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»★« Deadwood West »★«

resilient · hardworking · loyal

"in the red you're better off dead, deader than the red dead sea"
founder norah founded feb.06.22
alignment neutral-dark platform strictly discord
location southwest texas species domestic and wild cats
"promise it to me, promise me the sea"

cowboys [21/35]

  • norah #4724
  • kurtis #0103
  • rory #0001
  • jack #2258
  • frank #1549
  • jayla #1340
  • kat #8787
  • zoë #3942
  • vincent #9202
  • leo #2795
  • eddie #4135
  • katie #1127
  • ren #6969
  • sarah #6402
  • sam #3935
  • berdie #5606
  • james #4076
  • luke/elias #8277
  • ramona #7777
  • kaz #5163
  • lexie #1666
  • eden #4111


  • user
  • user
  • user
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visitors [4/10]

  • liv #0906
  • viper #7411
  • cam #6170
  • byleth #5697


Welcome to Deadwood West! Here in town, we strive to build a welcoming and warm community. Founded on February 6th, 2022, DWW is an animal roleplay group influenced and inspired by Erin Hunter's Warrior Cat series but with extremely crucial differences. It is set during the late 1800s in the ghost town of Deadwood West, which lies in the outbacks of southwest Texas. Our roleplay is unique to DWW and DWW only because of our distinctive and idiosyncratic traditions and setting—we doubt you will ever find a server or group quite like ours. Not only is our roleplay unique and interesting, but also fun and exciting! With immersive lore, writing, ghosts, cowboys, gamblers, bandits, bounty-hunters, and more, we doubt you will ever get bored in good 'ol DWW! Because Deadwood West has such vast and extensive opportunities and lives for characters, our orientation is considered fluid and neutral. This means that all the town's individuals are extremely diverse and independent in their own alignment. While some characters of DWW may be happy and welcoming, others may be wild and barbaric. We do lean towards a dark orientation, though, simply because of the nature of their setting.

Our Discord server has a simple but aesthetically pleasing layout, with channels and categories that are easy to navigate. The server has an exciting and welcoming atmosphere, and there are many small quirks and fun tidbits to find by looking through the channels!

history and lore

In the 1830s, the wild west was reaching its prime in the United States. Outlaws and cowboys fought against law and order as the population attempted to settle the hot deserts and plains. During the early years, men came west in search of gold and silver. Such men would found the small boomtown of Deadwood. It served as a mining town, as many others nearby did, but also as a train stop for those looking to settle. Only ten years passed before Deadwood was abandoned. By 1840, the settlers had decided that the mining conditions were far too difficult and the yield too sparse to make a profit. The men left it to rot, and no human has stepped foot inside it since.

With humans came scavengers—felines—who were also left behind in Deadwood. One would presume that these cats would die as well, lost in the desert, with hardly any resources. But these few felines refused to give up, and made the most out of their situation. They were known as the original Deadwood cats, who took care of the buildings, learned to grow crops, and created a rich culture. Though they were few, they made their town into a society, not unlike the other strays forming their own clans in lands far off.

They had one last gift from the humans. A single black dog, a protector of creatures, who guarded the budding town and cared for the cats inside. Highly intelligent, the Black Dog became a local legend, a motherly animal who watched over her feline friends.

Deadwood remained a steady home for some time, taking in occasional traveling cats. But nothing can stay small forever. During the early 1850s, Deadwood experienced a massive boom of travelers. The original cats of Deadwood were overtaken by gangs of rowdy felines who sought power. One such feline was a gambler by the name of Iblis Scratch, a manipulator, who became a close friend of the now elderly, and less keen Black Dog. With the town splitting, Iblis sought to take advantage of the chaos, so he murdered his close friend in hopes of gaining control. But his plan quickly fell apart on one fateful day.

Creatures, never before seen, leapt from the sand and crawled down from the mountains. They were demonic, horrible, and killed felines like they were ants. Everyone fled—there was no use staying behind and fighting, for death was imminent. Soon the town was more dead than the day that the men had first left. Forgotten for generations, it rotted away, buildings bleached by desert heat and worn down by sandstorms.

Still, beings remained. Those who were murdered at Deadwood remained, walking another plane of existence. The evil spirits, among them Iblis Scratch, appeared during the scorching heat of the day. Those who were friendly haunted the night, bringing with them cool, relaxing weather. They would become known as day demons and night spirits.

Years after the massacre, the town was rediscovered. In the 1880s, a group of felines fled persecution from the midwestern states—man had sought to eradicate the "dirty" animals who had lived in the gutters of their now booming trade cities. They would become known as the new generation of Deadwood… cats who kept their lineage written down, who learned to farm and hunt like cowboys who once ran the western states. Among them were families such as the Claytons, the Clarkes, and the Roesairs—intelligent creatures with a goal of more than survival. They stumbled through the sand into the abandoned town and decided to make it into a home.

They implemented their own culture from the Midwest and learned from the writing of the old generation how to survive. They saved the buildings that they could and made them into warm, safe dens. They established small gardens and decided to conserve the local jackrabbit population in controlled pens. They created a government. Within a matter of months, Deadwood was back on the map, and travelers began to flood the town. They brought the desert culture with them—and soon Deadwood was a melting pot of rowdy outlaws, bounty hunters, artistic vendors, and loyal rangers.

But trouble in Deadwood is not over. Tensions are high in the streets as rival felines struggle for power. Gambling becomes more and more of an issue. Spirits begin to walk the line between life and death more frequently, causing sightings and hauntings. And the monsters who once attacked are becoming hungry once again, inching closer and closer to the town. Will Deadwood rot once more, or will the new generations push through and survive?

setting and territory

Deadwood West is a small ghost town on the edge of the wild wild west (southwest Texas), set in the late 1800's. DWW has a vast expanse of territory, including:

Skull sprite2 Tumbleweed Turf
Tumbleweed Turf is one of the largest and most expansive territories in Deadwood West. It is vast and arid, and cats are warned to take water with them if they travel here during the day. It does consist of some vegetation you can shelter under if needed, though it's often dry and prickly. The turf, living up to its name, produces tumbleweeds as big as a coyote that will bounce by once the wind picks up. Out here, you can also find the town's precious cacti, which provide honey, food, drink, and healing—though they're a bit hard to distinguish if you don't know what you're looking for.

  • dangers: coyotes, birds of prey, wild cows + horses (getting crushed), overheating/hypothermia, exhaustion
  • prey: rodents, hares, small birds, lizards, bugs
  • herbs: prickly pear cactus, desert poppy, yucca, texas sage

Skull sprite2 Rabbit Trails
The Rabbit Trails are a massive, open expanse of crackled soil and tall cacti. Perhaps the most popular hunting ground in DWW, it's quite usual to see more than a few Rangers patrolling this area. The open land and shrubbery allow for the corralling of jackrabbits, one of DWW's defining features. With almost no shade, the trails are usually quite hot, but that doesn't stop Rangers from leading Novices out here to practice the traditional chase-hunting style of Deadwood cats. The air is often thick with anticipation; rabbits lurk at every corner, ready to be chased back to the pen in town. Several desert flowers can also be found growing on cacti here, usable for dye or decoration. Overall, the trails are a prime hunting ground, brimming with life, and one of the most beloved places in DWW.

  • dangers: snakes, coyotes, hyperthermia/overheating, thorns
  • prey: rabbits, small rodents, desert birds (rare)
  • herbs: texas tarragon, palmetto, sage

Skull sprite2 Eagle Beak Rock
Eagle Beak Rock is one of the most popular spots in DWW, known for its amazing view. There is a small set of rocks you can clamber up to access the flat terrain on top. From there, you can see every territory within the valley—it stretches on for miles. Rangers will often take their Novices here for lessons. Novices are tested to see how far and in how much detail they can see within a certain amount of time. There is not a lot of prey here, but it is still considered an important piece of territory. Despite the townsfolk's lack of faith in any particular religion, this rock is a bit of a sacred location, as it is close to the stars, moon, sun, and sky.

  • dangers: falling, getting caught in a storm, birds of prey
  • prey: rodents (rare)
  • herbs: yucca, texas sage

Skull sprite2 Train Tracks
The Train Tracks are nestled between two rocky hills, surrounded by short plumes of underbrush and greenery. They're rusted and old and are a natural curiosity to the cats of DWW, as many wonder where they come from and where they lead. They stretch far in a near-straight line, off into the distant mountains and canyons; some say that if a cat follows them for too long, they'll lose themselves to the desert. Occasionally, a train will pass through on the tracks, presenting a rare but serious danger for cats who find themselves in this part of the territory. Due to the fact that there have been multiple deaths here at the claws of the train, Rangers advise Novices to steer clear of the tracks, though it does not stop the curious from venturing out here to see these strange rails.

  • dangers: snakes, coyotes, getting hit by the train (rare)
  • prey: bugs, rodents (rare)
  • herbs: epazote, passionflower, butterfly weed, goldenrod, amaranth, texas sage

Skull sprite2 Frog Bog
The Frog Bog is DWW's largest body of water and probably the greenest spot for miles around. However, the water in it is not the cleanest, and it is highly recommended that you do not drink from it. It is, however, safe to dip your paws in, and the frogs there are considered a delicacy if you manage to catch one. The bog consists of opaque water filled with water grasses, all burnt and tall, poking out of the ground like twigs. The bog likely used to be a forest, as you often can spot large roots and silvery branches sticking out of the water like limbs. The wood is dry and dead, glistening in the hot sunlight. The bog itself seems to stretch very far and is located on the edge of the territory. Cats of DWW have not ventured too far in. There is very little shade in the bog, and it is sweltering during the day (a reason why most people visit at dusk). However, the water is cold, and you can soak stones in it if you need something to cool you off. There is a long wooden bridge crafted similarly to the buildings in town. Most have assumed that it was made by the same people who built the town.

  • dangers: drowning, getting sick, crocodiles (rare)
  • prey: frogs, toads + other amphibians, small birds, eggs, bugs
  • herbs: yaupon holly, honey locust, rattan vine, dock, hawthorn, cardinal flower, mallow

Skull sprite2 Burnt Ash Forest
The Burnt Ash Forest is located directly next to the Dry Pine Wood, which makes the latter seem like an oasis in comparison. It is unsurprisingly one of the least popular spots in the territory, but it's still a part of it, so cats wander here at times nonetheless. Sometimes, however, you can find small trinkets here, such as amber, charcoal (used for writing), and more! Perhaps one day the forest will grow back...

  • dangers: falling trees, birds of prey (rare)
  • prey: small rodents (rare)
  • herbs: none

Skull sprite2 Dry Pine Wood
Even as one of the greenest spots of DWW, the pine forest is still unsurprisingly very dry. The pine needles that haven't fallen off from dehydration are brittle and dried, and the tree's bark is rough and flaky. The grass underfoot is spiky and dry, and pine cones can give you a nasty poke if you aren't looking where you're going. Otherwise, the forest is a nice place to relax, with the sparse canopy offering cool shade during the day and an abundance of prey.

  • dangers: coyotes, fires, falling trees/branches, wolves (rare)
  • prey: birds, rodents
  • herbs: american beautyberry, echinacea, greenbrier

Skull sprite2 Crumbling Canyon
The Crumbling Canyon is pretty self-descriptive. It is made of brittle, sandy rock. After years of drought and wear and tear, the once-flooded terrain is now dry as bone, and the edge crumbles like dust if you place too much weight on it. Despite the dryness, the canyon is filled with desert vegetation. It consists of several shady spots created by dead logs, large bushes, or crannies beneath rocks—though the latter is not recommended for people to shelter in, as you may be crushed underneath at the slightest touch. It is an excellent spot to hunt or sunbathe in. Just be careful! Novices are advised to stay away from the canyon unless accompanied a Ranger.

  • dangers: falling, getting crushed, snakes, coyotes, birds of prey
  • prey: small rodents, rabbits (rare), small birds, bugs
  • herbs: eastern red cedar, texas oregano, texas sage

Skull sprite2 Devil's Back Ridge
The Devil's Back Ridge is a massive cliff of red stone and shifting sand. It's a tough climb to reach due to how shifty the sand seems, and is a death sentence for anyone unfortunate enough to slip off and tumble down the side of the Ridge. The terrain is rocky and hard to navigate, and the stone is quite brittle, often resulting in chunks of it collapsing at certain points. This makes the Ridge very dangerous, earning it its name. Hardly any vegetation is known to grow on the Ridge, with the exception of some small desert mosses and lichen. Other than a few small crannies, it is completely exposed to the sun, making it very hot, and one can easily pass out from the intense heat if not careful. Devil's Back Ridge isn't just physically dangerous; it also holds superstitious values amongst the Rangers of Deadwood. Sometimes cats report feeling a strange, dark presence next to them or hearing a little whisper in their ear. There is something very wrong with this place, but one cannot place exactly what it is. The Ridge holds many secrets, and cats of DWW are eager to discover what they are.

  • dangers: hyperthermia/overheating, birds of prey, falling, crushed by falling rocks
  • prey: lizards, small rodents
  • herbs: yucca, texas sage

Skull sprite2 Mule Hide Caverns
The Mule Hide Caverns are a winding series of passages hollowed out between smooth red rocks. There are hundreds of chasms and tunnels, all lined with soft sand at the bottom. Due to the fact that the Caverns are covered, they are often much cooler than other parts of the territory. They also happen to be one of the furthest territories from town—but cats will make the trek out anyway to escape from the blistering heat of daytime. Near the entrances to the Caverns are several wooden posts built from the same material used in town. These suggest that parts of the Caverns served as mines in the past, though most ore is now gone. However, small bits of precious metals can still be found in the deeper parts of the Caverns. They are prized by the Rangers of DWW and can be used in jewelry or to decorate weapons. Although the Mule Hide Caverns are considered fairly safe, they still come with their risks. It is well known that the chasms and tunnels become deceptively similar and that many have lost their lives inside them after being unable to find an exit. It is suggested that cats should never travel here alone, even if they know their way around the caves.

  • dangers: getting lost, snakes, rockslides, badgers (rare)
  • prey: bugs, lizards, small rodents
  • herbs: texas sage

Skull sprite2 Hot Water Springs
The Hot Water Springs are fairly hidden and are considered a favorite part of the territory by many. Tucked between the Crumbling Canyon and Mule Hide Caverns, their existence is a secret shared amongst Rangers in DWW—no outsider would be able to locate them easily. They consist of smooth red stone, a small waterfall, and a creek of hot fresh water moving down from the mountains above. Lots of vegetation grows around the Springs, making them a popular location for Doctors to harvest herbs. Another defining feature of the Springs is the strange gemstones and crystals within the hot water. All sorts of tumbled and untumbled stones of many colors lay at the water’s bottom, usually clustering in the deeper areas of the Springs. Some DWW Rangers and Vendors have become excellent divers in order to reach these valuable, gorgeous stones. They also hold a deeply spiritual value with connections to luck, life, and death, and can be charged with said connections according to DWW spirituality. The Hot Water Springs’ floor glistens with them, an incredible swirl of color against the ruddy surrounding canyons. Serving as an oasis of sorts, Rangers often venture out to the Springs at night to relax in the warmth, but typically only at night, when the desert turns cold. The Springs do offer privacy, however, as there are more than a few pools to explore.

  • dangers: drowning, slipping on rocks, overheating during the day
  • prey: bugs, lizards, minnows, amphibians
  • herbs: goldenrod, dandelion, frostweed, epazote, dock, feverfew, catmint, tansy, marigold


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rules and regulations

These rules are simply to make sure the group runs smoothly—please follow them! If you break a rule, you get a warning. Three strikes, and you're out, cowboy!

Skull sprite2 Roleplay Rules

  1. Cooperation. When roleplaying with someone, please cooperate! Be responsible and ask before doing anything drastic within roleplay, such as injuring their OC. If they're uncomfortable with something your character did—stop! The list goes on.
  2. Realism. Keep in mind that even though these cats are able to do rather human-like things, we try to keep it realistic! No neon pink pelts, please :) If you're unsure about a character design/trait, ask about it in inquiry and staff will check it out for you.
  3. Naming. Here in DWW, we have a specific naming system. Read more about it in traditions.
  4. Gore and more. Under absolutely no circumstances should you be roleplaying extremely descriptive and heavy gore! This goes for kitting as well. We try to timeskip content like that! If you are unsure whether your writing is allowed, DM an active staff member.
  5. OC limit. Our OC limit is currently at 4 OCs per person! This could possibly change in the future.
  6. Activity. Here at DWW, we not only expect but REQUIRE activity. Please try to remain active! Unless you are dealing with IRL obligations or are simply busy, you have no reason not to be! Members on hiatus are excused from this rule.
  7. Limitations. You can have up to two limitations per cat, unless given special permission. You can only have one type of limitation at a time, though.

Skull sprite2 Server Rules

  1. Slurs. Under no circumstances are slurs allowed. Even if they are yours to reclaim, we prefer to keep them out of the server for a couple of reasons.
  2. Bullying and harassment. This is a given—but no bullying people! If you are unsure if a message comes off as rude, use tone indicators. There is no reason you should ever be even mistaken for bullying someone.
  3. Joining and leaving. Deadwood West is not a hotel! You cannot join, leave, rejoin, leave, and try to rejoin again! Here at DWW, we want consistent members. You have three tries to join. After you leave for the third time, you're out for good (unless given special permission).
  4. New members. Careful—you're being watched! All new members are put under a watchlist for their first month. If you leave within this first month, you are put on the blacklist and are not allowed to rejoin unless given special permission.
  5. Drama. Please do not cause drama within the server. If you have a bone to pick with someone, take it to DMs. We will even provide a staff member to mediate if you need/want it—just keep general clean!
  6. NSFW and nudity. Under no circumstances should you EVER be posting NSFW in the server. There are minors present, and either way it is uncomfortable for everyone.
  7. Mini-modding. Answering questions and helping people here and there is fine, but please don't go around acting like you're a staff member! Please put your favorite thing about the page in the extra part on your form so that we know you've read the rules. We have picked people for the job for a reason! Thank you.
  8. Advertisements. Please do not advertise another group/server within our server unless given staff permission! Advertising art and OC servers is fine, however.

first names

  • Angel
  • Atticus
  • Bellamy
  • Big Red
  • Brandy
  • Buchanan
  • Cecil
  • Clara
  • Colm
  • Eleanor
  • Elizabeth
  • Emilio
  • Florence
  • Floyd
  • Garter
  • Inessa
  • Jack
  • Jake
  • Jamie
  • Jolene
  • Juniper
  • Kasino
  • Kidd
  • Lily
  • Lula
  • Margarita
  • Marty
  • Minerva
  • Misty
  • Octavia
  • Peter
  • Prudence
  • Rena
  • Ruskin
  • Santiana
  • Taleinna
  • Warren
  • Wesley


  • Biggs
  • Blake
  • Bones
  • Brisco
  • Castolon
  • Clarke
  • Claymore
  • Clayton
  • Devine
  • Finch
  • Flores
  • Francis
  • Gooseberry
  • Honeysuckle
  • James
  • Jones
  • Karbanová
  • Lee
  • Lowry
  • Lutair
  • Macentire
  • Mulberry
  • Olympus
  • Preyton
  • Roesair
  • Stepanova
  • Thatcher
  • Toadson
  • Valentina


Completely Blind [1/2] Completely Deaf [0/2] Partially Blind [0/4] Partially Deaf [0/4] Deaf & Blind [0/2]
  • Misty
  • Name
Hairless [1/4] Mute [0/2] Missing Limb [0/4] Paralysis [0/2] Polydactyl [0/4]
  • Minerva
  • Name
sheriff [1/1]
The Sheriff acts as the leader of the town. They keep everyone safe and are the one who makes the "big decisions" of what the town will do in certain situations.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice
eleanor clayton #4724 she/her - -
sheriff's deputy [1/1]
The Deputy is the Sheriff's right-hand man and helps them make decisions and protect the town against threats. They will become the Sheriff after the current one either dies or steps down.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice
floyd flores #1549 he/him - -
head doctor [1/1]
The Head Doctor is the most experienced and is usually (but not always) the oldest healer in town. They are in charge of the other doctors and often take on the most advanced operations.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice
✪ atticus finch #0103 he/him - -
doctors [0/3]
The Doctors take care of the town. They help heal people and are the ones to go to if you feel sick or are injured. They are usually, but not always, very experienced with crystals and are generally seen to have a close relationship with spirits. However, some are more talented with these types of tasks than others. After the Head Doctor dies or steps down, the most experienced Doctor will take their place. Doctors who are more spiritual are marked with a ❂, while Doctors who are more interested in technical healing practices are marked with a ✯. Doctors who are interested in both are marked with a ✪.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice
- - - - -
doctor's novice [0/2]
Doctors in training. They must complete 8 training sessions or heal 8 people in order to become a full-fledged Doctor. They are trained by all Doctors but are assigned to the one who most represents what kind of healer they wish to be.
Name Tag Pronouns Mentor
- - - -
high rangers [2/5]
The most experienced and senior Rangers. They are immensely respected by the town and often assist the Sheriff with various tasks. High Rangers also tend to be in charge of the group of cats with their strong suit (e.g., herding, farming, bounty hunting, etc.).
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice Strength
misty clarke #2258 she/her raina brenker (†) - tracking/exploring
marty b. gooseberry #3942 he/him - - rabbit herding
rangers [22/x]
Rangers make up the majority of the town. They are all categorized under one rank; however, each ranger has their own specialty. One might be a farmer, while the other might take care of rabbits. Another might do treks or exploring, or even bounty hunting! Each are special in their own way and have their own talents.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Novice Strength
warren clayton #8787 he/him - peter biggs gambling
elizabeth brisco #2795 she/they - - seamstress
big red #2795 he/they/she - - farming
jake "rf" jones #9202 he/him - - bounty hunting
taleinna roesair #6402 she/her - jolene "dolly" brisco rabbit herding
kasino l. olympus #4135 he/him - - gambling
wesley toadson #0103 he/him - - farming/herding
lily claymore #6969 she/her - - zoology
inessa stepanova #6969 she/he/they - - bounty hunting
montana w. brisco #3935 he/him - - bounty hunting
rena "lasso" lowry #8787 she/her - - rabbit herding
prudence lee #2258 she/her - - weapon crafting
margarita macentire #5606 she/they - - artist
angel bones #1549 they/them - - archeology
emilio bones #5606 he/him - - zoology
jack james #4076 he/him - - -
jamie castolon #8277 he/him - octavia "o" blake bounty hunting
buchanan "buck" thatcher #8787 he/him - - -
florence l. honeysuckle #7777 she/her scott holt (†) - poisons
bellamy "bells" blake #6969 he/him - - guard
kidd jones #1127 she/they - - crime
ruskin lutair #1666 he/him - - tracking
colm "ol cloudy" preyton #4111 he/they - - -
santiana valentina #2795 she/her - - bounty hunting
vendors [3/7]
Vendors are cats who don't particularly enjoy Ranger tasks, and instead set up shop and sell goods they have crafted or found. Vendors are usually travelers or outlaws who have settled in town, and are usually seen as flaky and untrustworthy.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Specialty
clara karbanová #4724 she/her - poisons
minerva "minnie" devine #1549 she/her - arts & crafts
cecil e. francis #5163 they/them - botany
barkeeps [2/5]
Barkeeps have a couple jobs around town. One of the most important jobs is taking care of kits that don't have parents. Their most notable job, though, is entertainment—a.k.a. owning the saloon! They are well-respected and appreciated. The head barkeep is marked with a ❂.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Kits
❂ lula mulberry #0001 she/her - -
juniper "red" macentire #6969 she/her - -
barmaids [0/3]
Barmaids are Rangers or other ranks who temporarily serve in the saloon when pregnant or raising kits. They follow the barkeeps' instructions and are promised safety and pay while working. They will return to their previous rank when their kits become novices.
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Kits
- - - - -
novices [3/15]
Novices are Rangers in training, and must complete 5 training sessions to become full-fledged Rangers. They also often perform the more tedious and dirty jobs around town. Despite this, they seem to have a lot of fun and tend to sneak off despite the warnings of their elders.
Name Tag Pronouns Mentor
jolene "dolly" brisco #3935 she/her taleinna roesair
peter "little rat" biggs #5606 he/him warren clayton
octavia "o" blake #7777 she/they jamie castolon
kits [0/15]
The heart and soul of town, kits are lively and happy to be here! You know that proverb "it takes a village to raise a child"? That HEAVILY applies to them.
Name Tag Pronouns Guardian(s)
- - - -
veterans [1/x]
The oldest members of the town, veterans have retired from their Ranger duties and now rest and get free meals from the saloon. They often still help around in town, however. Can never make a cowboy sit still for long!
Name Tag Pronouns Spouse Prev. Rank
brandy "pops" macentire #1127 he/him - high ranger
Ontherange orig

staff board

Norah • she/her • admin + page editor + sheriff
"nobody’s paying any attention to us!"
Kurtis • he/they • admin + page editor + head doctor
"cowboy kitty ppew pew"
Jack • she/he • admin + page editor + high ranger
"you're telling me a shrimp fried this rice??"
Frank • he/him • admin + page editor
"gay people :)"
Rory • he/him • admin
"uhhhmmm uuhhmmmm i love lean"
Ontherange orig
Ontherange orig


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