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welcome to MidnightClan. founded by Strawberryxcat at 9:51pm BST 14/08/2021 || We are an open clan looking for new members every day! we also need a coder to code the page cuz i suck. THIS PAGE IS W.I.P WILL BE COOLER SOON DONT WORRYYYYYYYY



Snowcliff staggered back to camp, she had been deeply wounded by an (INSERT CLAN NAME) Warrior. She had only stood up to the fight so her kits (KestrelPaw and RosePaw) saw her as a good mother; when they found out their father was the horrible SnakeFang, who had killed an apprentice and later been exiled because of that. All Snowcliff wanted was for her children to love her, but she really couldn't think of any ways at all...


HollyTail stalking a mouse through thick ferns, hoping to catch her first prey as a warrior. She thought she could still hear the word 'HOLLYTAIL! HOLLYTAIL!' being chanted out by her clan. HollyTail realised she lost concentration on the mouse and snapped back to reality. More focused than ever, HollyTail pounced on the mouse and killed it with one swift paw! She had caught her first fresh kill as a warrior!


Leader: 1/1 (CLOSED) DustStar / aj user: Strawberryxcat / Mate: ??? / dark brown she-cat / 19 moons old

Deputy: 1/1 (CLOSED) Shadowmist / aj user:Zekrom / Mate: ??? / Tom-Cat

Medicine Cat: 0/1 (OPEN)

Medicine App: 1/1 (CLOSED) Honeypaw / AJ User: woohoocachoo / She-Cat

Warriors: 0/infinite (OPEN)

Apprentices: 0/infinite (OPEN)

Queens: 0/5 (OPEN)

Kits: 0/1-5 per queen (OPEN)

OUR CLAN DEN / CAMP: Strawberryxcat's Den || W.I.P || Den Desc: We live by/in an old overgrown castle that is very spacious and over-run with plants, wild-life, Etc



to join MidnightClan just comment the following:

AJ User

RP name

gender of your cat

a short description of your character