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you and i drink the poison from the same vine
— david kushner


illigur base dogteeth is a formidable cat with a striking presence that commands attention. his sleek, dark fur is accented with patches of tan browns, giving him a distinctive appearance that reflects his inner complexity. his eyes, a piercing shade of sage, hold a mix of determination and weariness, betraying the battles he has fought. at first glance, dogteeth may come across as aloof and distant, but beneath his stoic façade lies a fiercely loyal and protective nature. he is known for his unwavering dedication to his loved ones, willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being. His sharp intellect and strategic mind make him a valued asset in times of conflict. despite his outward strength, dogteeth carries emotional scars that run deep. he harbors an unspoken grief for the losses he has endured and wrestles with his own vulnerabilities. deeply introspective, he often retreats into solitude to sort through his thoughts and emotions, seeking solace in the quiet corners of the forest.

  • Name: dogteeth.
    • Former Name[s]: mutt, dogkit, dogpaw, dogstar.
Dogteeth family
  • Nickname[s]: dog, doggy, bonehead, 'teeth, etc.
  • Creation Date: april 4th, 2021.
  • Creator: marley
  • Gender: cis-male.
  • Religion: unknown.
  • Themesong: creature | half alive
  • Voice Likeness: howl | howl's moving castle
    • Speech: dogteeth's voice was hushed over the years: once a fiery and up-beat tone with sarcastic underlies turned to a silent, gentle presence. when agitated, the tom's old voice returns and rasps with every loose vowel.
  • Roleplay Status: currently inactive.


  • Age: around 95 moons.
  • Birth Place: willowclan.
  • Birthdate: october 25th.
  • Birth Season: leaf-fall.
  • Zodiac Sign: scorpio.
  • Element: fire.
  • Birthstone: topaz.


  • Residence: the wild woods.
    • “i have never felt more free. roaming about the open plains with no strains or chains holding be down to a singular location. i never sought the beauty in the serene until as of late. i never sought after the mystery of fireflies, the beautiful presence of the moon, the calming tides of the rivers, or the relaxing shade provided by the trees. all things i had taken for granted.”
  • Rank: nomad rogue.
    • “i can never find myself staying in one place for more than a couple moons. it is better this way.”
  • Former Residence[s]: willowclan, holtclan, canopyclan, and two rogue packs.
  • Former Rank[s]: any rank under the sun, this tom has been through. the only rank that he hasn't been associated with was anything medical.
  • Previous Mentor: dogteeth was previously mentored by a tough tom named wolfsnout.
  • Previous Apprentice: having many apprentices, dogteeth's most notable one was a young she-cat named beesting.


dogteeth is a striking tom with a strong resemblance to a doberman. his lean and muscular body exudes power and agility, showcasing his prowess in battle. his short, sleek fur is predominantly black, accentuated by a few patches of deep mahogany and dark brown along his stomach and legs. the fur around his neck forms a distinctive collar-like ruff, giving him an air of regality and authority.

one cannot help but notice the glimmering gold piercings adorning dogteeth's left ear, a symbol of his loyalty to the traditions of his old clan. these ornate decorations catch the light, adding an element of mystique to his appearance. however, it is the unusual trophy that truly sets him apart. embedded in his right ear, a single feline tooth stands as a grim reminder of a past battle. its jagged tip serves as a stark testament to dogteeth's determination and willingness to endure any hardship to protect his loved ones. the tooth stands out against the backdrop of his dark fur, a macabre adornment that simultaneously instills both fear and respect among those who encounter him.

  • Weight: around 9 lbs.
  • Height: estimated to be near 12 inches.
  • Breed: presumed to belong to a linage of a long-haired oriental moggies.
  • Scent: dogteeth carries a distinct and earthy scent that lingers in the air wherever he goes. there is a hint of pine needles, reminiscent of the dense forest he once called home. his fur exudes a subtle musk, a mix of damp earth and the essence of prey, a testament to his skills as a hunter and warrior. underneath it all, there is a subtle undertone of something primal and untamed, a scent that speaks of his fierce determination and unyielding spirit.
  • Gait: dogteeth moves with a controlled and purposeful gait, his steps firm and calculated. there is a subtle grace in the way he carries himself, a testament to his warrior training and years of experience. his stride is powerful and confident, each paw landing with precision, showcasing his strength and agility. there is a hint of intensity in his movements, a reminder of the battles he has fought and the challenges he has overcome. his shoulders roll smoothly, and his head is held high, displaying a sense of authority and pride. despite the controlled nature of his gait, there is a certain wildness in the way he moves, as if he is always ready to unleash his inner savagery when the need arises.



dogteeth is a complex character whose personality has evolved over time. once an impulsive warrior, he fought with a fiery determination and reckless abandon, using his confident and assertive nature to engage in battles with unmatched ferocity. he was known to be quarrelsome and jealous, quick to defend his loved ones and unleash his vindictive side against those who crossed him. dogteeth could seamlessly transition between playing the executioner, exacting justice, and stepping into the role of a peacemaker, seeking harmony when circumstances called for it.

however, as he traversed through different locations and experienced a multitude of events, dogteeth's personality matured and grew. the hardships he faced along the way humbled him, bringing about a sense of reflection and resilience. he learned to temper his impulsive nature, becoming more strategic and reasonable in his actions. this transformation made him a dangerous opponent, as his strategic thinking combined with his past tenacity made him a force to be reckoned with.

dogteeth's character is a tapestry of traits, including confidence, assertiveness, and a touch of aloofness. he remains fiercely loyal and protective of his family and home, driven by a strong desire to keep them safe. while his past impulsiveness has given way to a more reflective nature, he still possesses a certain intensity that captivates those around him. dogteeth's pragmatism allows him to make calculated decisions, while his mysterious side keeps others guessing about his true intentions. deep down, he carries a compassionate heart, often offering support and empathy to those in need, even as he maintains a cocky demeanor and a toothy grin.

  • +: loyal, confident, protective, strategic, resilient, and compassionate.
  • =: assertive, complex, humbled, aloof, fascinated, and gloomy.
  • —: quarrelsome, jealous, vindictive, manipulative, and wild.


  • Prey: dogteeth's favorite piece of prey is the swift and elusive hare. with its sleek body and powerful hind legs, the hare is a worthy adversary, challenging dogteeth's hunting skills and testing his agility. he is drawn to the thrill of the chase, the exhilaration of pursuing a creature that can outmaneuver and outpace most predators. the taste of hare meat satisfies his carnivorous instincts, providing a balance of tender flesh and rich flavors.
  • Colour: dogteeth's favorite color is a deep, earthy shade of forest green. it reminds him of the dense foliage that surrounds his clan's territory, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. this particular shade of green represents resilience and vitality, mirroring dogteeth's own strong and enduring spirit. it is a color that symbolizes harmony and balance, traits that dogteeth strives to embody as a leader. Whether he's patrolling the moss-covered forest floor or gazing at the lush canopy above, the sight of this rich green hue brings him a sense of peace and serves as a constant reminder of the world he protects and cherishes.
  • Plant: dogteeth's favorite plant is the sturdy and versatile herb known as goldenrod. with its vibrant yellow flowers and tall, slender stems, goldenrod stands out against the backdrop of the wilderness. the plant's resilience and ability to thrive in various environments resonate with dogteeth's own character. additionally, goldenrod holds a special significance for dogteeth as it was woven into the nest of his dear friend smallferret before the latter's departure. the presence of goldenrod in smallferret's nest serves as a bittersweet reminder of their bond and the memories they shared.
  • Season: dogteeth's favorite season is undoubtedly the crisp embrace of leaf-fall. as the vibrant hues of summer foliage begin to fade, dogteeth finds solace in the transformation that unfolds before his eyes. the gentle rustling of leaves under his paws echoes the fleeting nature of life, reminding him of the ever-changing world around him. the cool breeze carries the scent of decaying foliage, mingling with the earthy aromas of the forest floor, creating a symphony of scents that invigorates his senses. the muted colors of amber, gold, and fiery reds ignite a sense of awe and wonder within dogteeth, drawing him into a state of contemplation. he enjoys watching as the trees shed their vibrant coats, embracing a more somber palette that speaks of reflection and introspection.
  • Weather: dogteeth finds himself captivated by the raw power and majestic beauty of thunderstorms. when dark clouds gather in the sky and the air crackles with electricity, his senses come alive with anticipation. as the first distant rumble reaches his ears, dogteeth's heart quickens with excitement, knowing that nature is about to put on a spectacular display. The heavy raindrops that fall from the heavens drench his fur, but he pays no mind to the wetness, for his attention is fixed on the symphony of thunder and lightning that unfolds before him.


  • Prey: dogteeth's least favorite prey happens to be frogs. these small amphibians, with their slimy skin and unpredictable leaps, leave dogteeth feeling mildly repulsed and frustrated. while he can appreciate the abundance of frogs in certain territories and their significance within the ecosystem, he finds the act of hunting them to be less enjoyable compared to other prey. frogs, with their elusive nature and ability to blend into their surroundings, present a challenge that dogteeth finds exasperating. their swift jumps and agile movements make them difficult to catch, often resulting in a game of cat and mouse that tests his patience. the slippery texture of their skin and their tendency to wriggle free from his grasp adds an extra layer of annoyance to the hunting experience.
  • Colour: dogteeth's least favorite color happens to be lavender. whenever he encounters this particular hue, there's a subtle unease that creeps over him. lavender, with its soft and delicate tone, fails to resonate with his rugged and adventurous spirit. he finds it to be a color that lacks vibrancy and intensity, lacking the boldness and depth that he's naturally drawn to. to dogteeth, lavender represents a sense of fragility and vulnerability, characteristics that he associates with weakness. it evokes a feeling of passivity and docility that clashes with his fiery determination and strong-willed nature. there's no wonder why this color was his ex-mate's favorite.
  • Plant: dogteeth's least favorite plant happens to be poison ivy. this notorious plant with its three shiny green leaves strikes fear and caution into his heart. its innocent appearance belies its true nature, for hidden beneath its seemingly harmless façade lies a venomous secret. whenever dogteeth encounters poison ivy, he feels an instinctive aversion, an internal warning that signals danger. the plant's oily sap can cause painful rashes and intense itching upon contact with the skin. its mere presence is a reminder of the discomfort and irritation that it brings.
  • Season: dogteeth's least favorite season is the relentless heat of summer. as the sun blazes overhead and the air becomes thick with humidity, dogteeth finds himself longing for cooler temperatures and respite from the sweltering heat. the scorching days of summer bring discomfort and exhaustion to dogteeth. the heat saps his energy, making even the simplest tasks feel arduous. the oppressive warmth weighs heavily on dogteeth's dark fur, making him yearn for a cool breeze to provide relief.
  • Weather: dogteeth's least favorite weather is the bitter cold and biting winds of winter. as the temperature drops and snow blankets the land, dogteeth finds himself longing for warmth and shelter from the harsh elements. in the depths of winter, icy gusts whip through the trees, sending a shiver down dogteeth's spine. the freezing temperatures seep into his bones, making every movement a struggle. the once-familiar territory becomes a treacherous and unforgiving landscape, where survival becomes a constant battle against the cold.


  • one of dogteeth's goals is to ensure the prosperity and unity of holtclan. as a former leader, he holds a deep love and attachment to his clan, and he wants to see it thrive under the leadership of his daughter, wolfstar. dogteeth actively works towards strengthening the bonds within the clan, fostering loyalty, and ensuring the well-being of its members. he strives to maintain a harmonious and secure environment where cats can live and thrive together.[incomplete-does not know holtclan disbanded]
  • dogteeth has a personal goal of finding peace and reconciliation within himself. throughout his journey, he has experienced loss, made mistakes, and carried burdens from his past. he seeks inner healing and resolution, aiming to let go of the weight that has haunted him. through self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth, dogteeth hopes to find a sense of acceptance, forgiveness, and contentment within his own being.[in progress]
  • another goal of dogteeth is to reunite with his long-lost friend, smallferret. despite the unrequited feelings and the complexities of their relationship, dogteeth cherishes the bond they once shared. he yearns to mend the rift that separated them, seeking closure and the chance to rebuild their friendship. dogteeth embarked on a quest to search for smallferret, hoping to find him and reconcile their past, whether it leads to a renewed friendship or mutual understanding.[in progress]


  • dogteeth has a deep fear of losing the ones he cares about. [moderate]
    • after experiencing the loss of his mother, beetle, and the tragic fate of his friend smallferret, he has developed a fear of forming close attachments. the fear of enduring more heartache and the pain of separation often lingers in his mind, causing him to be hesitant when it comes to opening himself up to others.
  • dogteeth has a phobia of enclosed spaces or tight places. [mild]
    • the feeling of being trapped or restricted triggers a sense of panic and anxiety within him. he dislikes feeling confined and finds solace in wide, open spaces where he can freely move and breathe. the fear of confinement stems from the memories of his tumultuous past, where he experienced imprisonment and captivity within willowclan's walls.
  • dogteeth harbors a fear of losing control over his own actions and becoming a danger to those around him. [severe]
    • he carries the weight of past mistakes and regrets, fearing that his own inner darkness might resurface and cause harm to those he cares about. this fear drives him to be cautious with his emotions and actions, as he constantly strives to maintain self-control and suppress any impulses that may have negative consequences.


beetle biological mother / cis-female / deceased

“beetle was the most sincere, lovely she-cat i've ever met. she put her whole life aside in order to provide for her young. i could never see what she saw in my bastard of a father. i wish she could have lived to see the things my siblings and i have done. i know she is watching from afar, but i wish she was closer. i wish i could see her again.”

ashenstar biological father / cis-male / deceased

“...” odd, dogteeth seems to be silent about this cat.

hyenacackle sister / cis-female / presumed alive

“hyenacackle is by far the funniest cat i've ever met. she can always turn my day around with her wicked humor. we had a falling out during our apprentice moons, but she decided to take me back in after migration. i truly value her as a sister and see a bit of myself in her. i see a bit of wolfhowl in her as well.”

coyotewane brother / demi-boy / presumed alive

“coyotewane has more of a brain than i ever will. he's intelligent and wise beyond their moons. like hyenacackle, we had a falling out in our youth, but it was harder to befriend coyotewane once more. he viewed me as a traitor to our family, but once they learned about..that night, he turned around and understood what i had to do.”

sunhowl adoptive father / cis-male / deceased

“sunhowl was kind enough to take us in as his own, including our mother. he loved her the way she should have been loved. i appreciated him taking care of her. i won't ever forget the day he died. the day ashenstar ripped him out of his quarters in a jealous raged and killed him in the public eye. he didn't deserve it.”

wolfhowl biological daughter / demi-girl / alive

“my own daughter loathes me. someday, they'll understand what i did. she doesn't yet, but i know she will. she's intelligent like coyotewane, sweet like beetle, charismatic like hyenacackle, and bold like i am. they have yet to learn to keep her gaze on what she wants.”

midnighthound biological son / cis-male / alive

“i didn't get the pleasure of learning more about him. i just couldn't look him in the eye. he looked so much like me i- he just- ugh what's the use.”


smallferret best friend / cis-male / alive

“i regret the things i didn't do or didn't say, as well as the things i have said and did do. smallferret is my best friend. i love him. just- not in the way he wants me to. i hope to find him someday, and rekindle our bond of what once was.”

viceroywing ex-mate / demi-girl / unknown whereabouts

“viceroywing just snapped one day. we were all fine. the clan, the relations, the members, all of it! and she just went up and ruined it all with a stupid accusation. she turned heartless. she wasn't the she-cat i met during our warrior vigil, or the warrior i met among the battle field. she was just gone.”

wolfsnout mentor / cis-male / unknown whereabouts

“wolfsnout was the bravest cat i've ever met. he made me the warrior i am today. yet, i don't know whether i should hate him or praise him for it. i was content with my relationship with him, even if it meant disregarding others around me to focus on bettering myself. he stuck by me throughout the dog attack, which i applaud him for.”


  • Sexuality: heterosexual.
  • Relationship Status: single.
  • Love Language: quality time & physical affection.
  • Current Mate/Crush[es]: none.
    • Former Mate[s]/Crush[es]: lilypad, viceroywing, eden, wolfsbanehymn, smallferret (one sided)



⋆ in the dense forest surrounding willowclan's territory, a rogue named beetle found solace away from the confines of clan life. one fateful day, she crossed paths with ashenstar, the leader from willowclan, during a stroll to escape the stress of clan life. despite their different backgrounds, a spark ignited between them, and they began to meet in secret, their love growing with each stolen moment.

⋆ time passed, and beetle soon discovered that she carried ashenstar's kits. fearing the consequences of their forbidden union, they decided to keep their relationship concealed. beetle gave birth to three healthy kits: mutt, hyena, and coyote. to protect ashenstar's identity from the clan, they bestowed the kits with rogue names.

⋆ however, as the kits grew older, tensions arose between beetle and ashenstar. arguments and aggression tainted their once blossoming love. beetle, driven by her hurt, decided to take the upper hand and leave their secluded hideout, seeking refuge within the willowclan's territory itself.

⋆ to beetle's surprise, she found hope in the form of another willowclan warrior named sunhowl. unlike ashenstar, sunhowl possessed a gentle and loving nature. he opened his heart to beetle and embraced her three kits as his own, unaware of their true parentage. beetle, yearning for stability and love, allowed herself to fall in love once more.

⋆ as the seasons passed, mutt, hyena, and coyote grew up within the embrace of willowclan. they admired sunhowl, believing him to be their father, and embraced their rogue names to preserve the secret their mother held. the kits admired sunhowl's strength and kindness, finding comfort in his presence and teachings.

⋆ little did they know, the truth about their parentage remained concealed. the winds of destiny whispered secrets that would one day come to light, forever altering their understanding of family and loyalty.

⋆ as the moons passed and the bond between beetle and sunhowl deepened, sunhowl began to feel that it was time for their kits to have true clan names. he believed it would help them integrate more seamlessly into willowclan's way of life and ensure their acceptance among their peers. after discussing his thoughts with beetle, who was initially hesitant due to the fear of revealing their secret, she eventually agreed, recognizing the importance of their kits' integration and understanding sunhowl's genuine intentions.

⋆ and so, the names of the kits changed. mutt, who had initially received his name due to being the runt of the litter, was now called dogkit. dogkit, still too young to remember the reason behind his original name, embraced the change with innocent acceptance. hyenakit and coyotekit's names remained similar, reflecting the essence of their original rogue identities while aligning with the clan's naming traditions.

⋆ as the family continued to grow close, beetle found the love and stability she had longed for. sunhowl's gentle nature and devotion to their kits filled her heart, and she felt whole once more. she watched with joy as their kits flourished within willowclan, eager learners of the clan's way of life.

⋆ under sunhowl's patient guidance, dogkit, hyenakit, and coyotekit gradually absorbed the values and traditions of willowclan. they formed close bonds with their clanmates, finding friendship and support within their newfound family. dogkit, no longer burdened by the memory of his former name, discovered his own strengths and abilities, rising above his initial struggles as the runt. hyenakit, displaying resilience and a sharp wit, found her place in the clan, embracing her unique traits. coyotekit, with his keen senses and unwavering determination, began to explore his potential as a future warrior.

⋆ together, beetle, sunhowl, and their kits navigated the complexities of clan life, their love and unity acting as a guiding light through challenges and triumphs. the family, once formed from secrecy and uncertainty, now stood as a testament to the power of love, acceptance, and the ability to find a home within unexpected places.

⋆ as the seasons turned, the truth about their lineage remained veiled, awaiting its moment to shape their destinies. in the heart of willowclan, this remarkable family's journey continued, intertwined with the intricate tapestry of the clan's history, bound by love and the unbreakable bonds of kinship.

⋆ from a distance, ashenstar watched their lives unfold within willowclan. a mixture of anger and disgust churned within him as he observed his kits unknowingly embrace a new family, a family he longed to be a part of. the sight of beetle, his former mate, finding warmth and love with sunhowl stung deeply, fueling a bitter resentment that swelled in his heart.

⋆ each passing day, ashenstar wrestled with conflicting emotions. he yearned to reveal himself, to claim his rightful place as their father, but fear and the weight of his responsibilities as a clan leader held him back. the thought of disrupting the delicate balance in their lives gnawed at him, causing a tumultuous inner struggle. as he witnessed his kits learning and thriving within the clan, a sense of pride mingled with his anger, making the situation even more complex.

⋆ anguish filled ashenstar's gaze whenever his eyes fell upon dogkit, hyenakit, and coyotekit, watching them grow into remarkable individuals under the care of sunhowl. he couldn't help but wonder if he had made the right decision in remaining silent, allowing them to believe another cat was their father. the pain of seeing his family grow into a new one, without his presence, consumed him, fueling a longing that ate away at his spirit.

⋆ in the depths of his heart, ashenstar held onto a flicker of hope that one day circumstances would change, allowing him to reveal his true identity to his kits and to be reunited with beetle. until then, he stood on the outskirts of their lives, a distant observer trapped in a web of his own making. the weight of his choices, the anger, and the longing would continue to shape his actions, leaving an indelible mark on the story of beetle, sunhowl, and the kits caught in the midst of their tangled fate.


⋆ as dogpaw, hyenapaw, and coyotepaw were promoted to apprentices, the weight of ashenstar's bitterness grew heavier. seeing his children thrive within willowclan, excelling in their training, and forming bonds with their clanmates, ignited a seething anger within him. he resented the fact that they were flourishing without his guidance, his presence, and his love.

⋆ in his bitterness, ashenstar sought to exert his power over the situation. he subtly punished sunhowl, his rival for beetle's affections, without revealing his true motives. sunhowl was burdened with long patrols, overhunting duties, and tending to the elders' den, all tasks designed to wear him down and remind him of his perceived inadequacy. ashenstar found a twisted satisfaction in the thought of sunhowl suffering, believing it was a small revenge for the happiness he had found with beetle and the kits.

⋆ meanwhile, dogpaw embarked on a complex journey of training under the guidance of wolfsnout, a rugged and tough warrior who held a firm grip on the land. at first glance, wolfsnout appeared to be harsh and cruel to the young apprentice. he pushed dogpaw to his limits, demanding perfection and showing little patience for mistakes. others believed wolfsnout to be a toxic mentor, but his methods shaped dogpaw into a strong apprentice that no one dared to spar with.

⋆ within the training sessions, a complex relationship developed between dogpaw and wolfsnout. beneath the surface of the tough exterior, wolfsnout recognized dogpaw's potential and pushed him relentlessly to bring it to the surface. there were moments of rare praise and glimpses of genuine care, hidden among the harsh criticisms. dogpaw's determination grew, fueled by a mix of fear and respect for his mentor, gradually transforming him into an apprentice of exceptional skill and strength.

⋆ as dogpaw delved deeper into his intensive training under the watchful eye of wolfsnout, a noticeable change began to take hold within him. the demands and harsh methods employed by his mentor forged a hardened resilience within the young apprentice. focused solely on becoming a skilled warrior, dogpaw grew distant from his siblings, hyenapaw and coyotepaw. the aloofness that settled upon him was a result of his unwavering dedication to his training, leaving little room for the camaraderie and playfulness they once shared.

⋆ the once-close bond between the littermates began to fray, as dogpaw found himself increasingly isolated, consumed by the rigors of his apprenticeship. his mind constantly swirled with techniques and strategies imparted to him by wolfsnout, leaving little space for the lightheartedness and connections that hyenapaw and coyotepaw still embraced. as dogpaw honed his skills, he grew more focused, diligent, and introspective, separating himself from the playful banter and sibling interactions that were once his solace.

⋆ this growing distance took its toll on dogpaw's relationship with his littermates, leaving them bewildered by the change in his demeanor. they watched as he became a solitary figure, lost in his own world of discipline and training. dogpaw's aloofness served as a shield, protecting him from distractions but also isolating him from the warmth and companionship his siblings provided. it was a sacrifice he felt compelled to make in order to excel as a warrior, but the price weighed heavily on his heart.

⋆ in this intricate dance between dedication and separation, dogpaw's transformation continued to shape his path within willowclan. the rift that formed between him and his siblings, as well as the toll of his intensive training, laid the groundwork for challenges and discoveries that awaited him in the journey ahead. as dogpaw navigated the tumultuous dynamics of his training, he became hardened, both physically and emotionally. the toxic influence of wolfsnout molded him into a formidable warrior-in-training, but the scars of the harsh tutelage left their mark on his spirit. his loyalty to willowclan remained unshaken, but the complexities of his relationship with wolfsnout weighed on him, shaping the way he approached his clanmates and the challenges that lay ahead.

⋆ in the midst of it all, ashenstar's bitterness continued to simmer, threatening to consume him. his anger and longing for his children festered, clouding his judgment and fueling his actions. the stage was set for the next chapter of their intertwined destinies, where the consequences of secrets, toxic mentorship, and a father's hidden presence would collide in unforeseen ways, forever altering the course of their lives within willowclan.

⋆ chaos ensued as a large, menacing dog ventured into willowclan midst. the scent of fear wafted through the air, sending a ripple of panic among the clan. cats scattered, seeking shelter and safety, while the dog's barks echoed through the trees.

⋆ news of the intruder spread like wildfire, reaching the ears of wolfsnout and dogpaw as they trained in a nearby clearing. their eyes locked, a silent understanding passing between them. without hesitation, they raced toward the commotion, their hearts beating with adrenaline-fueled determination.

⋆ as they reached the scene, the dog stood towering over a group of terrified warriors. its snarl echoed, and its teeth gleamed menacingly. but wolfsnout, undeterred, bared his own fangs, his gaze unwavering. beside him, dogpaw mirrored his mentor's resolve, his eyes gleaming with a newfound fierceness.

⋆ together, they lunged at the dog, a whirlwind of claws and teeth. the dog fought back, its size and strength evident, but wolfsnout and dogpaw fought with relentless determination. their movements were swift, coordinated, and strategic. they dodged the dog's snapping jaws, lashing out with precise strikes that wore down the intruder's defenses.

⋆ with every clash, dogpaw tapped into a raw power that surged through his veins. the once-called runt transformed before the astonished eyes of his clanmates. his ferocity and courage were undeniable, evoking a mix of awe and fear in those who witnessed his prowess.

⋆ high above, perched upon a moss-covered branch, ashenstar observed the spectacle. a glint of realization shone in his eyes. in that moment, he saw dogpaw not as the vulnerable runt he had known, but as a true savage, a force to be reckoned with. a sinister smile crept across ashenstar's face, as a plan began to form in his mind.

⋆ as the clash between dog and cat raged on, wolfsnout and dogpaw finally managed to drive the intruder away, their determination prevailing. their breaths came in ragged gasps, their bodies marked with scratches and bruises. they had successfully defended their territory, proving their strength and resilience.

⋆ in the aftermath, dogpaw's gaze flickered toward the clan, his heart swelling with a mix of triumph and confusion. he noticed the peculiar gleam in ashenstar's eyes, a glimmer that sent shivers down his spine. unbeknownst to dogpaw, his display of savagery had captured the attention of a leader, a father yearning for control and power.

⋆ little did dogpaw realize that this encounter would shape his future in ways he could never have anticipated. the stage was set for an intricate web of manipulation, as ashenstar plotted to exploit his son's ferocity for his own gain. the dog's intrusion had ignited a chain of events that would forever alter the lives of those within willowclan, and dogpaw, unknowingly, would find himself caught in the clutches of a father's dark ambitions.


⋆ two moons had passed since the fierce encounter with the dog that had forever changed dogpaw's fate. now, standing before the gathered clan, he was bestowed a new name: dogteeth. alongside him, hyenapaw became hyenacackle, coyotepaw became coyotewane, viceroypaw became viceroywing, and fleapaw became fleabitten. they had grown into fine warriors, their apprenticeship culminating in this momentous occasion.

⋆ as night fell, the newly named warriors sat vigil together, their gazes fixed on the stars. dogteeth found himself placed next to viceroywing, a pretty calico with a sweet smile and a mischievous sense of humor. they had crossed paths often during their apprenticeship, whether it was on patrols or sharing stories in the clearing. yet, as they sat side by side, a warmth stirred within dogteeth's chest, his heart skipping a beat whenever viceroywing's gaze met his own.

⋆ in the moons that followed, dogteeth and viceroywing continued to find themselves drawn to each other. their encounters became more frequent, conversations stretching into the night, their laughter harmonizing in the moonlight. dogteeth discovered himself captivated by viceroywing's easy charm and playful spirit, finding solace and companionship in her presence. the seeds of romance took root within his heart, blooming with each shared moment and stolen glance.

⋆ yet, dogteeth couldn't help but feel a twinge of insecurity. viceroywing seemed to effortlessly attract the attention of others, her presence bright and captivating. he questioned whether he was worthy of her affections, his doubts casting a shadow on his budding feelings. but whenever he doubted himself, viceroywing's gentle touch or infectious laughter would banish his fears, reaffirming the connection that blossomed between them.

⋆ as they ventured on patrols together, dogteeth's heart swelled with pride, his feelings growing stronger with each shared adventure. the challenges they faced together deepened their bond, solidifying the foundation of their budding romance. the world seemed to fade away in those moments, leaving only the two of them, their connection woven into the very fabric of their clan's existence.

⋆ a new dynamic emerged as viceroywing's charms caught the attention of another warrior, thistlemaw, the proudest fisher in the clan. his sleek, muscular frame and skillful hunting techniques earned him the respect of his fellow cats. however, where thistlemaw saw an opportunity for affection, dogteeth perceived a threat to the delicate bond he shared with viceroywing.

⋆ verbal clashes ignited between dogteeth and thistlemaw, their exchanges filled with barbed words and simmering resentment. each encounter became a battle of wills and egos as they vied for viceroywing's attention. the tension between them was palpable, as if sparks would fly with a single wrong move.

⋆ their rivalry extended beyond words, often descending into physical confrontations. claws unsheathed and muscles coiled, dogteeth and thistlemaw clashed, their battles mirroring their internal struggle for dominance. each fight was an unyielding display of strength and determination, a testament to the depth of their feelings and their unwillingness to back down.

⋆ the skirmishes became a spectacle for the clan, eyes drawn to the clash of these formidable warriors. some admired their fierce passion, the unwavering dedication they showed to protect what they believed was rightfully theirs. others watched with a mix of concern and curiosity, unsure of the consequences these battles might hold for the delicate balance within willowclan.

⋆ despite their clashes, dogteeth couldn't deny the undercurrent of respect that wove itself into the fabric of their rivalry. each blow exchanged only heightened his awareness of thistlemaw's skills and tenacity. dogteeth recognized that they were both warriors driven by their desire for viceroywing's affection, and though their methods differed, a shared intensity fueled their encounters.

⋆ deep within dogteeth's heart, however, a pang of doubt nagged at him. was his connection with viceroywing strong enough to withstand this tumultuous competition? as he watched her interact with thistlemaw, a sense of unease washed over him, leaving him torn between trust and uncertainty.

⋆ the air crackled with tension whenever dogteeth and thistlemaw crossed paths, their rivalry pushing the boundaries of their relationship with viceroywing and challenging the fabric of willowclan itself. the future remained uncertain, and the consequences of their clashes would soon come to bear on not only their individual fates but also the harmony and stability of the clan they called home.

⋆ dogteeth's heart pounded in his chest as he watched the chaotic scene unfold before him. the once-respected leader, ashenstar, had spiraled into a frenzied state, his actions bordering on madness. anguish and disbelief etched themselves onto dogteeth's features as he witnessed the brutal exchange of words and blows between ashenstar and his fellow warriors.

⋆ his gaze never wavered from viceroywing, the she-cat he held so dear. in a surprising display of defiance, she raised her voice, challenging ashenstar's authority with fierce determination. it was a bold move that left dogteeth torn between admiration for her courage and concern for her safety.

⋆ to his relief, thistlemaw swiftly came to viceroywing's aid, his protective instincts kicking in as he fought against the rampant chaos. dogteeth found himself frozen, caught between the desire to rush to viceroywing's side and the realization that the battle was not theirs to fight alone.

⋆ as the confrontation intensified, dogteeth sensed an opportunity to gather vital information. slipping into the shadows, he discreetly positioned himself to observe the unfolding scene more closely. his eyes darted from ashenstar to viceroywing, then to troutsplash, who had joined the fray, providing support and solace to the calico she-cat.

⋆ the tension in the air was tight, and dogteeth's heart pounded with anticipation. he knew he had to stay vigilant, ready to act at a moment's notice. as the dust settled and ashenstar ascended the jagged stones, his voice boomed with authority, declaring viceroywing and troutsplash as exiled rats. dogteeth's jaw clenched in anger, his gaze never leaving ashenstar's form.

⋆ a mixture of determination and desperation flickered in dogteeth's eyes as he locked gazes with viceroywing. they shared a silent understanding, a bond strengthened by their shared resentment towards ashenstar and the injustice he had wrought upon their clan.

⋆ with a subtle nod, viceroywing slipped away from the chaos, her eyes gleaming with a sense of purpose. dogteeth felt a surge of excitement as he realized she had a plan in motion. he couldn't let her face this danger alone; he wanted to be by her side, united in their shared pursuit of justice.

⋆ in the midst of the chaos, dogteeth sought out thistlemaw, his trusted ally in this clandestine mission. they exchanged a few whispered words, a vow fueled by their mutual hatred for ashenstar and their unwavering determination to protect their loved ones and their clan.

⋆ as viceroywing vanished through the camp's entrance, dogteeth's gaze lingered on her fleeting figure. he felt a mix of trepidation and hope, knowing that the path they were embarking on would be fraught with danger and uncertainty. but together, with their shared resolve and the simmering fire within their hearts, they were ready to challenge the tyrant who had brought chaos and despair to their beloved willowclan.

⋆ in the dead of night, under the cloak of darkness, thistlemaw and dogteeth roused from their slumber, hearts pounding with anticipation. the time had come to execute their audacious plan to rid willowclan of the tyrant known as ashenstar. whispers of his dwindling lives had fueled their determination, driving them to take matters into their own paws.

⋆ silently, they slipped through the shadows, their movements calculated and deliberate. their steps betrayed the weight of their purpose, the gravity of their mission. in the confines of ashenstar's den, they expected to find him vulnerable and unprepared. but to their astonishment, he awaited their arrival, his eyes gleaming with a chilling certainty.

⋆ the clash of fur and fang erupted within the confined space, as ashenstar fought with a ferocity born of desperation. thistlemaw launched powerful blows, each strike resonating with a desire to end the reign of their tormentor. meanwhile, dogteeth darted in and out, his agile movements serving as a calculated distraction.

⋆ as the battle raged on, a glimmer of hope ignited within thistlemaw's eyes. he believed victory was within reach, a belief that proved to be his undoing. in a momentary lapse of vigilance, ashenstar rose up with renewed strength, delivering a fatal blow that silenced thistlemaw's celebration forever.

⋆ grief and rage flooded dogteeth's being, fueling his every move. he fought with unbridled fury, his claws slicing through the air with deadly precision. blow after blow, he relentlessly attacked, until finally, ashenstar lay lifeless on the ground.

⋆ but victory came at a cost. as dogteeth emerged from the brutal clash, bloodied and battered, he felt a searing pain in his right ear. ashenstar's vengeful bite had found its mark, his tooth piercing dogteeth's flesh. in a desperate bid to free himself, dogteeth slammed his head against a jagged rock, shattering the tooth and leaving a haunting reminder of the battle that had unfolded.

⋆ "you thought you could overthrow me, my own flesh and blood?" ashenstar hissed, his voice dripping with disdain. dogteeth's eyes widened in shock, his heart clenching with an unspoken truth. the leader, who had tormented and ruled over them, now revealed himself as dogteeth's father. in his final moments, ashenstar unleashed a curse upon his own kin: the curse to carry on his legacy. with a voice laden with bitterness, he cursed dogteeth to a life of eternal torment and solitude. the weight of his words settled upon dogteeth's shoulders, threatening to crush his spirit.

⋆ as ashenstar lay motionless, his reign of terror brought to a decisive end, dogteeth stood over him, panting and bloodied. the revelation of their familial bond, combined with the weight of the curse, hung heavily upon him. his heart ached with conflicting emotions—anger, sorrow, and an unyielding resolve to forge a different path for himself and his clan.

⋆ with a heavy heart, dogteeth turned to the lifeless form of thistlemaw, a warrior who had fought valiantly by his side until the very end. a solemn gratitude filled his gaze as he whispered a heartfelt thanks to the stars above for thistlemaw's unwavering courage. in the depths of his being, there remained a bittersweet hope that his fallen comrade had indeed won viceroywing's heart—a heart that, though cruel and selfish, had shown glimpses of true connection.

⋆ gently, dogteeth lifted thistlemaw's lifeless body onto his shoulder, carrying the weight of their shared battles and the weight of the truth they had fought to unveil. as he emerged from the fallen leader's den, the yowls and cries that had pierced the night stirred his clanmates from their slumber. the somber atmosphere spread through the clearing like an unspoken agreement—a collective understanding that ashenstar's reign of darkness had come to an end.

⋆ leading the way out of camp, dogteeth ventured forth to seek viceroywing, who had ventured across the river and established a new clan, holtclan, with a group of loyal warriors and queens from the remnants of willowclan. it was there, amidst the backdrop of their newfound home, that dogteeth stood before viceroywing, now viceroystar, the leader of their fledgling clan. mourning deeply for thistlemaw, viceroystar turned to dogteeth, seeking solace and strength in their shared pain.

⋆ in that moment, a connection sparked between them—a shared understanding born from their experiences, their losses, and their unwavering determination to forge a brighter future. dogteeth, now deputy under viceroystar's reign, embraced his new role with a mix of apprehension and resolve. he would be the pillar of support that his leader needed, guiding holtclan with wisdom and compassion, all the while carrying the memory of thistlemaw's sacrifice deep within his heart.

⋆ as the sun began to rise, casting its gentle light upon the land, dogteeth looked out at the horizon with a renewed sense of purpose. the path ahead was uncertain, the challenges daunting, but with viceroystar by his side and the loyalty of their newfound clanmates, he felt a glimmer of hope. together, they would build a clan rooted in resilience, unity, and the unwavering spirit of those who dared to rise above their darkest shadows.

⋆ and so, dogteeth embraced his destiny, embracing the role of deputy as he stood alongside viceroystar, ready to face the trials and triumphs that awaited them in their quest to shape the future of holtclan.

⋆ under the joint leadership of viceroystar and dogteeth, holtclan began to flourish and carve out its place in the vast wilderness. together, they navigated the challenges that lay ahead, leading their clanmates with strength, wisdom, and a shared vision for a better future. holtclan grew to be a moderate-sized clan, respected by their neighbors and admired for their resilience.

⋆ within the heart of holtclan, a unique bond formed between dogteeth and a warrior named smallferret. from the moment they met, an instant connection sparked, and their friendship grew strong and unbreakable. smallferret admired dogteeth's bravery, loyalty, and the unwavering dedication he showed towards their clan. unbeknownst to dogteeth, smallferret's feelings started to blossom into something deeper, gradually evolving into a profound and tender love.

⋆ meanwhile, dogteeth and viceroystar's relationship had evolved from a deep friendship into a love that surpassed the boundaries of mere partnership. their bond, forged through shared hardships and a mutual understanding, had grown into something sacred and unbreakable. with the support and blessings of their clanmates, dogteeth and viceroystar publicly declared themselves mates, solidifying their commitment to each other and to the future of holtclan.

⋆ though dogteeth remained unaware of smallferret's growing affection, their bond as friends continued to strengthen. smallferret found solace in the deep connection they shared, cherishing each moment spent by dogteeth's side. as time passed, smallferret grappled with the fear of losing their treasured friendship if their true feelings were revealed.

⋆ within the boundaries of holtclan's thriving camp, the clanmates looked up to their leaders, dogteeth and viceroystar, as the epitome of unity and devotion. the love between the two warriors radiated throughout the clan, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the others. holtclan flourished under their guidance, standing tall as a testament to the strength of their bond and the vision they shared.

⋆ dogteeth felt a surge of joy and relief when he was finally reunited with coyotewane and hyenacackle, his littermates who had made the daring journey from willowclan to join holtclan. their bond as siblings remained unbreakable, and they quickly assimilated into their new clan, bringing their unique skills and experiences to benefit their newfound home.

⋆ however, the reunion was bittersweet, for their mother beetle had not made the journey with them. her absence weighed heavily on dogteeth's heart, and the news of her passing due to starvation pierced him with grief. despite their complicated past and their eventual estrangement, beetle was still his mother, and he mourned the loss of the cat who had once given him life.

⋆ in her memory, dogteeth carried a piece of beetle's spirit within him, a reminder of where he came from and the trials they had overcome. he vowed to honor her memory by ensuring the survival and prosperity of holtclan, just as she had always wanted for her kits. the weight of their shared journey, the battles fought, and the sacrifices made would forever shape the destiny of dogteeth and his littermates as they embraced their new life in holtclan.

⋆ the unexpected turn of events sent shockwaves through holtclan as viceroystar unleashed her anger upon smallferret, accusing them of being the cause of the clan's downfall due to their love for dogteeth. dogteeth, torn between his loyalty to viceroystar and his affection for smallferret, tried desperately to intervene, seeking to quell the rising tension and restore harmony within the clan.

⋆ but viceroystar's accusations persisted, her words cutting deep into the hearts of all who witnessed the confrontation. the air became heavy with betrayal and confusion as smallferret's true feelings were laid bare for all to see. in the chaos and despair that followed, viceroystar, consumed by her own anguish and resentment, abruptly fled from camp, disappearing into the shadows, leaving behind a shattered clan in her wake.

⋆ holtclan stood stunned, grappling with the sudden departure of their leader and the revelation of dogteeth and smallferret's love. some whispered of betrayal and broken oaths, while others pondered the complex nature of love and loyalty. the absence of viceroystar left a void that would take time to heal, but it also presented an opportunity for the clan to redefine itself and forge a new path forward.

⋆ in the aftermath, dogteeth, devastated by the turn of events, sought solace in the support of his fellow warriors. smallferret, filled with a mixture of guilt and longing, found solace in the understanding of those who recognized the depth of their connection. together, they vowed to rebuild holtclan, to honor its traditions while embracing change and unity.

⋆ with the weight of their shared journey and the challenges they had faced, dogteeth and smallferret emerged as beacons of resilience and hope within the clan. as the dust settled and holtclan gradually regained its footing, dogteeth, revered for his courage and resilience, was chosen to assume the mantle of leadership. with a heavy heart and a deep sense of responsibility, he accepted the role, knowing that the clan's future now rested upon his shoulders.

⋆ however, due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding viceroystar's departure, the traditional nine lives that leaders typically received were not bestowed upon dogteeth. viceroystar's absence meant that the necessary rituals to pass on the lives had not been fulfilled. as a result, dogteeth embarked on his leadership journey with only eight lives, a reminder of the unresolved story that still lingered.

⋆ despite this unconventional circumstance, dogteeth embraced his newfound role with unwavering determination. he drew strength from the teachings of his predecessors and the support of his loyal clanmates. guided by wisdom gained through his tumultuous past and a desire to lead with compassion and fairness, dogteeth set out to rebuild holtclan, forging a united front that celebrated diversity and valued every member's contributions.

⋆ as the moons waxed and waned, smallferret's unwavering loyalty and unwavering dedication to holtclan did not go unnoticed by dogteeth. despite the unrequited feelings that had strained their relationship, dogteeth recognized smallferret's unwavering commitment and unwavering dedication to the clan's welfare. in a gesture of trust and friendship, dogteeth appointed smallferret as his deputy, acknowledging his skills, wisdom, and unwavering support.

⋆ smallferret accepted the position with a mix of pride and sadness, knowing that their bond would forever be tinged with unspoken emotions. yet, he remained steadfast in his duty, never letting his personal feelings interfere with his responsibilities. smallferret dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the welfare of holtclan, offering counsel and guidance to dogteeth whenever needed. their friendship, though laced with unfulfilled desires, grew stronger in the crucible of adversity, as they faced the challenges of leadership side by side.

⋆ smallferret's unspoken sadness was masked by a cheerful demeanor, his true emotions hidden beneath a facade of unwavering loyalty. he understood the importance of putting the clan's well-being above his own desires, supporting dogteeth in every decision and endeavor. their friendship became a symbol of resilience, transcending the boundaries of unrequited love and reminding them both of the enduring strength found in genuine connections.

⋆ dogteeth, perceptive to smallferret's inner struggles, offered silent comfort through his actions, ensuring that smallferret felt valued and appreciated. though their paths had taken divergent turns, their friendship remained unbreakable, anchored by shared experiences and the mutual respect that defined their bond. holtclan flourished under their joint leadership, as they navigated the challenges of clan life with a united front, guided by their unwavering dedication and the unspoken understanding that bound them together.

⋆ in the quiet moments, when the weight of their unspoken feelings bore heavily upon them, dogteeth and smallferret found solace in the silent camaraderie that had defined their friendship. though smallferret's heart carried an unfulfilled longing, he drew strength from knowing that he played an integral role in shaping holtclan's destiny alongside the cat he admired and cherished. and as they faced the trials and triumphs that lay ahead, their unwavering loyalty and unspoken connection would continue to guide them, forging a legacy that surpassed the boundaries of unrequited love.

⋆ as the seasons passed, holtclan continued to thrive under dogteeth's leadership. the clan grew stronger, their territory expanding, and their bonds deepening. however, a lingering sense of sorrow remained within dogteeth's heart, as he watched his loyal deputy, smallferret, prepare to embark on a journey far from holtclan's borders.

⋆ smallferret announced his departure to the clan, expressing a desire for adventure and a need to explore the world beyond the familiar confines of their territory. he assured them that he would return, his promise serving as a glimmer of hope for those who cherished his presence.

⋆ in truth, smallferret's departure was driven by a yearning to distance himself from the complex web of emotions that had entangled him within holtclan. the feelings he harbored for dogteeth had become a burden, a constant reminder of unrequited love and the unfulfilled desires that lay beneath their friendship. smallferret believed that by embarking on a solitary journey, he could find solace and attempt to mend his wounded heart.

⋆ months turned into moons, and still, smallferret did not return to holtclan. the clan's longing for his presence grew, and dogteeth often found himself gazing at the horizon, wondering where his loyal friend had gone. the truth of smallferret's departure remained a mystery to the clan, as they held onto the hope that he was fulfilling his promise of adventure.

⋆ meanwhile, smallferret wandered through unfamiliar lands, immersing himself in the beauty and dangers of the world outside holtclan. he encountered various clans, witnessed breathtaking landscapes, and faced countless challenges that tested his resilience and determination. with each passing day, he sought to heal his heart, to let go of the feelings that had haunted him.

⋆ smallferret's journey led him to unexpected encounters and newfound friendships. he forged bonds with cats from different walks of life, their stories intertwining with his own as he learned valuable lessons and discovered a deeper understanding of himself. through the trials and tribulations of his solitary expedition, smallferret slowly began to find peace within, embracing the freedom that came from shedding the weight of unrequited love.

⋆ as moons turned into seasons, holtclan continued to prosper under dogteeth's leadership, their hearts filled with gratitude for the cat who had guided them through tumultuous times. the memory of smallferret lingered in their thoughts, his absence leaving a void that could never be filled. yet, they held onto the hope that one day, he would return, his heart mended and his spirit rekindled.

⋆ however, smallferret's path had taken him on a different trajectory. the scars of his unrequited love, though gradually fading, remained etched upon his heart. the world beyond holtclan's borders became his refuge, a sanctuary where he could forge a new identity and find solace in the freedom of the unknown. he never forgot his time in holtclan, nor the friendship he shared with dogteeth, but he knew deep within that his return would only reignite the flames of his unrequited desires.

⋆ and so, smallferret ventured onward, his journey stretching far and wide, driven by a longing for self-discovery and the pursuit of a peace he had yet to find. holtclan's legacy continued to thrive, their memories of smallferret kept alive through stories passed down from generation to generation. the tale of the loyal deputy who sought solace beyond the clan's borders served as a reminder that sometimes, the path to healing and self-redemption.

⋆ despite the absence of a deputy, dogteeth persevered as the leader of holtclan, carrying the weight of his clan on his shoulders. the loss of smallferret left a void that no cat could fill, and dogteeth found himself plagued by sleepless nights, tormented by the memories of his missing deputy and the unspoken emotions that lingered between them.

⋆ seeking solace and distraction from his inner turmoil, dogteeth found comfort in the presence of a rogue she-cat named eden, who resided on the outskirts of holtclan's territory. their companionship grew, and unforeseen circumstances led to eden becoming pregnant with dogteeth's kits. however, fate dealt them a cruel hand, and only one she-cat, named wolf, survived the hardships of birth.

⋆ fear gripped dogteeth's heart as he realized the parallels between his own situation and that of his parents, beetle and ashenstar. he knew the pain and challenges that came with a secret kin, and he couldn't bear to see wolf endure the same struggles. with a heavy heart, dogteeth made the difficult decision to ask eden to raise wolf on her own, believing it was for the best.

⋆ eden, determined to provide for her lone surviving kit, took on the responsibility of caring for wolf. however, the burden proved overwhelming for the rogue she-cat. despite her efforts, she struggled to provide the necessary guidance and support for wolf's upbringing. eden grew increasingly stressed and frantic, desperate to ensure her daughter's survival.

⋆ dogteeth watched from a distance, torn between his duty as the leader of holtclan and his yearning to protect his offspring. the conflicting emotions gnawed at his heart, but he knew that interfering in eden's parenting would only cause more harm. instead, he sought solace in the presence of his clan, burying his fears and worries beneath a facade of strength.

⋆ as eden sat within holtclan's territory, cradling wolf between her paws, she spotted a passing patrol and called out to them, requesting to be led to the clan leader. dogteeth's surprise was evident as he watched eden enter camp, escorted by the patrol, carrying the precious bundle of fur in her jaws. with a mix of confusion and concern, he hurriedly ushered her into his den, where she settled herself in his nest as if it were her own. eden wasted no time in attending to her kit, gently licking wolf's fur to provide warmth.

⋆ in the quiet confines of the den, eden poured out her heart to dogteeth, sharing her fears and concerns about her inability to provide for wolf alone. she explained that she longed for her daughter's safety and happiness, and she believed that the structure and support of clan life would offer wolf the best chance at a secure future. though dogteeth initially hesitated, he recognized the sincerity in eden's words and the love she had for their daughter.

⋆ reluctantly, dogteeth agreed to allow eden to remain in the clan for the sake of their daughter. however, to his surprise, eden declined the offer, stating that she couldn't adapt to clan living but believed that wolf deserved the chance to be a part of it. eden resolved to stay in camp until wolfkit became an apprentice, ensuring her daughter's seamless integration into clan life, and then she would depart.

⋆ days turned into moons, and wolfpaw found herself torn between confusion and aching heart as she witnessed her mother's presence in camp, knowing that their time together would be short-lived. the young apprentice struggled to understand her mother's departure, yearning for the love and guidance she had hoped to receive. dogteeth, torn between his responsibilities as a leader and the desire to ease his daughter's pain, offered support and solace to wolfpaw as she navigated the complexities of her emotions.

⋆ with each passing day, wolfpaw found strength within herself, drawing from the resilience and determination that ran through her bloodline. she embraced her clanmates as a surrogate family, finding comfort and companionship in their presence. the support and encouragement from dogteeth and her fellow apprentices helped her heal the wounds left by her mother's departure, gradually shaping her into a confident and capable warrior.

⋆ despite dogteeth's best efforts, bonding with his daughter, wolfhow who was now promoted, proved to be a challenging endeavor. the wounds left by her mother's departure ran deep, and the void of her absence cast a shadow over their relationship. dogteeth understood the pain and confusion that plagued wolfhowl's heart, and he empathized with her struggles to fully trust and open up to him.

⋆ for moons to come, dogteeth and wolfhowl maintained a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding. they fought side by side in battles, shared silent nods of acknowledgment during clan gatherings, and occasionally exchanged a few words of support and encouragement. while their connection may not have been as strong as dogteeth had hoped for, he took solace in the knowledge that time had begun to heal their wounds, albeit slowly.

⋆ as the seasons passed, dogteeth remained patient and steadfast, always ready to offer guidance and support whenever wolfhowl sought it. he respected her need for space and understood that the journey towards a deeper bond would be a gradual one. in his heart, he held onto the hope that, with time and shared experiences, the bridge between them would strengthen, and their father-daughter relationship would flourish.

⋆ wolfhowl, too, carried a flicker of longing within her, a desire to bridge the emotional gap that separated her from her father. she appreciated his unwavering presence and admired his leadership, but the scars of her past still lingered, creating a barrier that was difficult to breach. nevertheless, she cherished the moments of connection they did share, finding comfort in knowing that her father was there, a steady presence in her life.

⋆ wolfhowl's encounter with rhea, the brash and bold rogue, sparked a connection that seemed to defy expectations. despite their contrasting personalities, they found solace in each other's company, forming a bond built on shared experiences and a shared sense of independence. wolfhowl saw a reflection of her own wild spirit in rhea, and rhea found a kindred spirit in wolfhowl's fierce determination.

⋆ dogteeth watched from a distance as the two she-cats grew closer, their camaraderie evident in their playful banter and shared adventures. while he initially had reservations about bringing another rogue into the clan, he couldn't deny the genuine friendship that blossomed between wolfhowl and ruinbringer. dogteeth saw how ruinbringer's presence seemed to bring out a different side of his daughter, a side that was both more carefree and yet more grounded.

⋆ as the moons passed, ruinbringer became an integral part of holtclan, her vibrant energy infusing the clan with a new sense of vitality. she proved herself to be a skilled and loyal warrior, fiercely protective of her newfound home and the bonds she had formed within it. dogteeth began to appreciate the unique dynamic that ruinbringer brought to the clan, recognizing her as a force to be reckoned with, just like his daughter.

⋆ together, wolfhowl and ruinbringer navigated the challenges that came their way, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. they pushed each other to new heights, inspiring bravery and resilience within the clan. dogteeth observed with a mix of pride and affection as the two she-cats forged a friendship that transcended boundaries, reminding him of the power of connections formed in unexpected places.

⋆ in the heart of holtclan, a sense of acceptance began to take root. the once-wary clanmates gradually embraced ruinbringer as one of their own, recognizing the strength she brought to their ranks. dogteeth's decision to allow her into the clan was validated by the positive impact she had on the collective spirit of holtclan. the bond between wolfhowl and ruinbringer became a symbol of unity and the power of accepting those who walked a different path.

⋆ as time went on, dogteeth took solace in knowing that his daughter had found a loyal friend and confidante in ruinbringer. their unwavering support for each other brought him comfort, for he understood that the bonds forged within the clan were not limited by bloodlines but extended to those who shared a common purpose and embraced the spirit of holtclan.

⋆ soon enough, dogteeth’s beloved daughter filled the gaping rank that remained vacant from smallferret’s departure. wolfhowl and dogteeth led holtclan side by side for five moons. they achieved a lot working together, and believed their relationship grew to trust one another more.

⋆ one fateful day, dogteeth called wolfhowl and ruinbringer into his den for a private meeting. their eyes met with a mixture of curiosity and concern, sensing the gravity of the moment. with a heavy heart, dogteeth revealed his intention to step down as leader of holtclan.

⋆ wolfhowl and ruinbringer exchanged glances, their gazes filled with a mix of surprise and sadness. they had grown accustomed to dogteeth's steady presence, relying on his wisdom and guidance. however, dogteeth had made up his mind, and he knew it was time for him to pursue his own path, one that lay beyond the borders of holtclan.

⋆ unbeknownst to wolfhowl and ruinbringer, dogteeth had made the difficult decision to leave holtclan altogether. he felt a deep yearning to reconnect with his past and seek the closure he desired. it was a bittersweet moment for him, knowing that his departure would leave behind the clan he had nurtured and protected for so long.

⋆ with a heavy heart, dogteeth called for a gathering of holtclan beneath the moonlit sky. the clan gathered, their gazes filled with anticipation and curiosity. standing before them, dogteeth announced his decision to step down as leader and expressed his utmost confidence in the abilities of wolfhowl and ruinbringer to take his place. he spoke of their courage, wisdom, and unwavering loyalty to the clan, assuring holtclan that their future was in capable paws.

⋆ days later, dogteeth embarked on a poignant journey alongside his daughter, wolfhowl, to the sacred moonstone. as they approached the mystical place, an eerie silence settled over the surroundings, as if the spirits of their ancestors awaited their arrival. dogteeth felt a mix of trepidation and determination as he prepared to return his lives and witness wolfhowl receiving hers.

⋆ as dogteeth touched the moonstone, a chilling wind rustled through the air, carrying whispers of ancestral voices. some of his forebears cast judgment upon him, their disapproving murmurs echoing in his ears. but amidst the reproach, he also sensed the presence of supportive ancestors, those who understood his longing for closure and the call of his own destiny.

⋆ in the solemn solitude of the moonstone, dogteeth found solace. he knew that holtclan would thrive under the leadership of wolfstar and ruinbringer, and that his beloved clan was in good paws. witnessing the bond between his daughter and ruinbringer solidified his belief in their collective strength.

⋆ the night following the ceremony of promotions, as the moon bathed the camp in its gentle glow, dogteeth silently slipped away. his heart heavy with both longing and hope, he ventured into the unknown, guided by a flicker of determination and the memory of the clan he had left behind. holtclan would forever hold a place in his heart, and he knew that their paths would cross again, even if time and distance separated them for now.

⋆ holtclan mourned the loss of their former leader, unaware of the true reasons behind dogteeth's departure. wolfstar, now fully embracing her role as leader with the weight of nine lives on her shoulders, was determined to honor dogteeth's legacy and guide the clan with wisdom and strength.

⋆ as the seasons changed, wolfstar and ruinbringer led holtclan with dedication and resilience. the bond they shared strengthened, forged through the trials and triumphs they faced together. while the memory of dogteeth remained, his absence served as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of life and the importance of embracing new chapters.

⋆ meanwhile, dogteeth ventured into the unknown, driven by a relentless desire to uncover his past and find his lost friend. the path ahead was uncertain, filled with challenges and discoveries waiting to be made. but dogteeth held onto the hope that, in the vast expanse of the world, he would eventually find the answers he sought and perhaps even reunite with the ones he left behind.

⋆ for twenty-four moons, dogteeth wandered through the vast territories, encountering various groups and forging fleeting connections along the way. he traveled lightly, never staying too long in one place, haunted by the fear of being tied down to a clan once more. amidst his journey, he came across a group of cats, and there he met wolfsbanehymnn, a she-cat whose presence brought him comfort during his time of self-discovery. they shared moments of solace and understanding, but as nature would have it, a fateful curse befell them once again.

⋆ when wolfsbanehymnn bore dogteeth's kits, the outcome mirrored his past experiences. only one kit, a male named midnightkit, emerged as the sole survivor, bearing a striking resemblance to his father. overwhelmed by the fear that his son might inherit the darkness within him, dogteeth's instincts took hold, and he fled from the group under the cover of night. it was a painful decision driven by a desperate need to protect his son from the potential burden of his lineage.

⋆ alone once more, dogteeth journeyed on, haunted by the echoes of his past and the unanswered questions that weighed heavily upon him. the path ahead was uncertain, but he vowed to keep moving, seeking solace in the shadows, and hoping that by staying distant, he could spare those he cared for from the darkness that seemed to follow in his wake.

⋆ as the moons passed, midnightkit grew up without the guidance of his father, dogteeth, and the aggressive mannerisms that had plagued him. raised by his mother, wolfsbanehymnn, and the members of their group, midnightkit, now known as midnighthound, developed into a strong and resilient warrior. however, as he learned of his father's actions and the pain he had caused, a seed of bitterness and anger took root within him.

⋆ midnighthound, fueled by a desire to avenge his mother's heart, vowed to seek out dogteeth and confront him for the pain he had inflicted. the echoes of his mother's stories and the weight of her suffering fueled his determination, and he sharpened his skills in preparation for the day he would come face-to-face with the cat who had left them behind. the path to vengeance was a treacherous one, but midnighthound was resolute in his mission, driven by a mixture of love, resentment, and the need for closure.



  • “tonight, we'll bring justice to willowclan.”
    ― dogteeth to thistlemaw.
  • “i'm going to wear your teeth like a trophy!”
    ― dogteeth to ashenstar.
  • “in all honesty, i don't believe that anything is truly perfect. what would we have to work for if it was?”
    ― dogteeth to fairpaw.
  • “get your filthy paws off of me mangy merchant.”
    ― dogteeth to harpywing.


  • dog- - a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, nonretractable claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice.
    • given as a representative of his aggressive nature and fierce determination, as well as his dog-like appearance. sunhowl thought well of naming his adoptive kit after a fierce creature.
  • -teeth - a projecting part on an animal or plant, especially one of a jagged or dentate row on the margin of a leaf or shell.
    • given for his sharp instincts and a strategic mind, making him a formidable adversary. ashenstar took great pride in his naming.


  • Fact #1: the lodged feline tooth found in his right ear was from the infamous duel against his previous leader, ashenstar. that very night his life changed as ashenstar, in his dying moments, revealed they were of kin.
  • Fact #2: dogteeth is a character that is free to draw! meaning you don't need to ask permission for sketching or doodling the lad, just be sure to show me final results! i'd love to see how people view him.
  • Fact #3: dogteeth's official backstory took me around five days to write off and on, and it isn't even finished yet.