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Introducing a 2011-2013 era inspired Clan...

Lords of the Earth and Sky, we ascend
Founder Sablestar (Whiteflags) Members 26/????
Founding Date April 5th, 2021 Platform AJ Classic
Orientation Neutral RP Style Traditional/Narrative
Status Open Current Season Late Green-Leaf

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The typical EagleClanner
Physical attributes:

EagleClanners tend to be tall, with muscular hind-legs and long tails. As for fur colors, we come in all shades but tend to be brown, gold, or black and white. Our bodies are made for climbing, lunging, and agility, while we fall short at swimming.

Mental attributes:

EagleClan warriors are ambitious, crafty, prideful, courageous, and often boundless. We can sometimes be contentious but to each other we are loyal and tough. Throughout history EagleClanners have always adapted and overcome. We focus on skills that only we are talented at, such as traversing the canyons and scaling trees. We also focus on fighting because of our need to thrive.
The current story is as follows...

Uh oh!

The Moon Cave is sealed due to a rockslide. Sablestar, Cinderstorm, and Oswild had to navigate their way from the cave, making their way into enemy territory: CelestialClan's swamp. A short non-violent altercation later, and the Clan has to wait patiently for the rocks to be washed away by the waterfall... other rocks lie across the canyons and some slopes are very slippery and loose. Watch out!

General Rules

1. Please roleplay fairly. No godmodding and powerplaying allowed. Our roleplay style is traditional, so you should rolepay in this way.

2. As a warrior's Clan we do want names and pelt colors that are realistic. Exceptions must be well defended. As for clothes, please do not wear anything distracting or out of the ordinary for typical AJ roleplay.

3. Remember that it's just roleplay. Drama is discouraged unless it's for plot reasons.

4. Dark/edgy characters are allowed, but keep it realistic and fair.

5. Double-clanning is only allowed in the case of a thread or Discord Clan.

6. OCs are unlimited but please make sure each OC you make is relevant to the roleplay

7. If you want to kill of an OC, notify me.

8. Participate in roleplay; i.e hunting, patrolling, mentoring, etc.

1. Naming Ceremonies will be acted out

2. I would love to have us participate in gatherings with other Clans

3. The Half-moon medicine cat meeting with StarClan

4. Sparring/training on occasion. Popular locations for this include camp and the Pathway

5. Gathering herbs. Every medicine cat needs a warrior to keep them safe!

6. Chores done: in the afternoon in camp, cats like to enjoy life, AKA hang out

7. Sunning, a popular activity at the pathway

8. Camp making contest: Enter to make a camp den, we vote on a poll, and whoever wins gets to be the camp for a while!

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Rank Name Username Gender Extra
Leader Sablestar Whiteflags Male N/A
Deputy Sparrow theangelcat2002 Male N/A
Medicine Cat Stormbreeze equitatiøn Female Nickname, "Storm"
Medicine Cat Featherheart Nørthernwølves Female N/A
Senior warrior Brinewave Distortions Male N/A
Senior warrior Cinderstorm Enchantedserpent Male N/A
Senior warrior Crowtalon riØt Male N/A
Senior Warrior Frostbite Shinbein Female N/A
Warrior Silverriver Littleflower Female N/A
Warrior Moonwillow thesugardragon Female N/A
Warrior Darkfang Mrfriendly01 Male N/A
Warrior Vinesong funnybunny05275 Male N/A
Warrior Thicketpelt Queenbaby01 Male N/A
Warrior Sootfeather Crait Female N/A
Warrior Harrierflight Whitetiger4ever Female N/A
Warrior Stonerain rusty3215 Female N/A
Warrior Violetdusk Crimsonfang35 Female N/A
Warrior Moonfrost popcandydo Female N/A
Warrior Waninglight Expressionism Female N/A
Warrior Braveclaw thegirlspinyboi777 Female N/A
Warrior Thornfur wolfymc7 Female N/A
Warrior Sunspot arcxna Male N/A
Warrior Twigflower goldraptor Female N/A
Warrior Oswild Stormthedragon Male N/A
Apprentice Mothpaw Mesmeriic Male N/A
Visiting Doverain King17466 Male N/A
Visiting Briarblush Past3lr0ses Female N/A
Visiting Sunkissedcloud thealphamorph Female On AJ can be called "Sunnycloud"
Visiting Clockwork Hawksongthechicken Male N/A
Visiting Minkscar Bloatedeye ___ N/A

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Clan and concepts created by: LunarCamel

Contact for more information: LunarCamel

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