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Welcome! FaunaPack was discovered on 1/7/2024 by Kalie357. We are loosely related to the books but we are LITERATE! FaunaPack is canine!! We roleplay almost every day with unset times, schedule coming soon! Please jag Kalie357 on Animal Jam Classic for anymore info not listed! We need all roles EXCEPT Alpha and deputy! Our current deputy is Adderfang, his aj user is Creaturew! When naming ocs, you must follow the WC naming system. Voice claims ARE aloud but not necessary! Our next OFFICIAL ROLEPLAY WILL BE ON 3/3/2024 AT 5:00pm PST in discord We have a max of 4 ocs per person Our discord server Link: <---

Leader: Oakstar, She/Her, 30 Moons, Light Brown pelt with Silver eyes, VC: Winry Rockbell,

User: Kalie357, She/They, Founder Deputy: Adderfang, He/Him, 25 Moons, Grey wolf, No VC, Brown pelt with yellow eyes

User: Creaturew, He him, OG Warrior: Nova, She/Her, 12 moons, Grey wolf, Black pelt with Green eyes, No VC

User: Kingpig, She/Her, OG

Warrior: Houndsneer, He/Him, 60 moons, Red wolf, Dusty brown pelt with Cloudy blue eyes, VC: Joshua Graham

User: Br4vo07, He/Him

Warrior: Hwa, She/Her, 24 moons, Tundra wolf,White fur, No VC

warrior: Frostwing, she/her 25 moons, Tundra wolf, white with light and dark grey markings and icy blue eyes, User: Harleezy, She/Her

Warrior: Ghostfur, ? moons, Islands wolf, Brown pelt with ? Eyes, No VC

User: Bellatj, She/Her

Warrior: Silverclaw, 22 moons, They/Them, Mixed, ? pelt with ? eyes, No VC

User: Startover, They/Them

Warrior: Tornfur, 72 moons, He/Him, Grey wolf, Black pelt with ? eyes, No VC

User: Sevenofswords, He/They/She

Medic: Griffin, 21 moons, Tundra wolf, White wolf with ? eyesm No VC

User: Unicorniii, She/They

Warrior: Mintsnap, 48 moons, she/he, Mixed, Gray pelt with lighter markings and green eyes, No VC

User: Rringkingg (he/him)

Welcome dear traveler! I do hope you stay!