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Lagankit was created on March 21st, 2020 and role-played by ASummerToRemember AKA Thea. She obtains the voice of Alue from Balto 2. Lagankit is a rather lanky, fawn-like built she-cat who is simple in color with her white fur and grey splotches. Despite her former doubts of feeling as though she doesn't belong, she's settled and believes she's found her place in PacificClan- the group in which she currently resides. At first glance, Lagankit is hesitant upon first meeting you and is usually cautious. She's very imaginative and adventurous.

  • Name: Lagankit
    • Lagan [goods or wreckage lying on the bed of the sea]
    • Kit [given to characters in the 'kitten' rank]
    • Former Names: Lilypad
    • Next Names: Laganpaw
    • Nicknames: Lagan, Lag, Ms. Meow Meow, Lagany
  • Sexuality: Unknown
  • Creation Date: March 21, 2020
  • Age: 10 Moons
    • Birth Date: March 9th
    • Birth Season: Spring
    • Birth Place: Frogs Bottom Lagoon
  • Clan: PacificClan
    • Current Rank: Kitten
    • Previous Ranks: Loner
    • Next Rank: ???

A ghostly white kitten crouched, waggling her rump in the air as her pale green almost coloreless appearing eyes focused on a blurry green silhouette behind a large leaf loosely hanging from an overgrown branch. Lilypad was her name. Was. She extended a fuzzy paw to push the leaf out of the way, revealing a tea green frog with bulging black eyes. The kitten's lips tugged at a smile. "Hi, Ribbits!" Ribbits had been in Lilypad’s presence since before she could remember. Leaning forward to stare at the slimy wet creature with interest, it stared back at her and Lilypad widened her eyes challenging her frog friend to a staring contest. Just a few inches separated their faces and he made a sudden, unexpected ribbit that frightened Lilypad and made her flinch backward. Lilypad had often wandered about, frequently with her froggy companion at her side. This time was different, however. Humid air tugged at her tufted coat, fat raindrops fell in no particular pattern and pearly bolts of something bright flashed overhead whilst the world around her echoed thunderous hymns that startled the fragile kit. In Lilypad’s brief skyward gaze, a tree limb had fallen crookedly from nearby, swung downward, and struck her in the side of the head. Hot flashes surged through the tiny kit and the impact sent her sprawling a couple feet away, her chest heaving for air. Darkness fell fast above a thick canopy of leaves and she felt a moment of panic, blinking hard before quickening her stumble along after Ribbits who had already sought shelter within the inlet forming at the thick base of a tree. She stared at Ribbits with large worried eyes who only returned so much as a long, vacant look. Hurriedly, she extended a small fuzzy paw and curled it around the frog, dragging him gently inside the inlet to be protected from the scary white flashes and loud roars of thunder. "Don't worry, Ribbits," she whispered through sniffles. "I'll keep you safe." Lilypad buried her head in her paws, pressing her nose against her creature's bulky green head. After some time she could no longer fight the sleepiness that nagged at her. It was a battle she could not win. Lilypad awoke to the sound of voices. How long she had been unconscious she did not know. She was alone, her fur damp, falling from her body in a stringy, muddy mass and the only light protruded from a heap of environmental debris that lay at the inlets opening. The branches were cleared almost as soon as she had noticed them. Lilypad squinted at the bright light protruding from the hole and she backed up into the wall, pressing close. Pairs of unfamiliar eyes were locked on her. She trembled, tucking her tail close to her body. Where was she? Who are they? One of the largest felines craned their neck forward and scooped her up. The frail kit blinked her long, dark, fern like lashes and stared over the feline's shoulder at the abandoned hollow as she was hauled away. Was she forgetting something?


  • Lotus gives birth to three healthy kittens that she and her mate, Typhoon, have dubbed Cattail, Nessie, and Lilypad. Ribbits is there with them and they all live happily in Frogs Bottom Lagoon
  • Lilypad is first to open her eyes and Cattail follows quickly after. Nessie takes his time.
  • Lilypad says her first word, "froggy."
  • Lilypad wanders away from home chasing after Ribbits and gets caught up in a storm and is later found by a patrol of PacificClan cats who take her in. She tells them her name is Lagan and they give her a clan name, Lagankit.
  • Lagankit is introduced to her adoptive mother, Lilyflutter. Lagankit instantly falls into comfort with her and asks Lilyflutter to tell her a story.
  • Lagankit meets a nervous Bambooeyes in the nursery and she questions him. She calls him bugeyes because his eyes are so large. She meets Orcastar for the first time and is intrigued by him.


  • I had used Lagankit's character design for a character named Swanpaw many years ago.
  • Lagankit's original name was Lilypad in her storyline
  • Lagankit is the first character on the wiki to have more than one suffix.
  • Lagankit lost her memory after taking a branch to the head.
  • A lagan was the last thing her parents talked about before she chased after Ribbits which was why she told the PacificClan cats her name was Lagan.
  • Lagankit's favorite color is green although purple comes as her second favorite.
  • Her favorite flowers are waterlilies/lotuses and purple water hyacinths.

Upon first meeting Lagankit, there is no mistaking that she closely resembles a fawn-like creature with her long, willowy lithe and graceful limbs that support her slender frame. In addition to having features similar to a fawn's she is also equipped with rather an abnormally large, floppy pair of ears that look quite lifeless as they are usually against her head and commonly move with each of her movements. Being quite simple in color, her base is a type of translucent, porcelein white, textured to be quite silky. The thin, wispy fur that her pelt it made up of flows from her body in a beach-wave like style, having a slightly noticable, faint, natural curl at the very end. Her fur is not prone to knot and tangle despite it's length though it often obtains a messy, untamed look that somewhat suits her. Lagankit has pearl grey watercolor like markings upon the lower yet upper half of her thick plume of a tail, lower back stopping where her tail begins to meet her rump as well as a splotch on her upper back and solid grey ears with a lighter gray tuft within them. Lagankit's front left leg is purely base color while her right foreleg and her left hind leg have a stocking of the same grey dappling the other parts of her body and end unevenly just shy of the middle of her leg meanwhile her right back leg has a fuzzy white paw with a sliver of grey angling upward while the area just above the paw gradually becomes grey and stops in a rounded, jagged diagnol line mid-way up her leg. She often walks in an insequre manner, her shoulders hunched slightly as if trying to hide something and her pawsteps are light and timid despite the burning curiousity and intensity of her round, glassy, doe-like eyes are of a pale washed out green, appearing almost colorless and somewhat translucent. Although she does not often smile with her teeth, Lagankit has alligned pearlier whites.

Upon first meeting Lagankit, is may act quite hesitant and cautious when approaching you. She'll ease into slight comfort around you once has asks you a series of questions coming from her own curiosity and wonder. She can become a social butterfly if she's truly comfortable around you and she'll ask you to tell her all of your stories of great adventures and journies. She very imaginative and likes to think up places she wishes to one day visit. She desires to one day see the world and she craves adventure and new places to roam and this makes some of the cats around her fretful. Lagankit has become a bit more mature in the sense of coping with her jealousy. She will simply try to ignore you or give you the silent treatment although she does not get jealous often. She is often quick to make amends or realize she was in the wrong. Despite these traits, Laganpaw can be quite blunt and impulsive, not quite thinking before saying and doing. She can become very attatched to you quite easily depending on how much she adores or likes you and enjoys being around and socializing with her closest of friends. Laganpaw is not the romantic type. It not that she's awkward about it, she just hasn't given love and crushes much thought and seldom thinks about it however. Lagankit often dwells on things she cannot control and likes to push most of those types of emotions aside to be dealt with later.