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I hope this page helps you, as I have worked hard on it ^-^ Anyway, got any comments and concerns? You know where the comments are! Don't be afraid to ask. I also appreciate all constructive criticism! Let's begin.

Naming - Traditional & Non-Traditional

Lots of people name their OCs using the theme of their Clan/Pack/Tribe's orientation, E.G: Dark-themed if Dark-Realmed
All of my characters revolve around nature, as most warrior cats names do. However, if you have a Non-Traditional Clan/Pack/Tribe that contains urban features, such as cities, it's nice to add some Non-Traditional naming into your roleplay life! Here's some popular naming ideas:
- Colours / Shades / Hues
- Flowers
- Trees
- Nature-related areas (Forests, etc)
And there are tons more! Here's some Non-Traditional naming ideas that I have come up with:
- Urban-related areas
- Supernatural (Mythical)
- Space, Galactic - themed
And there are still lots more names to think of!

Tribe Naming

I personally believe that Singular names are better than Prefix & Suffix names when it comes to Tribe naming. Or, if you do not want to have a singular name, this page has a variety of warrior cat names to choose from.
Here's some singular names: 
- Echo (Cough that's actually one of my real OC's names)
- Xena (Yup - Another one)
- Cosmic (One of my friends)
- Dusk
- Dawn
- Onyx (Using part of my username there)
- Sunset
- Twilight
And again, there's tons more! Here's some I got from a Name Generator:
- Flight of Small Bird
- River Where Fish Swim
- Star of Night Sky
You can generate your own by clicking the link in the paragraph above.


Lots of personalities are based off of their Clan/Pack/Tribe's realm as well as names are. If your Clan/Pack/Tribe's realm is light, you probably wouldn't have a dark, dismal and sadistic personality => Unless you want to have an EXTREMELY unique OC.

Here's some personality trait ideas:

- Bubbly

- Eccentric (odd, different)

- Bored, lazy

- Sad, shy

You can always think of more, as the sky is the limit.

Appearance - Pigments / Markings

Remember, a lot of people relate to their Clan/Pack/Tribe's realm. 
Anyway. OCs usually stick to natural colours that you find on everyday animals.
Here's a list of popular pigmentation.
- Brown
- Black / Grey
- White
- Beige
- Ginger 
- Melanism (This means the whole entire animal is totally black)
- Albinoism (This means the whole entire animals is totally white)
And here's a list of markings.
- Stripes
- Mottle
- Cheetah / Bengal spots (feline)
- Tabby Stripes
- Tort (Tortoise-shell feline)
- Flecked

Limitations (Disabilities)

Here's a list of some main PHYSICAL disibilities:
- Polydactyl
- Misaligned Jaw
- Cerebellar Hypoplasia (This can also be classed as a mental limitation)
- Deformed / missing limbs
- Cleft Palate 
- De-clawed
Here's a list of some main MENTAL disibilities:
- Anxiety 
- Depression
- Cerebellar Hypoplasia (This can also be classed as a physical limitation)
- Mute
- Paranoia
I hope you enjoyed this guide! Please let me know if I can add anything. Here's a list of my previous and current OC names.
- Mapleleaf - My first
- Oakfur - My second
- Frostpelt - My Third
- Onyxstripe - My fourth
- Snowystar - My fifth
- Sparrowstar - My sixth
- Echo - My current
- Xena - My current