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Head Medic/Medic


The point of this guide is to help ALL clans. Not just mine. So, as long as you give credit to me, you can use this to test your medics and Head Medics or whatever you want to call them. I, after asking for permission, used alot of these example from the person who created this AMAZING herbal guide. So, before taking this test I'll tell you the examples we'll use so before hand you can study what herbs you'll need. And please, don't be a cheater and have the herb guide on one tab, and you writing the test form on another. It's up to your leader(s) to organize how this works. And if you are a leader and are considering using this and are confused, just ask me questions on my Message Wall. Anyways, let's begin!


Medic Test

A Clan mate has greencough! What's the first herb you use?:

If you don't have fill in the blank  what else can you use?:


Medic Test Image -2

You only have: bindweed, a few sticks, and raspberry leaves and a clanmate just broke their leg! What do you do?:

You ask your apprentice to get some poppy seeds. When they return, what do you use them for?:


Medic Test Image -3

A clanmate came in after a battle limping with a gash on their shoulder! What's the first thing you do?:

After fill in the blank what herb do you put on to prevent infection?:

Great job using that fill in the blank! Now, what do you put on to keep the poultice on and make sure the bleeding stop?:


Medic Test Image -4

Quick your going on a trip! List me some traveling herbs:


Medic Test Image -5

What do you use goldenrod for?:


Elp meh

My message wall if you got questions