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"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."-Sun Tzu

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Founded- December 27 2021 9:45 AM

Species- Multi (see list below)

Realm- Neutral (D&D Chaotic Neutral)

Roster- 7/30

Status- Open & Accepting

Beliefs- Atheist/Spirituality

Season- Winter

Naming- Any

Platform- Discord

Location: Pikes Peak, Colorado



You're running through a large pine forest, you hear the sound of barking from behind, fear rising from you like the moon causing a high tide, the barking gets closer, you turn to face your chaser but see nobody, you look around wildly, eyes wide in fear, fur standing on end, you see a large figure walk towards you, followed by a slightly shorter and fluffier figure.

"That'll be the last run I go on." The large figure, which happens to be a canine said. "Who are you and what brings you here?"

"I- i'm Insert name here, I just came here for shelter." You replied to the blue heeler, the tiny figure which happens to be a siberian norwegian forest cat mix wander up to you.

"Appears to be skinny, perhaps we could get him checked out with our shamans?" She meowed at the heeler.

The heeler shook his head. "I can't trust Insert name here unless they plan to live with our group and help out."

"Group? What group?" You asked, feeling a bit of hope to finally find a place to settle.

"Why, LushClan of course, we take in all different kinds of species and backstories of course! You've never heard of LushClan, huh?" The heeler sounded shocked yet excited.

You shook your head.

"I'm PoolStar, the chief of LushClan, this is VolcanoAsh, a warrior." PoolStar grinned, VolcanoAsh dipped her head. "Those that don't have anywhere to go join LushClan to finally have a home and a reason to help others."

"May I join in?" You ask.

"Of course Insert name here, as long as you keep your nose clean of any problems that you will have." PoolStar said.

LushClan is a multi-species group dedicated to help others while taking care of themselves, they are very social with one another and very friendly, apart from their welcoming nature, they can be very protective over their territory and will not hesitate to shred someone if it means that they get to keep their land safe, when the Clan was first founded, males weren't allowed to become leader or take up a high rank but when MoonStar rose to power, she ended it by selecting PebbleTumble as her deputy and promoting a few males to a high rank in the council, few years later, AmethystStar, who was a psychic, predicted the rise of the sun to balance the moon.

"Soon the Moon will be put in check and balance and the Sun will rise to its old glory."


OORP Rules:

1. Drama

Drama is unacceptable and very annoying, it will not be tolerated, if you plan on having an argument with someone, do it in DMs.

2. Disrespect

Disrespect is not tolerated, this goes with homophobia, ableism, and racism, everyone is accepted, welcomed, and loved no matter what gender, sexuality, race, religion, and whatever disorders they have.

3. Abuse of power

Admins are not allowed to abuse their power and have to confirm something with the owner of the server in order for it to be approved instead of just instantly adding something in.

4. Swearing

Swearing is allowed but slurs are not accepted, keep the swearing to a minimum.

5. Spam

Spamming including chainmail is not accepted, there is a #spam channel for a reason.

6. Correct Use Of Channels

Please use all channels correctly, #lobby is mainly for talking, not spamming.

INRP Rules:

1. Drama

Like in the OORP Rules, drama is not accepted, it just makes you look like an idiot.

2. Respect

Respect all Clanmates, it doesn't matter based on sexuality, gender, race, and disabilities.

3. Harming kits

Harming or attempting to harm a kit of anykind results in punishment, especially kits bullying other kits resolves in consequences.

4. Monthly sparring

Sparring happens monthly in the arena, it is mainly just to test other's strength, making Suicide Cliff off limits, killing is unnecessary, one must tap out (tap their enemy twice) in order to end that round.

5. OC Limit

The OC limit is 6, all members get 6, nobody will be promoted to get an extra one, this may change in the future.

If you read through all of this, the password is your favorite music band.


1/21/22 7:00 PM Server is finished and page is published making LushClan open to the public!

1/23/22 LushClan welcomes two new members!

1/24/22 LushClan welcomes a new member!

1/27/22 LushClan welcomes two new members!

1/30/22 Updated Naming System to allow tribal names.

★=High Rank

1.★Digital is Tired™#9787

2.★🍋Citrus Ghost👻#5249

3.✨Mimi Chanel✨#4072


5. Yourlocalmechanic#8364

6. rsemryy#6666

7. bungut$#3172

1. 𝚘𝚕𝚒#9648

1. N/A let's keep it up!

Albinism (0/3)


Vitiligo (0/3)


Kittypet Background (0/5)


Rogue Background (0/5)


ADHD (0/4)


ADD (0/2)


DID (1/2)


Anxiety (0/3)


Psychopath (1/1)


Sociopath (0/1)


Autism (0/3)


Missing Limb (1/4)


Paralyzed (0/2)


Blind (0/4)


Deaf (0/4)


Colorblind (0/4)


Hypogeusia (1/3)


Depression (0/2)


Bipolar (0/1)


Neutered/Spayed (0/4)


Epilepsy (0/2)


Partially Blind (0/4)


Partially Deaf (0/3)


Schizophrenia (0/2)


PTSD (0/3)


A. Aphelios

B. Butterfly, Brown




F. Fuego


H. Hycanith








P. Pool


R. Ren




V. Volcano





Accepted Species:

Big Cats

Domestic Cats

Felidae (Cougars, Servals, etc.)

Domestic Canines





Maned Wolves





Red Pandas




Bear Cats


Unaccepted Species:





Flightless Birds



Territory map lushclan

WhiteStar's Mountains:

The mountains which LushClan made their home in, WhiteStar was the first to explore the outside of the cave and onto the mountains which he climbed many times. (Pikes Peak)

Prey: Eagles, Hares

Dangers: Eagles, Hypothermia, Low oxygen, high altitude (altitude sickness), frostbite

North Catamount Reservoir:

Known for its plenty amount of fish, North Catamount Reservoir is good for swimming in the summer and fishing in the spring when the ice starts to melt.

Prey: Fish, pelicans, sandpipers, seagulls

Pine Forest:

Legends say that Bigfoot roams these forests, making its nickname Bigfoot Forest to LushClan.

Prey: Mice, rabbits, small birds, shrews

Dangers: Snakes, poisonous mushrooms, poisonous berries, venomous spiders, Bigfoot

Oak Forest:

The oak forest is home to an old badger den and an old mine which EagleStar sheltered in when exiled by her deputy FalconSnap.

Prey: Mice, rabbits, small birds, shrews

Dangers: Snakes, poisonous berries, venomous spiders, bees

Main Camp
Main Dens

Main Camp:

Sharp Ledge:

Sharp Ledge is where the chief calls for Clan meetings, underneath the ledge is where the chief's den is.

Abandoned Mineshaft:

The abandoned mineshaft is now where a library and a few stores lie, it was discovered when LushClan was first created.

Quartz Pool:

The quartz pool has tiny minnows inside which are considered sacred since LushStar discovered them, the pool is mainly used for the shamans to soak moss.

Amethyst Geode:

The only geode closest to the camp, it is mainly left alone due to its amazing beauty.

Moss Clearing:

Shamans tend to use some of the moss from this clearing but other than that, the Clan gathers at 12:00 MST to share stories and play games like Cards Against Humanity.


Bulk Rank Den:

This den houses warriors, gatherers, psychics, mercenaries, elite gatherers, and the deputy of LushClan:

Shamans Den:

The shamans have their own herb shelf in here and an area for the wounded and sick.

Apprentices Den:

This den has shaman, gatherer, psychic, and warrior apprentices.


A nice warm and cozy den, decorated with flowers and glow berries, the kits have a play area in the back.

Elders Den:

The den is always warm enough and comfy for the elders so they don't get snappy! Nobody likes angry elders.

CW: Mentions of suicide and death

Arena map

Suicide Cliff:

How the cliff got its name is no mystery, sometimes a gladiator gets tired of fighting their enemy and decides to take their own life by jumping off the cliff and landing into the stalagmites below.

Stalagmite Spikes:

The stalagmites below the cliff are mainly for those who are done fighting and choose to take their own life, or the the gladiator kills their enemy by pushing them into the spikes when on the ground. Years ago, FalconStar and SeagullPaw both fought to the death, one to get their rights to have a warrior name and the other just to show an example of what happens to those who defy order, FalconStar was pushed off Suicide Cliff and fell onto one of the stalagmites below, causing SeagullPaw to be the winner.


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Chief (1/1)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice Lives
PoolStar #9787 Male Blue Heeler 50 Moons VolcanoAsh N/A 9/9

Deputy (1/1)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
VolcanoAsh #5249 Female Siberian x Norwegian Forest Cat 49 Moons PoolStar N/A

Psychics (2/2)


★=Council Member

Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
Hycanith #9757 Female Savannah Cat 32 moons N/A N/A
BrownLeaf #3172 Nonbinary Javanese 34 moons N/A N/A

Psychic Apprentices (0/2)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mentor Training Completion
_ _ _ _ _ _ _%

Shamans (1/2)


★=Council Member

Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
DaphelityStorm #8364 Female Siamese x Burmese 32 Moons N/A Fuego

Shaman Apprentices (1/2)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mentor Training Completion
Fuego #4072 Male Tigon 11 Moons DaphelityStorm 0%

Mercenaries (0/2)


★=Council Member

Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Elite Gatherers (0/2)


★=Council Member

Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gatherers (1/∞)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
Ren #6666 Male Chartreux 44 Moons N/A N/A

Warriors (1/∞)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate Apprentice
Aphelios #4072 Male Grizzly Bear 32 moons N/A N/A

Warrior Apprentices (0/4)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mentor Training Completion
_ _ _ _ _ _ _%

Gatherer Apprentices (0/4)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Mentor Training Completion
_ _ _ _ _ _ _%

Caretakers (0/4)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Kits Mate
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Queens (0/4)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Kits Mate
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kits (1/10)


Name Tag Gender Species Age Siblings Parent
ButterflyKit #9787 Female Bengal 3 Moons N/A Hycanith

Elders (0/4)


★=Council Member

Name Tag Gender Species Age Mate
_ _ _ _ _ _

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Allies (0/4)


Group Name Leader Sic. Roster Trust Percentage Platform
_ _ _ _ _ _

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All coding and concept belongs to Digital is Lafayette, any copying/plagiarism of sort will end up you being reported to an admin, format is not F2U, all artwork apart from banner and background belong to Digital is Lafayette, background and banner is from Minecraft.

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