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Basic RP info[]

Rowan kept running, the cold winter air striking his lungs with piercing icicles. His legs ached with soreness and fatigue. His paw-pads felt frozen and numb from the snow underfoot. Where was he running to? Or rather, where was he running from?

Howling at the Moon is an RP of a wolf pack that takes place in the snowy Bernese alps of Switzerland. Rowan and Cloud, the alphas, control the pack and make sure everything remains in order. Any oc's can be submitted to my message wall, here. To post an oc, copy and paste the form into a reply and fill it out, then simply hit post and I'll read and accept (if filled out correctly) your character into the RP roster!

If you were wondering, its cold in the Finsteraarhorn mountains, a harsh and unforgiving alp that has no limitations and where chaos is order. The wolves and rogues on this mountain are dangerous and carry diseases, watch yourself. A single bite from any foreign wolf/dog can be fatal. But those aren't even close to as dangerous as the humans. They want us all dead... every last wolf on the mountains. They want to inhabit them for themselves. Bringing their wretched domestic dogs with them... Disgusting. Those domesticated freaks are putrid and frowned upon in the harsh climate of Finteraarhorn. The frigid summers and even more lung-frosting winters are despicable and hard to live through. Only the toughest Wolves survive out there. Inbreeds or weaklings are slaughtered by the climate, or their own loved ones. Even the air itself is out to kill you, freezing your very lungs. Make sure to stay warm!

REMEMBER - If you have any questions, you can put them in the comments of this page or message one of the admins. Our admin team (while rather small) is consisted of myself, Dusky (WinterSolsticeSleeper) and Extronaught.

This RP is open to descriptive writers and non-descriptive writers. Please remember to read through the ENTIRE page!

Text implications (if you don't use your own):

Quotations - Speech/Dialogue (EX: "I'm using quotations marks to express speech")

Italicized Quotations - Thoughts (EX: "This is how you type out thoughts")

Quotations with capital words - Shouting/Yelling (EX: "THIS IS HOW YOU EXPRESS SHOUTING")


  1. BE KIND! - Howling at the Moon is an RP for any and all who want to join. However, just because someone is different or not like you (EX: Member of LGBTQIA+, Different Race, Different culture, Different Religion, No religion) does not give you permissions to insult or abuse them because of it. It will not be tolerated and one of the higher-ups will contact and admin ASAP.
  2. NO RACISM! - Please keep the RP clean of racism or discrimination of any kind as we wish to keep it user friendly and inviting. This includes in-RP as well. Any and all racism will NOT be tolerated WHATSOEVER. Same punishment, admin contacted.
  3. RESPECT EVERYONE'S OCS! - People's ocs are theirs and a product of their hard work and dedication. Please respect them and their names/pronouns/orientations.
  4. HAVE FUN! - Please remember that Howling at the Moon is an RP that is supposed to be FUN and therefore means that arguments or targeting someone with rude/offensive comments is not advised. Thank you.
  5. NSFW IS NOT ALLOWED! - For the sake of everyone's safety, I will explain. NSFW content is not allowed and here's why: 1. This community probably wouldn't enjoy it. 2. THE LITERAL MAKER OF THIS PAGE IS ACE DUDE 3. People participating may be under 18 and should therefore remain as innocent and adorbable as possible. Please keep NSFW content away from here!

About being online[]

The maker(s) of Howling at the Moon ask that, in case of an absence of greater than 7 days (due to family or other IRL issues, or a hiatus), you contact a higher-up before leaving (Higher-ups are myself and Extronaught, please contact one of us). Otherwise, one of the higher-ups will message you with a warning to post something about your absence. To avoid the confusion and annoyance, please just message one of us about an absence beforehand.


Alpha Male/Female - Leader/pack commander. (Taken)

Medic - The wolf that mends to the other's wounds in case of an emergency. (Taken)

Beta's - Lower-ranking wolves, a large collective of the Hunters, Food storers, Cub tenders and medicinal/useful herb collecters. (2/40

Hunters - The wolves that hunt for meat/vegitation that feeds the pack. (2/15)

Food Storers - The wolves that store/preserve the foods/herbs so that they don't go bad. They also take daily inventory/inspections to inform hunters that they may need more meat/vegitation/herbs. (0/5)

Cub Tenders - The wolves that tend to the cubs, normally considered baby-sitters because they feed and nurture the cubs. (0/10)

Medicinal/useful herb collecters - Similar to the hunters, gather herbs used for medicinal purposes or for construction of barriers, covers, nests, etc. (0/10)

Cubs - The youngest and most inexperienced wolves, those under 6 months old, that cannot fend for themselves or fight. Take tutoring from the cub tenders and their fathers. (0/10)


Post questions here and they will be answered by a higher-up when they can get to it.

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