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02.09.2018 bee discord hiatus domestic + large feline
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traditional + rogue 3 the divine oak, forest spirits 6 3
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  • blindhaze, a name sure to be remembered. blindhaze was a rather, odd feline to say the least, they never really seemed to be quite right in the head really, many could see that. he would always make claims about some big thing, like a storm or war ready to happen, which never did, and eventually as time went on his clan grew agitated with it, and he was exiled and banished from the territory quickly. He had ventured far for many nights, far beyond the territory, even meeting a few small neutral groups along the way. eventually, deep within the dense of a forest, he found a large reaching oak tree, later to be called the divine oak. blindhaze believed this tree had some kind of magical connection to the afterlife, and that it could lead him and others to a better way of living. and so he had made up his religion to be passed down for many generations, that of the divine oak and the forest spirits. told to many a feline, they all grouped together, made a camp within the clearing of the forest not far from the oak, and named themselves curvedclan.

the divine oak

  • the divine oak. this tree is truly a sight to behold. reaching massive heights, multiple winding branches sprouting from the centre, all lush with dense leaves on the end. theres a small opening just above the oak, a hole in the canopy, that lets just enough sun/moonlight in to beam down against the divine oak, giving it an almost glowing affect. this tree is very clearly old in age, flowering vines hanging low from the branches that are blanketed by moss. this tree is accessible to anyone in the clan at any time, unless the great protector or alchemist is there.

forest spirits

  • the forest spirits. as their name suggests, these are the visible spirits of felines that have passed on, whether they be nice or bad, and can be befriended. forest spirits are an interesting creature, because, whether you be a comatant, sappling or great protector, any rank it doesnt matter, if you do a spirit's bidding, fullfil one of their failed tasks, or offer something to their liking, you will be granted an extra life, their life. their soul will become one with yours, but once the process is done it cant be reversed, and if that life is lost the forest spirit may never return.
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server rules
  1. respect ; respect is an absolute must within this server. it doesnt matter if they aren't a mod, admin or anything higher, you must respect everyone.
  2. triggers ; absolutely no talk about triggering topics. this could mean mentions of rape, self harm, death etc. if someone expresses a trigger, respect that and avoid the topic.
  3. nsfw ; absolutely no nsfw within this server. that means images like porn/hentai and talk on adult topics.
  4. hate speech ; what we mean by hate speech is things like racism, homophobia/transphobia etc. any of this can and will result in an immediate ban.
  5. swearing ; though we are not strict when it comes to swearing, please try keep it to a minimum, as there are guaranteed to be younger audiences within the server.
  6. channels ; please, please keep everything to its specific channel, as it is organised that way to keep everything neat and tidy, and easier to find.
  7. art theft ; please, if you are making art of a character, adoptable or someone elses, if you use a base credit the original artist. its really not that hard, and if you cant find who originally drew it, use this and figure it out if we find anyone to be tracing or stealing someone elses art, you will be given a warning, and lose access to the gallery section.
roleplay rules
  1. paragraphs ; while we understand that not everyone can write long paragraphs or roleplay, please try to do atleast 2 - 3 lines, otherwise its difficult for other people to interact with little detail.
  2. 3rd person ; please make sure that you roleplay in 3rd Person, for example: the tom looked around, ear flicking as he sat down. again, this just makes it easier for interactions and allows for a lot more detail.
  3. fights/drama ; please do not start unnecessary drama or fights. always, ask permission from the other person/people to attack or start drama with their character, and have reason behind it.
  4. killing characters ; again, asking permission from the other person before killing their oc is an absolute must. if they do not give you permission, they have every right to void your message.
  5. nsfw ; nsfw/adult topics within roleplay is a big no. if you wish to do any of that, take it out of the server. nobody wants to see it.
oc rules
  1. template ; we do provide an oc template, but if you wish to make up your own that's fine, just please make sure that it includes everything that the provided one does.
  2. breed ; there is a provided list of which species are allowed, and which are not. you'll find that some you must ask permission for, so if you wish to make one from that category, ask the owner or an admin first.
  3. realism ; please, keep your characters as realistic as you can. what we mean by this is not having wings or horns etc. or some kind of magical abilities. this is not that type of Roleplay.
  4. op ; please do not make your character op. while some species may be stronger than others, yes, do not make them completely overpowering, all characters must have flaws.
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currency system

currency system

  • welcome to the currency system! here will be listed everything you need to know, from commands (find in the discord server), what you can use currency for etc.

what is it?

  • the currency system is a fun little system that allows members to collect, lose and use what we call curved coin .

what do i do with it?

  • curved coins can be used mainly within the store. If you use the !store command in the store channel then you will be presented with a list of different items you can buy. some have limited stock, others limited time, and some a onetime use unless purchased again.


  • pretty self explanatory, the store is where you can browse through purchasable items. the only commands to be used within the store channel are those relating to the store and purchase of items. it would be a good idea to check up on the store regularly! some items added only have limited time or limited quantity before their gone forever!
breeds list


  • any domestic cat
  • bobcat
  • wild cat
  • any hybrid


  • asian golden cats
  • chinese mountain cats
  • jungle cats
  • serval cats
  • caracal cats
  • canada / eurasian / iberian lynx

permission needed

  • leopards
  • panthers / jaguars
  • pumas / cougars
  • cheetahs

not allowed

  • bears
  • birds
  • badgers
  • canine
  • lions / tigers
  • nothing that isnt feline.
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great protector
the great protector, a feline with the closest connection to the divine oak. this cat is looked up to as a chosen one, the one to lead them all in the eyes of the spirits.
tag name gender moons mate lives desc.
#0224 marbledvision male 120 4 Marbledvision

marbledvision is a tall, lanky ebony tom with a marbled brown & cream eye. his leader mark is the white diamond shaped patch on the bridge of his nose.

the heir is a specifically chosen feline that is usually selected at birth to train under the great protector and become their successor, taking their place when of age and/or when the great protector dies or retires.
tag name gender moons lives desc.
#0224 coalkit female 2 1 50px?link=

a small she-kit with a pale base, coal-grey markings & pale yellow eyes. her leader mark is the white stripe down her forehead.

the alchemist. these felines are also known for having a connection to the divine oak, though not as strong as the great protector. they work as the healers of the clan, blessed by the divine oak and granted the best knowledge on herbs and remedies, and the ability to heal almost any sickness, or so believed.
tag name gender cadet mate lives desc.
#5653 ottercoat male mothpaw 3 Ottercoat curved
a large, grey & brown hued bobcat tom with black markings & ash grey eyes. his faded ebony colored leader mark is on his chest in the shape of a lotus flower.
#0000 ? Blank pixel Curved


tag name gender training lives desc.
#5608 mothpaw female 0/6 1 Mothpaw cc
a light brown and off-white tabby with soft, reflective brown eyes.
#0000 0/6 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


combatant's are the felines that make up the bulk of curvedclan. they are the ones who serve to protect and provide for the whole clan. these guys do most of the work, hunting, patrolling, and training cadets.
tag name gender cadet mate lives desc.
#5464 pantherfang male 1 Pantherfang

a tall, lanky solid black oriental tom with bright green eyes.

#1127 birchsnap male 1 Birchsnap cc

a white turkish van with soft brown markings and yellow eyes.

#6066 fawnteasel male 1 Blank pixel Curved

a fawn coloured oriental with brown & cream swirls, a white underside and green eyes.

cadets are the trainees of the clan. they will start their training around 4 - 6 moons old, the treat protector choosing the combatant who fits best with them to mentor them. They are usually promoted around 12 - 14 moons, depending on if they pass their tests the first time round or not.
tag name gender mentor lives training desc.
#0000 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


#0000 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


the matriarch are the caretakers of the clan. though they are most commonly she-cats with litters, they can also be tom's. this rank is permanent, and are the only ones allowed to carry children. they will mostly be found helping out with the alchemist in terms of collecting herbs, and cleaning out dens.
tag name gender mate weeks along lives desc.
#0000 ? Blank pixel Curved


#0000 ? Blank pixel Curved


sapplings, the newborns and kits of the clan. the toungest and most protected alongside the great protector, these guys are under constant watch by matriarchs.
tag name gender moons matriarch desc.
#0000 Blank pixel Curved


#0000 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


the ancients are the elderly of the clan, those who have retired from their duties and are now at rest. they can often be found hanging around the divine oak or the matriarch den, telling stories to the young.
tag name gender moons lives desc.
#0000 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


#0000 ?/? Blank pixel Curved


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past great protectors
here are listed all the documented great protectors in order from the first to last. these forest spirits are crucial to plot and lore, and will almost always be played by someone rather than being npc's.
tag name gender moons desc.
tbd blindhaze male 415 Blindhaze cc
blindhaze, a pure white albino maine coon, the founder and first ever great protector to rule over curvedclan. exiled from his old home, buzzardclan, he was forced out of the territory and left to fend for himself. venturing far, he had stumbled across what is now curvedclan's territory, and the divine oak, settled there, created his religion and has passed it on for generations, and many more to go. he was the only known great protector whom didnt hold a leader mark anywhere.
#5653 neron female 230 Neron cc 2
neron was the 2nd ever documented great protector, and a wonderful one at that. she was the first ever known big cat to take on a high rank, let alone be apart of the clan, and with her she brought diversity into curvedclan. a beautiful melanistic jaguar, black pelt fading into a nice golden brown near her hind quarters, splotched with black hexagonal markings and piercing, golden amber eyes. neron was known to be very peaceful and kind, and is the reason that curvedclan is the humble and welcoming place it is today. her leader mark is seen to be a pale, lavender flower sat on her forehead.
tbd sundust female 170 Sundust cc
a beautiful flame point siamese whom trained under neron. sundust was one of the youngest protectors, but also one of the shortest in power. he struggled alot with the pressure of taking care of the clan and usually got caught up in herself, so she didnt have the strongest connection with the divine oak and was only able to aquire 2 lives. sundust was the last great protector whom trained marbledvision, but died soon after he finished his training and was of appropriate age, she passed. (leader mark tbd)
lore forest spirit
lore forest spirits woo
tag name gender moons desc.
#0000 Blank pixel Curved
#0000 Blank pixel Curved
forest spirits
forest spirits woo
tag name gender moons desc.
#0000 Blank pixel Curved
#0000 Blank pixel Curved
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  • the forest border + fields
  • as the name suggests, this is the border surrounding the entryway into the dense wood. its rare to find any of curvedclan venturing out this far, unless on border patrol, but you can find the occasional traveller or wild animal. some of the prey that can be found around here are mice, squirrels, birds and rabbit, though its not the best place to hunt as the prey is pretty scarce, and the fields are open, making an easy target to buzzards, hawks and owls.
  • the forest grove
  • the forest grove is just short of the forest outskirts. technically it isnt a grove, as its larger than just a small group, yet not dense enough to be considered a full forest. here would be the best place to hunt for prey, as you can find a lot more small rodents and rabbits around these parts, but its best to go through the day to avoid foxes and badgers. you can also find a variety of fish in the small river and shallow pond.
  • denser forest
  • As the name implies, these parts are the more enclosed and overgrown parts of the forest. here is where the trees start to grow out more, both in width and height, leaves growing thicker and acting as a blanket overhead. though some would think it be safer in here as your not out in the open and so vulnerable to predators, its quite the opposite. these parts are known to be more damp, the ground bogged and almost swampy, with very little prey to be found anywhere. at most, you could find a few frogs and lizards, but you also have to watch out for snakes.
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warriors; a blazing sun
we are a 13+ server that offers an inclusive, lgbtqia+ friendly server, we encourage for all our members to be as active as possible, but there is no pressure! We are semi-literate / casual at minimum 2 scentences per roleplay reply, and have fully custom clans!
server owner tag owner name status relation
link #6612 godzadog active partnership
server page owner tag owner name status relation
link yggdrasil #0595 ini hiatus partnership
server owner tag owner name status relation
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  • oorp name;
  • tag;
  • naming;
  • ↳ former names;
  • ↳ nicknames;
  • rank;
  • ↳ past ranks;
  • ↳ future ranks;
  • gender;
  • ↳ pronouns;
  • age;
  • sexuality;
  • ↳ status;


  • breed;
  • ↳ eye color;
  • ↳ flesh color;
  • base color;
  • ↳ fur length;
  • ↳ fur markings;
  • build;
  • ↳ height;
  • ↳ weight;


  • personality;
  • ↳ positives;
  • ↳ neutrals;
  • ↳ negatives;


  • irl;
  • ↳ art;
  • ↳ pixel;
  • oorp name;
  • character name;
  • tag;
  • duration


  • group name;
  • ↳ server link
  • ↳ group status (active, hiatus etc.)
  • ↳ small paragraph on group
  • owner tag;
  • ↳ owner name
  • reason;
  • ↳ benefits
  • small paragraph on group


  • group name;
  • ↳ server link;
  • ↳ group status; (active, hiatus etc.)
  • ↳ small paragraph on group
  • owner tag;
  • ↳ owner name
  • reason;
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editors/pixel makers
  • editors
bee, PapaBee#0224
  • pixel makers
bee, PapaBee#0224
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credit to studio ghibli for banner & dividers.
credit to illigur on deviantart for the pixels..
credit to pøøhbear for tables.