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Status Active; Alive
Allegiance SunlessClan
Rank Knight
Previous Ranks Kit, Apprentice
Sex Trans. Male
Age 16 Moons

Goldenwasp, formerly known as Goldenkit and later Goldenpaw, is a tall, broad, thick-furred tabby tom with striking, wide, dark orange-amber eyes, large paws, and a battle-scarred frame. He is currently a knight in SunlessClan. Goldenwasp is a charmer, and is stubborn, proud, and independent.


  • Name: Goldenwasp
    • Golden [a deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown colour; for his fur colour], -wasp [for his fiery nature and short temper, like a wasp]
    • Next Names: None
    • Former Names: Goldenkit, Goldenpaw
    • Nicknames: Gold, Goldie [Close Friends]
  • Sexuality: Questioning [Homosexual Homoromantic]
  • Birth Date: April 27th
    • Zodiac: Taurus
    • Birth Season: Spring
    • Birth Place: SunlessClan camp
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Date of Creation: February 10th, 2023


A stocky and powerful tom-cat, Goldenwasp’s frame is taut with muscle, particularly in his legs and shoulders. His general appearance is one of formidable strength and power, especially when paired with his height, and he appears as one who cannot be befriended- or even trusted- easily. The tom’s features only deepen this, with a wide head and a relatively short face that holds bright golden eyes, as well as large, cumbersome paws, better for dealing powerful blows. His paws have longer fur in between his toes, and he has unusually long claws, sharp and well cared for. He is clearly a cat built for the harsh realities of wild life, not a common house pet.

Goldenwasp's sole blemish to his rugged appearance is his long, shaggy fur; it is not short and sleek like his Clanmates, and often grows tangled in the long undergrowth in which his Clan hunts. Only furthering his problems with his coat is its color; while the golden hue would help him camouflage from prey, enemy warriors are not so easily fooled, and he is therefore poorly suited to go on ambushes, especially at night. Even still, his shaggy coat does have some advantages, the most notable being that it acts as a barrier between his skin and his enemy's claws, and thus Goldenpaw always keeps it well-groomed and clean.

  • Height: 11.6 inches
  • Breed: Moggy [Of Maine Coon descendancy]

Clan Standings

  • Clan: SunlessClan
  • Rank: Knight
  • Patron: Dao

Once a loyal and respectable SunlessClan apprentice, Goldenwasp has changed since the death of Hollowstar and his sister, retreating away from his Clan into his own shell. He is well-known within the Clan, viewed as a cat of strange charm and admirable wit; the type of cat who finds it easy to make surface friends all around the Clan, yet cannot bring those friends any closer to his heart, for fear of them discovering the rage that hides beneath. Those who do get close see him as reclusive and rude, and are prone to warning the rest of the Clan of his rage; yet the Clan is so blinded by his charisma that they often do not believe those warriors, and he is still held on a pedestal by the cats of SunlessClan.

However, Goldenwasp's personal thoughts on his Clan are far from pleasant. While he is quite devoted to his Clan itself, he loathes the Royal Family and the traditions of his Clan, viewing them as being outdated and odd. He is quick to scorn the royals and the high ranks of his Clan, and strives to one day receive a high rank of his own. In fact, he strives to one day become monarch, so that he can personally dismantle the Clan's suffocating beliefs and create a belief system of his own- one where all cats are considered equals. For that is what Goldenwasp strives for most of all, a sense of equality among all, regardless of where they stand in the Clan and what their "blessings" might be. And he would do almost anything to achieve that.

  • Education
  • Mentored by: Thistlesting [Formerly]
  • Apprentice: None
  • Goals:
  • To become a warrior [Complete]
  • To mentor an apprentice
  • To receive a high rank
  • To abolish the monarchy and traditions


  • Positive: Charismatic / Debonair / Determined / Diplomatic / Intellectual
  • Neutral: Aloof / Ambitious / Hardworking / Independent / Reserved
  • Negative: Arrogant / Inflexible / Manipulative / Nihilistic / Obsessive

Goldenwasp is a cat of half-truths and proper lies, hidden beneath a bundle of perfect wit and irresistible charm. No longer the spunky young cat he once was, he has evolved into a feline much more worthy of the attention of his Clanmates, a feline of smooth words and easy charisma. He has a way of making others listen to him through his words, and finds it quite easy to make friends; after all, everyone wants to get to know the cat who will compliment them without a moment of hesitation, and do so in the most personal of ways. He has a way of seeing straight into a cat's heart, striking them right where they hurt the most and wrapping them around his paw without missing a beat. However, full of guileful wit and self-driven ambition as he is, the young feline’s words that sound smooth as butter mask the trickery and power this cat holds at his paws.

Beneath his debonair manner, Goldenwasp is a tom full of self-serving interest and a driving ambition; he is blinded by hatred for those who oppose him and for those who he believes has hurt him, and will use any means necessary to convert others to his side. His charm, his easy compliments, all of it serves him and his desires, for hidden beneath all of his casual conversation is a note; a note that tries to convince others of that his purpose is right and their purpose is wrong, and does so quite successfully. This causes him to be a very peculiar feline to interact with; he obsessively returns to his idea and part of the conversation at all times, and will refuse to move on from a subject of his creation until he has perfectly articulated everything he desires to say on the subject. This inflexibility often makes felines try to break out of a conversation with him quickly, although any desire to do so is tempered by the tom's natural charm and wit.

Due to this entirely self-serving ambition, Goldenwasp has come to the realization that he does not care for any others but himself- for what are they but the pawns he has wrapped around his paws? Aye, the cats of the Clans may be necessary to keep around so that he can have allies, yet they are still always replaceable. Frankly, their safety is the least of his minimal concerns- after all, he would gladly kill any of them itself if they tried to do anything but follow his words and give him the proper attention, care, and respect he deserves. And anyone who ever tries to tell him that he is wrong will be punished- after all, he could never be wrong. Oh, no, a warrior of this great of intelligence, pride, and natural ability could never be wrong; he must always be right.

Apart from previously mentioned traits, Goldenwasp is truly a good young warrior, full of determination, pride, and a striking independence. He is more than confident in his duties, going about them with a sense of duty and regulation, regardless of personal beliefs. After all, the tom will never be able to obtain his ambitions if he does not first prove himself, and so he trains relentlessly in all subject matters, regardless of their importance to his future role as a knight. His obsessiveness is notable even in this; the tom overworks himself to the point of it being physically and mentally damaging, although he is still conscious enough of his actions to not drop his perfect facade.

However, it isn’t easy to find this side of Goldenwasp. He guards his true heart with the intensity of needle-sharp claws, and does not trust anyone without first growing to know them for an extreme amount of time. If a feline does manage to slip past the barriers of his heart, he becomes even more cruel to them in an attempt to drive them away; he refuses to become truly close to anyone ever again, as loving another is the reason why he became so bitter and broken in the first place. That being said, if one did take the time to truly grow to know the motivations hidden within his heart despite his bitterness, they would find a young cat who desperately wants to understand, not destroy, and would do anything to do that.

Goldenwasp’s discontent with the world will only continue to rise as he grows older and sees more of the world, turning the young feline into a bitter, angry shell of a cat. He will do anything to reach his goals, and his paws will be guided by this drive and ambition for his entire life. Will this drive and determination be his saving grace or the very thing that causes his destruction?


Kithood (0-6 moons):

  • Goldenkit was born to two practically unknown SunlessClan warriors; his mother, Spottedshine, was a child of Dao yet a scavenger, and his father, Shadowblaze, was a patronless knight. He was born alongside Crowkit; the kits have no other siblings.
  • Goldenkit and Crowkit grow up closer than the average pair of littermates, although they are vastly different in their personalities. Goldenkit, the elder of the two, is outgoing and loud, always happy to interact with every member of his Clan, whereas Crowkit, the younger of the kits, is an enigma, mysterious and quiet and avoiding most cats within the Clan.
  • Despite their parents lower standings within the Clan, the two kits are still extremely coddled by their Clanmates, seen as potentially being worthy of a higher rank one day. This encourages Goldenkit's ambition, turning the young tom slightly more driven from a young age.
  • Goldenkit grows up driven and proud, yet still outgoing and happy. He is fiercely loyal to his Clan, and would do anything for any member within it.

Apprenticehood (6-12 moons):

  • Goldenpaw is apprenticed to Thistlesting, a young yet skilled knight. The young apprentice admires the tom for the respect the Clan has for him, regardless of his age and status as a non-royal, and Thistlesting's drive and ambition makes Goldenpaw even more ambitious. His sister, Crowpaw, is mentored to Sleekshine, an older nutritionist.
  • Soon into their apprenticehood, Spottedshine is found dead on the territory. As a result, Shadowblaze flees the Clan, leaving the two young cats terrified- and Goldenpaw far more ambitious, yet also reclusive.
  • Cats start to avoid young Goldenpaw, much to his dismay. As a result, he begins to smooth out his words, twisting them into words of charisma and wit, rather than revealing his true bitterness.
  • Crowpaw is found murdered on the territory, much like their mother before them, yet the Clan is far too focused on Hollowstar's betrayal to investigate the murder. They kill the leader, and when no new murders happen for another moon, presume the murderer to be dead. However, Goldenpaw does not believe the Clan did enough, and his drive curdles into a deep-rooted hatred of the Clan's customs, and of the royal family.
  • Goldenpaw claims Dao as his patron deity.
  • Goldenpaw has a conversation with Thistlesting regarding his upcoming knight ceremony, leaving the tom extremely excited.

Knighthood (12 moons-Present):

  • Goldenwasp is appointed to the rank of knight, with Scorchstar honoring his charisma and wit.
  • Current


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 // Slight Curiosity


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 // Loaths/Regret


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Rose // Family

Heart-1 // Mate

Roseblack // Fling/Ex-Mate

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Character [Username] (rank)- (Relationship with them, based on a colored dot system)

Description of feelings on the character (from Goldenwasp's perspective). Note that the character's opinion will change as they grow old and bonds strengthen.


SunlessClan... home of the brave and the proud, yet also the oppressed. I wish to set them free, if only they listen to my words of wisdom and advice.

Scorchstar [#3027] (Monarch)- Bulletgreen/BulletblackBulletblack/BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite

She failed me. She was supposed to be our savior, yet she is not. She is the true reason why Crowpaw is dead... and I will never forgive her for that.

Thistlesting [#2912] (Senior Warrior: Knight)- BulletorangeBulletorange

A good warrior. I am glad that Thistlesting was chosen to mentor me; he taught me all I know, and he did so well.

Morningchill [#3832] (Permanent Caretaker)- Bulletpink/BulletgreenBulletgreen/Bulletyellow

He makes me feel... something. It's... different, and not necessarily in a bad way- it's almost in a good way, even. I just... don't understand why, or how, and I know he would never feel the same way about me of all cats...

Cats Outside the Clans

I could never survive on my own, and I have never met a feline who could. I do wonder what it would be like, though.


  • Relationship status: Single; semi-looking
    • Mate: N/A
    • Ex-mates: N/A
    • Offspring: N/A
  • Current Fling: N/A
    • Former Fling: N/A
  • Candy-Eye:
  • Mentally: Goldenwasp needs a partner who will take the time to listen to him, yet who will not coddle him. He finds himself drawn to quiet and understanding cats, and generally likes introverted cats, as they are the complete opposite of himself. Additionally, he finds himself being extraordinarily intrigued by enigmatic cats that take a while to get to know, rather than cats who are immediately open and outgoing. However, the main thing Goldenwasp needs is a partner who will explain the reason behind why things are the way they are, as he does not understand, and who will remind him to take care of himself first, rather than continuing to be such a workaholic.
  • Physically: Physically, Goldenwasp finds himself drawn to tall and slender cats with thick, dark fur that compliment his own bright coat. Dark brown and black coats particularly draw him in, as he finds them to be mysterious and striking, as well as perfectly suited for the life of a warrior. Additionally, he absolutely adores bright green eyes, finding them eye-catching.
  • Love Language: Quality time & acts of service
  • Experience: Inexperienced
  • Attracted to: N/A
    • Formerly Attracted to: N/A
    • Cats attracted to Goldenwasp: N/A
    • Cats formerly attracted to Goldenwasp: N/A
  • Ships: N/A


Key: ✓ (yes), ྾ (no), ? (unsure), ❦ (maybe), ❧ (leaning to no)
(✓) Long-lasting Relationship
(❦) Short-term Relationship
(❧) Open Relationship
(❦) Quick Fling
(྾) Kits (out of a fling)
(?) Kits (out of a stable, long-lasting relationship)

Goldenwasp in Love

Goldenwasp isn't the type to fall for another easily, and if he does manage to do so, his manner changes entirely. He will still maintain his aloof manner when they are around others- for he is unwilling to show others his gentler side- yet, when alone with his partner, he reveals a side of him that is completely doting towards his partner. He is genuinely open with his partner, constantly asking for advice and help, and reveals a vulnerability that would otherwise go unnoticed. He wants a relationship that is genuinely built on love and trust, for those are both things that he has lacked this far in his life, and he would do anything to be able to properly have them. If ever his love were to leave him or die, it would shatter Goldenwasp completely, so infatuated he becomes by his lover.



  • Goldenwasp shares a birthday with several famous names, including Ulysses S. Grant, Lizzo, Patrick Stump, Samuel Morse, and Mary Wollstonecraft.
  • Goldenwasp's personality type is the ENTJ-T, or the commander.
  • Goldenwasp has only truly been able to be vulnerable with one cat, Crowpaw, as she was his biggest supporter growing up, and the only cat who kept him level-headed.
  • His design was based off a lion, and he looks nearly identical to his patron, Dao.



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