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Golden by Zandraart
Originally Founded 6/25/21
Original Founders Cloudy, starsarepretty
Re-Founded 6/2/24
Revived By starsarepretty
Species Domesticated Felines
Platform Discord
Orientation Neutral-Realmed
Religion StarClan & Dark Forest
Naming Clan Names Only
Accepting Allies? Yes
RP Style Descriptive Traditional
Member Count 8/30
Visitor Count 3/10
OC Limit 5
Location Rocky Mountains, United States
Season Green-Leaf
Status Open + Active
News Center

Staff applications are open, even to new members! Last day to apply is July 22nd!

  • 7/16 | Billie is visiting.
  • 7/14 | Sylveon has left.
  • 7/12 | Mallows (Foxbriar) has joined.
  • 7/6 | Mallows is visiting.
  • 6/26 | Mikey (Woodberry) has joined.
  • 6/19 | Mikey is visiting.
  • 6/16 | Oli is visiting.
  • 6/15 | Holly is visiting.
  • 6/13 | Wardens have been added as a new rank.
  • 6/11 | Ava (Sunbeam) has joined.
  1. Respect: Respect must be given at all times. Any kind of ridicule against race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc., will not be tolerated.
  2. Activity: We do not have any strict regulations on activity. All we ask is that you do your best to roleplay and participate in chats when you can. If you know you will be inactive for an extended period of time, please fill out a hiatus form to let us know. Prolonged absences of two months or more will receive friendly check-ins from staff, just so we know you're still around. Failure to respond to check-ins will result in a warning. If you are inactive and do not respond to any staff messages for five months or more, you will be kicked from ElkClan for inactivity and will have to submit a new joining form to return. Being kicked for inactivity does not count as a "leave" (see rule 6).
  3. Realism: You must remain realistic in roleplay. Your character may not have powers or bizarre coloring. We are willing to stretch some boundaries regarding certain pelt and eye colors considering this is fiction, but please keep it reasonable. If you are unsure as to what is appropriate, you are welcome to ask. Powerplaying is also strongly forbidden.
  4. Accessories: Permitted accessories are anything made from natural resources. This includes, but is not limited to, anything made from pinecones, vines, skulls, flowers, etc. Any dyes that can be made using ingredients in nature are also permitted. Any human accessories, such as collars or earrings, must have a valid backstory. Any clothing such as cloaks, pants, or shirts are not allowed.
  5. Drama: Everyone loves drama. It’s what gets a roleplay started when things are running slow. However, excessive drama is not permitted, both in and out of roleplay. Frequent animal attacks, fights between characters, etc., are not permitted unless involved with a plot. Also, please remember, what happens in RP, stays in RP, and vice versa. Code 1/4: What is your favorite rodent?
  6. Leaving and Rejoining: In ElkClan, you are only able to leave twice before being suspended/exiled. When you leave the first time, you are permitted to rejoin only once.
  7. OC Creation and Removal: You can have up to five ocs in ElkClan. There is no cooldown for character creation. However, to remove a character, you must have had it for at least two weeks. This is to promote the use of thought, creativity, and dedication towards creating OCs. If you create and remove too many characters without using them, you will be put on a character cooldown and be unable to create an OC for a week or longer.
  8. Visiting: When visiting ElkClan, a duration is required. You may extend your visitation period if you need more time, but you can only extend it three times. We do not allow permanent visitors, as that would defeat the purpose of joining.
  9. Server Nicknames: Upon joining ElkClan as a member, we request that you change your server nickname to include the name you'd like to go by and the name of your OC. This is to prohibit any confusion in or out of roleplay. Code 2/4: What is your favorite weather?

ElkClan's Felines

  • ElkClan cats tend to have great cardio and stamina, allowing them to travel long and far throughout the territory. Some cats are more acclimated for running long distances to chase their prey across the grasslands, with strong legs and aerodynamic frames. On the other hand, or paw, some cats are better suited to woodland hunting, with their bulky, muscular frames, and stalking prowess. ElkClan cats typically have pelt colors including different shades of brown or grey to help them blend in with their territory. As for pelt length, they typically have long or medium fur to help fight off the cold Leaf-Bare and protect them from the sun in Green-Leaf. Code 3/4: What is your favorite breed of dog?
  • ElkClan is made of many different personalities, from chipper loyalists to feisty fighters. In past generations, ElkClan cats were known for their hospitality towards travelers. However, there was a rogue invasion that costed many lives, and ended ElkClan's streak of hospitality. These cats are extremely wary of rogues and loners, and often chase them off. Although, despite their current lack of hospitality, they occasionally accept the rare few outsiders, and may allow travelers to rest at their camp. They are slightly more accepting of cats from other Clans over rogues.

ElkClan's Territory

  • ElkClan's territory is vast and various. The Wapiti Woodlands make up nearly half of the territory, and solely consist of pines and conifers. The Crystal Creek splits them into the Western and Eastern Wapiti Woodlands. The creek also runs into Eagle's Lake and comes back out to flow between the Grazing Grasslands and the Flower Field. The grasslands are home to several creatures, such as bison, elk, pronghorns, and deer. They stretch far beyond the southern border. Mule Deer Mountain is in the Northwestern corner of the territory, among the woodlands. At its peak lies Mule Deer Outlook, which provides a beautiful view of the entire territory. There are also plenty of predators that ElkClan cats have to look out for, such as wolves, bears, and cougars.
  • Many seasons ago, Sparrowstar, who was Sparrowhop at the time, and Meteorblaze were living in BoulderClan (NPC), a once friendly group tainted by a cruel hierarchy. The two friends had no attachments to keep them there, so they fled from their former home. Sparrowhop and Meteorblaze traveled for moons. Tired and weak, they stumbled across a herd of elk travelling along the plains. The mammals were unprovoked by the felines and allowed them to walk among them. During that time, the elk provided them safety with their numbers, and drew the attention of predators away from them. After about a moon, the herd reached what would soon become ElkClan’s territory.
  • The two cats, and the others they met along the way, were in awe at the landscape before them, and claimed it as their own. The felines worked for days as they crafted dens and marked new borders. Sparrowhop, lead by an old bull elk with a crown of antlers, discovered the Skylit Cavern, where StarClan granted him his nine lives and declared him Sparrowstar. Afterwards, it was only right for Meteorblaze to be named Deputy. The cats declared their new home to be ElkClan, a place where any and all cats could be safe and welcome.
  • A few generations later, ElkClan's hospitable nature proved to be their downfall. A group of rogues got word of ElkClan's existence, and infiltrated their ranks one by one. The rogues then attempted to overthrow the current leader and other high ranks. Their attack was vicious, costing the lives of several cats. They were eventually driven off, but after that day, ElkClan swore an end to their welcoming nature. (This was when Rainystar was around 40 moons of age, so the current cats of ElkClan still recall this event). Now, they patrol their borders daily, and chase off any rogues or loners they find. They may welcome the occasional few, but it is very rare and unlikely.
  • It has been many, many seasons since the founding of ElkClan, something that never would have happened without the help of the elk. They are considered to be divine, and some even believe that bull elks are symbols or reincarnations of past leaders. And so, whenever one is encountered, cats should bow their heads and thank them for the home they have provided for them. If the carcass of an elk is ever found, whether it be from predators or sickness, flowers or pinecones are to be placed around them as a sign of respect. Code 4/4: What is your favorite type of rock?


  • [December] The Day of the Elk: The Day of the Elk is an event held in December to celebrate the holidays. The cats of the Clan are tasked with creating small gifts or trinkets for the elk and for their fellow Clanmates if they wish. These gifts can be made with pinecones, sticks, flowers, rocks, and anything else the cats can find in the territory. The cats will gather in the grasslands with their gifts and find the elk. Depending on the IRP season, the elk herd will either be grazing or migrating. The gifts/trinkets will be placed around the herd as an offering of gratitude and appreciation. Gifts made for Clanmates are also exchanged at the time.

More TBA

Plots TBA

Golden by Zandraart
Traits & Characteristics
Background & Lore
Roster Taken Prefixes
  1. starsarepretty | Chloe
  2. SillySpyder | Silly
  3. deathofbeauty | Kaos/Flynn
  4. darylizard | L
  5. cumulusclouds | Cloudy
  6. meowtskis | Ava
  7. everchangingiing | Mikey
  8. colossal_wonders | Mallows
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  1. floatinglights | Kae
  2. jandlion | Jan
  3. quack2918 | Billie
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Golden by Zandraart
Names containing Elk and Star are not permitted.
Reserved: 0/5
A -
B Black, Bramble
C -
D Drift
E -
F Fox
G Grizzly
H Hornet
I -
J -
K -
L -
M -
N Night
O -
P -
Q -
R Rainy
S Snow, Song, Sun
T Thistle, Trout
U -
V -
W White, Wisteria, Wood
X -
Y -
Z -
Golden by Zandraart
Golden by Zandraart
1/1 (Closed)

The Leader is responsible for leading the Clan and making big decisions. They are the highest ranking in the Clan and are to be treated as such.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons Lives
Rainystar starsarepretty Female (she/her) N/A 70 8/9
0/1 (Earned)

The Deputy is the second-in-command. They are next in line to take over for the Leader when they can no longer lead.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons
- - - - -
Senior Warriors
0/5 (Earned)

Senior Warriors are older and more experienced than normal warriors. They have shown great dedication towards ElkClan and plan on serving for as long as possible. They are most likely to be chosen as the next Deputy. Senior Warriors must be above 30 moons.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons
- - - - -
0/1 (Earned)

The Shaman is the most experienced of the medicine cats and most connected to StarClan. They are also responsible for giving medicine cat apprentices their ceremonies and travelling to the Skylit Cavern to communicate with StarClan.

OC Name Username Gender Moons
- - - -
Medicine Cats
3/4 (Open)

Medicine cats are responsible for taking care of the sick and injured. They are also responsible for training medicine cat apprentices. If there is no Shaman or the Shaman retires, one of the medicine cats will take their place if adequate. Please make sure you have enough experience with this domain if applying for this rank.

OC Name Username Gender Moons
Driftdapple SillySpyder Female (she/her) 102
Wisteriamoon deathofbeauty Agender (they/she) 20
Sunbeam meowtskis Male (he/they) 20
- - - -
Medicine Cat Apprentice
0/1 (Open)

The medicine cat apprentice is an apprentice dedicated to becoming a medicine cat. They are taught the many different kinds of herbs and healing. Medicine cat apprentices become medicine cats at 14 moons, as their training takes a little longer than that of a warrior apprentice. MC apprentices are required to receive basic battle training before receiving their ceremony.

OC Name Username Gender Moons
- - - -
2/15 (Open)

Wardens are the more combatively skilled members of the Clan. While they still hunt prey, their main jobs are to patrol the territory, chase away outsiders, and leave scent markers in areas with high-predator activity. They also take turns guarding camp at night, and may accompany hunting patrols as lookouts and extra protection. Wardens are a highly respected rank, and only experienced Warriors skilled in combat may be promoted to this rank. Wardens must be 30 moons or older. Wardens are only considered High Ranks IRP, and Senior Warriors are still ranked higher than them. Wardens are permitted to train Apprentices.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons
Grizzlystomp starsarepretty Male (he/him) N/A 77
Snowstep cumulusclouds Male (he/him) N/A 41
- - - - -
9/Infinite (Open)

Warriors make up the majority of the Clan. It is their duty to hunt and fight for ElkClan with their life. The age of Warriors ranges from 12 moons and up, until they retire. Some of the older warriors can be promoted to Senior Warriors. Certain warriors can also be selected as Trainers (✶). Trainers, High Ranks, and Wardens are the only cats permitted to train apprentices.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons
Hornetsting cumulusclouds Male (he/him) N/A 80
Nightspring everchangiing Female (she/her) N/A 50
Songbird meowtskis Female (she/her) N/A 43
Thistlefrost cumulusclouds Male (he/him) N/A 42
Bramblesoot starsarepretty Male (he/him) N/A 42
Troutshine starsarepretty Female (she/her) N/A 29
Whitemoth darylizard Female (she/her) N/A 23
Woodberry everchangiing Male (he/him) N/A 24
Foxbriar colossal_wonders Male (he/him) N/A 15
- - - - -
0/10 (Closed)

Apprentices are young felines who are in training to become warriors. Kits become apprentices at 6 moons. Apprentices can be trained by any Trainer or High Rank, and are able to receive their warrior ceremony at 12 moons. Apprentices must have at least 1-2 training sessions IRP in order to become a warrior.

OC Name Username Gender Moons
- - - -
0/3 (Queens Open); 1/4 (✶ Permanent Queens Open)

Queens are shecats who are expecting or nursing kits. They can return to their warrior duties once their kits are of 2 moons of age if they wish. Permanent Queens are shecats that don’t fit into the life of a warrior and permanently watch over the kits of busy queens or serve as mothers to kits who lack them.

OC Name Username Mate Moons Kits
✶ Blackflower starsarepretty N/A 50 N/A
- - - - -
0/10 (Open)

Kits are the youngest and most cherished part of the Clan. They are to be protected and cared for at all costs. They become apprentices at 6 moons. All kits without mothers will be assigned to a Permanent Queen unless otherwise specified.

OC Name Username Gender Moons Siblings Mother/Caretaker
- - - - - -
0/15 (Open)

Elders are the oldest members of the Clan who have retired. They have served their Clan, and plan to spend the rest of their life peacefully. Felines must be above the age of 90 moons in order to be an elder, or they must have a disability that prohibits them from carrying out Warrior duties.

OC Name Username Gender Mate Moons
- - - - -

Blacklisted individuals are people who have violated our regulations or the regulations of other groups to the point of a ban. If any blacklisted individuals have questions or concerns regarding their ban, they can contact Starsarepretty on her message wall or in Discord DMs.

Username Nickname Reason Expires
- - - -
Golden by Zandraart
Golden by Zandraart
Golden by Zandraart
Group Name Leader Status
BearClan Calfstar (darylizard) Allies
MossClan Harrierstar (hollyysv) Allies
PetrichorClan Moth (mosselks) Allies
Golden by Zandraart
Golden by Zandraart
Golden by Zandraart
Please keep in mind that ElkClan's lore contains a history of driving away outsiders. If you are joining or adding a character with a background outside of ElkClan, we ask that you provide a valid reason as to why ElkClan would accept them IRP.

Discord Username:


OC Name:

OC Gender:

OC Age:




Brief Background (optional):

Code Answers (4 total):

Extra (optional):

Discord Username:

Current OC(s):

OC Name:

OC Gender:

OC Age:

Desired Rank:



Brief Background (optional):

Discord Username:


OC Name (optional):

Duration (Required):

Discord Username:


Reason (optional):

Duration (optional):

Discord Username:


Reason (optional):

Improvements (optional):

What Happens to Your OCs?:

Would you like to stay as a visitor?:

Please DM this form to a staff member.

Personal Plot or Clan Plot?:


Cats Involved/Needed:

When it Will Take Place:

Golden by Zandraart
New OC
QNA Credits
  • Q: Can visitors roleplay?
  • A: Of course! What use is a visiting OC if not to use it? However, just keep in mind that ElkClan cats have a history of distrust towards outsiders, so if you plan on joining with this character, start thinking of a reason as to why ElkClan would accept them into their ranks.
  • Q: Can I be in other groups while in EC?
  • A: Yep. You can be in as many groups as you'd like, as long as you are able to keep up with activity as much as possible.
  • Q: How long is a moon?
  • A: 3 weeks = 1 moon. It will typically be updated on weekends, unless that character was introduced in the last five days or hasn't been used recently.
  • Q: Can we reserve prefixes?
  • A: Yes, but only if there's a slot available. There can only be 5 prefixes reserved at a time. You may ask a staff member to see if you are able to reserve one.
  • Q: Do I post forms on the page or in the server?
  • A: Both are acceptable.
  • Q: Can we split characters?
  • A: Yes, you can split characters. Just try to keep it to 2-3 splits per character, please.
Golden by Zandraart