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Our Haven Amongst The Fog

Basic Info

About the Group

Founder Shadowcat65772 (Maydday)
Founded 8.16.23
Platform Animal Jam
Orientation Light/Neutral
RP Style Descriptive Traditional
Species Felis Catus
Server Pecos
Camp Shadowcat65772's Den
Status OPEN
Tag Bronze, any badge
Member Count 32/40


HazeClan, an Animal Jam roleplay group, was originally founded on March 10th, 2019 by Maydday (formally known as PastelRoses). The group gained traction and successfully ran for a little over a year until summer 2020. Three years later, the group is now reopening once again under the leadership of Maydday and other former Hazeclan members. The new Hazeclan seeks not only to improve on its past format, but serve as a safe space to rekindle the love for traditional roleplay that so many of us fondly look back on.


HazeClan resides in a lush forest with a labyrinth of small rivers and streams making up almost half the terrain. This, combined with a lake located not too far away, leaves the territory frequently covered in fog. Hazeclan's camp, however, is a large clearing in the midst of their dense territory that does not experience much of this fog. In this self proclaimed haven away from the mist, the skies are clear and the sun is warm, making for the perfect shelter. Around the territory there are a plethora of willow trees, including one that sits in the center of camp. This mysterious tree is dubbed the Whispering Willow.

Prey commonly hunted includes freshwater fish and amphibians, small lizards, waterfowl, small birds, water voles, wood mice, weasels, stoats, minks, hares, and rabbits. Predators here who would opt to cats for a food source are grizzly bears, foxes, and badgers. Some of the animals are only dangerous if they're confronted or feel threatened, such as otters, beavers, and white-tailed deer. Weasels, stoats, and minks may attempt to harm unguarded kittens.

To a stranger, HazeClan cats are vague and mysterious, seldom seen or heard from the public eye due to their dense, hazey territory. While they may seem secluded at first, upon earning a HazeClanner's confidence one will discover they are actually quite the lively, warm-hearted bunch. They are a tight-knit group whose number one priority is to support each other. They are also rather festive, indulging in frequent events, games, and encouraging new ideas. This doesn't mean that the cats of HazeClan are pushovers, though. If threatened, these cats will do anything it takes to defend themselves and do so with a terrifying deal of slyness and coldness.

HazeClan's ancestry is as obscure as their namesake, allowing cats of any and all appearances or skillsets to dwell within their world. One universal trait that stands out, however, is that HazeClan cats learn quickly to adapt to and use the natural occurrences of their territory to their advantage. Masking their scent with whatever means necessary, they stalk with ghostly, silent paws navigating the haze, making for an excellent ambush or opportunity to retreat. Their sight has adapted to their territory, but the fog has also taught them to hone in their other senses.


AJ Username / Discord

  1. Shadowcat65772/Maydday
  2. Fortuneflowers/witchem
  3. Fernyy/Wrenchanted
  4. Uncomplicated/saraily
  5. inwonder/envygf
  6. starsightings/lilacstar
  7. srhaynespizza/xxhouston21xx
  8. Foxpool/mrscene
  9. Alski478/aloeverabeara
  10. XxTheArtsyWarriorxX/villainiize
  11. Saltfly/
  12. Basanite/baasanitee
  13. horseylove2008/fleshgarden
  14. lithospheress/mehowity
  15. Roseblue1234/spacecowboy04
  16. Queengummy / rancid
  17. Splatartist/splatartist
  18. midnightmoons1234/PumkinPeter
  19. Bluewolf458/Ratmuffins
  20. awesomesauce2509 / tadomimus
  21. Repetitiive/Montycaiman
  22. kekcool23/Thalad
  23. Medofox/lavenderhoneywishes
  24. CØntaminated/CØntaminated
  25. Temmieflakes1234/Zorannosaurusrex
  26. Rdog44/jetz6153
  27. bear48445 / neongvts
  28. Puppyrock838/octo_obsessed
  29. Lonelyxflowers/Hopper
  30. pandaboo48 / gooseontheinternet
  31. loveyx / bellmell
  32. Skidaddlez / mitzi3778


AJ Username / Discord / Date / Timeframe

  1. chubby7 / x / 8-17 / 1 month
  2. acidrogue / chemicalwarfare / 8-17 / 2 weeks
  3. dvkstorage / Anidvk1106 / 8-19 / 2 months
  4. Seventoads / moosepudding / 8-20 / 1 month
  5. Siamezecat / katastrope / 8-20 / 2 weeks
  6. Suøh / Suxohs / 8-21 / 2-4 Weeks
  7. Emperorpenguin77 / _1amb_1n_sheeps_cloth1ng / 8-26 / 2 weeks
  8. vultyre / charonhaha / 9-4 / 2 weeks
  9. bansheebby / jostonioo / 9-6 / 2 weeks
  10. epicrapbattles / sqtpepper / 9-23 / indefinite


AJ Username / Discord / Reasoning

Questions and Regulations

OORP Rules

Click each rule for further information


Members must be 15 or older to join HazeClan. This is because many of us are either about to be adults or are already adults and wish to keep a space where everyone has a sense of maturity. Anyone found to be younger will be removed from the group but may rejoin once they are of appropriate age.

Although we do roleplay specifically on Animal Jam, having a Discord is highly encouraged. Accessing our Discord server will give you access to news, event opportunities, bonding experiences, and much more! It also allows us to communicate with you better.

While you are allowed to be in multiple groups at a time, we highly encourage you only join HazeClan if you know you’ll be able to dedicate some time to our group. Our goal is to create a community that is passionate and looks forward to roleplaying with us when they are able to do so!


Roleplay calls will be made daily. However, you only need to show up to 1-2 sessions per week.

If you plan to be inactive, please fill out a form to let us know beforehand.

Inactivity wipes will occur every two weeks, in which we remove people from the group who are inactive without letting us know prior. Before removal, we will contact you to ask about your plans to stay with the group. If you do not respond in 48 hours, you will be automatically removed.

If you are removed for inactivity, you can always return!


Be respectful and welcoming to everyone in this community. We strive to be a supportive space for others, and if you cannot adhere to that atmosphere you will be disciplined.

We are a group that supports/is made up of those in the LGBTQ+ community and those with different ethnic backgrounds. If you cannot accept that, you are not welcome here.

Harassment, bullying, or genuine rudeness toward anyone is not tolerated and will result in discipline. Discrimination of anyone’s race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc may result in an auto-ban.

Listen to the leaders of the group, they are in charge for a reason.


If you have issues with someone or something, it must be taken up with said person, or a high rank, in private. Conflict/confrontation should not be had publicly (ie, in our Discord server or page).

If you cannot handle communication maturely, then you will be disciplined.

NSFW Content

NSFW is not allowed. NSFW includes images/in-depth talk of gore and sexual content.

Inappropriate advances or remarks toward other members are not allowed.

Swearing/Mature Language

Swearing and adult language are allowed in our server. Do not use said language to harass someone.

Unlike swearing, Slurs of ANY KIND (ie, racial, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) are not allowed to be used in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Even if you are able to reclaim it, we ask you not to use it as others may not be comfortable with their use.

Use common sense to determine if a discussion is appropriate. If you are unsure, reach out to a high rank and ask.

Adult humor is allowed (not to be confused with dark humor).


Spam is not allowed and will result in disciplinary measures. Promotion of your accounts or other media on Discord is allowed so long are you are not doing it repeatedly or spamming it.


Moderators will not hesitate to give punishment as needed when rules are broken. Certain things may be handled case by case while some actions will result in an auto-ban.

Mod Positions

Moderator/leadership positions are chosen by the high ranks, not demanded. Begging for these roles is not tolerated.

IRP Rules

Click each rule for further information

OC Creation/Use

Unless a leader or other high-rank permits you to make another OC for plot purposes, you may not have more than 4 OCs.

If your OC has a form of disability, please do your research and make sure you are portraying it respectfully and accurately in roleplay. If you do not portray said disability respectfully your OC will not be allowed to have that trait. Please only use said trait if you think it will add to your character/experience.

HazeClan cats have a diverse ancestry and we endorse creativity. However, we ask you to keep your OC names realistic to traditional warrior naming conventions. Unrealistic names (such as those that include human items or concepts ie: glitter, vampire, etc.) will be rejected and you will be asked to use a different character name. OCs with rogue/kittypet names are accepted but we highly encourage the use of traditional clan names.

We highly encourage clan-born OCs but do accept outsider OCs so long as there isn’t a surplus. If you plan to have your OC canonically join Haze from another affiliation, please keep in mind it may affect your character IRP.

Avatars used for OCs should be as follows: bunnies for kits, foxes for apprentices (or bunnies for nonmembers), wolves for warriors and up.

You are not allowed to use an OC in Haze who is in another group. Exceptions to this rule must be discussed with a high rank.

Rank-Specific Rules

Queens who are planning on making kits for a litter must talk to a leader/deputy beforehand to plan out all details.

Kits must have a queen to take care of them.

Medicine cats may currently not have a mate or kits, though this may change in the future. If you wish to have a forbidden romance, please contact a high-rank for permission.

Apprentices cannot become warriors until they have had at least 10-12 training sessions with their mentor.

Roles such as Med Apprentice, Medicine Cat, Elite Warrior, and Deputy are all chosen by the leader/other high ranks, not applied for. This is because said ranks also act as moderators and are responsible for the clan.

Plots/Conflict & Ships

If you want to do a plot of your creation, a form must be submitted on our page and get approved/discussed with a high rank beforehand.

A high rank must be notified of conflict/drama before it can occur in roleplay. Conflict/drama includes but is not limited to: Birth/injury or death, prophecies or the use of otherworldly skills, forbidden romances, etc. Furthermore, these interactions must be approved by everyone involved.

Do not powerplay. Power players will be given a warning. If repeated, further discipline will be given.

HazeClan is planned to have its own story and history with original characters created by Maydday. Members may occasionally be asked to temporarily roleplay as these characters for plots. This does not grant character ownership to the member. Do not beg to play these characters.

Romantic relationships between characters must be consented to by all parties. Proshipping is NOT allowed whatsoever.

Q & A

Click each question for further information

Are we allowed to join other groups?

A: Yes, as long as you put time into HazeClan and stick with our schedule! Please read OORP and IRP rules for further details.

Do I need to join the Discord server?

A: No, you technically don't. However, we highly encourage you do so. Joining our server gives you access to our community and much more, as well as serves as an easier communication tool.

Does HazeClan do Discord RP?

A: No, HazeClan only does Animal Jam roleplay! This may be subject to change in the future, but as of right now we do not.

I can't make it to RP, what should I do?

A: Depends on your situation! If you can't come to roleplay for a day it doesn't matter. HazeClan shouldn't be your life and you shouldn't stress about it! If you are unable to meet our 1-2 sessions quota for the week, simply let us know and all is well! For further information, read OORP rules.

I applied but was not accepted, how come?

A: There are a couple reasons we may not accept an application. Such reasons include: Use of an OC from another group, Your OC/form not meeting our requirements, being previously removed from the group for disciplinary reasons, or even the group being full! We will let you know our reasoning in a response to your form. Remember, you can always fix your form or reapply once we gain an open slot!

Your group is closed but I want to join. What now?

A: If you wish, you can be added to a waitlist managed by the high ranks and be contacted once a slot opens. Feel free to visit while you wait!

Can visitors roleplay and join the server?

A: Yep! Visitors are just as welcome as anyone else!

I missed a plot and want to know what happened!

A: Plot recaps will be posted on our History page in the future, along with other lore.

Can I have the rank of ___?

A: See Rules regarding high ranks. Otherwise, check our allegiances; above each rank's description, it will state if that rank is available for applying or not. Asking does not mean you will receive said role, though!

How do I tell a high rank about an issue?

A: If your issue is personal or has to do with another clan member, you may privately DM us on Discord or schedule to meet on AJ as we don't want to cause any discourse. If you have an issue with the clan itself or want to make a recommendation, you may put it in the discord suggestions tab, or a high rank's message wall.

Wait! I have a question that isn't here! What do I do?

A: You can submit your question in the discord suggestions tab, or a high rank's MW. Your question will most likely end up back here!
Allegiences Key

Bold username = Wiki user link
Bold name = OC page link
Name (-) = Excused inactivity

✪ Leader Deputy

A leader is the guiding force of their clan, overseeing all other ranks and managing important day-to-day tasks and decisions. They maintain discipline, order, protection, and are ultimately responsible for ensuring the well-being of their clan members.

Click to learn more!

A deputy is the leader's right-hand, acting as both adviser and assistant in the leader's duties. They are second-in-command and will oversee the clan and its needs when the leader cannot. When the current leader can no longer serve, it is a deputy's duty to take over as the next leader.

Click to learn more!

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
✪ Eclipsestar Shadowcat65772 Female x Summitpaw
(-) Cedardawn Fortuneflowers Female x Harvestpaw
✿ Medicine Cat Medicine Cat Apprentice

A medicine cat is the clan's doctor who holds a vast knowledge of remedies to treat those with an injury or illness. Occasionally they may play the role of a spiritual leader, as medicine cats share a unique bond with StarClan that enables them to receive and interpret visions, omens, or prophecies.

Click to learn more!

A medicine cat apprentice is a medicine cat in training, who will in the future take up the role of a true medicine cat. Until then, these cats act as helpers and students to the current medicine cat.

Click to learn more!

Name Username Gender Apprentice / Mentor
✿ Rainfall Fernyy Female Sweetpaw
Sweetpaw Saltfly Female Rainfall
✸ Elite Warrior Warrior

An Elite Warrior is a warrior who is promoted for their utmost loyalty, dedication, and skill. They are trusted to act as advisers or oversee clan tasks when neither the leader or deputy are available.

Click to learn more!

Warriors make up the bulk of the clan. They are trained in the arts of fighting & hunting, and take on a multitude of daily tasks to keep the clan protected and well-fed.

Click to learn more!

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
(-) ✸ Beargrumble Uncomplicated Male x x
(-) Quailcrook Uncomplicated Male x x
Pollenplume Shadowcat65772 Female x x
Briarthorn starsightings Female Cashewcrunch x
Foxflutter starsightings Male x x
Rivertail srhaynespizza Female x x
(-) Pinefrost Foxpool Male x x
Cashewcrunch Fernyy Male Briarthorn Butterflypaw
Crawdusk Alski478 Male x Everpaw
Cobracoil katanaxfang Male x x
(-) Ivyclaw XxTheArtsyWarriorxX Female x x
Crowscreech Saltfly Male Glorystorm Spectralpaw
Starlingfall Saltfly Female x x
Sootstorm Basanite Male x Fruitpaw
Lionspirit Basanite Male x x
Coalpath Basanite Male x x
Lakescar Roseblue1234 Male x Dovepaw
Apricottuft Roseblue1234 Female x x
Fawnpetal katanaxfang Female x x
Azaleasky katanaxfang Female x x
(-) Azarflame midnightmoons1234 Male x x
Canarycall Bluewolf458 Male x x
Shiversong Splatartist NB x Cherrypaw
Flametooth Splatartist NB x x
Marigoldwish Splatartist Female x x
Swanfall awesomesauce2509 Male x Newtpaw
Mintballad Repetitiive Female x x
Maplemelt kekcool23 Female x x
Dreammist Medofox Female x x
(-) Pantherheart midnightmoons1234 Male x x
Onyxflame Rdog44 Male x x
Barracudastrike Temmieflakes1234 Male x x
Rookfall horseylove2008 NB x x
Clovertail CØntaminated Female x x
Cardinalshore Lonelyxflowers Female x x
Spiralsoot Skidaddlez Male x x
Ashenface Loveyx Female x x
Whitelion Loveyx Male x x
Sycamoreshine Puppyrock838 Female x
(-) Coyotegamble Fortuneflowers Male x
✦ Queen Elder

A queen is a cat who is expecting or nursing kits. They may decide to return to their original rank when the kits have moved out of the nursery upon reaching apprentice-hood. A cat may also choose to remain a queen permanently and take on tasks similar to a midwife or nursemaid.

Click to learn more!

An elder is someone who has retired from their duties either due to old age or a disability rendering them unable to work. They are often asked to share stories and advice, passing forward the clan's history and morals in the process.

Click to learn more!

Name Username Gender Mate
(-) ✦ Glorystorm Fortuneflowers Female Crowscreech
(-) ✦ Polarhunt Bluewolf458 Male x
✦ Squidfoot Roseblue1234 Female x
✦ Pumpkinpatch Temmieflakes1234 Female x
✦ Batcatcher awesomesauce2509 Female x
Grizzlyburr bear48445 Male x
Tawnyburr pandaboo48 NB x
✤ Apprentice Kit

An apprentice is a young cat between 6-12 moons under-going training to become a warrior. Along with learning to fight and hunt, they are taught the importance of the warrior code and what it means to serve and provide for their clan.

Click to learn more!

A kit is the youngest member of the clan and will spend their first 6 moons tended to within the safety of camp. It is the duty of the entire clan to make sure kits may live a happy and safe childhood, all while teaching them about clan life and the world around them.

Click to learn more!

Name Username Gender Mentor / Caretaker
(-) ✤ Everpaw Fortuneflowers Male Crawdusk
✤ Summitpaw inwonder Male Eclipsestar
✤ Dovepaw Lithospheress Female Lakescar
✤ Butterflypaw horseylove2008 NB Cashewcrunch
✤ Spectralpaw Shadowcat65772 Female Crowscreech
✤ Harvestpaw Qweengummy Male Cedardawn
✤ Cherrypaw kekcool23 Female Shiversong
✤ Newtpaw katanaxfang Female Swanfall
✤ Fruitpaw midnightmoons1234 NB Sootstorm
Shrimpkit awesomesauce2509 Male Polarhunt
Juniperkit inwonder Female Glorystorm
Robinkit roseblue1234 Male Glorystorm
Frostkit Fernyy Female Glorystorm
Nightkit starsightings Male Glorystorm
Cowkit Kekcool23 Male Polarhunt
Birdykit Lithospheress Female Squidfoot
Yulekit Bluewolf458 Male Squidfoot
Wolfkit Qweengummy Female Batcatcher
Allies and Enemies
Ally Enemy

An ally is a group that HazeClan has a peaceful and positive relationship with. HazeClan trusts its allies and depends on them, and in return will support them with whatever they may need. Groups may switch between Ally/Enemy status depending on in roleplay interaction, but OORP will continue to have a positive relationship.

An enemy is a group that HazeClan has a negative relationship with. HazeClan may come to argue or battle with enemies and are not trusted by the cats of HazeClan. Groups may switch between Ally/Enemy status depending on in roleplay interaction, but OORP will continue to have a positive relationship.

Name Leader Deputy Medicine Cat Relations
Taken Prefixes

A - Azar, Azalea, Ashen, Apricot

B - Barracuda, Bear, Briar, Butterfly, Birdy, Bat

C - Cedar, Cashew, Craw, Crow, Cobra, Coal, Cherry, Canary, Clover, Cow, Cardinal, Coyote

D - Dawn, Dove, Dream

E - Eclipse, Ever

F - Fawn, Frost, Fruit, Fox, Flame

G - Glory, Grizzly

H - Harvest

I - Ivy

J - Juniper


L - Lion, Lake

M - Marigold, Mint, Maple, Moon

N - Newt, Night

O - Onyx

P - Pollen, Pine, Polar, Panther, Pumpkin

Q - Quail

R - Rain, River, Rook, Robin

S - Summit, Soot, Spectral, Swan, Shiver, Squid, Shrimp, Sweet, Sycamore, Starling, Sycamore, Spiral

T - Tawny



W - Wolf, White


Y - Yule


Schedule, Plots, & Events
Moon Cycle 2 weeks
Season Green-Leaf
Gatherings TBA
EST 9:00pm - 10:00pm
CST 8:00pm - 9:00pm
MST 7:00pm - 8:00pm
PST 6:00pm - 7:00pm

☁ If you don't see your timezone listed, convert one of the above times to your own! ☁

Scheduling and in-world times/seasons may be subject to change in the future.

Current Plots/Events



More to come!

Forms & Credits

If your AGRP account is new and you can't comment your form, send it to Maydday's message wall or Maydday's Discord.


- Alias:

- Pronouns:

- AJ Username:

- Discord Tag (if applicable):

- Character Name:

- Character Gender, Age, and Desired Rank:

- Character Description:

- Character Personality:

- Roleplay Example (five-sentence minimum):

- Character Reference (optional):

- Additional (optional):


- Alias:

- AJ Username:

-Discord Tag (if applicable):


-IRP reason for/method of Departure:

-Reason For Departure (optional):

-Improvements (optional):

-Additional (optional):




-AJ Username:

-Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Length of Visitation:

-Groups you're in (if applicable):

-Reason for Visitation:

-Additional (optional):



-AJ Username:

-Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Length of Hiatus:

-Reasons For Hiatus (optional):

-Additional (optional):

Clan Relations


-Link to Clan:

-Leader’s AJ Username:

-Leader’s Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Deputy’s AJ Username:

-Deputy’s Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Clan Orientation:

-Member Count (must have 10+ members):

-Reason For Alliance:

-Additional (optional):

Secondary Character


-AJ Username:

-Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Character Name:

-Gender, Age, and Desired Rank:

-Character Description:

-Character Personality:

-Which Character # is this? (4 maximum):

-Character Reference (optional):

-Additional (optional):

Character Removal


-AJ Username:

-Discord Tag (if applicable):

-Character Name:

-How Does The Character Leave IRP?:

-Reason For Removal (Optional):

-Character’s Last Words (Optional):

-Additional (optional):

New Plot

-OC Name:

-AJ Username:

-Discord Username:

-Characters involved:

-Clan-wide or Personal?

-Plot Description:

-Planned Date:

-Additional (Optional):

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☁ Updates & Announcements ☁

Wiped & Updated Weekly

  • 10/14/23: Kit are now open, so long as you have a willing caretaker!
  • Non-clanborn OCs are not currently being accepted.