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HiraethClan is officially open and accepting all applications.
HiraethClan is a small, nontraditional, discord-based Clan created by Quinn with the intent to provide a safe haven for anyone who enters its ranks. The Clan tries to inspire much of the old-style feel of a traditional Clan while mingling with the unique twists that many of the newer Clans follow and holding its own unique religion and beliefs. The Clan focuses much of its attention on traditional roleplay, yet plots large and small are not frowned upon, and ceremonies and large events are common within the Clan, particularly to celebrate the gods.
Active; Accepting
True Neutral
Greek Mythology
Desc. Traditional
MEMBERS [x10/40]
  1. Quinn [staggeredcrowns]
  2. Tobi [phoqnixx.]
  3. Venus [vampiracies]
  4. Lauren [random_nerd745]
  5. Lexie [sunkissed_rose]
  6. Ursa [Milffood]
  7. Bre/Bubs [bubwoo]
  8. Rose [.rosevines]
  9. Morgan [_somniferous.]
  10. Autumn [pvmpkin.pie]
VISITORS [x5/15]
  1. Leah [xtornoxloveo] - 2 weeks
  2. Kody [legosheesh] - 1-2 weeks
  3. Lin [aviatorlin] - indefinite
  4. Salem/Ivy [pix_e_dust] - 2 weeks
  5. Holly [hollyysv] - indefinite
  1. This should go without saying: everyone in HiraethClan should be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Discrimination or disrespect of any kind will never be tolerated within HiraethClan and will result in immediate punishment.
  2. Please do not start unnecessary drama within HiraethClan. If someone else is making you uncomfortable or is being rude or disrespectful, contact a staff member, as they are there to make sure that everyone is having a good time in the group and is being respected.
  3. Do not show excessive favouritism to any member within the group. If you want to have a conversation with one person in particular, have it in DMs, not in general chats, as that is where everyone talks. While you can have specific friends in the group, do not exclude others from your roleplay or chatting; we’re a very inclusive group.
  4. Swearing is allowed within HiraethClan, yet it should be used sparingly. Do not abuse this rule, as HiraethClan is designed to be a safe place for everyone, and if someone is uncomfortable with your language, respect their boundaries. The only exception to this rule is slurs, which are never permitted to be used; if we find out you’ve been saying slurs, there will be consequences.
  5. All NSFW content is strictly prohibited within HiraethClan for the comfort of all members. Gifs, images, videos, and messages that contain NSFW are all forbidden.
  6. Art theft is strictly prohibited within HiraethClan. All artwork being used in HiraethClan is to be credited, regardless of if it is yours.
  1. Do not begin random plots without permission. If you have a small plot that only affects a few people, you can just ask an administrator about it, but please submit any larger plots into the plot submission channel. These will be looked over and discussed by the entire administrative team, then voted on and possibly modified by the Clan. More information on how plots work can be found in the plot channel.
  2. Make sure that all drama stays in roleplay and does not become obnoxious. Personal relationships should not be affected because of drama between characters.
  3. All NSFW content is to be kept out of roleplay. Mating scenes, suggestive content, and birth scenes are all strictly prohibited for the comfort of all members, and any gore is to be kept within spoilers. The codeword is starlit skies. Please include this in the appropriate section of your joining application.
  4. Please keep all roleplay in third person and in either past or present tense. Future tense is generally confusing to the reader. Additionally, try to keep dialect and actions separated by at least quotation marks, yet please do not bold any part of your roleplay. If a roleplay is inactive for three days or longer, it can automatically be ended by one of the participants.
  5. Roleplay messages must be four sentences or more and be properly structured in terms of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This is to help all members with their responses to your roleplay messages.
  6. In situations of combat, you must gain permission from the roleplayer to heavily injure a character, and permission from both the roleplayer and a staff member to kill a character.
  1. You are required to wait at least one week in between creating characters, and you must have had a character for at least two weeks before you can kill it off. The character limit is 3.
  2. Naming is to follow a traditional prefix-suffix pattern. Suffixes are not to be capitalized or separated by an apostrophe except in the case of a double letter. For example, GoldenWing would not be acceptable, but GoldenNose might be.
  3. Cats may be found as a child of a deity or born into the Clan between two demigods. A demigod and a god cannot have kits. Artemis and Hera do not have kits. Only one of your characters may be the child of two demigods or the child of one of the big three or a huntress/handmaiden.
  4. Character's designs are to be kept realistic, although creativity when creating them is highly encouraged. Character designs can be used from a generator, adopted/commissioned from someone else, or created by the roleplayer; under no circumstances are they to be stolen.
  5. Character's personalities are to be balanced with at least three positive and negative traits. These traits cannot conflict with one another, unless your character is intentionally designed to be two-faced. Remember that characters will become more developed as you roleplay with them and they interact with others, so characters should be created with room to be developed.
  6. All physical and mental limitations are to be portrayed accurately, and are to be researched beforehand. Be as respectful as possible when portraying a limitation, and a character's limitation should not be their entire identity.
  1. To kill a cat from within HiraethClan is a crime punishable by death, unless it is as an act of defending your Clan.
  2. To use your powers will ill intent is a crime punishable by death or imprisonment.
  3. All outsiders are to be taken prisoner and then questioned, after which they will be dealt with appropriately.
  4. No outsider is to come before HiraethClan, even if your morals believe that they [the outsider] are in the right. You must protect and defend HiraethClan above all else.
  5. Do not leave HiraethClan’s territory without due cause.
  6. Felines are not to defend another in case of the other feline being punished, even if they are friends or family.
  7. Felines are not to ask assistance from outsiders except in the case of dire need.
  8. The leader and deputy are to be listened to and respected by all and above all except this Creed and the gods themselves.
  9. No one is above these laws, except for the gods themselves.
= staff member oorp = staff member irp/high-ranking oc = secondary oc = tertiary oc = power of big three or grandchild of two patrons or huntress of artemis/handmaiden of hera
OC Name — roleplayer [pronouns] (mate/crush | apprentice/mentor/rank/guardian)
Patron/s & powers.
★✩Solarblight — staggeredcrowns [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
A wayward daughter of Apollo who is capable of bending the sun to her will for short periods of time.
★✩Ivyfrisk — .phoqnixx [he/him] (no mate | sharkpaw)
★✩Wolfmoss — vampiracies [he/him] (no mate | no apprentice)
Name — roleplayer [pronouns] (no crush | no mentor)
★✩Apricotdream - bubwoo [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
Name — roleplayer [pronouns] (no mate | no apprentice)
Name — roleplayer [pronouns] (no mate | no apprentice)
WARRIORS [x7/Infinite | OPEN]
Bonfirehymn — random_nerd745 [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
Sweetshore — sunkissed_rose [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
✷Starburst — milffood [she/they] (no mate | no apprentice)
Starburst is a huntress of Artemis who has near endless energy and can go for days before sleeping.
★✦✷Eveningtide — bubwoo [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
Bearsnap — .rosevines [he/him] (no mate | no apprentice)
Bearsnap is a son of Aphrodite who is able to absorb negative feelings from a cat via touch. However, he will become the negative feeling if he absorbs too much.
✦Deadrot — milffood [he/him] (no mate | heatherpaw)
Deadrot is a son of Dionysus who can eat rotten meat; it is slightly less filling and nutritious than normal food, but he can stomach it and it's what he runs on. He can transfer this ability through the consumption of his blood, but a very likely side affect of this is making the other cat go mad.
Vulturecry — _somniferous [he/him] (no mate | no apprentice)
✧Goldennight — milffood [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
A daughter of Athena. During battle, her entire coat takes on the durability and toughness of the wooden armour she wears. She needs alot of time to focus and concentrate on this ability, and if she becomes dazed or confused for any reason it will no longer be active.
✧Dragonflyflick — random_nerd745 [he/him] (no mate | no apprentice)
A son of Aphrodite, and feelings speak. With severe limitations, Dragonflyflick can assist two cats into speaking their true feelings. He must be touching both cats, and they must be willing to share with each other. Ones true feelings cannot be hidden when he does this. He cannot use this for cats to speak of their feelings towards him.
★✦Crocuswile — .phoqnixx [she/her] (no mate | no apprentice)
Crocuswile is the descendant from the God of trade, wealth, luck, thieves and travel— Hermes. Her powers is the ability to thieve others while going undetected by all senses except for sight and to stalk her prey while being undetected.
APPRENTICES [x2/Infinite | OPEN]
Heatherpaw — pvmpkin.pie [she/her] (no crush | deadrot)
Heatherpaw, a daughter of Aphrodite, is charming, though vain she-cat who is able to persuade/hypnotize others. She has to be actively speaking in order for her to persuade/hypnotize them and sometimes she looses the ability to speak.
★✧✷Sharkpaw — vampiracies [she/her] (no crush | ivyfrisk)
★✧✷Littlelamb — staggeredcrowns [she/her] (no mate | permanent caretaker)
A gentle granddaughter of Hestia and Demeter who is capable of summoning prey straight into the camp and soothing those who are upset.
★✦Boarheart — vampiracies [he/him] (no mate | permanent caretaker)
KITS [x2/Infinite | OPEN]
✦Alligatorkit — random_nerd745 [they/them] (no crush | boarheart)
★✦Woollykit — staggeredcrowns [he/him] (no mate | boarheart)
A naive and gentle son of Demeter who is capable of locating any plant he focuses on in his mind.
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This format was created by Staggered Crowns exclusively for HiraethClan's usage and is not free to use. All writing and lore concepts were made by Staggered Crowns, with assitance from Tobi and Venus, and are not free to use. The banner was created by Ehecod and is free to use with credit.