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~Queen Of Flowers~
Pelt Color: Brown splotches over a white color.

Under Pelt: White

Eye color: Blue almost white color

Markings: She has a spotted pelt

Accessories: Her Flower crown and Flower collar

Scent: Flowers (Duh)

✕General Information✕
Name Luciana
Creator Toxicarts
Group Colosseum of Delitium
Rank Caretaker
Breed Australian shepherd
Gender Female
Date of Birth May/18/17
Platforms Discord
Theme song Sunflower
Weight 70lbs
Status Alive/Active
Mate ?



Luciana often uses her looks and charm to get her way, or to get places. She enjoys sometimes messing with others, pranks, ect. Usually getting away with such






Luciana can be the very very snappy.


✕Mental Stats✕
Leadership 6/10
Intelligence 9/10
Memory 9/10
Medicinal Skills 3/10
Coordination 7/10
Logic 9/10
Patience 7/10
Attentiveness 8/10
Confidence 10/10
✕Physical Stats✕
Hunting 7/10
Offense 9/10
Defense 8/10
Swimming 7/10
Climbing 1/10
Running 10/10
Agility 10/10
Stealth 5/10
Endurance 9/10
✕Life Story✕


x Luciana Arrives at the Casino.

x Luciana meets Carmen and they don't get along

x Luciana meets Monique and they get along! Now bffs.

x Luciana becomes queen of Flowers.

x Luciana makes more friends Like Lotus.

x Luciana ends up running away, leaving her life at the casino behind

x Luciana is found in an abandoned house, and is taken to her new home, Lux.

xLuciana leaves Lux and finds herself somewhere new.

xLuciana joins Colosseum of Delirium.


Luciana grew up in a nice town with a nice family, who would often take her for photoshoots just for a bit of extra cash, the family she lived with would often take vacations, letting Luciana travel along, Luciana no longer wanted to do Photoshoots, she wanted to go off and have some fun, So on the earliest trip the family went on it was too Las vegas, what a wonderful place..The Perfect place! So when the door opened Luciana ran, she never looked back at her former owners, they of course chased her though, but she managed to get away, her long legs stretched and pumping, dust spraying behind her, she eventually smelled other dogs all leading to the same place, The Casino, she busted her way in, flopping onto the floor, she was out of breath and thirsty, that is where she now stays, in the Casino, with some of her friends. Time passed and things went downhill at the casino, leaving Luci to run and travel, she soon found The Range. She become an entertainer and lived their for some time, but yet again she was left to run free, and off to find a new home! After a few months of Traveling, Luciana found an abandoned house. Living there for a bit, Luciana finally left, traveling until her paws were aching. She came across a new pack of dogs, now staying with them.






"He sucks. He's a liar. I hate him. Saying I'm not stable enough for the pack?! How dare he!"


"He is cool! He accepted my flower and even said he loved it....That made me a little flustered-"

------------------------------Outside of Lux-------------------------------

MoniqueXBest FriendX80%X???

"Me and Monique like two peas in a pod, we are the best of friends, even if we only met! I miss her, it's my fault we got seperated.



"So rude! She acts like she nows everything. Hmmph, well she doesn't. I'm glad i left that place."


LotusXBest FriendX80%X???

"She is so sweet! We sat on the Chaise and talked about some stuff, like my flowers. She really was the best, but..things happen.."



"I didn't know that guy that long, but he was so cute and innocent, that Teddy Corrupted him, he had a long life ahead of him, and and now he is gone, stupid mutt Teddy.."


TeddyX ???X0%XDistrustedX???

"I don't trust him, he may lead where i live, but he will never lead me..i don't trust him after what he did to Swine, what he did to Swine and Vermouth. I'm glad i manged to get away..."

BoX???X 30%X????

"Hmm, i met him only for a little bit, he seemed cool though! I may speak to him again soon."



"He is Kinda grumpy, but he accepted my gift! I'm going to make him a best friend! Though, I wish i could...He is long gone."



"He is uh, not my friend, we dont get along well. We never did."


AverettXFormer CrushX89%X???

"He is just so handsome, and kind and sweet and perfect.. I really miss him....I hope to find someone just as sweet...i wonder what happened to him..I hope he is living his best life."



"Aga is my best friend, he is pretty cool, we hang out alot and stuff, he helps me out when i wanna vent aswell. I don't have him to vent too anymore...sadly.."


Sexuality: Bi

Mate: Nobody Yet ;3

Relationship Goals:

∎ x Luciana wishes to find someone who wont just use her.

Relationship Notes:

∎ x Luciana is picky when it comes to dogs she actually likes.

xLuciana has big trust issues.

Turn-Ons: Coats don't matter to Luciana, she just wants someone good looking with a good heart, who won't use her. She also has large trust issues, and hates being left alone after traveling solo for such a long time.

Turn-Offs: Someone rude and preppy, even though Luciana is Queen of the Flowers. Someone who just uses her.


✕Ask Luciana !✕

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