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We Are The Light
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Vixxirus//#5056 Active, Open Discord Domesticated Cats
Traditional Neutral Traditional Clan Summer 7/30




LumenClan is a semi-traditional Clan based on the books by Erin Hunter. The Clan is found over a small spread of islands, once inhabited by a human tribe. Islands are connected by old rope bridges, and each have a distinct climate compared to each other. Old huts are their dens, and their religion involves light. This can come in many forms, including fire, the sun, lightening, the stars, and the like. The light takes form of their ancestors, dubbed the "Light Soldiers". These soldiers guide the cats, and are said to influence anything from weather to prey abundance. Leaders, when they step up to receive nine lights, drop their suffix and gain the one "Light", to symbolize their closeness to the Light Soldiers. Light Soldiers regularly allow their power to be present in cats through glowing. When a cat is injured, the injured area may glow if it is badly infected. Dying cats will also be devoured in a glow and dissolve into it. A leader constantly emits a warm glow that may brighten or dim depending on mood. Accessories can be found throughout the islands as well, and may be able to be fastened into wearables. Hierarchy is a bit different than traditional clans, but each is able to be read and has at least some sort of tie into more traditional Clans.


{August 8th 2021} Congratulations to Claire and Atticus for becoming moderators!

{August 8th 2021} We welcome Plover's character, Jasminewaters, as a Soldier!

{August 8th 2021} We bid forwell to Nezu, and they join us as a visitor.

{August 7th 2021} Thealphamorph's character, Lemurtoddle, as been accepted as a Medic!

{August 7th 2021} We welcome Dogwatch as a Visitor!

{August 4th 2021} We welcome Kat's character, Sweetpeasprout, as a Permanent Caretaker!

{August 3rd 2021} We welcome Qtheroine as a Visitor!

{August 3rd 2021} We welcome Aeonian.Reverie's character, Dawnlustre, as a Head Soldier!

{August 3rd 2021} We welcome Plover as a Visitor!

{August 2nd 2021} We welcome Claire, Mintveil, as a Medic!

{August 1st 2021} Thealphamorph's character, Torridpaw, has been accepted as an Underling!

{August 1st 2021} We welcome Atticus to LumenClan with Willorbriar as Shaman!

{August 1st 2021} Nezu's character, Ottertwist, has been accepted as LumenClan's Right-Hand!

{August 1st 2021} We welcome Voided.Night to LumenClan as a Visitor!

{August 1st 2021} We welcome Thealphamorph to LumenClan as a Visitor!

{July 31st 2021} We welcome Nezu to LumenClan as a Visitor!

{July 31 2021} LumenClan is officially open!


{1} Listen to the higher ups.

{2} Respect other cats and nature.

{3} Do not power play.

{4} You must fill out a form if you are bringing in a character, killing off a character, or leaving.

{5} You are only allowed up to two characters. If you want more, you must purchase them from the shop.

{6} Limitations are bought in the shop.

{7} You are unable to register yourself as a higher rank. These are earned through roleplay.

{8} You cannot be a Young if there are no Caretakers available.

{9} Young and Underlings are unable to unable to leave the main camp island without being accompanied by a Solider or above.

{10} You cannot have duplicate prefixes, or the prefix "Light", or "Lumen".

{11} Moonups are done every Monday and Thursday.


{1} Respect everyone, no matter who it is.

{2} Any sort of discrimination will be met with harsh and swift punishment.

{3} Remember, it's just roleplay. Hate the character, not the roleplayer. Drama must be kept in DMs and not brought to the main server.

{4} Please be patient with the verification process.

{5} We are neither a main group or side group. "Double-Grouping" does not apply to us.

{6} The password will be put in the "extras" section of your form. It is the third letter of your username.

{7} Pelts must be at least semi-realistic. Mild shades of blue, green, pinks, and purples are accepted. We will not allow vibrant colors UNLESS you have bought dyes from the in-server shop.

{8} Swearing is allowed, in moderation.


{Partially Blind 0/2} -

{Fully Blind 0/1} -

{Partially Deaf 0/2} -

{Fully Deaf 0/1} -

{Mute 0/3} -

{Disfigured 0/4} -

{Crippled 0/2} -

{Missing Body Part 0/3} -

{Albino 0/2} -

{Dwarfism 0/1} -

{Heterochromia 0/2} -

{ADHD 0/2} -

{Anxiety Disorder 0/2} -

{Depression 0/2} -

{Schizophrenia 0/1} -

{OCD 0/2} -

{Dementia 0/1} -

{Autism 0/2} -


{A} -

{B} -

{C} -

{D} Dawn

{E} -

{F} -

{G} -

{H} -

{I} -

{J} Jasmine

{K} -

{L} Lemur

{M} Marble, Mint, Moth

{N} -

{O} -

{P} -

{Q} -

{R} -

{S} Sweetpea

{T} Torrid

{U} -

{V} -

{W} Willow

{X} -

{Y} -

{Z} -



Points are things that are earned over time. These points can come from a variety of sources, and are able to be used to buy items from the shop. They’re completely optional to have, however, they add a bit extra to roleplay. You can earn points by:

{Art / 500 pts} - Art that relates to the server, and time has been taken to do, will give points.

{Participation / 300 pts} - Being part of patrols, ceremonies, or plots will give points.

{Leveling up under 10/ 400 pts} - Each mee6 level you are, under level ten, will give you 400 points.

{Leveling up under 24 / 600 pts} - Like before, each mee6 level from 10-25 will give you 600 points.

{Leveling up 25+ / 800 pts} - Every level above 25, you will now earn 800 points.

{Ranking up to Underling / 500 pts} - Ranking from Young to Underling will earn 500 points.

{Ranking up to Soldier / 500 pts} - Ranking from Underling to Soldier will allow you to earn 500 points.

{Mentoring an Underling / 1,000 pts} - Having your character be a guide and mentor an Underling will fetch you 1,000 pts.

{Ranking to Head Soldier+ / 1,500 pts} - As high ranks are not exclusive to moderators and vice versa, earning points by getting a high rank position is rewarded with 1,500 points.


{Extra Character Slot / 1,000 pts} - You may buy up to two of these, to gain up to four slots total.

{Disability Slot / 2,000 pts} - Buying this allows you to put a disability on one of your characters. Keep in mind a character can only have two disabilities at one time.

{Rouge Name / 2,000 pts} - You are able to use unnatural/single-word names for one of your characters.

{Fur Dye / 2,500 pts} - These dyes are able to color fur into bright colors, but must be made from plants.

{Small Accessory / 3,000 pts} - Small piercings, bracelets, and the like.

{Glowing Dye / 4,000 pts} - Dye that’s been made of special plants that allow one’s pelt to be able to glow in the dark.

{Large Accessory /5,500 pts} - Neckwear, hats, tail items, and like things.

{Companion / 7,000 pts} - A small, non-threatening animal such as a snail or frog to keep as a pet.

{Bloodline / 20,000 pts} - See the “Bloodline” information.


Bloodlines are items bought from the shop. These “items” are things that grant your character incredible abilities, which is why they’re bought with high amounts of points, or through giveaways. The Bloodlines are blessings from the Light Soldiers that manifest in many ways. These are such as glowing pelts, manifestable elements such as flame or ice, illusions, or extra body parts or mimicking another animal. One cat can only be in two bloodlines at a time, and every bloodline has to have something unique about them. One bloodline can host up to three cats max. Once a bloodline cap has been reached, a cat must die in order for that bloodline spot to be open. Bloodlines can “merge” as well to give added abilities, more slots, and the like. A single bloodline hosts three cats, a two-merged bloodline with five, and a three-merged bloodline with eight. These bloodline spots can be given to anyone, and are able to be given away or used as payment for art and the like, such the same with all point-based items.


N/A- There are no current Bloodlines.


Leader {CLOSED}

Right-Hand {OPEN}



The Leader is in charge of the Clan. What they say is law, and all cats in the clan must obey said law, lest they want to risk punishment. There can only be one Leader at a time, as to keep balance in the Clan.

The Right-Hand is the second in command, and is always by the leader's side. When the leader isn't present, or after the leader dies, they step up and take charge.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Underling
MarbleLight 30 Vixxirus #5056 Male - Torridpaw
- - - - - - -

Shaman {CLOSED}

Medic {CLOSED}



The Shaman is the head medic and is more connected to the Light Soldiers than anyone, besides the Leader. They are able to accurately interpret signs, including prophecies.

Medics are well-versed in herbs and medical knowledge and act of the healers of the clan. There are two medics, one typically an Underling of the other.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Underling
Willowbriar 35 Atticus #6652 Female - -
Mintveil 34 Claire #2618 Female - -

Lemurtoddle 25 Thealphamorph #5299 Male - -

Head Soldier {OPEN}


Head Soldiers are Soldiers who have trained for a considerable amount of time and are regarded as advanced in their position. They are the ones who conduct most of the naming ceremonies and if neither the Leader or the Right-Hand are present, one takes over for the clan. They're generally a well-trusted part of clan life.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Underling
Dawnlustre 29 Aeonian.Reverie #3343 Demi-boy - -
Motheye 30 Erica #3685 Male - -
- - - - - - -

Guide {OPEN}

Soldier {OPEN}

{0/∞ }

{1/∞ }

Guides are Soldiers that are mentoring an Underling. They take on the added responsibility of caring for them, but once their Underling graduates, they become Soldiers again.

Soldiers make up the bulk of the clan. They are Underlings who have graduated to becoming full members of the clan after learning to hunt, gather, fight, and other useful information.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Underling
Jasminewaters 24 Plover #0347 Female - -
- - - - - - -

Underling {OPEN}


Underlings are cats who have aged out of being Young, and now are being mentored by Guides to become a Soldier. Every Underling needs to have a Mentor.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Guide
Torridpaw 14 Thealphamorph #5299 Male - Marblelight
- - - - - - -

Caretaker {OPEN}

Young {OPEN}

{1/∞ }

{0/∞ }

Caretakers are generally the parents, or adoptive parents, of the Young. They take care of them until they reach the sixth moon mark, to where the young will become Underlings and the Caretakers will return to their usual role.

The Young are the babies of the Clan. They're the youngest, under six moons old, and are taken care of by their Caretakers.

Name Age Username Tag Gender Mate Young
Sweetpeasprout - Kat #3659 Female - -
- - - - - - -



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{Discord User + Tag}:

{Character Name}:

{Character Age}:

{Character Gender}

{Character Rank}:

{Character Appearance/Image}:

{Character Personality}:

{Roleplay Example ☆}:


☆ = Not Required If Second Character

{Wiki User}:

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{Character Name}:

{Reason for Leaving}:

{Improvements That Could Be Made}:



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{Reason For Hiatus ☆}:

{Duration Of Hiatus}:

☆ = Not Required

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{Potential of Joining (1-10}:


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