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- Megatron's most famous catchphrase

Megatron is a T-rex like transformer that is the beast version of the original Megatron that can scanned a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Megatron is a large Cybertronian Tyrannosaurus rex with grey skin, red eyes and purple and green markings around his body.


Megatron first used to be a evil and cruel tyrant with a huge craving for power but after losing the war and getting banished to Earth, He soon realizes his mistakes and redeems himself before deciding to scan a Tyrannosaurus Rex form to live a new life on Earth.

Megatron is a helpful anti hero who defends the planet from danger while still would retain his bad side from time to time but acts more like a jerk rather than being evil.

He is described as charming yet animalistic like at times.




Domaining opponents



Making fun of his foes

Crushing things

Dogs and Cats arguing with each other


Scary movies

Being defeated

The world in danger

Annoying people

Not getting his order of burritos


Megatron is the first transformer to appear from a non transformers universe.

He is also one of the few anti heroes to exist in this world.

Megatron often likes to stay in his T-rex mode but will change into his robot mode when he is battling someone or at rare moments of his spare time.

Megatron also hates fasion supples since he thinks the girls don't need that stuff to be pretty.

His favorite burrito is the four-layer cheese burrito.