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Name Creator Gender Species Residence
Glowstick Molten Mushroom Female Domestic Feline TBA

Trixie, known by her peers as Glowstick, is a lover of all things brightly coloured and glowing, hence her nickname. She is mostly black with a white chest, shin, paws and a single white ear and a long, fluffy tail. She is known for wearing two glow bracelets on her right paw and one around her neck.


Support.png-(support) Kind, enthusiastic, selfless

Neutral.png-(neutral) Energetic, ruthless, loyal

.png-(oppose) Stubborn, violent

While Glowstick can appear shy at first glance, she is energetic and loving, as well as loyal and courageous. However, her energy can sometimes cause her to be violent and sometimes ruthless.


Trixie was born in a cat shelter to Freya and George alongside her brother, Odin. She spent her kithood playing with the other kits. The humans were always very kind to her, feeding her, looking after her. She was very happy in the shelter, that was, until someone decided to adopt her. She was taken away from her family, her home, her best friend. These new owners as they called themselves were anything but friendly. They hardly fed her and she was hardly ever allowed inside. She was forced to sleep outside, in a tiny pen hardly big enough for a rabbit.

After living with these new owners for several moons, Trixie was used to the way she was treated. And while she more than often starved, she had some to accept the fact that this was the way things were now. One night, while she was sleeping, she heard a bark. She opened her emerald green eyes to see a huge rottweiler just outside her pen, barking and chewing at the metal. Trixie pretended he wasn't there and buried her head in her paws. She could hear the voice of her owners. "Come on, Bailey, leave the cat alone." Bailey?! Would she have to share her owners with this mutt now aswell? She couldn't go on like this, so as soon as her owners opened the gate to feed her, she darted out, across the street and into the forest.

After spending many days in the forst alone, starving, she decided maybe it was time to head back to the shelter. She could sort of remember where it was. It was only a short distance from her old owners' house, right? She headed along the path, out of the forest and down the road. The shelter was there alright, but it looked a little different. It was still surrounded by mostly trees tucked away in the forgotten corner of town. There were automatic doors now, which there weren't before. She walked in, only to be hit by bright flashing lights, lots of humans and... music? As she tried to take it all in, she was picked up by a man with long hair and taken behind what looked like a desk, into a small room with only a few cardboard boxes. "You're a bit late, the shelter is gone, Kitty. But you can stay here with us if you want." after living with almost nothing for many moons, Trixie was desperate for some form of hospitality, so she gave a putt and rubbed her head on his hand.

Trixie, now named Glowstick for her love of the glowing plastic tubes. The regulars loved her, and she loved the club. The music, the lights, everything was just so... exciting all the time. At night she was given her own private room with plenty of food, cushions and access to the outdoors area. It seemed that for the first time, her life was going well. (TBA)


Hunting 6/10
Offense 8/10
Defense 7/10
Swimming 9/10
Climbing 5/10
Running 9/10
Medicinal Skills 2/10


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Name Trust Relation Glow's thoughts
Odin 100% Brother "I really hope I can see you again one day."
Freya 80% Mother "I miss you I guess."
George 50% Father "I wish we spent more time together."
Karen and Billy 10% Old owners "I hate you."
Rory 100% New owner/club owner "Thank you for everything. You're a great guy."
(Base by Snaildoki on DA)
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