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LupineClan is a semi-traditional group, with a neutral orientation. we identify as neither a main or side group, we are a discord based roleplaying group. LupineClan is based on the religion of Starclan, with an added twist. lupine flowers play a large role in LupineClan's history, present, and future. you can read more about LupineClan's backstory in the lore section of our page and/or discord server.

founded founder
july 18th, 2021 clairo#2618
platform species
strictly discord domestic feline
member count status
25/45 active & open
beliefs orientation
loosely StarClan neutral
▿ members ▿

❋ 25/45

  1. #2618
  2. #3527
  3. #9497
  4. #9123
  5. #9337
  6. #6716
  7. #1862
  8. #2910
  9. #8678
  10. #8534
  11. #2354
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  25. #1014
▿ visitors ▿

❋ 2/15

  1. ❋#7060
  2. #8024
Rules & History
▿ in-roleplay ▿

oc creation and removal: you can have up to four ocs in LupineClan. creating a second oc is only allowed after 5 days of being a member. creating a third oc is only allowed after 10 days of being a member. a fourth oc is only allowed after 15 days of being a member. this is to prohibit members from creating ocs too quickly. removing an oc is allowed, but you must have had that oc for 3 weeks— or 21 days— before removing it. this is to encourage members to have some thought before creating an oc, instead of simply getting rid of it after a few days. please use the new oc/removing oc forms to do this.

rogue names: LupineClan does allow rogue names. out of the 4 oc slots we offer, we allow members to have 1 oc with a rogue name. please keep rogue names somewhat realistic and considerable. if you have any questions about a rogue name, please contact a higher-up.

warrior code: LupineClan follows the warrior code. you and your ocs should be familiar with it, if not, make sure you read up on it. if the code is broken, your oc will be punished accordingly with no exceptions.

lupine flowers: due to past events, the Lupine flower frequently found in LupineClan's camp and territories is a sacred symbol. your oc should refrain from breaking, eating, or interacting with these flowers, as they are pictured to be holy to LupineClan cats.

realism: we strictly prohibit any sort of powerplay. please refrain from making your oc overpowered, etc. we ask that during roleplay you use grammatically correct sentences and phrases, and that you refrain from using any sort of language or references that a warrior cat would not have knowledge of.

plots and drama: please refrain from any major drama in roleplay. minor drama inside roleplay is allowed as it makes roleplay exciting- however please steer clear of hurting your or anyone else's ocs, (unless previously approved), making major plots without being approved by a higher-up, etc.

extra: If you have read all of the rules, please put your favorite type of flower in the "extra" part of your form. This applies to joining forms only, but is appreciated on visiting forms as well.

▿ out of roleplay ▿

respect: you will respect your fellow members by refraining from causing drama or any sort of discrimination. any kind of slander will not be tolerated and will result in a kick from the clan.

activity: You should be active within LupineClan more than twice every week. If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks without an accepted hiatus form, you will be asked by a higher-up to explain. frequent activity checks will be occurring, so be sure not to miss them.

leaving/rejoining: you may only leave and rejoin twice before you will not be permitted to join anymore. this is only a rule to prohibit members from leaving and rejoining constantly. (exceptions may occur depending on the circumstance)

multi-grouping: LupineClan does not identify as a main or side group. you can be in as many groups as you wish as long as you are active within LupineClan.

server nicknames: upon joining LupineClan as a member, we ask that you change your server nickname to include your nickname and your oc's name.

swearing and NSFW: minor swearing is allowed in LupineClan, but we ask that you keep it to a minimum. if you are constantly swearing, you may be muted. any NSFW messages belong in the designated NSFW channel.

▿ history of the clan ▿

ThornClan was what LupineClan was first named. the clan was one of a pretty messy nature from the start, as they joined forces only to survive. but they got along, for the most part, until a two-faced feline emerged. he went by the name Addertail, and hid his true nature of being a malicious tyrant until he was made leader, renamed Adderstar as the clan loosely believed in starclan and the dark forest. he was a balkan lynx and nobody was able to kill him because of it, along with his dedicated followers protecting him. Adderstar was abusive to all of the clan (except his followers), but abusive especially to his son Duskstorm because he reminded him of his former, weaker self. Amberstep grew fed up with Adderstar's actions and plotted a way to get rid of him. her mother was a medicine cat, so she knew of herbs that could kill him, but she wasn't close enough to Adderstar to administer the dose. she asked Duskstorm to do it, and he agreed, Adderstar dying once it was carried out. Amberstep became the new leader of ThornClan and renamed it LupineClan in honor of the flowers that saved them. from then on, lupines were considered sacred and Amberstep became Amberpetal, with all leaders now carrying the suffix petal.

▿ leader ▿
! closed !
The leader is the head of the clan, and all members shall do as they say, unless they'd like to risk punishment. There is one leader appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Amberpetal #2618 female 37 Brackenjaw
▿ deputy ▿
! closed !
The deputy is the second in charge, and the next in line to become leader. There is one deputy appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Wolfdusk #3527 male 49 -
▿ medicine cat ▿
! closed !
The medicine cat is the clan's healer. There are two medicine cats appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons apprentice
Marigoldshine #9497 female 33 N/A
Lotuslamb #2910 female 30 Wrathpaw
▿ medicine cat apprentice ▿
! open !
The medicine cat apprentice is the next in line to become a medicine cat, and is undergoing training by the current medicine cat. There are two medicine cat apprentices appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mentor
Wrathpaw #9337 male 10 Lotuslamb
▿ senior warrior ▿
! earned !
Senior warriors are the most elite warriors of the clan. There are 5 senior warriors appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Shatteredoleander #9123 demi-boy 24 -
Brackenjaw #6716 male 38 Amberpetal
▿ warrior ▿
! open !
Warriors are the hunters, fighters, and protectors of the clan. There are an unlimited amount of warriors appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Seaviper #3527 male 29 -
Houndchaser #6716 male 35 -
Ripplefall #1862 female 32 -
Primrosescent #2354 female 41 -
Azurewhispers #7214 female 30 -
Saharablaze #2618 male 40 -
Lovelace #2473 female 22 -
Twistedonyx #6716 male 39 -
Eren #9123 male 39 -
Sparrowheart #1545 male 45 -
Solani #1545 female 30 -
Wrendash #1666 female 29 -
Myrtleheart #2618 male 30 -
Smolderingheart #1666 male 117 -
Coldspark #9720 female 29 -
Lunarphase #8534 male 20 -
Diesel #1014 male 19 -
Olivesprout #0347 demi-girl 18 -
Monarchs'rebellion #7214 female 29 -
▿ apprentice ▿
! open !
Apprentices are young felines training to become a warrior. There are an unlimited amount of apprentices appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mentor
Leechpaw #3527 Male 15 Azurewhispers
Astris #8534 Female 15 Saharablaze
Ghostpaw #8534 male 12 Ripplefall
Crabpaw #7837 female 11 Wolfdusk
Jadepaw #9337 female 13 Primrosescent
Lambpaw #3956 female 13 Lovelace
Dunepaw #0690 male 11 TBD
▿ queen ▿
! open !
Queens are the kits caretakers. There are an unlimited amount of queens appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Minkrose #3527 Female 31 -
▿ kit ▿
! open !
Kits are the newborn felines of the clan. There are an unlimited amount of kits appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons parent(s)/caretaker
Lilackit #0777 male 4 -
▿ elder ▿
! open !
Elders are the retired members of the clan. There are an unlimited amount of elders appointed at a time.
name tag gender moons mate
Janet #1666 female 83 -
Prefixes & Limitations
▿ taken prefixes ▿
  • a- Amber, Astris, Azure
  • b- Bracken
  • c- Crab
  • d- Diesel, Dune
  • e- Eren
  • f-
  • g- Ghost
  • h- Hound
  • i-
  • j- Janet, Jade
  • k-
  • l- Leech, Lilac, Lotus, Love, Lost, Lunar
  • m- Marigold, Mink, Monarch, Myrtle
  • n-
  • o- Olive
  • p- Primrose
  • q-
  • r- Ripple
  • s- Sahara, Sea, Silent, Skeleton, Sparrow, Smoldering
  • t- Twisted
  • u-
  • v-
  • w- Wolf, Wrath, Wren
  • x-
  • y-
  • z-
▿ limitations list ▿

note— an oc may have up to 3 limitations.

  • mute [0/2]
  • paralysis [0/1]
  • partially blind [0/3]
  • fully blind [1/2] ❊Wrendash
  • albino [0/2]
  • amputation [0/1]
  • missing limb [0/2]
  • polydactyl [0/1]
  • hairless [0/2]
  • permanent limp [1/3] ❊Wolfdusk
  • partially deaf [0/3]
  • fully deaf [0/2]
  • polycadual [0/1]
  • heterochromia [0/2]
  • speech impediment [1/2] ❊Wrathpaw
  • ADHD [1/2] ❊Lovelace
  • PTSD [1/2] ❊Azurewhispers
  • anxiety [2/2] ❊Wrathpaw ❊Janet
  • depression [1/2] ❊Wrathpaw
  • bipolar [0/2]
  • OCD [1/2] ❊Skeletonbane
  • anger management [0/2]
  • dementia [1/2] ❊Janet
  • myoclonus[0/3]
  • gigantism[0/2]
▿ RavineClan ▿
RavineClan and LupineClan are on relatively neutral terms. they aligned together simply for better quality survival. the leaders of both clans found it would be beneficial to both groups to help the other out in any way they could-- even if they don't trust one another.
group name group leader/s group status group orientation
RavineClan GgSnowpuddle Open & Active Neutral-Realmed
▿ joining ▿
  • note: the apprentice rank is currently closed!
  • oorp name:
  • discord tag:
  • oc name:
  • oc gender:
  • oc age (in moons):
  • appearance:
  • personality:
  • desired rank:
  • roleplay example:
  • picture (optional):
  • extra/code:
▿ departure ▿
  • character name/s:
  • discord tag:
  • reason:
  • what can we do better?:
  • goodbye notes:
▿ visiting ▿
  • oorp name:
  • discord tag:
  • oc name:
  • reason for visitation:
  • duration (1 month max.):
  • will you join?:
  • extra/code:
▿ hiatus ▿
  • discord tag:
  • reason for inactivity (optional):
  • time period:
▿ adding character ▿
  • discord tag:
  • oc name:
  • oc gender:
  • oc age (in moons):
  • appearance:
  • personality:
  • desired rank:
▿ removing character ▿
  • oc name:
  • discord tag:
  • why are you removing this oc?:
  • how does your character depart?:

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