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Zandraart scary ship
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Zandraart scary ship
The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail!
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Information ⟶
Isles of Na Ko'i is a high fantasy group meant to challenge its members with engaging lore, exciting plots, and fun games! Isles is not only plot and lore-heavy, it's a welcoming and relaxing space for people to make friends, create bonds, and work on creative characters with deep relationships within roleplay. We're always excited to meet new people and make new friends, so never feel shy to dive on in with us!

As the second part of this wild pirate adventure, the marauders of the Phoenix take on even greater dangers than the spirits from the past. Join this scurvy crew and dive into new unexplored lands, crack deep lore, and create hijinks as we dig deeper the mystical world of Na Ko'i and his past. As a member of this chaotic crew, you will sail across the ocean for adventure and treasure!
RP Style
The High Seas AC: Black Flag
Roleplay Rules ⟶
  • Godmodding and powerplaying are prohibited.
  • Injuring another's character without permission is prohibited.
  • Stray from sensitive topics during roleplay; if you must reference such, please use spoiler warnings around the subject.
  • Avoid cliques-- interact with other characters.
  • Swearing is permitted during roleplay; however, derogatory slurs and terms are never permitted.
Server Regulations ⟶
  • Remain respect for others, no matter their rank.
  • Bullying/harassment over any subject is not permitted; Isles is a welcoming environment for all people.
  • Swearing is permitted; however, derogatory slurs and terms are never permitted.
  • Minimodding is not permitted; you can answer a question, but the Staff have the final say.
  • Disputes between members/groups should be handled outside the Server.
  • Excessive drama is prohibited-- there is a difference between in-roleplay drama and out-of-roleplay drama.
Character/Pet Rules ⟶
  • Only 3 OCs are permitted per person.
  • The animals of Isles of Na Ko'i are not anthropomorphic; i.e., they are not humanoid in shape.
  • OC clothing can be as complex as you'd like; however, they should not be too modern or advanced in their style.
  • Pets must be decently small; there is no exact size limit, but try to go within the guidelines of OCs.
  • Pets cannot conduct full roleplay; they can react to others roleplay, but cannot take on the mantle of an OC.
  • Pets can be as complex as you want, but they can not speak directly to the OCs.
  • Your character can't have more than 2 pets.
  • Pets cannot be venomous.
Lists ⟶
  • Permitted Species List:
  • Domestic Feline
  • Domestic Canine
  • Wolfdogs
  • Parrots
  • Sea Birds (Non-Arctic)
  • Monkeys
  • Sea Otters
  • Prohibited Weapons List:
  • Firearms
  • Blowdarts/Blowguns
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Ninja Stars
  • Slingshots
  • Any Throwables/projectiles
  • Weapons unrealistic to the animals wielding them.
  • Note: If you wish to have a character wield a throwable object as a blunt/stabbing weapon (e.g. using a throwing knife as a regular knife) it is permitted.
  • Acceptable Pet Species:
  • Small Rodents (Mice, Rats, Jerboas, Sugar Gliders etc.)
  • Insects and Bugs
  • Tarantulas and Spiders
  • Bats
  • Small Reptiles
  • Small Amphibians
Zandraart scary ship

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  • Dylan ⟶
  • MoonyMothmen#0553
  • Message Wall
The world of Isles is vast and wild; it is highly recommended you peruse the information below so to not be confused.
The Crew
History ⟶
The history of Isles is currently unknown by the Crew. Check back later!
Magic ⟶
The magic of the Isles universe is esoteric and changing-- not much else is known about it at the current time. Check back later!
Entities ⟶
  • General:The founder and former leader of Vyhul'mi. Matej is an ostentatiously dressed, androgynous white lykoi cat.
  • Downfall: His body was burned, allowing Edward to trap his spirit within a vase.
  • Curse: Turns into a monstrous man o' war hybrid under certain circumstances.
”I always dreamed of riches. I wished to be powerful, adored, famous... I was ambitious, and I knew what I wanted. To be the flower that never wilted. To be a king. No, a God. I wanted... to ingrain myself into the tapestry of time forever."
  • General: Paz was the lord ruling over the Islas de Lujo. He was a Cuban Trogon who loved riches and didn't love his people at all.
  • Downfall: After transforming into his final form, the sea urchin carrying his consciousness was stabbed with a flaming sword and placed into a fancy ring box.
  • Curse: Turns into a huge mass of sea urchins dubbed the creature oscura.

”You all sealed your fate the moment you stepped paw on my island. Surely you have realized by now? But now-no one will be able to look away from me. Everybody will see me! Everybody will see how deeply I can shine!”

  • General: Agathe was a manipulative, cruel mind with a glittery, ditzy coat of paint on their surface. They ran their island in the shadows, manipulating gang fights for entertainment. Deep down they are a truly broken individual that will grasp on to any form of love they can find, no matter how twisted it is.
  • Downfall: After their lover Lonnie was striked down by Caiya and Pollux, they willfully entered their item, a perfume bottle, having lost everything.
  • Curse: Turns into a twisted shark monster
The Crew ⟶
The Crew of Isles have a variety of traditions and games that bring them closer together as a group; read below to see the culture of the Isles!
Dodge Coconut ⟶
Dodge Coconut is essentially dodgeball, though with a bit more hurt to it-- you're throwing coconuts after all!
  • Target an opponent by @ing them, and using the bot command ?roll 1-10, roll a die. The number you get from the roll determines the result of the shot.
  • 1 ⟶ Little damage done/dodged easily
  • 2 ⟶ Small damage done/dodged somewhat easily
  • 3 ⟶ Medium damage done/dodged with difficulty
  • 4+ ⟶ Critical hit to target/did not dodge
Fish Dish ⟶
A competition between teams of two to create the best dish on the ship!
  • Must include fish, rice, and seaweed as a base.
  • May include items found on the ship.
  • Must be mostly edible.

Once decided on the ingredients/theme, one member can make the group's "beautiful" dish via photoshop or by drawing it (it doesn't have to look nice). The dish that is less likely to make the judges die will win bragging rights and a shiny gold coin for all the team members! Remember, they are pirates, not chefs, so have fun making your dishes!
This is not a drawing competition! This is for fun only!

Boat Racing ⟶
Given limited time, groups will face off to create a small boat and sail it to a goal set typically to a mini island near by. The winners of the boat race win bragging rights as well as a cash prize.
  • No sabotaging the other boat.
  • Do not severely injure another's OC (unless they give permission).
  • The first boat to reach the desired destination and back to the ship wins.
Sparring ⟶
A weaponless duel among two combatants, with gambling of course being an optional side hustle during the fights.
  • The battle must go until one yields.
  • Do not severely injure another's OC (unless they give permission).
  • No foul-play. (Sneaking in a weapon, purposely Beverly injuring an OC, etc.)
Coconut Festival (Land Event) ⟶
When the crew arrives on a fruitful island, they celebrate their success with a small festival with gathered materials and of course coconuts. During the daytime, the crew can participate in various games and other various activities. In the night they gather near the camps fire and tell various tales and ghost stories.
Treasure Hunt (Land Event) ⟶
As a small activity on an island, the Captain or First Mate may hide or bury a small box of treasure for the crew to find. depending on the interest, the activity may be tackled in solos or pairs. The activity will be played until someone finds the treasure. The prize is whatever the Captain or First Mate decided to put into the box.
Trawling Shindig (Ship Event) ⟶
During the travels across the mighty seas, the crew may celebrate the aquatic life that they travel over. They gather what fish they can via fishing and begin a small celebration with Sea Shanties and other various activities. The Celebration may last days or until the crew lands on a new island.
The Story section will be updated after the current Chapter is finished and the Crew have moved onto the next one.
Into Candlelight
All That Glitters
Chapter One
Reap the Whirlwind
Chapter Two
Bright Smoke & Tinted Mirrors
Chapter Three
Snake Eyes
Chapter Four
The Clouded Kokoro
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Epilogue
Into Candlelight ⟶
  • The crew arrives on the island, only to be immediately intercepted by the guard • The Phoenix is immediately searched for a certain fugitive, but they are clear
  • After the search, the crew is asked to leave. Reality avoids this by offering to assist the guard in finding their fugitive: Edward Tobias Na Ko'i
Act two
  • Ludwig leads a team of crew members through a shadowy forest in search of Edward. Almost immediately he is found, and a pursuit ensues
  • Once he is cornered in a cave, the crew decide to speak with Edward. Before much can be said though, Uwe, the head guard, enters the scene. Edwards begs for the crew to save him, claiming he knows things that can help them. He is then incapacitated by Uwe
  • The crew decide to fight to keep Edward against the guard. Once they win the fight, Uwe declares they are no longer welcome on the island. Certain areas are heavily guarded by the Wynstringham guards
  • The Phoenix leaves the island with Edward at their side
All That Glitters ⟶
Act One
  • The crew arrives at the Mesto City
  • Almost immediately they are intercepted by a group of presentable guards, warning them to leave the island lest they be vetted by Matej
  • Matej arrives, inviting the crew to join in on the island's never-ending party

Act Two

  • Matej holds various drinking games
  • The crew falls into a trancelike state
  • Matej tells a story about their past

Act Three

  • Matej once again calls the crew to the dancefloor
  • Something is wrong this time.. Things are repeating and the crew is getting confused
  • Edward breaks in holding a torch, the firelight warping both him and Matej in odd ways
  • The crew retreats. After a long chase, a few crewmates are apprehended. Matej is not happy
  • Escaped crew moves underground for safety

Act Four

  • Begin in sewage caverns with Edward, who tells them he has a plan to help free the crew. He explains that Matej uses a mixture of exotic herbs to the hypnotize the crew every week. Matej seems to grow it in a special garden underneath the island
  • Edward says the crew has to go without him, since he has to locate a special artifact to trap Matej. The crew are suspicious. Edward alludes to being older than he looks
  • The crew split up into two groups, each fetching a different item while hiding from the guards
  • After retrieving them, Edward seems to act off. He leads them deeper into the tunnels, something Edward seemed to warn against.
  • The crew follow Matej deeper into the tunnels, where it starts to smell sweet. Edward turns back, grins like Matej, and a mist swarms them
  • After awakening, Matej confronts them in a strange form. The tunnel is fire-lit
  • The crew is chased through the tunnels while Matej's forms turns more and more horrifying
  • Finally, the crew runs behind a door. Matej is caught on fire and trapped inside the artifact (a vase)
Reap the Whirlwind ⟶
Act one
  • The Phoenix is tied up at the main docks at dusk
  • The entire city is empty, but after a few minutes they are stopped by a group of five birds, lead by Primavera
  • Primavera tells them they can't stay here because they are in danger from the creatura oscura
  • The birds lead the crew to safety, where they watch the creature, a strange black mass, move toward the Phoenix and untie it from the dock, letting it float freely into the ocean
  • The birds ask the crew for help in stopping the islas' lord, Señor Paz, promising to bring back their boat in return for the assistance
  • The crew agrees. Primavera warns them not to stir up trouble or go out at night for the time being

Act two

  • The crew and the island birds meet at the tavern to plan how to defeat Paz. They are cut off by some guards, telling them to meet at the wooden flats for a city meeting
  • Once everyone is gathered, Paz reveals himself. He is a little Cuban Trogon, and he is wondering why there are a bunch of clowns on his island
  • Primavera tells him it's because their ship was cut away by the creature. Paz denies its existence
  • Paz offers the crew one week the leave the island before execution
  • Matej, carried there by Dynasty, speaks up. Paz reacts, revealing a romantic relationship between the two
  • Paz is furious. He accuses the crew of ruining him and takes Matej away from them. He is about to put them all to death when Matej talks him down. Paz leaves with the vase
  • The crew is given one week to leave. Little does Paz know, the crew has already decided to take him down.

Act three

  • Open in front of Paz's mansion. There are conflicting goals: Edward's is to find the vase, Primavera's is to find a tool to defeat the creature.
  • The crew enters the mansion, immediately greeted by a large painting of Matej. Ok, that's totally not weird
  • The hallways are confusing and strange. The crew opens several doors, trying to find the way to the treasure room. Each correct room has a different theme. Weird.
  • The last room is black and white and covered in roses. There are strange words painted in red on the wall: SAL DE MI CABEZA
  • They finally reach the treasure room. The vase is there, as well as a flaming sword. After being told off my Edward, the crew decides to take the sword.
  • Paz and his guards surround the crew. He orders the guards to execute them, but the guards quit. The crew is able to escape with the sword, Paz screaming after them.
  • Once it is dark and the halls of the mansion are lit with candles, the creature oscura begins to follow them. The crew are able to escape.
  • Paz is now on his last legs

Act four

  • The crew and the other birds enter Paz's mansion once again. They follow the sound of misery toward his treasure room, where Paz is waiting with the Matej vase.
  • Paz speaks about how power has changed him, and how he has grown extremely materialistic. He proceeds to blame the crew for all his problems. The crew deny this.
  • Once the sun sets, Paz reveals that he had been stalling for time. The lanterns go up in flame and Paz transforms into the creatura oscura
  • The crew fight off the creature, but are losing. Primavera points out that one urchin is wearing Paz's signature hat. After a few tries, they finally catch it and is stabbed with the flaming sword.
  • In order to put him out of his misery, Matej asks the crew to place Paz's spirit into a ringbox
  • The next day, the locals bring back the Phoenix
  • Once the vase and ringbox are placed onto the ship, it reacts in a strange way
Previous Generation ⟶
While its not exactly mandatory, perusing the information pertaining to the previous generation of Isles of Na Ko'i may be extremely beneficial. Though the new generation and plotline will have major aspects be unrelated to the prior one, there will indeed be links to the latter's story and characters that may be confusing to new members who were not present for any part of any plot. Thus, below is the link to a summary of the plotline from the previous generation.
Please note that characters mentioned in the previous generation will be documented into the Entities category.
All of this information is also in our Discord Server, but you should still read up first prior to joining.
Zandraart scary ship

Click the stars above to see the characters of Isles!
The Captain
Earned ⟶ [1x1]
The Captain is the most skilled and respected pirate on the ship. They are chosen by the Crew to man the helm and keep the ship afloat. In addition, they are expected to listen to the Crew's worries and doubts; if the Crew feel that the Captain is unfit, they have the right to mutiny and overthrow them, putting a new Captain in place.
Zandraart scary ship
Reality is a sleek cream and white tabby tom with yellow eyes. Adorned in an ornate teal vest and gilded jewelry, Reality seeks to be an example for all other Crew members and lead them into a promising future.
The First Mate
Earned ⟶ [1x1]
The First Mate works directly with the Quartermaster as well as the Captain. They are tasked with overseeing the deck and all of its affairs, dealing more with the Crew than with the ship itself. Like the Quartermaster, they would take over as Captain if the Captain is ill or incapacitated.
Ludwig newest
Ludwig is a small, fiery tomcat. He has pale gray fur with darker splotches and red freckles. Ludwig has torn ears and a long scar around his neck. He also has a pegleg, and has bedazzled himself with golden earrings, gemstones, and a ragged red overcoat. His weapon of choice is a pair of golden claws.
The Quartermaster
Earned ⟶ [1x1]
The Quartermaster works directly with the First Mate as well as the Captain. They are in charge of charting courses and ensuring islands are safe for the Crew to camp out on. In addition, they are in charge of munitions, ship maintenance, and punishments among the Crew. Like the First Mate, they would take over as Captain if the Captain is ill or incapacitated.
Zandraart scary ship
Siravi is a small kooikerhondje with soft white and brown fur. She has wide olive eyes and a scar above her muzzle. She wears a large feathered hat with cascading flowers, a beat up leather jacket and a long yellow sundress. She has a knife hidden in a sheath on her back right leg.
Earned ⟶ [3x3]
As third in command, Bowswains operate under both the First Mate and the Quartermaster. While they assist the latter in keeping checks on ship condition, they primarily work with the First Mate, supervising the deck and monitoring the wellbeing of the Crew. Under the circumstances that the the ship is damaged, they are in charge of repairs. New Bowswains are typically chosen by the three superiors, and are considered to be exemplary individuals in the Crew.
War cry sam moment
A small, messy-furred monkey, usually sporting a sharp grin and carrying a mace as big as she is. She wears a blue vest and has multiple piercings.
Ladybird by clockbird
A very small, cardinal hued shecat, with ocean blue eyes, a bobtail, one large hoop earring, and lots of scarring on her back.
Jesse Clairvøyages
Jesse is a Reddish-brown Irish setter. His fur is thick and long, and hasn't been brushed recently. His eyes are more of a green, than a brown. He's tall for a setter, and he has a long tail.
Closed ⟶ [1x2]
The Surgeons are viewed as the scum of the seas among the Crew, and often for good reason. Though it's their job to heal the sick and injured on the ship, their methodology is less than desirable, and can lead to some painful remedies. Still, the Surgeons know what they're doing, and seemingly have never lost a patient as a result.
Zandraart scary ship
Whittaker is the elder Surgeon on the ship. An osprey, he has a sour temper and a sharp tongue, but does his best for his patients always.
Zandraart scary ship
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Closed ⟶ [2x2]
Considered to be the intermediaries between the Surgeons and the Crew, the Nurses are essential to the medical workplace on the ship. While they primarily organize and sanitize the various operating tables, their knowledge of herbal remedies and quick fixes are extensive-- thus, in the heat of a moment, their information is invaluable and could prevent a life from being lost.
Rose lilacquil moment
Roseshade is a mostly white she cat with a black bobbed tail and face. She has semi long cheek fluff and paws that are soft to the touch.
Zandraart scary ship
A lanky otter with reddish-brown fur. He wears a low-cut white shirt with a blue overcoat, and has a claw-mark scar over his left eye.
Open ⟶ [5x6]
The Brigand role is responsible for scouting newly-found islands and ensuring their safety. Brigands work closely with the Quartermaster, helping them plot out maps for the rest of the Crew to follow. Not only do they explore, they also gather materials from islands and load them onto the ship. Brigands generally have an adventurer's spirit, and would use brains rather than brawn to solve a situation.
Zandraart scary ship
Eleanor is a tall, lean borzoi. She’s light cream colored, with a colorful painted blouse. She also has a tail piece, with charms signifying the hobbies she likes.
Zandraart scary ship
Tiny lovebird with yellow feathers, aside from her head/face which is covered in cherry-red feathers. Slightly obnoxious party girl.
Zandraart scary ship
Black-gray otter with smooth fur and amber-brown eyes. Pretty big.
Zandraart scary ship
A tall, rugged black tom with angular blue eyes and a thick blue cloak of fur over his shoulders and a blue-jeweled earring hanging from one ear.
Zandraart scary ship
Zahir is a long-limbed and sleek tom with dull maroon fur and jade green eyes. he is sweet, tranquil, and friendly, but difficult to rouse from his seemingly permanent sloth.
Entertainer ⟶ [5x6]
The Entertainer role is responsible for exactly as its name suggests: the entertainment of the Crew. They're mostly found in the bar or kitchen, working hard to provide amusement on the open seas. They work as bartenders, cooks, host parties, and games.
Marina moment
A small, cream ragamuffin with grey-blue eyes. She wears a white blouse, a blue cloak, and a wedding ring.
Zandraart scary ship
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Loyd clair moment
Loyd is a tall black canine with a white streak running down his chest. He has a brown eye- the other one missing with an ugly scar in his face. He wears an eyepatch over the wound, a red vest, and a golden tooth.
Zandraart scary ship
Mushroom is a short, chubby cat with dusty brown fur and white freckles throughout. His hind legs and neck are adorned with scars, yet he is lovable and cheerful. He has claws forged specially out of silver and other metals.
Zandraart scary ship
Falei is a black frigatebird with a silver chest spot and a red pouch of skin on their neck that they can puff out. She wears a loose white tunic, with a gold-tipped beak and talons, and feathers painted into markings.
Open ⟶ [28x]
The Marauders are the rag-tag bulk of the Crew, responsible for the majority of combat. They serve the ship until death or exile, even the elderly. They also have a responsibility for hunting and somewhat mentoring the Swabbies if they so chose to. Being liked by the Captain and having a solid record can grant you a higher position like the Bowswain.
Zandraart scary ship
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Zandraart scary ship
Dixie is a petite cat with fluffy fur and quite strong despite her age. Her pelt consists of brown, white, and dark brown. Her prefered weapon is an axe.
Anon explodingunicorns
Anon is a black and grey tabby with short fur. He has a stubby tail and a scar across his left eye, aswell as multiple piercings.
Zandraart scary ship
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Valarie moment
A tall white and silver marbled Persian mix. She wears a pale lilac tunic, dark purple culotte shorts, a white hat, and other accessories.
Zandraart scary ship
Hotaru is a medium sized tomcat with an off white base and blue/yellow heterochromia. His ears are towards the longer side with them being all black and white ear tufts and he has a dull, bubblegum pink nose. His front paws are a brown color with white freckles near his arms while his back ones are black, but he still has the white freckles above them.
Careen moment
Careen is an osprey with two daggers that she keeps sheathed at her sides. She can seem grumpy and intimidating at times, but she does have a sense of humor and mischief.
William is a shy but curious squirrel monkey with an appetite for adventure. He wears a dark green flannel with rolled sleeves, brown short trousers, a dark green bandana, and a belt and sheath for his dagger.
Dylan time
A large, scruffy Saint Bernard mix with blue eyes and a noticeable tuft of fur on his head
Pina Colada by Ravensx
Pina Colada
Pina is a small, puffy white cockatoo with a black beak and banana yellow feathers sprouting from his head. He usually wears a jewel-encrusted black and green feathered hat.
2021 08 27 0oc Kleki
Mundie is a cat on the more petite side. They are mainly a fire-y ginger with traditional flame-point siamese markings. They have a pair of large beat up glasses and she is wearing a green sweater with a rainbow pin and a frog pin. She has a frog best friend named Olive
Zenaku clocbird
A multi-colored, mainly blue and tan, small shecat, with a delicate frame, large ears, and one eye. She wears a red and gold eyepatch, a coin around her neck, and a large Osprey feather behind her left ear.
Dewey clockbird
A medium build, calico tom with green and blue flecked eyes, and a golden headband with a orange jewel on his forehead
Lou closer
Lou is a gangly-legged, timid feline. Their fur has a white base, with multicolored brown splotches. They also have golden stripes decorating their face, back, and tail. Lou wears a dusty old red cloak and large pair of cracked glasses.
Zandraart scary ship
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Zandraart scary ship
A blue tabby tom who wears a pair of wide, striped, pale-tan pants that are tighter at the belt. Has has an odd bandana and bracelet, and his eyes are split horizontally (orange and blue).
Zandraart scary ship
Royal is very calm and serene, though sort of awkward. He feels very passionate about others but isn't great at showing it, so he tends to stick to himself.
Zandraart scary ship
A golden-brown kinkajou with uneven white patches across her body and a pale colored underbelly. Blue eyes. Keeps a belt for her weapons around her waist.
Zandraart scary ship
Theodora is an elegant black oriental with stunning bright yellow eyes. She is decorated with various pieces of small jewelry made of pure gold. Her claws are made of the same gold, and also her main weapons.
Zandraart scary ship
A small mouse lemur with light brown fur and large eyes that are made to look even larger with their glasses.
Zandraart scary ship
A large silhouette that is the color of slate grey while bearing multiple scars that each carry a tale. Accompanied with golden amber eyes that pierce right through you.
Zandraart scary ship
Brown she-cat with a darker face and black ears. its paws are black with lighter toes and they have a natural stub tail. they wear a clean white shirt with baggy sleeves, black pants and a flowerpecker skull on a necklace. she has bright green eyes and fluffy cheeks
Zandraart scary ship
Paprika is an extreme optimist- only ever seeing the positives no matter how negative the situation is. They can be slightly naive and even oblivious to things going on around them that could be considered highly dangerous/life threatening, but they’re trying their best.
Zandraart scary ship
Dmitri is a strange gull who tends to speak in metaphors that only he understands. He is very fragile and gets panicked easily. He seems to walk the line of sanity, most likely because he was stuck flying over open sea for a long time.
Zandraart scary ship
A fluffy white and black lemur with a sharp silver crown. Her shirt, ragged coat and skirt however are russet and brownish gray. She carries a large bag with little round bottles dangling out some of the sides
Zandraart scary ship
A normally colored African Fish Eagle with a large number of tattoos/markings. The sun is painted onto her left wing with the moon on her right. Triangle markings above the left eye and below the right. Wears a cowboy hat. Often paints her back claws.
Zandraart scary ship
A handsome seagreen-pied lovebird with a orange-red face and bright blue eyes. He wears a black choker and a sapphire carved into the shape of a star on a necklace.
Zandraart scary ship
Pavo is a large and lanky ruffed lemur with tufted black, white, and gray fur. He has a tattoo of a constellation on his back ankle and wears a pair of silvery blue wire glasses.
Closed ⟶ [0x5]
Prisoners are the code breakers and are being punished for their actions. They must perform any task that any rank gives them without question or their sentence may be extended. Crew of this rank will be given the bare minimum to survive and be forced to sleep in the Cargo Hold. If someone is found to be exceptionally dangerous, they will be confined to the Brig. Once out of this rank their belongings will be returned to them. Repeat offenders may want to learn how to swim.
Zandraart scary ship
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Open ⟶ [2x9]
Swabbies are the children of the Crew, learning all they can from those older than them; they have no direct mentor, however, occasional seminars are hosted in the ship library for those eager to learn. Their main duty until adulthood is cleaning the deck and training for battles with wooden versions of their preferred weaponry. Once the Captain determines a Swabbie to be ready, they will join the adult ranks as a Brigand, Entertainer, or Marauder.
Zandraart scary ship
Hyacinth is a messy, murky-furred feline adorned by bone accessories and weapon to match. She is a commanding presence who is driven by a deep-seated goal to discover for herself what the meaning of life is.
Zandraart scary ship
A small sea otter pup with amber eyes. An angry selfish brat that won't take shit from anyone and will go to war with you over a singular corn chip.
Open ⟶ [3x5]
Tots are the youngest of the Crew, not old enough to be left without supervision. They are permitted to watch the Crew's chores, even assist a little; however, they are not permitted near weaponry or the brig. Tots are not allowed to be left by themselves and must be cared for by a responsible adult at all times. They are only allowed to leave the ship to head to the camp when on an island. They are not allowed to have weapons until they are Swabbies.
Sadie Clairvøyages
Sadie is a young orange tabby with sage green eyes. She has a peach colored underbelly and long-ish fur.
Zandraart scary ship
Dizzy is tall with a bobbed tail. He has a short diluted calico coat with fluffy cheeks and sports a red ribbon around her neck that is tied into a bow in the back and a gold rig around his tail nub. Her eyes are a pale shade of amber. Dizzy's ears are awkwardly large and one is tipped.
Frequently Asked Questions ⟶
  • Is this a Main Group or a Side Group?
    Isles is a Discord group; we are neither Main Group nor Side Group. If you wish to be in other roleplay groups while in Isles, it is 100% permitted. However, we ask you ensure that activity is kept up.
  • Is there a limit on the amounts of OCs I can have?
    You can have a max of three OCs per person.
  • Is there a roleplay schedule?
    Technically, no. However, plots are most often held on Saturday nights in EST time.
  • Can visitors roleplay?
    Yes; however, they are not permitted on all sections of the ship.
  • Is there a plotline?
    There is a plotline to Isles! However, you are still 100% permitted to roleplay outside of that plot with other characters.
  • Can I roleplay Isles on other platforms? (e.g. Threads, Animal Jam)
    The creators of Isles made Isles to be a Discord-Only platform, and that is how it'll stay.
  • Is advanced roleplay permitted?
    No, advanced roleplay is not permitted-- remember, we are pirates, not poets.
  • Does Isles have a points system?
    Isles does not have a point system or any other such currency.
  • Can my OC have a disability upon joining?
    Yes! However, please make sure you accurately research a disability before applying it to an OC. If the Staff feel as though you are misrepresenting a specific condition, you will be asked to change it.
  • Can my OC come from another media? (e.g. Warrior Cats)
    While we would permit that, it his highly ill-advised to have something like a Clan cat on the open ocean. There aren't any forests or lakes here, only the ship and seas.
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Joining ⟶
  • Your OORP Nickname:
  • Your Discord Username & Tag:
  • OC Name:
  • OC Species:
  • OC Preferred Pronouns:
  • Rank:
  • Small OC Description (2-4 Sentences Max):
  • Weapon (Tots Excluded):
  • Roleplay Example (One Paragraph Min):
  • Extra:
Voyagers ⟶
  • Your OORP Nickname:
  • Your Discord Username & Tag:
  • OC Name (Optional):
  • Duration (2 Weeks Max):
  • Why you wish to visit:
  • Are you planning on joining?:
  • Extra:
Leaving ⟶
  • OC(s):
  • Reasoning (Optional):
  • Any Improvements:
  • How your OC(s) depart:
  • Will you permit the Staff of Isles to use your OC(s) in a plot?:
  • Extra:
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Zandraart scary ship
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