject to punishment chosen by that Clan's leader. You are only allowed to travel through another Clan's territory during a gathering or meeting.

3. Elders, queens, sick, injured and disabled cats and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the Clan.

4. Prey is killed only to be eaten.

5. A kit must be at least 6 moons old to become an apprentice.

6. An apprentice must be at least 12 moons old to become a warrior.

7. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

8. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

9. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires, or is exiled.

10. After the death, retirement, promotion (to a leader status), or exile of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen within 2 moons.

11. If a Clan member believes that their leader is no longer leading with honor and integrity, they can challenge them. Three-quarters of the Clan members, including their medicine cats, must agree. The medicine cats will request that StarClan remove the leader's remaining lives and give them to the deputy. These objections cannot be raised by the deputy.


Medicine cats are allowed to have mates and kits, as long as they heal all Clanmates equally.

Kits must stay in camp until they are apprenticed, unless it is during a holiday outing with the Clan.

The safety of the Clan as a whole is more important than the safety of one cat.

Clans must not unite together to drive out another Clan.

Clans must not force another Clan to share territory.

Enemy patrols must not attack cats if they are on a mission that all allied Clans have agreed upon.

Cats cannot eat when going to Moondream Cavern to speak with StarClan.

A Queen is not required to say whom her kits are fathered by.

LOYALTY: Loyalty demands many things, if you can not do the following, please reconsider joining Mistclan. It is expected that you do your best to roleplay, at minimum, two days a week, do your best to participate in Clan plots, gatherings, events, and holidays, and help to train apprentices when possible, and contribute in other ways. If you voice your opinion, please do so in a respectful manner; all ranks deserve equal amounts of respect.

CODE: It's advised that you/your oc, at all times, follow the warrior code. We base off this, and it proves your dedication. The inability to follow the warrior code IRP will have consequences.

RESPECT: Respect is a big factor in Mistclan. It is a must to respect every rank and cat with the same amount. Just because you may be a higher rank than someone or they may be higher than you, doesn't mean you should treat others unequally.

TRIAL: Once you have been fully accepted into the ranks of Mistclan before you leave you MUST at least stay for 3 days. If this rule is broken, it leads to immediate exile. Additionally, you must wait until this period is over before creating another oc (see OC Creation/Deletion).

LEAVING: If you decide to leave the clan you can't join back for 7 days. If you have left 3 times then you will be exiled. If you only intend to observe the clan for a day then we suggest you only come as a visitor. Being wiped also counts toward this rule, so three times wiped = exile, and you must wait seven days after being wiped to rejoin.

ORIENTATION: Mistclan is a light-realmed clan. If you plan to have a twistedly dark oc, please reconsider joining. When you read these rules and then submit an application you are claiming to have read and agreed to our terms and regulations.

NAMING: MistClan has a traditional style naming system, meaning that unless you have clearance for a rogue-style name (have been in MC for a year or longer--this time is counted from your most recent joining date if you leave is it reset--or have been leader before), all names must be prefix-suffix. Compound words (or similar) are not allowed as names (ex. Tigerlily or Cherryblossom). Star is not allowed in names (Star only as a suffix for leaders). Additionally, having the same prefix as another cat is not permitted. If someone already has the name Leaftail then you can't have the name Leafswirl. If you have questions about a name being allowed, contact the leader. Some common issues are names containing words from a different language, names containing made-up words, names that contain shortened words, or names that contain a prefix and suffix that together may sound like one word ('compound' names). Again, if you have questions contact the leader.

Scroll down, around the end we have a Taken Names list that might help you. We try to keep it updated.

RANKS: You may not join as a high rank (Leader, Deputy, Medic, Medic Apprentice, Elite). You have to earn that place. Furthermore, one person can't have two high ranking OCs at the same time.

OC CREATION/DELETION: Within your first three days of joining, while you are completing your trial, you may not create a second oc. But after those three days, you are welcome to. However, after creating a second oc you must wait two weeks before you may your third, and you must receive clearance from the Elites+ (this applies to playing a kit as well). Be sure you can balance two/three ocs before adding them or asking to add them (in the case of a third), as you must actively RP an oc for a month before you may get rid of them.

INACTIVITY: If you are inactive for two weeks without telling a high rank you will be warned and given a week or two to act. If you are unresponsive or don't make an effort to increase your activity, you will be wiped from the page.

JOINING & LEAVING: If you join the clan (as in post a joining form and have an oc to roleplay with) and leave WITHOUT putting in a leaving form, you WILL be added to our exiled list and be unable to rejoin without permission from the high ranks.

We have activity checks every once in a while. If you don't show that you are active you will be wiped from the page.

We have an absent form for a reason, you can use that but you can't be absent for more than a month, after that you have to renew it (and after 3 consecutive absences, you must be active before you may submit another).

If you are looking to join, then tell us your favorite animal in the "tell us something about yourself" section of the joining form. (You can, of course, say something else about yourself as well, this is not strictly for the code word!)

Notice: By submitting a form you are agreeing to our rules and saying you have read them. If you break them in the future, saying "I didn't know" will not protect you from the consequences.

New Moon(Year)-1st of January

We celebrate the new year, “drink”, have fun, sing, Let the kits be brats for once, We can start screaming happy near year and stuff. Self-explanatory. We will dress up also… In our past ocs. Let them have another day. We will make new year resolutions too!

Skytree Contest-Chosen Dates of Gathering

We all go to the Skytree and challenge apprentices to climb, fight, stalk, and hunt. All our allies are invited to come and celebrate. At the end of the day the leaders decide on one apprentice from each Clan that has most improved, and they get the biggest prey in the pile, as well as praise from the Clan and our allies.

The Day Of Purring-14th of February

On this day, all the ships and mates out there get prizes. The kits and apprentices that have the same crushes will get to dance together ( Of course if they like each other), The mates will get to dance and have a little call about what love is, The shipped cats can have some fun of course since they aren’t together but just fooling around. The gay ships can also joke around. At the end of the day, we will poll which one is the best ship and couple.


This is for the kits only, let them have some more fun. Someone from the clan will get some eggs from bird nests and hide them. The kits will have to find them. The kit with the highest point in rp will get to go outside with a deputy, co-dep or leader guiding them around. (or if those ranks aren't available then one of the elites).

Blossom festival-20th of March

On this day we celebrate spring. When the flowers start to bloom we gather to welcome new leaf and cheer that we have gone through leaf-bare. It is a normal gathering of the clan, the leader gives a speech of hope and new life and the elders and medicine cats release petals into a stream or lake.

Prank Day-1st of April

On this day, We dress up in silly-looking outfits that look weird and out of the ordinary. We prank each other, goof around like dummies, Etc. After that, We would do a roleplay about our characters if they were silly, stupid and just look like came from a different universe. We can, of course, do normal roleplay after. We can make a poll right after, Who’s outfit was the weirdest and silliest and who roleplayed the best in the silliest way in camp.

StarClan's Remembrance-First Saturday of May

When this day comes the cats who are older than 6 moons travel to the MoonPool. The elders and queens stay in camp with the kittens. Each cat who has lost someone close to them sets down a flower into the pool then we have a moment of silence. After that, we share stories and share tounges. When the sun is setting we head back to camp.

Family Day-Second Sunday of May

This event is dedicated to the families of MistClan. The parents play with their kits and eat together in small groups. The cats who don't have close relatives talk in small groups or watch the others with their friends.

Greenleaf's Promise-First Saturday of June

We celebrate the arrival of Greenleaf. The territory is filled with prey again and the weather is warm and the woods are lush with plants. On this day we go out into the forest as a whole clan to bask in the sun or swim in the water and this is an exceptional day for the kittens too because they are allowed out with the clan.

Sparkling Water Feast - July 21st & 22nd

We go out to enjoy a day in our territory. We relax in the sun, eat fresh prey we catch and swim in the lake or river. Kits aren't allowed to swim but they can go out with their family.

StarClan Festival-August 5th & 6th

On this occasion, we visit the MoonPool and relax beside it and share memories of the cats who have left us. After that, we return to camp and the leader makes a speech. Then we have a meal together and celebrate being here for each other as a big family.

Night Of The Dark Forest-31st of October

The apprentices and kits get to dress up and go to the warriors and say: Trick or prey! The kits and apprentices will get some prey or honey or milk. There is also a contest where the leader, deputy, and head medicine cat decide who has the best costume. After this, there is a ball and a feast.

Starclan's Feast-4th of November

In this holiday, we have a giant feast. After that, we play music, sing and all that, Joke around, have fun and dance. After that, anybody who wants can visit the Moonpool (In Roleplay) in hope to meet with one of their deceased beloved ones.

Sharing Of Gifts 22-23rd of December

We celebrate it, Then we gift each other, play around, do activities like Truth or dare and all that. This will go on for at least 2 days, We have ask our allies to join us too. The kits get to have a little fun too, They will get gifts under the tree we pick out. Their parents, of course, will give them the gifts, the leader can dress up as Santa and give the kits a special little gift. A walk to the territory with the guidance of them.

Yanked by the tail

Triple the patrols

Confined to camp

Apprentice duties

Taking care of elders for a week

Sleeping in a thorn bush

Cleaning all the dens

Silent treatment - nobody may interact with you for a day or longer

Stripped of your rank

Death sentence

Being suspended from the clan


XxslystarxX Slystar
Pattypanpawpaw Hawkstar
Rosebud57258 Ashstar
darkwarriorgirl Poppystar
Pattypanpawpaw Swoopingstar
Kittieez Shadowstar
Grouchie Snakestar
xbitesizedx Badgerstar
LoganMcL Hollowstar
LoganMcl & XxslystarxX Hollowstar & Slystar
10tanya Robinstar
unity5 Brookstar
codeandjam Shadowstar
tryhard51 Nightstar
Cocopuffs1415 Sunstar
warriorcats320 Darkstar
Froot/#3603 Whisperstar
Theadventurezone Sprucestar
Ellie Maplestar
Theravensaid Oakstar
Adrenaliine Lionstar
Zoroark3923 Quietstar
Mclaus Stonestar
Bluestar78 Splashstar
Mythicaltwilight Palestar
Pony672 Webstar
Whitetips Chameleonstar
nana8964 Habanerostar
Rhapsodies/#0538 Mahoganystar
Rusty1xx/#9484 Poppystar
TabbyTailz/#3659 Petuniastar
Peppermint Dreams/#7920 Emberstar
Arthur/#2273 Warblerstar
Kira/#1203 Buttercupstar
Bord/#5291 Koistar
Kass/#9012 Stormstar

Leader (1/1)

The Leader of the Clan has the most power and responsibility. They have to make difficult choices and decide what is best for the future of MistClan. Their names always end in the suffix -star, to show their connection to StarClan and their Warrior ancestors. Their word is to be respected and obeyed.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate Lives
Dapplestar Loon/ribsandbones She/Her 55 Vistadusk (Deceased) 9/9

Deputy (1/1)

The Deputy is the Leader's most trusted companion and assistant, and they are second in command. They are chosen by the Leader to replace them after they die, retire or are exiled. They often handle the smaller responsibilities, like organizing patrols, though they can also call Clan Meetings and do Ceremonies like the Leader. Their word is second only to that of the Leader's and it is to be respected and obeyed as well.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate
MC Pixel Nightwing
Nightwing Minty/peppermintdreams He/Him 35 -

Medicine Cats(2/4)

The Medicine Cats are cats who are trained in the art of healing their Clanmates using the things that the territory provides, like herbs and cobwebs. They often (but not always) have a special connection to StarClan and can receive visions and prophecies from them. Medicine Cat Apprentices usually train longer than Warrior Apprentices, due to all of the things they must learn. They often have a close relationship with the Leader because of their connection to the stars.

Icon Name User Pronouns Rank Moons Mate
MC pixel Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Bord They/She/Chirp Head Medic 36 -
MC Pixel ForgetMeNot
Forget-Me-Not Kat She/Her Medic 36 -

Elite Warriors(1/6)

The Elite Warriors are highly skilled and trusted Warriors, often possessing above-average hunting, fighting or leadership skills. They often are chosen to lead the patrols the Deputy arranges, and are well-respected for their skills. They must follow the word of the Leader and Deputy like other Warriors, but are expected to take charge if neither are present. Their opinions are very valuable to the Leader and Deputy.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate
Finch pixel mc
Finchfall Arthur/font> He/They 57 -


The Elders are cats who have retired from Warrior life, usually due to age or injury. They often have interesting stories to tell of their youth, and should be respected due to their experience. They spend most of their time sleeping, relaxing and resting in the sunlight or Elder's Den. It is recommended that they only leave camp with another Clanmate for safety.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate
- - - - - -


Caretakers are the cats who are expecting or nursing Kits. They are encouraged to rest, relax and focus on only their Kits. Once their Kits become apprentices, they will go back to their previous responsibilities. Permanent Caretakers are cats who stay in the Nursery permanently to help support the new parents and raise any and all kits. They are often very experienced and have had their own litters, but not always. The Caretakers often share in the duties of nursing and raising kits together.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate
MC Pixel ForgetMeNot
Forget-Me-Not Kat She/Her 36 -
MC Pixel Wretchedpaw
Wretchedlyric Loon She/They 28 -


Warriors are the heart and soul of MistClan. They make up the majority of the Clan, and have the responsibilities of hunting, fighting and guarding the territory from intruders. More experienced Warriors will often be chosen to train Apprentices.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mate
Rain dance pixel MC
Rain Dance Sparky She/Her 77 -
- Lochdepth Zedonz They/She 48 -
- Ouzelsea Nezu He/Him 39 -
- Batblink Kat She/Her 38 -
- Duckwish Dork She/They 36 -
- Silverwish Eclipse She/They 36 -
- Serpentnebula Loon He/They 32 -
Primrosehope Shania She/Her 31 -
MC Pixel Wretchedpaw
Wretchedlyric Loon She/They 28 -
- Mapleshine Eclipse She/Her 28 -
- Jazzystep Pip She/Her 25 -
- Willowglow Kat He/Him 21 -

Apprentices (4/20)

Apprentices are young cats, at least 6 moons of age who are training to become Warriors. They work hard every day learning how to hunt and fight, as well as doing lesser chores like changing the bedding in the Elder's Den and Nursery. Once they reach 12 moons they will earn their Warrior names, unless they need a few more moons worth of training. They are usually assigned specific cats as mentors, but some may be trained by whichever Warrior is available to teach them, with all Warriors pitching in to help. Apprentices are not allowed to leave camp without a Warrior by their side.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Mentor
- Anomalypaw Kat He/Him 10 Nightwing
- Milano Pip She/Her 10 -
- Variancepaw Spark She/Her 10 -
- Asterpaw Bord They/He 8 Batblink

Kits (5/CLOSED)

The Kits are the most vulnerable and protected rank in MistClan. They are cats who are too young to be Apprentices. They often spend the day playing and socializing with their Clanmates. Kits are usually weaned and can eat solid prey at 2-3 moons old. They are not allowed to leave MistClan's camp. Kits are closed as a rank unless you have permission from the Leader or Deputy or are joining in an existing litter.

Icon Name User Pronouns Moons Parents
- Harmonykit Minty She/Her 8 Forget-Me-Not
- Blossomkit Dork She/They 3 Wretchedlyric
- Maskedkit Kat She/Her 3 Wretchedlyric
- Smolderkit Minty He/Him 3 Forget-Me-Not (Caretaker)


Jozzy1265#5185 Broke 3 day trial
SprenkleIn#0479 Never roleplayed and left server without filling out a form
Wolfspiider#4688 Never roleplayed and left server without filling out a form
Livid Lillian#2763 Never roleplayed and left server without filling out a form
RawrIshWizard/#2147 Overall disrespect to clanmates and high ranks, suggestive content
Boxfann/#6970 Left server without filling out a form
Peggy/#8795 Left server without filling out a form
LightningThatHitTheBulb/#2976 Barely rped and left server without filling out a form
StargazerGecc Left server without filling out a form
Robinsroost Caused unnecessary drama and made many members uncomfortable.
Fadingskies/#1019 Left server without filling out a form
CFC/#4057 Barely rped and left server without filling out a form
Vix/#5056 Left server without filling out a form







Chicken Nugget














Honeybell I





















Rain Dance



















1. Can my OC be dark realmed?
No. OC's are allowed to have dark thoughts and do bad things, for the sake of plots or character development, but evil OCs just for funsies are not permitted.
2. Can my OC be disabled?
Yes, but we have some number restrictions which you can find further down.
3. What is spam?
Text that does not carry any meaning and/or isn't relevant to the people in this community. If you want to share some of your troubles irl you can, we try to help with those or if you just need a place where people listen to your rant (if you are a member of the clan).
4. Is it okay if I don't have a Discord?
Since we moved to that platform and count ourselves as a Discord based clan, yes, you need Discord because we count the activity there.
5. Can someone add this picture to the gallery?/ Can I edit the galleries on the page?
Everyone is free to edit the galleries, you can add your own pictures and art.
6. How often are moonups?
Moonups occur every 6th day. You can find the moonup calendar pinned in the #important-info channel in Discord.
7. Is this a sidegroup or a main?
We currently identify as a main group, but you can join as many sidegroups as you want as long as it doesn't hinder your activity over here. Additionally, we have no rule against joining other Main Groups, as long as that group is okay with it as well.
8. Are visitors allowed to roleplay?
Yes, visitors are allowed to roleplay.

DEAFNESS (Full) 0/2 N/A
DEAFNESS (Partial) 0/2 N/A
BLINDNESS (Full) 0/2 N/A
BLINDNESS (Partial) 0/2 N/A
REINCARNATED 3/6 Finchfall, Nightwing, Jazzystep

(Must be a member for at least a year to qualify)

0/2 N/A
ROGUE NAMES 4/6 Chicken Nugget, Milano, Rain Dance, Forget-Me-Not


MistClan Camp

The highrock, by far, is the largest structure in camp. A massive block of stone jutting out from the camp walls, it can be quite intimidating to get onto for new highranks. The leader's den is located inside the rock, in a narrow but cozy hole that seems to only be able to fit the leader themselves. Next to the highrock is a small stream that flows from a hole in the camp's walls, then proceeds to divide the camp in half as it flows directly through the middle.



The forest is a place of emerald leaves and dense, but spaced out thickets of greenery. It makes up a majority of MistClan's territory, and eventually thins out and becomes the Wildflower Field.


Training Glade

The training glade is a shady, sheltered place with mottled patches of sunlight decorating the forest floor. In the damper and darker bits of the glade, many different kinds of mushrooms grow.


Serenity Lake

The lake is surprisingly large, nearly double the size of the Mistclan camp. Circling around the lake is a ledge, where numerous small rivers end and pour into the lake. The middle of the lake is the deepest part, while the edges are shallow enough to practice swimming in and still be safe. A few stones can be seen jutting out of the water, usually used for sunbathing or if cats want to perch on it while fishing. Two large rivers flow from the lake, one coming from Roaring Falls and one traveling out of Mistclan territory and to the Hawksight Gorge.


Wildflower Field

The Wildflower Field is a wide expanse of flowing, green grass and wildflowers, which come and go with the seasons. In the winter, the field is a large expanse of snow, interrupted only by the occasional tree.


Seafoam Cove

A curved cove off the sea with long soft beaches and rocky cliffs. The water is bright blue and calmer here and it’s great for a long romantic walk or a fun swim. Seagulls often nest in the cliffs.


Misty Swamp

The misty swamp is one of the hardest places to see in the territory. Mist seems to hang thickly here, sometimes obscuring the distant forest when it's at it's worst. The water takes on a greenish hue, and numerous trees sprout from it's depths. The trees typically don't have leaves, which lets a little sunlight pierce through the fog whenever it's able.


Hawksight Gorge

The Hawksight Gorge is a steep, river-carved canyon lined with bushes and foliage. At the bottom is a rushing river and many pointy, sharp rocks. On the side of the stone walls, there's a slope that leads to the Moondream Cavern.


Moondream Cavern

A cavern with quartz infused rock and a shallow lake that extends further into the cave system. A crack in the roof allows for water to fall into the lake and moonlight to illuminate the cave at night, the light bouncing off the rock making the entire cave sparkle.


Pinewood Summit

The mountain range overlooking MistClan's territory. Although it's quite a journey from MistClan's camp and territory, you can access it from Hawksight Gorge.

- - - - - -


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Length of Stay:

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Gender & Pronouns:

Moons old:

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Mentor/caretaker (if apprentice/kit):

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The maximum amount of time you can be absent is one month. After that you will have to renew it. After three full months of absences either in a row or with inactivity in between, you will need to be active for a given amount of time before you may be granted another absence.

Character Name: Character Personality (Optional):

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