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Guide To Creating An Oc

Hi! My name is Kermii (Petitepetals), And your name is <insert name here>. You probably have an OC, Whether if it's a wolf, fox, dragon, human, or cat on this wiki. But maybe you can't think of something detailed; Flawed, Loved, Great. You don't want your OC to be a Mary Sue. You're ready to settle with another Tigerstar clone, just with green eyes and the child of scourge. Fear no further, this guide is here to help you to make an amazing OC. Let's get started!


It's no secret, naming your OC is pretty hard. Here are some prefixes/suffixes that don't get used much.

Here's a great guide to use when you need to name OCs.


Many very bland pelts are common; Including "brown" at 600 results.

But you don't want your Ocs always to be brown, eh?

Leopard cat marks are not very common.

Grey cat coats with darker grey stripes are in the middle, for me.

Black cats sometimes are overused, but having a ginger-colored OC I think is good!

So, first, you want to pick a base color.

It can be common, or uncommon.

Now, if you want to have marks or patterns, pick some for your OC. Now, let's move onto the eyes. Many eyes are green or blue, which should be expanded.

You can have...

A brightheart mark (eye ripped out)

Two different color eyes

Pink or purplish eyes

Brown eyes

A Lazy eye




Now, you need to decide the basics.

Plump or skinny?

Fluffy or thin?

Small or tall?


Honestly, Let's face it: "Roses are red, violets are blue, Starclan made me pretty, what the hell happened to you?" Isn't always the best quote to slap on there. Sometimes, You need a quote from another cat like this:

"I'll always be with you, Larktuft. Don't forget my love, But you need to have moved on. Take a step forward, Because I am still with you."~Heathersigh to Larktuft

But it can be a negative quote like this, too.:

"Larktuft?! What a stupid name. He can't even fight, let alone hunt! He shouldn't be a warrior anyways; Even though it's just a name. It means nothing. He pretends to scorn his old life, But I bet he misses it. Larktuft is a kittypet, and we all know it!"~Hawkpaw to Curlstar in the middle of Larktuft's ceremony

It can also be a roleplay callout:

"Ghostpaw looked at Larkpaw, gliding at the edge of the ice. Venompaw slid over when he heard Ghostpaw whispering to Autumnpaw. "He sure is lonely over there. Let's go help 'em." Venompaw mewed, and Ghostpaw nodded. Autumnpaw was the first to glide over, the smooth ice keeping her up. "Lark, are you okay? Wanna play with us?" Ghostpaw smiled with sympathy as she talked."

Whatever it is, there are tons of quotes, all unique and reflecting on your OC's personality. If you want to have a unique quote, then you should try to make your own character unique, with flaws and traits. I recommend asking your friends or looking at other people's OC pages for ideas. Don't try too hard to make your character special, Because your OC will have character arcs and drama and big moments that will affect your OC, and their personality.

Disabilities, Flaws, and Traits

Disabilities are great ways to make your character unique and their roleplays fun. Don't go too hard on them, Or have all your OCs have disabilities. Most cats don't have them, or have them slightly, in the books.

But you need to have a reason for them to have it, a backstory, maybe, that made them have their flaws and traits.

Disabilities like this are common:








You get the point; I won't go on.


Now; onto traits!









Now, Flaws.











These traits and flaws make your character interesting and amazing, Along with a disability, You have a great OC! Most people tend to forget what we like in an OC; traits and flaws.


Backstories are the hardest or easiest for some. Most cats have been abused by their parents, but I think that's a little overrated. You can have your full chance to do what you want now, and be creative. You can make it long, Or short. But mainly, No one likes someone's page who didn't want to talk/write about it. You can get deeper, but for people just looking for a good page, it's worthless. It's good to extend your thoughts and what happened to that Tigerstar clone of yours.



This is the end. You have everything for an amazing OC now! A name, An appearance, A quote, Some flaws, traits, and disabilities, and a backstory! Now your oc is ready to be official. Don't forget that form, And I'll cya next time.