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Lost Temple

Taking place in what used to be an advanced and prosperous civilization, a devastating storm wreaked havoc on the dragon population. Now a barren wasteland, how will the few remaining survivors manage to regain what was lost?

Founded 11 Nov 2023
Founders CAKE, Uni, Blaze
Species Dragons
Realm Neutral/mixed
Status Active/Recruiting
Roster 4/30
Visitors 2/10

Lost Temple is a dragon based roleplay group that strives to give both old and new players a chance to experience a unique and open world setting. Players are given the opportunity to choose many options for their characters, such as creating roles in society for them, unique backstories, making plots, and more.


Our server is public! You can fill out a form to join/visit the Discord server — or simply to ask questions and learn more! Click to join.

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As a member of this group you are expected to follow general rules. Not abiding by these can result in a warning, kick or ban depending on severity. Use common sense; just because a rule isn't written down does not mean it is justified to break it.


Should be common sense; respect everyone in the group. Treat everyone fairly and be sure to include everyone in roleplay. Respect other people's characters and roleplay style; this group is meant to provide everybody with a chill space to roleplay.


This group does not allow NFSW. Keep in mind there may be minors in the group and refrain from posting anything potentially offensive, NFSW, etc. Talking about drugs/sexual topics/etc. are not allowed either.


The founders hold the power outside of roleplay to edit the discord/page and make major decisions for the group. In roleplay roles do not give players permission for this. However, if asking for permission for something minor such as a plot, the leader can accept it.


Anyone can visit the group and roleplay, though they are still expected to follow the rules.


You are allowed to initiate plots without a leader/founder knowing as long as they don't affect the entire group and/or kill other people's characters. If a minor plot does kill/injure someone's character it is important to ask permission beforehand to that player.

Playing God

Your character does not know every single thing about another's character. You cannot read people's character channels/pages and use private information in roleplay.


Your character is not invincible. Be realistic to the plot when it comes to roleplay.

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Members & rankings
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2Purple haze by joakimolofsson2Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
[1/1] Earned.

The dragon entrusted by the group to guide them with responsibility and wisdom. They make the final decisions and keep order within the group; generally the role is voted for or agreed on by the entire group. One or more may lead depending on the size of the group and need for it; should the leader die a new one will be appointed by the group or by wish of the last.

Sol is a chaotic good, large, deep orange coloured wyvern with downward curved horns and a pointed tail. His wings show a deep yellow colour whenever the sun hits them.
[1/?] Recruiting.

One who previously specialized in science and medicine before the storm; highly valued towards the group and protected at any cost. They are responsible in healing those who have become sick or injured using any remaining tools and herbs they may find. Traditionally the oldest and most experienced dragon is the head doctor and until they retire they pass down their knowledge to their assistants.

Nimbus OOniolio Drake
[1/10] Recruiting.

Dragons who at one point were enrolled in the military; known for their brute strength and experience in combat. They were highly trained by their commanders and are dangerous to go up against. Nonetheless they are an important key to the group’s survival; offering protection and immense strength. This role may also be given to those who were never apart of the military but are highly capable in combat.

Azure des eaux claires Illu Eastern
A wanderer of many names - Azure has forged four rifles from which he channels his ice element, allowing himself to fight from afar.
[1/10] Recruiting.

Before the storm, workers made up the majority of the population. Those who survived are now working to aid in the group’s survival. While a survivor may choose their own unique role, examples are building, scouting and cooking. Dragons that work in these roles are skilled in them and are vital to help rebuild what was lost.

Soup blazeSHADOWdragonedge Eastern
[0/5] Recruiting.

Not many hatchlings or eggs survived the storm. They will, once they have survived at least five years, begin to go under training for their desired role and learn under a mentor of that role assigned by the leader. One or both of a hatchling’s parents will temporarily be off duty to take care of them. Hatchlings may also be adopted by a member of the group if needed.

Purple haze by joakimolofsson2Purple haze by joakimolofsson2Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
Enter our world
Known dragons

Known for their size and strength, these dragons are natural born warriors.

General appearance

Wyverns have no forelegs and a large wingspan. They're visibly larger than the other dragon species, both in size and weight.

Notable abilities

These dragons are capable of flying extremely long distances; their endurance when it comes to flight is unmatched. Despite this, they aren't very well off when it comes to the ground. They are fire elementals; capable of both breathing it and withstanding hot temperatures. It's rumored that their scales can be hot enough to melt the ice nursery.


Drakes are known for being creative and mysterious; many were inventors. Without flight, they built boats to travel, saddlebags for journeying, and poisoned needles to assassinate enemies.

General appearance

These dragons have no wings and tend to be shorter and leaner than the other two species. They are capable of having fur, scales and/or feathers.

Notable abilities

Drakes carry venom in their fangs, allowing them to use this to create potions and assassinate in the past. However, when used for good, they make for highly skilled doctors. They are known for being the best dragons in traversing tough ground and have strong night vision. They are considered poison elementals.


Before the storm these dragons were capable of forging their own weapons. They were considered formidable threats to the other dragon societies.

General appearance

Eastern dragons are tall and lean; western dragons are long bodied and can have wings. Both are very flexible and can have fur, frills and multiple spikes/horns.

Notable abilities

These dragons are very flexible, allowing them to use their precise paws to forge and use melee/ranged weapons. Their temperatures may vary as they carry either the ice or fire element. Hybrid dragons have been told in elder dragons' tales; though what is true and what is fiction is not yet known.

Main territory

Not far from camp is the result of the storm: the wastelands. Mostly of dirt and rubble, it shows the result of the devastating storm. Until it can be restored, the wastelands is a dangerous place and only skilled dragons go there to search for supplies.


The home to the group, the camp is slowly being built as the days go on. Close to the mountains, they reside on the plains and right beside rushing waters. Dragons will sometimes be tasked in going to hunt for food; stocking it up on the food rack made from wood. Nests are being built in the open, made of soft foliage and feathers or hard, flat stone for those who prefer it.


The nursery is just up a trail from camp, leading into the two mountains; a partly hidden cave lighted by two torches. Two hallways lead to the separate rooms; one with lava for fire elementals and one of ice for ice elementals. Eggs will hatch here and hatchlings will stay here until they reach 5 moons of age. The nurseries also offer great shelter and protection during tough weather.


The wastelands are home to massive serpents, as long as eastern dragons. While large ones are rare, smaller ones are still a danger towards young dragons and eggs, and their venom will certainly lead to seeing a doctor.

  • Rarity: uncommon (small), extremely rare (largest)
  • Size: varies from as small as a hatchling to as large as an eastern dragon
  • Location: frequently found in the wastelands, however can be anywhere else.

Able to scoop up hatchlings with ease, birds of prey are especially dangerous to them. Adults view them as food but still require caution when hatchlings are outside of the nursery. Drakes in particular hate these creatures, while the other dragons can catch them mid-flight.

  • Rarity: fairly common
  • Size: the largest have wingspans that rival smaller adult dragons
  • Location: in all territories.

Not a danger to the dragons whatsoever, they're usually caught as easy prey. If bit, a dragon should be checked by a doctor just in case.

  • Rarity: very common
  • Size: very small
  • Location: in all territories.

These creatures are less frequent after the storm, but their populations are returning gradually. Small deer can be hunted by young dragons, though moose and elk should be left to more experienced hunters. One of these creatures offers enough food for multiple dragons.

  • Rarity: uncommon to rare
  • Size: very small
  • Location: the plains.

Found in rushing waters, fish are an easy food supply for the dragons. However, it takes some skill to catch them.

  • Rarity: very common
  • Size: small to large, no bigger than a hatchling
  • Location: rushing waters.
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
The story begins here.

Once a prosperous civilization, the believed dragons were in control of the world. They had large cities, libraries full to the brim with books containing knowledge of many generations, many centuries. They believed in the Gods, thanking them for their prosperity.

The storm

Havoc wreaked the population, tearing down buildings, ripping the trees off of the ground. Many dragons were lost; many simply vanished. The once beautiful land they cared for was flattened and reduced to dirt. Except for the two mountains.
Between mountains were caves; the ice and lava nurseries for the hatchlings/eggs, and the temple. A religious podium stands tall in the cave, engraved on it the code of the Gods. Its fire still lit, the remaining dragons, survivors, questioned this. Was this a sign from the Gods? Why would they leave only their message behind and rip apart the rest of the world mercilessly?

The Survivors

The remaining dragons began to build their camp on a clearing next to these mountains, assuming they would be safe. Slowly, more and more dragons were found and joined the group. Putting their differences aside, could they eventually regain what was lost?

The present.
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2
Purple haze by joakimolofsson2

Credits to JoakimOlofsson on DeviantArt for the banner/territory art.

Note that this group is still in early development; if you join you can help in creating it!