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Welcome to the FloodClan territory guide! This is for anyone who has recently joined FloodClan and wants to know where things are, or for anyone who just wants to know more about the Floodlan universe and it's lore!
It was a typical day in the HazeClan camp, normal chatter in the clearing, patrols flowing to and fro. The evening showers pattered the leaves as usual in leaf-bare. As the storm went on the intensity increased. It sent cats to their dens to take cover from the pouring rain and thunder. No one thought much of this, as they did live in a Hazy area. But the storm continued to increase and seemed to have no end. Small puddles turned to large pools. Soon, the whole camp's clearing was under water and the dens were next. As the cats' worries grew, so did the amount of water in the camp. Before anyone could react, the ground shook and water poured through the camp walls. The HazeClan lake had overflown and was pouring down into HazeClan's camp! Cats panicked and ran in every direction. Queens and kits, elders and apprentices fled with many warriors following. Some of HazeClans' dearest warriors disappeared in the floods. Eclipsestar was nowhere to be seen. Even Summithowl, HazeClan's dear deputy had vanished. This sent warriors panicking even more. The remainder of HazeClan fled for the rocky mountains. They lived there in a small cave for a few long, cold moons. Several patrols had been sent out in search of the missing warriors. Many cats were beginning to lose hope as Summithowl, and Eclipsestar hadn't been found. Although in the midst of fear, uncertainty, hunger, and sadness, two best friends united to help the clan travel the long journey back to the damaged camp. An elite warrior Doefeather, who was skilled in herb knowledge, and Violetdawn, a very skilled warrior in fighting and agility; Both loyal and trustworthy jumped to the rescue. With the help and leadership of the two, HazeClan made their expedition back to camp. Through the steep rocky mountains, muddy swamps, and rolling hills back to their home. The trip was long and exhausting for all. The constant whines of kits, warriors completely drained, and the surge of hunger. When the exhausted cats finally arrive home, they found their once lush camp was completely destroyed by the flooding. Plants had drowned, willows were completely knocked over, and dens were demolished. The clan’s despair could be felt through the air. Doefeather and Violetdawn stepped up in this time of need and brought the clan back to a stable state. Cleaning up the camp takes a few moons and once all the hard work is done, Violetdawn and Doefeather have to make a decision. Eclipestar and Summithowl are nowhere to be found. The two young warriors decide to go speak with StarClan and ask for guidance. They go to moonpool, and encounter a shocking and unexpected surprise. They were receiving nine lives. Out of nowhere, they must accept their new names as Violetstar and Doestar. In memory of Eclipsestar, Summithowl, the lost warriors, and the flood that had brought them all so close, the two re-named the clan FloodClan.
Camp Guide
Hazeclan camp map labels

The Whispering Willow is one of the oldest trees in FloodClan's territory and sits directly in the center of camp. It gets it's name from myths of the earliest days of FloodClan, in which members would hear the voices of StarClan speaking prophecies from the willow's highest branches. Today it is used by authority as a clan meeting spot, in which the leader or deputy will sit on one of it's branches and speak for the whole clan to hear.

The leader's den is a mystical place tucked away under the Whispering Willow. The entrance is a small hole between roots of the Whispering Willow that allows little rays of light to get in. They cover the walls of the den, making for a sturdy wall and a good place to hang objects, such as flowers. In the center is the leader’s nest, filled with flowers and other objects.


The Medicine cat den is a dug out area inside a small, hill-like area in camp, with a large, gaping opening in the front. The hill itself has many trees growing alongside it, and bushes growing on its top. The roots from the many bushes and trees grow into the den, providing sturdiness for the dirt walls and areas on the ceiling to hang herbs to dry as well as other objects like crystals and feathers. The dirt walls have intends in them, allowing then to be used as storage shelves.

The warriors' den is located in the corner of camp and is the largest den in FloodClan. The den has a thick wall of shrubs and bushes, the branches of willow and pine trees surrounding it form a canopy over the top of the den that shelters it from storms. Though the sun is mostly blocked, some light still trickles through the branches, creating a cozy and safe atmosphere. The den floor is lined with soft leaves, and many nests of feathers and moss lay all around the den.

The apprentices den, located across from the warriors den, is the second-largest den in FloodClan's camp. Bushes around the den create a dense wall, and the tops of trees grow thickly over the den, causing it to be somewhat dark inside. The interior of the den is lined with moss and soft plants with nests near the back where it is warmest. It is almost exactly the same in structure as the warriors den.

The nursey sits at the top of camp and is surrounded by trees, thick bushes, and brambles, much like the elders den. The entrance to the den leads to a large, dimly lit burrow where the queens and kits of FloodClan reside. The floor is covered in plush layers of leaves and moss, and dried flowers are pressed into the walls for colorful decoration.


The elders den has a comfortable arrangement in the quiet corners of camp that is guarded by dense shrubs and brambles, quite like the nursery. The retired of the clan rests within a safe burrow during the long days and nights. However, it is not too deep, so soft lighting enters the den with ease.

The clearing sits in the opposite corner of camp from the warriors den. It's surrounded by shrubs, bushes, and brambles on its outer border, as well as towering willow and pine trees. The area is filled with lush patches of clovers as well as tiny yellow flowers. It's the best area in camp to gaze at the stars above during the night.

Territory Guide

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The forest territory around FloodClan's camp is packed with willows and evergreens, overgrown shrubs, and an assortment of other vegetation. Plenty of prey runs through the forest, and many herbs can be found. Compared to the lake territory, the forest isn’t quite as foggy. Despite this, cats not accustomed to the mist may find it mildly hard to navigate.

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The streams of FloodClan begin at the lake and run deep within the forest, until they fade out as the forest grows thicker. Minnows race beneath the shallow waters and animals of all kinds drink from the stream. Low lays the fog that drifts carelessly across the waters.

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In the depths of FloodClan’s territory lies the lake. It remains the largest body of water, and it is widely known to be the reason the forest is as foggy as it is. Felines are able to notice many types of amphibians and birds populated around the lake, including predators and meek prey.

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The Moonpool is a mysterious area only recently discovered by the cats of FloodClan. It sits inside a well hidden cave that had been blocked off until very recently. Inside the cave is a large, circular pool of clear, turquoise blue water. Above the pool is a hole in the ceiling, allowing for moonlight to shine down into the cave. The pool itself is very reflective, and at night the stars can be seen on its surface. The cats of FloodClan now use it to communicate with their ancestors. Previously, the clan used the moonstone, a large chunk of quartz crystal that was located very far away from camp and difficult to reach.

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Twoleg place is a town that lays outside of FloodClan’s territory, and is home to, of course, twolegs. Very few cats travel out to the twoleg place, nor should they. In the town are many shops, homes, busy streets, and other animals. Animals may include stay cats or kittypets, stray dogs or those owned by twolegs, and plenty of other creatures. Monsters are also a threat in the twoleg place.

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