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Enby honeywhiskey

"One day, I know that you will be there, one day, i'll focus on the future maybe."-One Day, Lovejoy, Are You Alright? EP

Main Info

Previous Name(s): HoneyKit, HoneyPaw

Gender: Non-binary

Sexuality: Asexual Panromantic

Breed: Maine Coon

Current Residence: N/A

Thoughts on Group:

•"Feels weird not being in a Clan, I chose to leave since I didn't feel welcome."

Rank: Loner

Former Rank(s): Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Birthday: January 2nd

Zodiac: Capricorn

Disorder: Hypogeusia


It’s Alright - Mother Mother

Problems - Mother Mother

Pull Me Under - Dream Theater

Redesign Your Logo - Lemon Demon

Living On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

I Can’t Handle Change - ROAR

Cabinet Man - Lemon Demon

One Day - Lovejoy

The Fall - Lovejoy

Knee Deep At ATP - Los Campesinos

Riot - Hollywood Undead

Honey Whiskey - Nothing But Thieves

Loser - NEONI

Devil Town - Cavetown


HoneyWhiskey is a large long-furred ginger feline with stunning yellow eyes and large paws, they have a long feathery like tail, they have a large scar running from the right chin up above their left eye, they tend to wear a rose and dandelion flower crown.







Defensive-Cold Hearted-Vicious-Aggressive

Personality Type- INTP (Logician)

Alignment- True Neutral


Love Language- Gifts & Words of Affirmation

Physical Turn Ons-

HoneyWhiskey doesn’t care what someone looks like, especially if they’re missing a limb or an eye, they believe that people’s beauty comes from their personality.

Mental Turn Ons-

HoneyWhiskey loves someone that is loyal and brings them gifts and shows their appreciation for Honey, they love someone that can tolerate their dad jokes and defensive side, they also want someone that is energetic and can keep HoneyWhiskey on their feet.

Physical Turn Offs-


Mental Turn Offs-

HoneyWhiskey despises someone who isn’t loyal and is very abusive and controlling, they hate ones that make Honey feel bad about themself and try to change who they are, they also hate ones that are lazy and abnormally rude. Honey doesn’t tolerate narcissism and pessimistic people.

Felines that HoneyWhiskey are attracted to- GoldfishSplash

Felines that are attracted to HoneyWhiskey- GoldfishSplash

Flings- N/A

Ships- HoneyWhiskey x GoldfishSplash = GoldfishWhiskey/HoneySplash


OC Name/Username/Role/Alive, Dead, Missing/Percentage



"We're perfect for each other and I hope we can stay together."

OC Name/Username/Role/Alive, Dead, Missing/Percentage



"I hope we can find each other again."

OC Name/Username/Role/Clan/Alive, Dead, Missing/Percentage


OC Name/Username/Role/Alive, Dead, Missing/Percentage


SilverStone/NPC/Past crush/Unknown/100%

"Oh where did you go my love? I miss you terribly, are you alright?"

OC Name/Username/Role/Alive, Dead, Missing/Percentage



"You let my siblings bully me, but I still have to tolerate you, only because you're my mother."


"I HATE you, all you did was be mean to me, you preferred my siblings, but why? What did I ever do to deserve cruel treatment?"

WhaleWhistle/NPC/Big Brother/Unknown/0%


SailWing/NPC/Big Sister/Unknown/0%

"You bullied me the most, I hope you rot in the dark forest even though I don't believe in it."

WaveFall/NPC/Big Brother/Unknown/0%

"You did nothing but mock me."



HoneyKit was born to a she-cat named CloudyMoon, a beautiful white Maine Coon, their siblings were SailKit, WaveKit, and WhaleKit, HoneyKit was the youngest in the litter and was often bullied by their older siblings, they were seen as a disappointment from their father, HoneyKit ran off onto a ship which was full of felines, unaware that they were pirates.


HoneyKit becomes HoneyPaw and is mentored by the leader of the gang named WhistleStar, a silver siamese demitom, HoneyPaw is taught the customs of being a pirate and learns how to fish, hunt, fight, and make tools, the gang sails to an island with a little Clan named PalmClan, due to the success of finding land, HoneyPaw gets their first taste of whiskey which they put a little bit of honey into. HoneyPaw meets a PalmClan tom named SilverPaw, the two go head over heels for each other, the next day, the gang launched an attack on PalmClan, leaving nobody alive in that Clan, the only one who might've escaped was SilverPaw as he wasn't seen in the camp, angered, HoneyPaw stole the ship and sailed endlessly to find another island.


HoneyPaw renames themselves HoneyWhiskey, they find an island and live there for a couple of months, grieving for SilverPaw, unaware that the tom might still be alive, they notice a small patrol and keep watch, hearing chatter of 'feeding the Clan' and 'keeping it alive', HoneyWhiskey spied on the Clan, few months later, they were caught on IsletClan territory and taken prisoner.

Hunter Apprentice

HoneyWhiskey joins IsletClan and is mentored by SharkJaw, HoneyWhiskey struggles with adjusting due to SharkJaw always being abnormally close to HoneyWhiskey, few months later SharkJaw dies to being attacked by a sea snake, HoneyWhiskey completes their assesment, breathing a sigh of relief to finally get some personal space and a proper role in the Clan.

Current Day

HoneyWhiskey had joined IsletClan and was a stunning hunter, sadly it had disbanded, leaving them to set sail again, they landed on a large amount of land, hoping to start a new life.

HoneyWhiskey was discovered by a PebbleClan when exploring their land, they join as a warrior. HoneyWhiskey falls in love with fellow warrior GoldfishSplash, both become mates. PebbleClan becomes DreamClan after the disappearance of AshStar causing multiple cats to panic who then fled, HoneyWhiskey was part of the few that stayed in DreamClan's land.

Likes & Dislikes










Being touched

Seeing a sad person




Being stared at


HoneyWhiskey is named after Honey Whiskey by Nothing But Thieves

Due to HoneyWhiskey’s hypogeusia, they are unable to taste anything which means they can consume herbs without cringing at the taste

HoneyWhiskey’s favorite color is blue

If HoneyWhiskey wasn’t a Maine Coon they would’ve been an American Shorthair or a Turkish Van

HoneyWhiskey is a Gryffindor, their patronus would be a fox

If HoneyWhiskey was a chip, they’d be a BBQ Lays chip

HoneyWhiskey tends to fluff up and hide in their chest fur when embarrassed or flustered

When HoneyWhiskey gets angry, they completely fluff up and just look like a large ginger cotton ball

HoneyWhiskey’s voice claim is John Mulaney

HoneyWhiskey flinches everytime they get touched due to Aphenphosmphobia (fear of being touched)

HoneyWhiskey has severe Scoptophobia (fear of being stared at)

HoneyWhiskey likes the texture and look of whiskey but sadly can't taste it

HoneyWhiskey is an atheist

HoneyWhiskey is open for roleplay, feel free to do discord or message wall! (Discord: Digital is Tired™#9787)


Make at least 3 friends [INCOMPLETE 2/3]

Get a mate [COMPLETE]

Adopt unwanted kits [INCOMPLETE]

Get over their fear of being touched [INCOMPLETE]

Get an apprentice [INCOMPLETE]

Successfully train a blind or deaf apprentice [INCOMPLETE]


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