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Status: Alive | Active Residence: MossClan
Rank: Warrior Mate: N/A
Age: 16 moons | 1.3 years Roleplayer: Eyrepium/Sylvia
Kestrelacorn, formerly known as Kestrelkit and Kestrelpaw, is a golden-sleek she-cat whose pelt is reminiscent of a Bengal. She currently serves as a warrior in MossClan. She greatly enjoys her Clan and there is no prospect of her ever being unhappy there. Her personality can be boiled down to two words; organised and prideful. Kestrelacorn can usually be found with her cousins, Rooksnap and Wrenripple. Or, out doing something useful for MossClan.

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  • Name: Kestrel'acorn
    • Prefix Reasoning: Kestrel;a small falcon that hovers with rapidly beating wings while searching for prey on the ground; because of her unusually spotted fur.
    • Suffix Reasoning: Acorn;the fruit of the oak tree, a smooth oval nut in a rough cup-shaped base; because of her tough attitude.
  • Previous Names: Kestrelpaw, Kestrelkit
  • Future Names: Kestrelstar<?>
  • Nicknames: Strictly only Kestrel! She'd accept nothing else.
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Birthplace: MossClan

  • Personality type; INFJ
    • Brief desc; Idealistic and principled, they aren’t content to coast through life – they want to stand up and make a difference. For Advocate personalities, success doesn’t come from money or status but from seeking fulfilment, helping others, and being a force for good in the world.
  • Alignment; Neutral Good
    • Brief desc; Neutral Good individuals have no problems with what is lawful as such, and nor are they rebels by nature, but they believe in furthering kindness and good deeds through whatever means seem necessary to them.
Positive Traits: Kind, Empathetic, Organised
Neutral Traits: Reserved, Confident, Introverted
Negative Traits: Prideful, Overbearing, Pushy

Explanation: Kestrelacorn is an incredibly empathetic personality. She absorbs energy like a sponge; negative energy equates negativity from her and vice versa for positivity. This incredible aptness for emotions is due to her own experience with intense feeling. Due to one of the many tragedies in MossClan's history; she lost her entire family. This essentially opened up her eyes to the darker aspects of life, and therefore an in-depth understanding of pain. She hates seeing others feel what she felt, knowing how destructive it can be. And she will try her best to appease their thoughts and be a shoulder for them to cry on, even when they aren't particularly close. To be the cat someone goes to to clear their mind makes her feel seen and better about herself. Like the grief she was given is going to something productive. Despite all of this, Kestrelacorn can be very guarded, especially in regard to others who she views as taking advantage of life. Or bullying, directionless and overall uncaring. She believes there is nothing worse than not caring for yourself and for others. Sadly, if you aren't having troubles Kestrelacorn will largely ignore you, struggle to connect or find mutual ground. She struggles to admit when she is wrong or made an incorrect decision and exponentially dislikes having her image tarnished. Once you have gotten closer to Kestrelacorn, an entire new side appears. She can be witty at times, popping a joke every now and then. She also loves a great challenge and that can sometimes lead to her being quite playful. While she hates obnoxious people, she needs friends who can bring her out of her hard-shell and exterior walls every now and then. And while she isn't a controversial cat, she will always back her friends and be the person in the argument to pull out the receipts on your behalf.

  • Breed; Complete moggie, however her pelt is oddly very obviously reminiscent of a Bengal.
  • Health; Never been better.
  • Gait; Very sophisticated, elegant and practiced.
  • Voice; Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.
  • Scars; null
    • Limitations; null
  • Scent; Freshly cut grass and citrus.
Build:Kestrelacorn is a tall, sleek and muscular she-cat with short, occasionally wiry, fur. She has muted yellow-green eyes. Her legs are the longest part of her body, which can sometimes look odd. Her elbows and paws are slightly tufted with frizzy, wiry fur. Her long legs are perfectly designed for precise hunting. Her pelt looks strangely similar to a Bengal cat despite not having any pure-breed in her blood. Her pelt is complex and has many shades of browns. Her underbelly is lighter, and from the top of her forehead down to her stumpy tail she has dark and even darker brown stripes. Her tail hasn't been cut off or is necessarily a stump but it is very short and the tip is rounded.
Body Modification(s):Kestrelkit was an incredibly frizzy and fluffy kit, the kitten-fluff so rotund that she looked like a walking piece of lint. The colour has largely stayed the same as she has aged, although it's become darker and more refined. As an apprentice, Kestrelpaw was all legs and zero grace, very embarrassing for an adolescent. It also meant she struggled at first with training and would feel anger and frustration at being left behind the other apprentices. Even if Wrenpaw and Rookpaw were there to cheer her up. Her attitude since then matured and so did her appearance. What used to be spindly legs now has given her incredible height, something she cherishes. There is a certain power in being taller than most of your clanmates. Her once frizzy pelt became a glossy undercoat, her fur now sleek and trimmed. She caught up with her training in no time and now harbours well defined muscles. She is truly in the prime of her life.
Underbelly 1
Underbelly 2
Back/ Stripes
Stripes 2

  • 0 moons; Kestrelkit is born August 25th in the MossClan nursery. Her parents are Falconleaf and Ospreyclaw. She's the youngest in the litter with two older littermates: Chaffinchkit and Robinkit.
  • 1 moon; Her cousins Rookpaw and Wrenpaw are born. She dislikes them, they take up too much space. She'd rather follow around Chaffinkit and Robinkit than deal with younger kits.
  • 4 moons; Falconleaf and Ospreyclaw are killed by the rogue camp that was just outside MossClan territory. She doesn't fully understand this and is exposed to grief young. Her and her siblings are given over to their aunt and uncle Jackdawthorn and Heatherspring. They become Kestrelkit's new guardian.
  • 6 moons; After one month of attempting to avoid every one of her littermates, including Rookkit and Wrenkit, the black-furball [Rookkit] manages to make her laugh.

  • 7 moons; Kestrelpaw becomes a Warrior apprentice alongside her littermates.
  • 8 moons; Rookpaw and Wrenpaw become apprentices. The three of them are assigned to tick duty where they end up having tons of fun and grow closer.
  • 9 moons; Chaffinchpaw goes missing, it's assumed she was taken by the same rogue group. Kestrelpaw wasn't entirely close to her sister, but the loss is still a shock. She's better at managing it now, however.
  • '10 moons; Kestrelpaw and Wrenpaw become closer as they find a peaceful companion within each other. Rookpaw stays the chaos between them, and Kestrelpaw begins to grow fond of his boisterous behaviour. He is the only one she has this exception for.
  • 11 moons; Kestrelpaw begins to really knuckle-down and dedicate herself to training and practicing, to making sure that every second of her day is preoccupied with something productive.

  • 12 moons; Newly made warrior, Kestrelacorn is ready to direct her entirety to her Clan. Working helps her forget the traumas of her past- her own coping method.
  • 13 moons; Rooksnap and Wrenripple become warriors. The three are closer than ever, viewing each other as siblings. Robinwhisker is hit by a car and dies. Kestrelacorn appears to not be mourning at all over his death- making her have a pretty poor reputation. Despite that, they can't dispute she is becoming quite a focused warrior.
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Retirement: [future]
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  • Father; Ospreyclaw
  • Mother; Falconleaf
  • Siblings; Chaffinchpaw, Robinwhisker
  • Cousins; Wrenripple, Rooksnap
  • Residence; MossClan
  • Leader; Lupinestar
  • Mate; Null
  • Rank; Warrior
  • Apprentice; Null
    • Former Apprentice[s]; Null
  • Opinion; "I would defend MossClan with my life. It is my home, it is my structure. I could kill you on the spot for even questioning my loyalty."
  • Sexuality; Bisexual Heteromantic
  • Status; Single; not actively looking
  • Mate; null
    • Ex-mate; null
    • Fling[s]; null
  • Offspring; null
  • Attracted to;
    • Physical; Kestrelacorn loves someone who cares for their appearance and takes time to look nice. For them to look mature, sleek and clean. Cats who are too unruly and wild in their appearance are unappealing to her. She prefers simpler pelts with not too many confusing colours; just enough to look sensible. She prefers darker coats and lighter eyes, as well as somebody who carries a presence and can command a room. She wants to be with somebody that when they are together they appear like a power-couple, their appearance intimidating but simple. She also wouldn't mind a few scars...
    • Mentality; Kestrelacorn cannot stand a lazy cat. Especially not a cat with no drive and no passions. Passions are what make them interesting! Kestrelacorn finds herself drawn to people with emotional maturity and life experience. Someone who can offer insightful conversation and give her a good challenge. If they're unstimulated Kestrelacorn will become immediately put off. But if they're on the other end of the spectrum and too loud, she will become enclosed within herself and not be at all wanting to be in the cat's presence. She likes cats who are ambitious, who have plans in their life. For them to know what they want and be ready to take it. But at the same time, she needs someone where she can be in their presence and not feel drained, where they can just be around each other unspeaking and still be good company. Where there are no awkward silences but rather content ones.
  • Fertility; 52%
  • Attractions;
    • Kestrelacorn attracted to; null
    • Attracted to Kestrelacorn; null
    • Previous attractions; null
  • Ships; null
  • If Kestrelacorn is attracted to you; At first, if Kestrelacorn is attracted to you she will probably do her best to avoid you. She'd immediately run off to her closest friends and start rambling about you to them without even realising. Their love language is acts of service and would therefore attempt to win your favour by finding you heartfelt gifts or taking you out on walks. She would probably also fantasize about saving your life. Eventually, however, if the crush develops into love, she will become a companion forever. Somebody who would do anything and be at their beck and call. Easily trusting and easily swayed, she would believe whatever you told her with zero question. Despite that, she would view you as an equal partner and prioritise communication, as well as keeping up with the gifts. In particular, listening out in conversations for if you say you want anything. More likely than not, she would become quite touchy and subsequently quite clingy.
  • ♥ //Slight Crush
  • ♥♥ //Crush
  • ♥♥♥ //Love
  • ✧ //Trust
  • ✧✧ //Envy
  • ✧✧✧ //Regret
  • ✦ //Like
  • ✦✦ //Respect
  • ✦✦✦ //Idolize
  • ❖ //Slight curiosity
  • ❖❖ //Major curiosity
  • ❖❖❖ //Interested
  • ✺ //Shy
  • ✺✺ //Nervous
  • ✺✺✺ //Discomfort
  • ◽ //Acquaintance
  • ◽◽ //Friend
  • ◽◽◽ //Close friend
  • ◈ //Unease
  • ◈◈ //Disgust
  • ◈◈◈ //Aversion
  • ▵ //Wants to get to know
  • ▵▵ //Misses
  • ▵▵▵ //Can't bear without
  • ❥ //Relatives
  • ❥❥ //Family
  • ❥❥❥ //Joint at the hip
  • ✗ //Slightly suspicious
  • ✗✗ //Very suspicious
  • ✗✗✗ //Distrusts
  • ⌁ //Annoyed by
  • ⌁⌁ //Dislike
  • ⌁⌁⌁ //Hate
  • X //Dead
  • XX //Missing/Status Unknown
  • ❤️️ //Mate
  • 🖤 //Fling/Ex-Mate
Rooksnap [ RVTWIFE/Warrior and Cousin] ✧|◽◽◽|⌁|✦|▵▵▵|❥❥❥|💞|
  • "You're more than just a cousin. You're a friend, a brother. Somebody that I can rely on and know that no matter the situation you are there for me. While you can be quite annoying, there is nothing that I value more than your time- and I feel incredibly lucky that you are here and giving that time to me. Everyday." Her eyes are slightly hazy as she talks about Rooksnap, however it's clear in the passion in her voice and the stillness of her body that she means every word.

Wrenripple [ Boötes/Warrior and Cousin] ✧|◽◽◽|⌁|✦|▵▵▵|❥❥❥|💞|

  • "You're like a blood-sister. We're here for each other no matter the inconvenience. I swear, I could trust you with my darkest secrets and you wouldn't tell another soul. Wait... I think I've already told you all my darkest secrets." Kestrelacorn trills a laugh. Wrenripple brings out a softness in her, and just simply talking about the she-cat has Kestrelacorn smiling and bursting with all the things she has to tell her.

  • Intelligence: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧ [7/10]
  • Stamina: ✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧ [5/10]
  • Agility: ✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧ [5/10]
  • Leadership: ✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧ [5/10]
  • Hunting: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧ [8/10]
  • Fighting: ✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧ [4/10]
  • Defence: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧ [6/10]
  • Climbing: ✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧ [5/10]
  • Swimming: ✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ [3/10]

Overall: 48/90[Stats change over time!]

  • Waking up early
  • Challenges
  • Responsibilities
  • Hunting trips with her cousin, Rooksnap
  • Organising things
  • Lateness
  • Winter [Leaf-fall]
  • Null
  • Null
  • Null
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