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Dandelionpaw (Mrrpsies)
Old: N/A
Current: Sunsetclan
Current Rank: Apprentice
Last Rank: Kit
Mother: Suntail
Father(s): Deereye (Deceased)
Siblings: Swanpaw (Deceased)
Mate(s): N/A
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Froststar
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 7 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Alive
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Ronnie (Mrrpsies)

Dandelionpaw is a meek and lithe Cymric cat with a muted white and orange patched pelt that tends to lean on the curlier side. She gained her name solely from her short, dandelion puff-like tail. Her eyes are a light turquoise blue. Although seemingly fragile, her body's frailer stature allows her to be swift, precise and silent.

General Information[]


- Prefix: " Dandelion " - / - A small, puff-like flower. - / - Given solely due to her tail.

- (Future) Suffix: " Tail "

- Nickname(s): Dandy, Dandypaw

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birth Date: July 19th

- Zodiac: Cancer

Alignment: True Neutral


Positive - caring, quick-witted, adaptable

Neutral - reserved, obedient, lighthearted

Negative - resentful, perfectionist, somewhat paranoid

While calm and quiet in nature, Dandelionpaw feels as though her voice will never be useful in conversation. Her ideas, contributions and thoughts have been long overlooked, which brings about her silent atmosphere. However, her physical silence little resembles her true spirit. When properly included, Dandelionpaw is very cheerful and welcoming. She is quick to defend herself verbally and physically, and will not easily cower from a fight she believes is worthy.

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(0-5 Moons) Dandelionkit, the descendant of Suntail (Mother) and Deereye (Father; Deceased), was always rather reserved and stuck close to her only sibling, Swankit (Deceased). Although very cheerful and positive, very few truly knew that specific side of her personality. She was simply "the quiet one", and that is how she liked it.

(6 Moons-Present) Dandelionpaw has since come out of her shell every so slightly- yet only with those she finds to be accepting of herself. She happily resides in Sunsetclan.


♥ - Herb collecting, Hiding, Climbing

💔 - Being ignored, Public callouts, The cold


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