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Care - Inclusivity - Loving

Founder Species Established Beliefs OC limit
Chewbyham Any! Mainly Vulpus. 11/8/21 (mm/dd/yy) Acceptance 3 Ocs
Members Visitors
  1. Chewbyham/LL and - Chew/Chewbs/Chewby
  2. Teacup Froggy/Poppy and Cruella - Megan
  3. Fruitbatttttttttt/Sunblaze - Crow/Fruit
  4. Rachelp18/Azeria - Rachel
  5. Nutmeg456/Cassiopeia - Nutmeg/Furrbie/Huggy
  6. Catchew2008/Amash - Catchew/Cat/Chew
  7. Swiftleapord68/Swift - Swift
  8. Whitepanther8808/Askalia - Dakota
  9. Staggered Crowns/Aria - Quin/Stag
  1. Juniperrabbit/Sandcloud Sand/Cloud - Fruity/Goose
  2. Colossal wonders/Alastair - Colossal/Wonders/Mallows
  3. Username/Oc name - Nickname
General Policies Roleplay Regulations Character Creation
  1. Follow ADRW ToS.
  2. Absolutely no homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or racism.
  3. No NSFW content.
  4. Only the selected editing team, leaders and alpha can edit the page.
  5. If you see something that the alpha and leaders alone cannot handle, send a report straight to the Moderation team.
  6. Accept all new pack members, no matter the species.
  1. Be respectful to other roleplayers.
  2. Keep drama out of the roleplay. If you have drama with another user do not bring it with you to the Daylightclan.
  1. The OC cooldown is 3 days. After a character is removed or added you must wait 3 days before removing or adding an OC (counts indiviually)
  2. You can create OP OCs.
  3. Any species of animals are allowed, create a new OC or ask Chewbyham for an adoptable design!
Alpha (Closed, subject to change)

The Alpha is said to be the Eldest and Wisest of all Vulpus in the clan. They lead the clan forward and protect the clan at all costs.

Username Oc name Gender Mate Apprentice
Chewbyham LL Female N/A N/A
Leaders (2/2) Nurse/Nursery (Nurse open Nursery closed.)

Leaders are assistants to the alpha, Considered "secondary alphas" by many. They will assist in whatever the Alpha requests.

Nurse Vulpus assist in taking care of pups, healing injured Vulpus, and have mastered the art of herbs, poisons and healing. Their methods are ancient and often confuse new pack memebers, but they are extremely effective. Nursery are those with pups, expecting pups, or are pups.

Username Oc name Gender Mate Apprentice Faction
Teacup Froggy Poppy Female TBA TBA Nursery
Chewbyham Bay Female TBA TBA Nurse
Fruitbatttttttttt Sunblaze (Blaze) Female N/A N/A Leader
Teacup Froggy Cruella Female N/A N/A Leader
Poison/weaponry designer (4/4) Hunters (2/8)

Poison/Weaponry designers spend their time testing and creating weapons, brewing potions and planning fighting tactics in case of a clan war or an inner clan war.

Hunters are the ones who hunt food for the pack. They are highly regarded by most.

Username Oc name Gender Mate Apprentice Faction
Fruitbattttttttttt Sunblaze/Blaze Female TBA TBA Weaponry designer/tester
Colossal wonders Faye Non-binary (they/them) TBA TBA Weaponry designer/tester
Whitepanther8808 Askalia Female N/A N/A Poison designer
Teacup froggy Cruella Female TBA TBA Poison designer
Swiftleopard68 Swift Female TBA TBA Hunter
Rachelp18 Azeria Female TBA TBA Hunter
Swiftleopard68 Swift Female TBA TBA Hunter
Adopts Limitations

Adopts (Created by Chewbyham) can be borrowed from the owner of the clan. You can request certain things, animal species, personality, colors, anything else really. Heres some basic rules for adopts by me for the clan:

  1. Do not assosiate the adopts with anything not allowed here. (Racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate, Xenophobia, NSFW.)
  2. These adopts are for BORROWING from the clan, if you choose to leave you cannot use this adopt unless you choose to exchange. (ask me on my wall)
  3. I will not reuse adopts.
  4. You can choose sexuality, Rank, personality, name, backstory etc. Feel free to ask me if you would like me to

Anxiety - 1/3 - Teacup froggy, Poppy -

Limitation - #/# - Username, Name -

Limitation - #/# - Username, Name -

Territory History Traditions

Glass Meadow: Up near the northeast side is Glass meadow. A meadow with glassy looking, clear flowers rests inside of Astral forest. The herbs from there are extremely potent.

Astral forest: A quaint, tranquil forest that makes up most of the Northern territory of Daylightclan. Its littered with mushrooms of all sorts, medicinal herbs, flavor packed fruits and the home for most small animals of the Daylightclan.

Echo cave: The cave where most large animals reside in. It sits in a cut within Rockside cliff, and despite its location is extremely stable.

Rockside cliff: A large cliff near the southwest side of the clans territory. The sunset and sunrise is beautiful from up there, making it a very popular location.

Sakura blossoms: A small patch of land covered in Cherry blossoms, refered to by many as the "Sakura blossoms". It is said if you bring someone you love there, the Qilin will smile down apon them and bless them with eternal happiness.

Open field Hunting grounds for the Daylightclan, as well as just open field for the newborn pups. Be careful not to go near the northern side,

Once there were two great wolves, who had started a clan. They built their clan, hardships, bitter cold, and small joys. They had accepted and loved all pups, soon their clan grew to hundred of canines. All were loyal, Accepting and kind. They never deserved this fate. Disaster struck, killing all members of this clan. But had one pup not survived, this clans legacy would've died out years ago. She who leads the daylight clan, she holds the same morals, considering all wolves, foxes, coyotes, all pack members equal. She wishes not for the betrayal her clan faced those years ago. She invtes you, traveler, On her journey to find all the worlds "truthes".

Never had one seen a pack inclusive to more than their own species, Especially hundreds of years ago. Vulpis, Vulpis Zerda, Vulpus Lagopus, Canis Lupus, Canis Latrans, all species of Canine were accepted. Deep seeded within the clan was "acceptance". If you dare challenge it, you were banished. even once, there were cats living among the clan. The new alpha seeks to expand her reach and to grow her clan as her ancestors once did.

other important info: This pack follows beleifs of acceptance and an almighty qilin goddess who does as she pleases. She was once a tyrant over the Daylightclan, causing destruction and calamity. She changed her ways when her friend who she held dear was swallowed up by the wrath of the gods who held domain over the world.

Praying beneath the Sakura tree: She will smile down apon us, bringing us prosperity, strength, and hope for the clan.



Ongoing roleplays/Arcs FAQ

Daylight clans daily lives
Started: 11/9/21 (mm/dd/yy) General prompt: Just the daily lives of those in the daylightclan, nothing special.

A clans oath
Started: 12/19/21 (mm/dd/yy) General prompt: A clan of outsiders begin to merge with the daylight clan, but something seems... Off, about them.

Started: TBA General prompt: TBA




Joining Visiting Leaving


・OC name (or adoptable Req)

・OORP name





・Desired faction:

・Limitation (optional):

・Extra notes


・OC name:

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・Expected length of stay:

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Reason (optional):

Goodbyes (optional):

Alpha Rank Rank Rank Rank
Chewby Nickname Nickname Nickname Nickname

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