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Goldensky pixel head
Goldensky Pixel Update
wiki username coinciding
discord tag #1941
gender cis-female
age 30 moons
zodiac -
love language acts of service
current group waspclan
apprentice -


Goldensky is a fiery tabby she-cat who currently resides in Waspclan with her brother, Toadwatcher. Both joined at the age of 30 moons. She has a perceived prejudice against rogues and loners, which is ironic given her and her brother were loners for a few moons. No one really knows where her negative opinions on them stem from--except for her littermate of course.

Positive (+)
  • fiery
  • righteous
  • competitive
Goldensky is a righteous yet hot-tempered she-cat. She follows the Warrior Code to a T and speaks harshly to those who voice opinions or actions against it. She is a great competitor who will fiercely fight for a goal and would lay down her life for her clan without hesitation.
Negative (-)
  • hot-tempered
  • pugnacious
  • pragmatic
With her hot-tempered nature, Goldensky is very pugnacious or argumentative. This is often angled towards those who haven't gained a level of respect from her. Her pragmatism is at helvetica a bit overwhelming and tunnel-visioned, leaving her unopen to other opinions that she's too stubborn to admit could work or be used.
― Overview ―
Goldensky is a bright, wheat-colored tabby. Her fur consists of a tangy orange base, burnt orange tabby markings, and a soft white undercoat to combat the intensity of the orange.
Goldensky by coinciding
  • Base
  • Markings 1
  • Markings 2
  • Markings 3
  • Sclera
  • Iris
  • Nose/Pads
  • Scars
― Scars & Injuries ―
She has a scar on her back right leg from a skirmish with Beeclanners on her clan's border.
― Key ―

Bullet Guide

Bulletpink //Slight Crush

BulletpinkBulletpink //Crush

BulletpinkBulletpinkBulletpink //Love

Bulletred //Trust Bulletred Bulletred //Envy

Bulletred Bulletred Bulletred //Regret

Bulletorange //Like BulletorangeBulletorange //Respect

BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange //Idolize

Bulletyellow //Slight curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellow //Major curiosity

BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow //Interested

Yellowgreenbullet //Shy YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet //Nervous

YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet //Discomfort

Bulletgreen //Acquaintance

BulletgreenBulletgreen //Friend

BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen //Close friend

Turquoisebullet //Unease TurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet //Disgust

TurquoisebulletTurquoisebulletTurquoisebullet //Aversion

Bulletblue //Wants to get to know BulletblueBulletblue //Misses

BulletblueBulletblueBulletblue //Can't bear without

Bulletpurple //Relatives BulletpurpleBulletpurple //Family

BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple //Joined at the hip

Bulletwhite //Slightly suspicious

altBulletwhite //Very suspicious

BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite //Distrusts

Bulletblack //Annoyed by BulletblackBulletblack //Dislike

BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack //Hate

Dead-0 //Dead Question-0 //Missing/Status Unknown

Rose //Family

Heart-1 //Mate

Roseblack //Fling/Ex-Mate

Skydancer // 審美的に // BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellowYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletBulletpinkBulletpink

"I don't think about him more than I do any other cat." - Goldensky meowed defensively and turned away, hiding a small blush accompanied by a guilty smile.

Koi // Anon. // BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletred

"I wasn't too sure about him when we first met, but now, we're good friends." - Goldensky grins, remembering the skunk incident both endured together.

Bramblingtrill // Crazedlionnn // BulletgreenBulletblue

"I talked to them for a little. They had a strange expression." - Goldensky's shoulders rolled in a dismissive shrug.

Name // NPC or User // Bullets


Toadwatcher // PyroPyro // BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletorangeBulletorangeBulletblueBulletblueBulletblue

"My one and only littermate. I'd walk through fire for him." - Goldensky states with a serious gaze, her stance protective.

Name // NPC or User // Bullets


Name // NPC or User // Bullets


Name // NPC or User // Bullets


Name // NPC or User // Bullets


― Mate ―
  • n/a
― Crush ―
  • Skydancer
― Ex-Mates ―
  • n/a

Pixel cat base by Illigur on DA