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Gender Age Mate Clan
Male 28 TBA PebbleClan
Appearance & Personality

He is a orange-white tabby with olive green eyes and a lazy one. He also has scattered twigs and shrubs in his coat. He is a lazy and always tired tom who can usually be found sunbathing or napping. (even in leafbare)


Scarecrowswirl(Teacup Froggy)¦Sorta Friends|Dislikes|Clanmate¦ "I liked her at first, but then... I'd rather not." [] Hazel'fern (ARandomDudette) ¦Close|Lessening Attraction|Close Clanmate¦ "She's awesome! We go tree climbing together. I like her and, but I feel like I'm drifting..." [] Duskpelt (EnchantedMøøn) ¦Just met|Likes a bit|Clanmate¦ "She's chill. Kinda like her attitude." [] HoneyWhiskey (Digital is Lafayette) ¦Very Close|Mate|Clanmate¦ "Their awesome! I love them-" goldfishsplash looks away blushing.


I'll go take a nap or sunbathe and you.... do what you want.

-Goldy to Duskpelt

What brings you to talk to me?

-Goldfishsplash to Scarecrowswirl

Jeez this is quite the scenario

-Goldfishsplash to HoneyWhiskey