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"Those who never left got to see Geckoclan become.„
Founder Kryobo
Species Domestic & Small Wild Feline
Founded 10/01/21
Capacity 12/50
Status open, accepting
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OORP Policies
RP Policies


  • History— Geckoclan was born from the god of Axon, as he always found cats as his most wonderful creation. He started four little cats in the land of the Amazon. These cats grew up together, fighting all of the predators as best as they could, learning that below the surface was the safest place for them. With this, They dug and dug, creating mazes of tunnels so no one could get to them or their stock of food or herbs. These cats were close, until the strongest winter, when the became to fight over food. It was every cat for themselves, they physically fought one another for many moons of the winter, until they decided that was enough. They split, these four cats going their own way. One went to the mountains, where they found it safest in caves built from stone and crystals. The second cat tunneled deep into the desert sands. The third cat found it's way under a rushing river, where they found safe. The fourth stayed where they knew they were safe - in the rainforest.

It was many moons from then, when the mountain cat came back with desert cat by their side, and new feline faces they found over years.. They had decided they wanted to take over all of the farlands, in hopes they could survive for the winter. Rainforest cat, with little to no safety, ran to the river, where they and the river cats new group got together to plan a strike on the other two and their newfound strong battalion of cats.

  • Traditions
    • Arley's Prosperity: After the first snow fall a group of Elites and the Cleric will go on a journey to the stag river to pray for his prosperity.
    • Anxo's Blessing: Every time a kit is born there is a celebration within the clan. A night of legends will be told and the Cleric will make predictions on their future.
    • Nefelibata's Promise: Transition into Spring/Summer, there is a feast and a night of fun games. Hone your skills, make new relationships and let loose on this day of fun.
    • Teresinha's Curse: When a feline dies, there is a ceremony where a gecko is held in camp until sun-down. They release it once the first star is visible and stay vigil for the night. The releasing of the gecko represents the new-found freedom of their spirit.
    • Minor Traditions:
  • If a cat is to give another a dragonfruit, it is said to be considered a love confession.
  • Once a cat is pregnant, the father is said to bring the god of life many delicious fruits, and pray to Anxo for the healthiness of their kit.
  • On the longest day of the year, cats are to worship Nefelibata for the good weather, offering many shiny objects that reflect the sun, in hopes Nefelibata will bring them water on hot summer days.
  • Gecko Symbolism
    • Red: Dissapproval of the gods. Though of what is to be desyphered by the Clerics.
    • Orange: Hunger is on its way, food needs to be replinished or grown or there'd be mass death.
    • Yellow: Happiness! Usually spotted after a celebration or ceremony, and they are said to bring a period of peace with them.
    • Green: Sickness, an omen to grow herbs now or it will be too late.
    • Blue: Sadness, usually after a death occurs. They don't bring much but are more so a reminder of something bad happening.
    • Purple: Prosperity is on its way!
    • Black Something bad is coming to GeckoClan.
    • White: A soul has ascended to happiness.
    • Pink: Love is in the air.
  • Gods and Deities
    • Anxo, the god of life, a white and gold amphithere. He was kind and giving, before he acended into the heavens. He is now represented by the quetzal.
    • Nefelibata's, the god of weather, a hydra with four heads. Each head controlled a type of weather and had their own temprement corresponding to their type. The head of heat was warm and kind, while the head of cold was cold-hearted and snappy. The head of rain was calm but easily angered. The head of wind was similar to that of rain but more emotional than angry. He is now represented by the amazon river dolphins.
    • Teresinha, the goddess of death, she was a wyrm with black and gold scales and foggy red eyes and long teeth. She was rude and aggressive, and means bad luck. She is now represented by snakes.
    • Amar, the deity of love. She is rumored to be a small drake with pink feathers, two on her head shaping into a heart.
  • Family System— In the early days of Geckoclan the clan was split by which god they think was the most worthy of being honored. This split caused systems within Geckoclan, and now it makes a housing system within the clan. Each tunnel has sub-tunnels with dens but each main tunnel belongs to a 'family'. Think of these like Hogwarts houses.
    • Anxo: The first tunnel system within the base. Anxo cat's are said to be pure of heart and kind. They accept all but aren't very fond of outsiders but are hard workers.
    • Nefilbata: Nefilbata cat's are detremental and their attitude depends on you. They can quicky change from friendly to the most cold-hearted cat you've ever seen.
    • Teresinha: Teresinha cat's are usually outcasts, and are often villanized much like the god they represent.

Of course, for ex-rogues or cats who don't fit those categories, there are communal dens.

OORP Policies

  • 1 ) Please keep sweating to a minimum outside of the mature channel. We aren't saying that you can't swear, but don't use any offensive slurs or derogatory terms, as they can be harmful to our members.
  • 2) When talking about triggering topics or sending vile images, while this should be kept to a minimum, you can do it - and they should be censored. You censor images on pc (i believe you can't on mobile, so wait until your on pc to send images!), and spoiling text you will ||put two bars around it!|| once you do, it'll look like this. Make sure to add trigger warnings and content warnings in these posts.
  • 3 ) While Mature and Vent are unlocked channels if you so wish, please note not everything will be spoiled or censored. While we work hard to make sure no one is uncomfortable, and that everything is censored when it should be, you are opening this channel knowing some topics might not be if they are long conversations. However, you should still try to censor most of it to be respectful to our members.
  • 4 ) Don't be an asshole. Respect is key for all of our members, no matter the rank. Homophobia, Racism, Ableism, etc is not tolerated in this server and punishments will be put in place for those who break this rule. Harming any of out members purposefully or not is not okay.
  • 5 ) Please respect discords TOS. Please take the time to leave if you are not 13 or older.

RP Policies
Roleplay Rules

  • 1 ) While small drama in roleplay is allowed, refrain from doing so without the permission of those involved. If you agree, we are not responsible for punishing either member if it gets out of hand, you agreed and that is not our problem, so please - be weary. This goes for emotional, physical and verbal roleplay drama. Only small plots are allowed, if it affects more than 3 cats, or becomes too big, it must be submitted in a plot form.
  • 2 ) Refrain from powerplaying or goddmodding. This is a serious roleplay offense and action will be taken.
  • 3 ) Please ask staff before you kill or seriously harm anyone's ocs, including your own.
  • 4 ) Please keep active in the roleplay! We understand not everyone can respond right away, but if you are in a roleplay and you don't respond within 72 hours, the roleplay may be marked as a 'hiatus' so that the channel can be used by others. To prevent this, please say you will respond within the next day after the 72 hours, or there isn't really anything we could do for you.
  • 5 ) Your roleplay partner has the right to end a roleplay if they feel like you can not match their literacy length, or for any other reason, really. Do not get mad at them, unless they were rude, in which that is a different situation completely and please reach out to staff.

Character Rules

  • 1 ) We offer Six character slots in GeckoClan. However, it is based on mee6 leveling. You start off with 1 oc slot, once you hit 5 levels you get a second slot. Once you hit fifteen levels you get two more slots making it now four. Twenty-Five levels unlocks two more at six. Levels are earned via activity, so the more active you are (in roleplay especially), the more characters you may have! Admins unlock a seventh slot for their hard work.
  • 2 ) Your characters can wear clothes! However, clothes are seen as a status of wealth or high ranking in the clan. Small accessories are fine for mid ranks and below. If you are confused about what your cat can and cannot wear, reach out in q-and-a
  • 3 ) Please refrain from giving your character whacky colours, and try to stay at least semi-realistic.
  • 4 ) If your cat has a limitation(s), please be sure you understand how that limitation(s) work. If we feel you are constantly misrepresenting that limitation, we have the right to strip your character from it, and not allow you to represent that, or any, limitation, based on severe-ness. If your misrepresentation is offensive, this is a serious rule break and punishment will be discussed.
  • 5 ) Only the cleric can see, chat with, and interact with gods.
  • 6 ) Refrain from giving your character any fantasy-related mutations, magic powers, etc that aren't listed in mutations. That isn't allowed here. You are more than welcome to suggest some but without them being official they are against our guidelines.
(2/2, CLOSED) The leader oversees everything that happens in the clan. They call the shots. Nothing should be taken directly to the leaders unless it is extrodinarily urgent.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Wyvernstar #7942 Male N/A N/A N/A Wyvernstar geckoclan
Frogstar #4018 Female N/A N/A Nefilbata Frogstar geckoclan
(2/2, CLOSED) Deputies are the leaders right-pawed-cats. They are the gatekeepers to the leaders, and will often handle things that aren't serious enough to go to the them, as to not waste their time.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Phoenixcrown #8372 Female N/A N/A N/A Phoenixcrownpixelilligur
Driftstream #9814 Female N/A N/A ??? Driftstream geckoclan
(1/1, CLOSED) The most spiritually guided within Geckoclan. They have very slight magical power and can communicate with gods and spirits. They have exstensive herbal knowledge, making them similar to a head medic.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Streamheart #0831 female N/A N/A Anxo Streamheart geckoclan
(3/5, SELECTIVE) Elites are trained in all warrior classes, and have to go through a second training to get to this rank. This training is required to become deputy or leader. They generally specialize in their orginal rank over all else.
Name Tag Gender Leads Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Twirltongue #9988 female Tunnelers N/A N/A N/A Twirltongue geckoclan
Flutterdove #4843 female Scouts N/A N/A Anxo Flutterdove geckoclan
Tortoisechirp #5163 male Musicians N/A N/A Anxo Tortoisechirp pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
Special Guard
(1/3, OPEN) Special Guards are tasked with keeping the leaders, deputies, and clerics at ease with extra protection.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(0/infinite, OPEN) Carps are trained for the water. They can swim gracefully and are fast enough to catch fish and crabs.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Tidecaller #5434 female N/A N/A nefilibata Illigur blank
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(1/10, OPEN) Tunnelers are the ones who create and help maintain the decades old tunnel system in Geckoclan. They are the tanks of Geckoclan.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Rubbleroulette #4018 male N/A N/A Nefilbata Rubbleroulette geckoclan
(1/infinite, OPEN) Hunters are the most well-rounded cats, as they have an even balance of speed and strength. They are the main providers of food within Geckoclan.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(1/infinite, OPEN) Scouts are the cats that watch the boundaries, take apprentices and medics on patrols, and keep predators away from the camp. Scouts are known as the most intelligent of the warrior ranks due to their ability to create traps and organize attacks on a predator in the territory.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Scorpionsting #7942 Male N/A N/A Tereshina Scorpiansting geckoclan
(0/6, OPEN) Crafters create all items and clothing within Geckoclan. They are the rich, as merchants. While every Crafter can set their own prices, some are more expensive over others.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(2/10, OPEN) A bulk rank made up of very hefty felines that have a hard exterior and a powerful frame to protect their home.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Vipertalon #9825 male N/A N/A Nefilbata Vipertalon geckoclan
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(1/2, OPEN) Medics are the felinies with extensive knowledge of all the herbs, fruits, and toxic plants in Geckoclan's territory. They treat diseases and injuries within the clan and are a very respected rank.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Mushroomyawn #4135 nonbinary N/A Midnightpaw Nefilbata Mushroomyawn geckoclan
Medic Apprentice
(1/3, SELECTIVE) Felines training to be medics above the age of six moons. They are training under a Medic, or the Cleric, to learn herbs and - if theyre worthy - communication with the gods.
Name Tag Gender Mentor Unit Pixel
Midnightpaw #5163 Agender Mushroomyawn Terensinha Midnightsolstice pixel
(0/5, OPEN) As band cats, Muscians can play music to serenade the gods and deities of Geckoclan. In ceremonies they play their songs, and can even be paid to serenade a deity of payer's choice.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(0/5, OPEN) Felines tasked with enteraining the clan as a whole with the muscians.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(0/Infinite, OPEN) Felines above the age of six moons training under any bulk rank.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Illigur blank
(1/10, open) Queens are the felines that care for the kits under the age of six moons. It can be a temporary rank for expecting mothers, or a permanent rank for those who prefer to care for kits.

★ = perma queen

Name Tag Gender Mate Kit(s) Unit Pixel
★Rainbowvaliance #4018 male N/A Hummingbirdkit Anxo Rainbowvaliance geckoclan
(1/???, OPEN) It can be a Kits are cats under the age of 6 moons, and are to stay in camp unless going with their queen.
Name Tag Gender Mate Parent Unit Pixel
Hummingbirdkit #4018 female N/A N/A (future) Nefilbata Hummingbirdsong geckoclan
(1/???, OPEN) It can be a Kits are cats under the age of 6 moons, and are to stay in camp unless going with their queen.
Name Tag Gender Mate Apprentice Unit Pixel
Elpidrot #0777 male N/A N/A Anxo Elpidrot geckoclan


Taken Prefixes


Venomous spit ; extremely common [1/x]
As the name suggests, a cat with this mutation has a venomous spit. This specific mutation lets of green, burning hot toxins from their tongue that burns anything it hits.
Multiple eyes ; extremely commom [0/x]
Multiple Eyes are 3+ eyes found on a cat, it can range from three eyes to ten eyes, and this mutation doesn't effect the cat much other than having extra eyes.
Wings ; extremely common [6/x]
Wings on the cat -- What else is there to say? These wings can be completely functional or pseudo-wings.
Flutterdove (pseudo), Midnightpaw (semi-pseudo), Vipertalon (full), Streamheart (full), Driftstream (full), Scorpionsting (full)
Horns ; extremely common [2/x]
Horns can mean any kind of existing horns animals have (ibex horns, goat horns, jacob sheep horns), or even antlers (scaled down moose antlers, deer antlers, etc.).
Wyvernstar (full ram), Rubbleroulette (stubbed goat)
Monkey tail ; extremely common [1/x]
These cats have fully functional tails that have the ability to latch on and hold them, and other things, like a hand.
Gills ; extremely common [2/x]
A cat with gills can survive on both land and water, due to having two sets of lungs. These cats are infamous for their amazing ability in the water, and many stories have been told of gilled cats who have fought caiman away from their territory.
Otterwave, Rainbowvaliance
Poseable thumbs ; common [0/20]
Cats with poseable thumbs can use their paws like that of a monkey, like hands!
Snake tail ; common [0/15]
Two variations of the snake tail exist: A four-legged cat with a snake tail, or a cat with only it's front legs and the snake tail being their hind end. Cats with these mutations are highly disrespected due to the snake's connection to Teresinha.
Dart-frog coat ; common [1/10]
In the amazon, the frogs usually have brightly-coloured bodies to warn predators. And.. So do some of the cats in Geckoclan! With oddly coloured coats of red, yellow, green, orange, blue-- rainbows of colours!
Hardened fur ; uncommon [0/5]
In the same manner as molten lava, these cats have a hard, protective layer over their fur. because of this, these cats are also much slower than all of the other cats.
Toxin claws ; uncommon [5/8]
Toxin Claws is a mutation that means just as it says; Poisonous claws. Other cats are not affected by this if they have the same, or relating venom-based mutations.
Vipertalon, Frogstar, Twirltongue, Rubbleroulette, Wyvernstar
Quilled fur ; uncommon [0/8]
Like a porcupine, instead of fur on the top half of their body, cats can be found to have quills filled with toxins that they can release onto predators.
Gigantism ; uncommon [3/4]
Gigantism is a mutation in cats that affects litters. Cats with this mutation are born too big for their mothers body, and almost always kill their mother in the process; or die in the process as well, so many of these cats aren’t common. The tallest seen is 2.1 FT.
Twirltongue, Tortoisechirp, Scorpionsting
Insolated body ; uncommon [2/6]
Cats with the insulation mutation have the ability to heat up their body to protect themselves, burning anyone who touches them. They often struggle in the winter, though, and must be in layers to go out in the cold. This mutation also allows the cat to be immune to high pressures of heat.
Midnightpaw, Phoenixcrown
Lightweight ; uncommmon [2/6]
These cats are, as the name suggests, light. They float down instead of falling from heights, like feathers, and have a slow-falling trait that makes them unable to be harmed from falling. However, this also means they are able to be knocked over and taken advantage of easily.
Mushroomyawn, Phoenixcrown
Octobody ; uncommon [1/6]
Octobody is a mutation that cats can have that causes them to be like that of an octopus, in the sense that they can squeeze their body into small spaces, and are extremely flexible and agile.
Crystal claws ; rare, highranks+tunnelers only [3/16]
Sharpest claws in the game, crystal claws are mostly seen in tunnelers. They can cut straight through anything, and are reflective of light.
N/ARublleroulette, Driftstream, Phoenixcrown
Dwarfism ; rare [0/2]
Another litter-affecting mutation, when these kinds of cats are born, they are just barely the size of a baby mouse. They are very easily killed from the weight of their siblings or mother, and will die if not extensively cared for by a med right away. These cats (usually) range from 5-7 inches fully grown.
Jello body ; rare [2/2]
These cats are the rarest, and most likely, most fascinating of them all. Jello cats, also know as slime cats, are cats who have clear bodies. Their bones are just floating in their frame, and you can see them clearly. They jiggle when they walk, and are easily harmed if hit deep enough, as their bones are very fragile.

Taken Prefixes

  • A
  • B


  • C
  • D

drift, dove

  • E
  • F

frog, flutter

  • G
  • H


  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M

mushroom, imdnight

  • N
  • O
  • P

pheonix, poppy

  • Q
  • R

rubble, rainbow

  • S

stream, scorpion

  • T

twirl, tortoise

  • U
  • V

viper, vulture

  • W


  • X
  • Y
  • Z


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    Banners and graphics are by ZandraArt on Tumblr. The Gecko pixel is by Rimebite on DeviantArt. Feline pixels are by Illigur, with edits from Kaz.