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Fighting guide

Greetings, fellow warriors! Okay, you may be blood-thirsty, battle-hungry, or maybe you just fight yet

you do not know how to fight? Well, this is why we have a fighting guide!

Back kick

  1. Explosive move to catch opponent from behind.
  2. Judge the opponent's distance from you carefully.
  3. Lash out your back legs, taking all weight of your front paws.

Belly rake

Info: a Fight stopper.

  1. Slice with claws out against the soft flesh on your opponent's belly.
  2. If you're pinned down, the belly rake puts you back in control.

Front paw blow

Info: Frontal attack.

  1. Bring your paw down on your opponent's head or body, claws out.
  2. Push your opponent, still having claws out, as if it were a punch.

Front paw strike

Info: Frontal attack.

  1. Slice downward, claws out, with your front paw at the face or body of your opponent.
  2. Pin the opponent down, scratching harshly.

Killing bite

Info: A bite that is harsher and more deadly than most bites. Not recommended to use.

  1. Open your jaws.
  2. Bite down on a spot that looks as if it needs to be bitten.
  3. Sink down until touching a bone.


Info: Ideal for a smaller animal facing a larger opponent.

  1. Spring onto your opponent's back and grip with claws out.
  2. Watch for the drop-and-roll counter move.
  3. Try to jump free to avoid getting squashed.

Partner fighting

Info: Ideal for training.

  1. Choose one or multiple battle move from this list, or just simply bite and scratch.
  2. Do those battle moves and fight your opponent as if it were a real battle.

Playing dead

Info: Effective in a tight situation, such as when pinned.

  1. Stop struggling and go to limp.
  2. When your opponent releases grip, thinking you're defeated, push yourself up explosively and attack to release an unexpected wound.

Scruff shake

  1. Secure a strong teeth grip in your opponent's scruff.
  2. Shake violently until the opponent is too rattled to fight back.

Upright lock

  1. Do a crushing move on your opponent when they are weak.
  2. Rear up on back legs to bring weight on the opponent.
  3. If the opponent does the same, wrestle and flip him under you.

Half-turn belly rank

  1. Turn onto your side (any side will do).
  2. Slip under the opponent's belly.
  3. Rake it with your claws.
  4. Swiftly go back to all fours back from under your opponent.

Badger defense

Info: Used only if fighting badgers.

  1. Leap under the opponent.
  2. Turn your back legs and bite your opponent's leg.

Jump-bite then lung-scratch

  1. Crouch and make sure your opponent is on low defense , otherwise you should use Stay and bite.
  2. If they attack low jump above their paw and bite your shoulder, then stay high.
  3. Keep jumping until they go for your face.
  4. Lung and scratch their legs to knock them over.

Stay and bite

  1. Avoid your opponent's attacks until they become too drowsy to battle.
  2. Bite them on the shoulder.


  1. Like the stay and bite, dodge attacks until your opponent is drowsy.
  2. Bite their shoulder.
  3. Knock them over and dig your claws into their underbelly.


Info: Only use if about to be pinned down.

  1. Knock the opponent over over by scratching their legs.
  2. Pin them down.


  1. Dodge the opponent's attacks.
  2. Twist your body around them.
  3. Land behind them and attack before they turn around.


Info: Good for facing a smaller opponent.

  1. Slice under your opponent's legs.
  2. When you're under them, stand as abruptly as possible, hopefully knocking them off balance.

(if you want to code, preferred colors are black and red, matching the banner.)