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Founder Summer | Hannah | Acorn | Violet
Founded June 2021
Platform AJC
Alignment Yours To Decide
Orientation Varies
Style Neutral
Establishments Non-Traditional
Species Domestic Cat
Member Count 5/#
Joining Forms Open
Ally/Rival Forms Closed

Coding: By Natalie

Banner: Gif By Zanraart

Icon Art: Pixel by


Ever since anyone in the clan can remember, Foxglove'Clan Has been Cursed.Wherever we go, wherever we hide, whether it be at the bottom of the deepest ravine, or the tip of the tallest mountain, the curse never lifts, and everyone is forced to flee our destination. Our hearts, once filled with hope at the chance of wandering the world, have grown heavy and exhausted at the never-ending cycle. Never finding a cure to fix this... dilemma would be an understatement. For all eternity, our souls will never be able to find true peace and settle somewhere, we'll never be able to truly call a place... 'Home'. For wherever we travel, the land around us begins to wither and become poisonous, sometimes sparking up pinkish purple flowers bitter to the taste, their appearance being fooling, since they are, infant poisonous. Usually if we stay too long, these poisonous plants will cause a strange sort of plague, taking more lives each time it strikes. In the end, every couple of moons the clan is forced to move to find a new camp, and all of us are doomed to travel the world, never being able to find peace, until, of course, we find a cure.


1. Violet/Mrsnyman

2. Acorn/mollyspeed9

3. Hannah/phee25

4. Bingo/insubørdinate



1. Summer/Fadingwhisper




5.Bellamy Blake/Queenbaby01




❤-Rule One: No Power Playing.-❤

Power Playing Is When Your Character Is Acting And Or Fighting In An Unrealistic Way. Please Keep In Mind You Are Limited To A Clan Cat, Not A Super Natural Being.

Consequence Includes: For this, You are limited to 2 warnings, if this happens a third time, you will be suspended from roleplay for 1-4 days, depending on how severe your actions were. If this continues it MAY end in a exile.

❤-Rule Two: Respect All Clan Members, High Ranked Or Not.-❤

Please Respect All Clan Members, Everyone Has Feelings, And It Doesn't Matter If They're A Leader, A Deputy, Or A Warrior.

Consequence Includes: If this is in a joking manner, you will be let off with a warning, if this continues, it can range from 1-7 days suspension, and even a permanent exile.

❤-Rule Three: Respect All For Who They Are!-❤

For people who couldn't quite understand rule three, it doesn't matter who you are, or what community you are from. Respect everyone.

Also, If someone fails to do this, they'll be let off with the three warnings rule.

❤-Rule Four: Regarding OC's-❤

At The moment, The Maximum Amount Of OC's Allowed Is 3. More Than 3 May Be Allowed In The Future, But At The Moment, This Decision Is Final. When Joining You Must Join With An Oc. You Must Wait Atleast 9 Days To Create Another OC After Joining, If You Have Already Joined, 4-5 Days Using One Of These OC's Is Also Not Allowed.

Consequence includes: Breaking any of these rules will just end in the OC being inactive until you remove an OC or until the scheduled time has passed.

❤-Rule Five: Inactiveness-❤

Please always remember to post a Hiatus form before going inactive. If you are gone for 12 days, without posting a form you will be banned/exiled.

Consequence Includes: Ban.

❤-Rule Six: Interference Of Others OC's-❤

Killing, Controlling, Or Persisting To Tell Others What They Should Do Is Unallowed.

Consequence Includes: 3 warnings, on the forth. Ban.

❤-Rule Seven: Realistic Names-❤

Most Cats Names Are based On Nature, There Personality Or Their Pelt Color. Please Do Not Use Celestial-like names Ex: Galaxy, Eclipse. Human Names Ex: Veronica, Alex, Or Anything Close To It.

Consequence Includes: Warning, possible 24 hour suspension.

❤-Rule Eight: Re-joining, And Leaving-❤

One Can Only Join Twice, Afterwards It Will End In Permanent Exile.

❤-Rule Nine: Be Kid-Friendly-❤

Animal Jam Is A Minor-Safe Kids Game. Anything Discussing Non-Kid-friendly Topics Is Strictly Forbidden For MULTIPLE REASONS. It Doesn't Matter If No Minors Are Around, Foxglove'Clan Is For Roleplaying, Not Being Inappropriate.

If anyone has 3 warnings in total, it will end in exile.

Code Word: Green Soap Is The Best Kind Of Soap

○◎○Q & A○◎○

Question One:

Do Visitors Get To Roleplay?

Answer One:

Yes, But Ranks Such As: Kit, Co-Deputy, Deputy, And Leader Are Not Available For Visitors. But Ranks That Are Allowed Are As Followed: Apprentice, Warrior, Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Elder, And Anything Not Listed.


Question Two:

What Pelt Colors Are Restricted?

Answer Two:

Colors Such As Neon Shades, Purple, Unnatural red, Unnatural Orange, Unnatural Yellow, Green, Blue, Mint-y Shades, And Pink Are Not Allowed. But Natural Cat Colors Like Ginger, Brown, White, Grey, Black, Etc Are Allowed.


Question Three:

What Clothing Items Are Not Allowed?

Answer three:

Items such as:

Capes,(Not counting Blankets) Humanoid Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Hair/Wigs, Horns, Halos, Wings, Animal Skulls(Not counting Skullies), Crowns(Not counting Flower Crowns), Earrings(Not counting Ruby earrings, or ones that tie in with nature), Masks(Not counting Feather Masks,

-This List will be Added to Later-


Question Four:

What Animals Are Allowed?

Answer Four:

-For Kits, Bunnies/Rabbits Are The Only Allowed Animals.

-For Apprentices, Medic Apprentices, Wolves and Foxes (NOT Including Fennec or Arctic Foxes) Are Allowed

-For Warriors, Elders, Deputies, Queens, Medics Lynx's And Wolves Are The Allowed Animals

Due to Possible Confusion No Group May Have the Same Animal('s) !Excluding Wolves!


Question Five:

Do you allow Rouge names?

Answer Five:

Yes, But Actually No. Your joining OC cannot have a rouge name, A Kit OC cannot have a rouge name(This can be dismissed if its for a plot), and be sure to talk to a high rank before using an OC with a rouge name.

○◎○RP Times○◎○

Central: 5:30-6:30 PM

Eastern: 6:30-7:30 PM

Mountain Time: 4:30-5:30 PM

Atlantic: 7:30-8:30 PM

Pacific: 3:30-4:30 PM

Alaskan: 2:30-3:30 PM

Hawaiian-Aleutian: 1:30:-2:30 (?)

UTC: 12:30-1:30 (?)


★ Leader - Deputy - CoDeputy
Character Name Username Appearance Mate Apprentice
★ Hibiscusstar Mrsnyman Icon None None
Sakurabranch mollyspeed9 Icon None None

✿ Medicine Cat - Med. Apprentice
Character Name Username Appearance Mate Apprentice
✿ Sunlight phee25 normal None Whisperpaw
Whisperpaw insubørdinate N/A N/A N/A

➸ Senior Warrior - Warrior
Character Name Username Appearance Mate Apprentice
➸ N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Berserk Assøciationz N/A N/A N/A

♦ Apprentice - Kit
Character Name Username Appearance Mentor Queen
♦ Lemonpaw Mrsnyman Icon TBA None
♦ Salmonpaw mollyspeed9 Icon TBA None

♥ Queen - Elder
Character Name Username Appearance Mate Kit(s)
♥ N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Please be sure to thoroughly read our clan's rules and history before considering submitting an application.


AJ Username

Character's Name

Character's Appearance + Persona

Picture or Pixel of Your Character (Optional)

Desired Rank

Roleplay Example

Can be anything so long as it demonstrates your writing abilities, however must be at least 5 sentences or more.

Timezone & Activity Scale (1 to 10)

Why do you wish to Join?

How did you find our page?

Additional Notes?


AJ Username

Character's Name

How does your character leave FoxgloveClan?

Reason For Departure (Optional)

What did we do well on?

What can we improve on?

Memorable Cats & Goodbyes



AJ Username

How did you find us?

Why do you wish to Visit?

Additional Notes?


AJ Username

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