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Midnightpaw YuRuiXin

Art by 于如馨


An Arcadian dream is futile for we are starbound.




Roleplayer - Pøpcørn

Name - Midnightpaw

  • Past Name(s) - Blackberry, Midnightkit

Date of Creation - 05/04/22

Status - Active/Alive

Species - Felidae

Biological Sex - Male

  • Pronouns - He/Him
  • Sexuality - Gay

Religion - Loose StarClan/Place of No Stars

Platforms - Thread, Animal Jam Classic, Discord


Residential Information

Current Residence - SpruceClan

  • Former Residence - Unknown

Rank - Apprentice

  • Former Rank(s) - Kit, Rogue



Tuxedo Cat

  • Jet-black pelt
  • White paws
  • Cold, icy eyes

Height - 10 Inches

Weight - 9 Pounds

Voice Likeness - Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange


Birth Info

Age - 8 moons

Zodiac Sign - Pisces(Moon)

Element - Water

Birthplace - Bison Range, Montana




  • Calm
  • Collected
  • Mature


  • Cold
  • Passive-Aggressive




  • Bluewing(Prescrapis) - Midnightpaw's mentor. He has utmost respect for her.
  • Willowpaw(cureflora2015) - Midnightpaw's friend.


  • Aspen(NOBODY) - Midnightpaw's mom. He doesn't know much about her other than the fact she abandoned him on the side of the thunderpath.



Blackberry was born during a late new-leaf evening. There is not much more known what happened beforehand but his mother, Aspen, took him to a thunderpath and left him there. He was found by a SpruceClan warrior shortly after when they were hunting. They almost didn't notice him since his pelt made him fade into the night. He was brought back to SpruceClan camp. It was there they were renamed to "Midnightpaw" in the honor of his coat.

During the remainder of Midnightkit's kithood, he had a hard time making friends with other kits. They all tried to reach out to him, but he was too scared to respond.

When Midnightkit reached his sixth moon, he was apprenticed to Bluewing and was renamed "Midnightpaw". He stopped being afraid and was more wiser. Midnightpaw was taught the layout of the territory, battle moves, and how to hunt. Midnightpaw also made new friends such as Willowpaw, the medicine cat apprentice.






Coder - Pøpcørn

Opening Art - 于如馨