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Shipping Page

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The FloodClan shipping page is a place for love to flourish! This is where people leave messages to others, poems, art, or just a confession of general affection. Add cute pictures to the gallery, or have fun and make a joke ship! Ships are divided into canon, hope, and joke. So have fun with the shipping page! Please keep in mind, however, that there are rules and those should be followed at all times.
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  • 1. Editing & Galleries: Anyone can edit the shipping page, but only if they are careful not to break or delete any coding. If It happens on accident, we will revert the edit, which will delete your changes. When adding a photo, please regard rules 6 & 7 beforehand, and be sure to credit/ask permission from the source if you're using line-art or a commission.
  • 2. No medicine cat ships: FloodClan follows a tradition from the books in which Medicine cats are not allowed mates or kits. As these ships can never happen, (unless permitted by the leader for plot purposes), it is redundant to bother putting one up. Joke ships with medicine cats however are fine.
  • 3. No kit Ships: Kits cannot be shipped with any other cat, even if that cat is another kit. Kittens in the warriors universe are still treated/considered as children, and would be too young to begin or understand the development of romantic/physical attraction.
  • 4. No warrior x apprentice ships: Considering the age-gap and differences in physical/mental development, apprentices should not be shipped with warriors or any higher rank.
  • 5. No Out-of-Clan ships: Unless you have been permitted to for plot purposes, you cannot ship cats or have mates with members from another clan.
  • 6. No means no: If someone says they're uncomfortable with a ship, be it romantic or joking, respect their wishes and drop the topic.
  • 7. No NSFW: This should go unsaid as it follows AJCW rules as well, but NSFW content, be it written/art, is absolutely not allowed and will be deleted if posted.
  • 8. No OOC ships Ships and canon relationships between cats are merely for roleplay/character purposes and should not be taken out of that context. Only under the rare occurrence that both roleplayers were in a relationship prior to joining FloodClan or IRL would it be fine.
Canon couples
  • Foxtrot x Geckoeye= Geckotrot, Foxeye, Feck
  • Cami x Berrywhisker= Camberry, Cramberry Carry me (yes, the ship has died, but it will not be removed >:( )
  • Lavendertears X Limelight= White Grapes
  • Fernshine X Leonardo= English Herb, Fernardo, Fedo, Vanillabean & Marigold
  • Hiddenshadow X Ravencloud = Haven, Hiddencloud, Shave
  • Emerald X Ari= Arimald
  • Violetstar X Bramblebriar= Violetbriar, Briolet, Vramble, Bramblet
  • Orchidripple X Orangeblossom= Orchidblossom, Orahid, Orcange
  • Tiger X Crimsonjaw=Tigerjaw, CrimsonTiger, Tigon, Criger
  • Dahlia X Milo= Dahlio, Kaos
  • Wildfire X Rainforest = Wildrain
  • Talonstorm X Berryspot = TalonBerry, Berrystorm, Talonspot, Bird Duo
Hope ships
  • Crowfall X Magpie= Crap, Crowpie,
  • Chipmunkfluff X Lagooneyes= Chagoon, Lagmunk, Eyefluff
  • Tornadotwist X Smorepaws= Snortnado, Smorenado, Snado
  • Fadedglow X Tiger = Tigerglow, glider
  • Tornadotwist X Winterspire= Twinter, Winnado, Tornspire
  • Roseflower X Larksong= Loser, Rark
  • Fernshine X Dappledshadow= Dappledfern, Darn, Mild Concern
  • Dappledshadow x Yarrowscare- Shadowscare, Yap, Dappow
  • Cherrypaw X Yewpaw= Yeche, Chewy, Yerry
  • Amberbee X Lakehaven= Lamber, Bee'haven (OMG I LOVE THAT_
  • Forest X Kira = KiraForest
  • Owlwish X Wildfire = WildOwl, WildHatchling FireWish, Wildwish
Joke Ships
  • Gecko X Screaming= Max Happiness
  • Cami X One of those good looking nurses in movies= 100%
  • Day X Violet X Black X Spectral X Iris X Koi X Saturn= The OG Apprentice Squad
  • Spectral X Violet= Best friends forever <3 NO MATTER HOW FAR U RUN MADI
  • Doe x Crafting: Hap boi
  • Doe being small x Bear being huge: Intimidation
  • Foxtrot = Dad Goals
  • Ashleigh x The Office= <3
  • Fernshine x Breezesky= Freeze, Best Bros, Colin and Felix from The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Chris x MACdonald's= ???
  • Chris x Pizza bites and ice cream
  • Acaciapaw x Larkpaw= Pretend sibling rivalries, future besties
  • Cami, Fadedglow, Dovetail ,and Havenskip= Girls squad
  • Jaguarkit= FloodClan's angel of distraction
  • Katie, Duchess, and Ash= Wifey trio
  • Fern X Frend Time= Knuckle Popping
  • Dovetail X Meadow X Faded X Cami= The Widow Gang
  • Violetstar X Elmo= ;)
  • Tiger X Wildfire = Medic Nuisances
  • Wildfire X Fire = Lava of Pyro


For these you can decide which side to keep anonymous, just don't make both sides anonymous.

  • Add them! ;)
Love letters
You can keep the sender anonymous if you'd like. ;)

To Berrywhisker

"To the Love of My Life, thank you for everything you've done for me; for us. From our earliest days, sneaking around the medicine cat den and going on walks to get your legs stronger, to the days running around playing games and showing each other the world, I knew I couldn't live without you. You rescued me, you really did. The reason.. the reason I became a medicine cat in the first place was because I'd given up on love. Turns out the second I gave up, the rest of my life was laid out before me. As much as I miss my old job, I don't regret quitting. Yes, I was hated. I was yelled at because I gave up on that life too.. But look where we are now. Any day now, our four precious kits will arrive. They'll grow and nurture in this beautiful clan, just like our love did. They'll complete our love story and fill in the place we'd both always imagined. And they'll have the best Father in the world. There's no love like the love I've learned to know with you."

-From Cami

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To Violetstar "My dearest Violetstar, I'm afraid I can't tell you this, but I kinda figured I could put it down somewhere... Erm... Yer one of the best cats I've ever met. You remind me so much of my former mate. Both of ya are so headstrong, admirable, and beautiful. Yer fur is so radiant, I can feel my heart bursting when I see you. You make me feel like I'm loved again. You brought me mostly out of the depression I've been plagued with for so long. I wish I could tell you this face-to-face... That would make my day... Fer now, I suppose I'll keep it here, where I can at least let my feelings out. I love you."

-From <Anonymous>

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To Orangeblossom

" My dearest blossom, I feel as though I can tell you anything without being judged or shamed. You make me feel whole where there has been a void. I can't ignore how I feel about you. It would unwise of me to do so, but for the time being.. I'll write you this letter to show how I feel. I love you more than words can describe but of course, I won't be the first to say it. Who do you take me for, deary? Anyway, I'm getting beside myself. I really like you and would like to see how this goes. So let's try and move at a pleasant pace ok? "

-Your beloved, Orchid

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To my Foxy!! “Hellooooo my love! I just want to say I love you sososososo much and you make me super duper happy! You give the bestest cuddles and your an amazing mate and dad!! We got to raise so many kits together and you’ve been there for me through all of it. And maybe, we’ll get to have our own kits some day! Wouldn’t that be super great?!? Ok, well, I love you to starclan and back,


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To my wonderful Maggie,

"There's something about your smile.. It makes me feel warm. So much warmer than I usually am. I don't feel like the cold cat I used to. And I thank you for that. You offered me your shoulder to cry on.. even when I didn't quite know you that well. Everything about you makes me feel this odd.. fuzzyness inside. I don't know if I ate something bad- or if it's a good feeling.. but yeah. It's quite odd. You.. you promised you wouldn't leave like everyone else did. Please Maggie... please keep that promise. I'm counting on you, okay? 

-From, Crowfall.  

To Dear Bramblebriar 

"From the day you waltzed into camp acting like you owned the place I could feel myself falling for you. As much as I tried to push it off, I couldn't and eventually my heart overcame my head. Bramble, you saved me. I was slowly falling into this pit of loneliness that i'm afraid I couldn't have gotten out of by myself. Everything I used to have isn't here anymore, and taking over a clan as a young warrior was something I never would've imagined doing. Everything seemed so perfect before it all blasted into this explosion of new unknowns. I began sinking into this repetitive yearn for my old life. As soon as I saw you, I knew something in me had changed forever- for the better. I realized that I don't have to look behind me to see the good things. I can now look ahead. Thank you for saving me. I love you." 

-From Violetstar

To Leonardo da Vinci

"You are a true joy in my life. Everywhere I look, I see you. I see your kind heart and your courageous soul. The scent of marigold always brings me back to the day we first met. It brings me back to our playful outings. It brings me back to how dorky you were and how stubborn I was. Still, you were always there for me; even when I absolutely stepped on your feelings. What I love most about you is the way you look at me. Your eyes have such pride and admiration when you look at me. You already know this, but your confidence in me helps me to believe in myself and to love myself. I can't thank you enough for that. I was afraid you were going to leave me before; but now I see that you will always be there. I will be there for you too. I will support you through your darkest hours and your brightest moments. We will work together to make something we will be proud of, like a team."

-Sincerely, Fernshine

Matchmaking Form

Keep in mind, do NOT post your matchmaking forms on the comments of the page! Copy paste the template into a blogpost, post it, and then put the link to the blogpost in the comments. Thank you!




Rank (Must be warrior or higher to look for romantic relationships!):


Positive Traits -

Neutral Traits -

Negative Traits -

Physical Eye-candy:

Mental Eye-candy:

Physical turn offs:

Mental turn offs:

(Include your OC’s info from the first section of the form when replying to someone else’s form!)  🍓Acquaintance  🍁Friends  🍊Best Friends  🍋Your OC crushing

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