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“I've changed. Maybe its good or bad but I am mature and not much a fool as I once was.


Crowfrost, formerly known as Crowpaw, is a physical quick determined Tom. His main strong suits are listening, running, tracking, and swimming. Crowfrost is currently a loner & appears to others as a quiet, distant tom, and somewhat intimidating to others. He carries a wheat strain on the right side of his muzzle and is rarely seen without it in his muzzle. Although once you truly get to know him, you can see he is an insightful, caring, selfless brave tom that puts others first before himself and will give his life for someone without a second thought.

  • Name: Crowfrost
    • Future Name[s]: None
    • Former Name[s]: Crowkit & Crowpaw
  • Nickname[s]: Crow, Prince, Hottie
    • Disliked Nickname[s]: Crow-Crow
    • Former Nickname[s]: Lil Crow
    • Joke Nickname[s]: Softie Boi
  • Creation Date: 11/1/21
  • Creator: XBlueJaysX
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: StarClan & The Dark Forest
  • Themesong[s]: TBD
  • Voice Likeness: Jensen Ackles
    • Speech: Southern Accent
  • Roleplay Status: Active/Alive


  • Age: 25 Moons
  • Birth Place: Unknown
  • Birthdate: 10/11
  • Birth Season: Fall
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Element: Air
  • Birthstone: Opal


  • Residence: None
    • “Add”
  • Rank: Loner
    • “I belong wild and free. A Clan isn't for me.”
  • Former Residence[s]: None
  • Former Rank[s]: Tribe Kit, Tribe Apprentice, Warrior
  • Mentor: None
  • Apprentice: None
  • Former Mentor[s]: Finchstorm (Former)
  • Former Apprentice[s]: None


Crowfrost is A Long Haired Pitch Black Colored Tom, With A Mixture Of White Inside His Pelt, Almost Mimicking A Foggy Night. Crowfrost Has A White Scruff, Blue Eyes (A scar down his right eye), A White Muzzle Along With Little White Ear Tufts At The Tip Of His Ears. He Has A Long Silky Bushy Tail With White Sock Paws. He also carries a wheat strain on the right side of his muzzle & never is seen without it.

  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Height: 33 Inches (81cm)
  • Length: 30 to 50 inches in length (nose to tail)
  • Breed: Maine-Coon x Unknown
  • Scent: Yew Berries (Death Berries)
  • Gait: TBD



CrowFrost is described as an intimidating, quiet, cold, anti-social, and clever tom. He’s known for his stares and odd body posture's to help him communicate due to his lack of speech and being selectively mute. He rarely speaks but if he does, its only a few words or for a serious/touching moment. Though he has a bit of a soft side and refuses to show it but finds ways to be "kind" without truly showing it. Crowfrost won't speak unless he's created a strong bond, for those who know him VERY well, they know his voice. (Will add much more soon)

Limitation: Selective Mute

Definition Of Limitation: Refraining from speech or temporarily speechless

  • Positive(+): Insightful, Selfless, Loyal, Courageous, Brave
  • Neutral(=): Independent, Sarcastic, Feisty, Quiet
  • Negative(-): Sly, Reckless, Ignorant, Anti-Social, Intimidating, Sour


  • Prey: Hare
  • Color: Blue
  • Plant: Tansy
  • Season: Fall
  • Weather: Nice Breezy Nights With Light Rain


  • Prey: Snapping Turtles
  • Color: Orange
  • Plant: Thorn Bushes
  • Season: Summer
  • Weather: Hot Days


  • Have His Dream Family [Incomplete]
  • Kill A Snapping Turtle [Complete]
  • add [incomplete/in progress/complete]


  • [Phobia] Snapping Turtles [Moderate]
    • Crowfrost has a fear of snapping turtles, hating their beady eyes and large mouths. He always fears one will bite off his paw one day.
  • Fear/phobia [Mild/Moderate/Severe
    • reasoning. symptoms experienced [if phobia]
  • Fear/phobia [Mild/Moderate/Severe]
    • reasoning. symptoms experienced [if phobia]


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Bulletred // Trust BulletredBulletred // Envy BulletredBulletredBulletred // Regret
Bulletorange // Like BulletorangeBulletorange // Respect BulletorangeBulletorangeBulletorange // Idolize
Bulletyellow // Slight curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellow // Major curiosity BulletyellowBulletyellowBulletyellow // Interested
Yellowgreenbullet // Shy YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // Nervous YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet // Discomfort
Bulletgreen // Acquaintance BulletgreenBulletgreen // Friend BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen // Close friend
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Bulletpurple // Comfortable with BulletpurpleBulletpurple // Enjoys company BulletpurpleBulletpurpleBulletpurple // Joint at the hip
Bulletwhite // Slightly suspicious altBulletwhite // Very suspicious BulletwhiteBulletwhiteBulletwhite // Distrusts
Bulletblack // Annoyed by BulletblackBulletblack // Dislike BulletblackBulletblackBulletblack // Hate
Rose // Offspring Heart-1 // Mate Roseblack // Fling/Ex-Mate
Question-0 // Status unknown Dead-0 // Dead

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Shadowstar [Bestfriend] / [Female] / [ Loner] / [ Xxwysteriaxx ] / [Unknown] / [ |BulletorangeBulletorange|Bulletred|Bulletpink|BulletgreenBulletgreenBulletgreen ] [100%]
  • "She's special, She seems to dig deep into things which I never thought most would. She became my best friend when I didn't want any, yet she kept pushing and pushing for us to get to know each other. She makes me feel emotions I never thought I'd feel again... somehow she reminds me of Russetpaw. I guess thats what I find familiar about her... I don't plan on moving quickly, I feel safe just where we are at right now in our friendship. "


  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Love Language: Special Simple Things Such As; Night Walks, Stargazing, Playing, Singing.
  • Fertility: 90%
  • Current Mate/Crush[es]: None
    • Former Mate[s]/Crush[es]: Ravenheart(Ex-Mate) / Russetpaw (Past Apprenticehood Crush), Shadowstar
  • Physical Interests: None.
    • Crowfrost doesn't care much for how she-cats look. He's more interested in their heart & soul. Though he does find unique eyes, long fur attractive. That doesn't effect his choice for gaining feelings for someone.
  • Mental Interests: Crowfrost loves she-cats that have an authentic personality & aren't like most.
    • Crowfrost finds she-cats with authentic personalities interesting but he wants someone who is able to be independent but also depend on him for things. He finds she-cats who are adventurous or deep very interesting, since he's a deep tom who digs a lot deeper then most. He also wants someone to be able to hold him accountable and push him past his boundaries and not shy away from him.
  • Physical Disinterests: Ragged Looking She-cats.
    • Crowfrost finds ragged looking she-cats scary to him due to them reminding him of his mother.
  • Mental Disinterests: Possessive, Whiney, Too Flirty, Annoying, Attention-seeking.
    • Crowfrost will not put up with she-cats who act weak and are possessive of things. He hates SUPER flirty she-cats and finds them annoying. He also doesn't like she-cats who try to get all eyes on her. He finds these traits unattractive and will most likely avoid them.



  • As a young kit, Crowkit was born the runt of his siblings, Tawnykit and Whitekit. Crowkit also had two older siblings named Bramblepaw and Pebblepaw. Crowkit always spent his time in the Nursery due to his father being a very busy tom whom would rarely visit him and his siblings. Although Bramblepaw and Pebblepaw would visit every day on their breaks and hang out with him and his siblings. Crowkit's mother wasn't much of a mom, She was a she-cat who did her own things and was always gone. They'd go not visiting or seeing him and his siblings for 4 days. Crowkit had always tried ways to get his parents attention and would fake being sick in hopes his parents would come to the med den and visit. Sadly after his fourth attempt, Crowkit stopped trying to get his parents attention. He began to focus on his siblings and being a normal kit.
  • After Crowkit became 3 moons old, he began to bond with his caretaker, falling in love with her voice and her tender touch, Willowsong and being with her kits, Twigkit, Palekit and Thrushkit. Crowkit had became best friends with Willowsong's kits and spent many hours playing as and standing with him as if he were part of their family. As time went on, Whitekit, Tawnykit and Crowkit all began to stick together and defend their honor from other kits who'd bully them for not being loved by their parents or having parent issues. Crowkit kept his head high and never let their words control his way of thinking.
  • Crowkit began to spend more time out of the Nursery as he played with Willowsong's kits and happily enjoyed himself. As he spent more time outside, he began to see a little more of his father, Jaggedclaw. Crowkit tried many times to get some father time but he never was successful.
  • Crowkit got into a fight with another kit, accidently tearing the kits ear.
  • Without trying for his parents love, Crowkit spent his days playing, sleeping, telling stories and singing. After Crowkit became 4 moons, he happily spoke of his future for being an amazing warrior and all the things he wanted to do with his siblings and best friends. Crowkit began to get into some trouble with Willowsong's kits along side his siblings, such as sneaking out, planting pranks and hiding prey around camp. Crowkit had seen his mother a few times and kindly showed her grace for her absence but not his other siblings. They scowled their mother and hated every fiber of her. Crowkit was a gracious kit and always tried to help others and forgive.
  • One day Crowkit awoke one morning to cats yowling loudly and the smell of blood filled the air. Crowkit lifted his head finding himself laying in a puddle of blood, surrounded by fallen den branches and broken den walls, his ears falling back as he raised his head, he felt pain run through his shoulder as he realized he had a shoulder wound but all the blood didn't belong to him. He looked over to his side, a dead queen known as Opalgaze, a foster queen. She always came in to check up on the kits and queens, checking if they needed anything. Crowkit got up quickly as he searched the destroyed den and found no sign of his siblings, Willowsong or her kits. Crowkit climbed through the bramble as he raised his head, seeing the camp was destroyed and he felt his body shake as tears filled his blue eyes. He wanted to cry for his mother and father but he knew they wouldn't come. The small kit made his way as he followed the scent of his siblings, doing all he could as he made it halfway through the camp, his ears back before a familiar she-cat came into view. Willowsong's eyes widen as she ran to him crying, her white tail curling around Crowkit's small body as he grabbed him by the scruff and carried him to safety. That day, Crowkit learned that the camp had been overrun by Badgers and that she believed he had been killed when the badgers broke into the den, along side the queen whom was dead beside him. Crowkit had learned that two elders and a queen were lost, sadly along side Willowsong's kits.... Crowkit's family was safe but Crowkit silently cried many nights for his fallen friends and did all he could to comfort Willowsong while she grieved. Crowkit knew Willowsong had lost her mate a moon after their kits were born, leaving her to have no family left but Crowkit.
  • Crowkit spent the next few weeks at WIllowsong's side. After the camp had been re-built and life was getting back to normal, Crowkit spent most of his time beside Willowsong and had learned that his mother wanted nothing more of him and had avoided him and his siblings completely, getting a new mate with a new orange tom, but with the support of Willowsong and his older siblings Crowkit became 6 moons, and happily made his way to the High Rock, following behind Tawnykit and Whitekit.


  • After a few days after Crowpaw's ceremony, the tom met his new mentor, Finchstorm and began training. Crowpaw and Finchstorm trained every morning and began to build a great relationship between apprentice and mentor. Crowpaw happily began to do what was asked and even got to patrol with his older siblings, Bramblefang and Pebblebreeze. Crowpaw happily enjoyed his time with his siblings and sadly was barely able to see Whitepaw and Tawnypaw due to them being busy with training and chores. Although Crowpaw didn't mind much because he enjoyed hunting, tracking and spending time with Finchstorm. Crowpaw had grown distant from his mother and father, sadly he had barely seen them around and when he did, they were too busy to take notice to him.
  • Three weeks after Crowpaw's ceremony, Crowpaw was sitting beside Pebblebreeze and Whitepaw as they laughed and turned as their older brother Bramblefang slowly made his way into camp and the three sibling's heart shattered as they saw Tawnypaw being carried into camp, her body limp and lifeless. Tawnypaw sadly was killed by a badger, protecting her clan-mates. After many days, Crowpaw slowly began to get back to his duties, his eyes still red from crying constantly in the night.
  • Crowpaw began to laugh and learned what it was like having a father figure due to Finchstorm taking an extra step such as introducing him to his mate; Lilypetal and how she was expecting soon. Crowpaw happily began to bring prey to Lilypetal whenever Finchstorm was out or to busy to do so. As time passed, Crowpaw slowly began to grow hostile towards his parents, but gave his attention to Willowsong, such as bringing her prey and cleaning her nest and checking in on her. Crowpaw had grown a strong bond with the white and brown dappled she-cat, and even considered her as a mother figure.
  • Crowpaw happily at the age of 8 moons began to join patrols and got to train with some other apprentices, including with his brother, Whitepaw. One day Crowpaw happily got to go on a patrol with all his siblings, including Bramblefang and Pebbleshine's apprentice's, Russetpaw and Larkpaw and some more apprentices. As Crowpaw followed behind his mentor, Finchstorm, all mentors and apprentices spent a day at the river, doing patrols and a group training. Crowpaw happily awaited his turn to track down his mentor, like the others. The apprentices had to wait for their mentors to hide and track down their own mentor, by following their scent and not letting others scents distract them. Meanwhile the apprentices talked and awaited for the signal to go search for their mentors. Crowpaw had stayed in his spot until he heard Larkpaw scream, yelling that Russetpaw and an apprentice were sparring for fun and Russetpaw had fallen into the rapids. Crowpaw quickly raced from his spot as the apprentices all panicked but Crowpaw ran leaping into the rapids as he swam after the oak brown colored she-cat. Crowpaw dove under as he searched for her, her torso vanishing below the river's water. After four minute's, Crowpaw came up holding her scruff, coughing as water got into his mouth. The sound of Finchstorm caught his attention as he used his broad strength to keep Russetpaw's head afloat and himself, Finchstorm followed on the bank as he yelled, telling Crowpaw what to do. Crowpaw was able to grasp onto a branch that loomed into the water, hanging on before he prayed to Starclan to give him strength and he heaved Russetpaw out before he pulled himself out and dragged her out, pulling her onto the pebbles as he quickly began to shove his paws on her chest, trying to get her to breath due to none of the mentors able to get to them at the moment. After a few tries, Russetpaw coughed out water and gasped. Crowpaw felt relief before he looked down weakly, collapsing as everything went black. Crowpaw awoke in the medicine cat den, Russetpaw looking at him with her wide eyes as she cried wiping her tears away, thankful he was alive. Crowpaw spent one day in the med den along with Russetpaw.
  • As time passed, Crowpaw got back to training and began to spend time with Larkpaw and Russetpaw. They began to hang out when they were on their breaks and happily enjoyed each others company. Crowpaw and Tawnypaw went out with their mentors as they happily sparred and began to practice offensive and defensive battle styles. Crowpaw had laughed and enjoyed his time, feeling better then ever. As days past, Crowpaw cleaned the elders den, hunted for the clan, went on patrols. and did his daily chores.
  • Crowpaw happily sat with Whitepaw as they laughed and talked, sharing their days and the thoughts they had about their mentors. & how they missed Tawnypaw.
  • At the age of 10 moons, Crowpaw happily waited for Finchstorm as they began to trot out of camp, only for a Medicine cat to yell across the camp that Lilypetal was gonna be having her kits in a few moments. Finchstorm's eyes widen as he looked at Crowpaw but a tom stepped up to take Crowpaw out for a patrol and that Tom happened to be Crowpaw's father. Crowpaw quietly bounded beside his father unsure of what to say. After an awkward ten minutes Crowpaw's father apologized for being neglectful and not being around. Crowpaw having a gentle heart decided to Forgive his father and spent the rest of the patrol showing him what he had learned from Finchstorm. After returning from his patrol with his father, Crowpaw nodded his thanks before taking off to the med den, carrying two voles as he entered the den and saw Finchstorm laying beside his sleeping mate and curled inside her tail were four beautiful kits.
  • Crowpaw decided to go speak to his father but the scent of blood caught his attention as he slowly made his way through camp, the stars shining bright as The young black/grey colored tom padded out of camp, where he stood in horror to find his mother pinning his father down and doing a fatal blow to his neck. Crowpaw yelled as his mother turned to face him, her eyes wide. Crowpaw's siblings came to his side where they all stood with horror. Their mother taking off, never to be seen again. Crowpaw ran to his father's side as he tried to stop the bleeding but in his fathers last breaths, he looked into Crowpaw's eyes, as if saying he was proud of him and his kits. Crowpaw spent many nights and days trying to track down his mother, anger enraged in the young tom's heart.
  • Crowpaw has a melt down in the middle of the night before being comforted by Russetpaw, whom she held him close, her cheek brushing with his as he silently cried, hiding his face in her reddish-oaky colored pelt. That night Crowpaw and Russetpaw quietly sat next to each other until Crowpaw was able to calm down. Russetpaw and Crowpaw began to grow closer and began to spend a lot of time together, laughing and enjoying each others company. Crowpaw happily snuck out of camp in the night, Russetpaw following as he led the she-cat into a meadow, where he pounced around, fireflies flying into the air as they decorated the scene, making Russetpaw's eyes widen in awe as she admired Crowpaw's gentleness and finding simple things special. Crowpaw and Russetpaw spent hours in the meadow as they played together and happily play sparred and star-gazed.
  • Crowpaw played around with Finchstorm's kits as he gently played with them, letting Finchstorm and Lilypetal get some time together. Crowpaw happily chuckled as he noticed one of the kits reminded him of his late sister, Tawnypaw. He softly nuzzled the she-kit as the small kit smiled, gently letting her paws rest on his muzzle as she squeaks happily at him..
  • Crowpaw sat on a rock as he looked out over the forest, Finchstorm sitting beside him as the two tom's let the breeze brush by, the toms observing the land and talking about their future and what they hoped for.
  • Crowpaw happily became 11 Moons old and raced beside his brothers, Whitepaw and Bramblefang as they raced into the medicine cat den, seeing their sister, Pebblebreeze laying beside her mate; Oaktalon and beside her were three small precious kits. Crowpaw, Whitepaw and Bramblefang spent the next two days bringing things for their sister while her mate did his duties.
  • Two weeks later, Crowpaw padded into camp to find Bramblefang, Pebblebreeze and Whitepaw sadly looking at him. The young yet older tom looked at them, his smile fading before Crowpaw's heart sunk as he got the news, Russetpaw was dying after being crushed by falling rocks. Without awaiting for his mentor Crowpaw quickly sprinted out of camp and raced until he got to where Russet laid, the older felines trying to get the rocks off. Sadly after they did, her wounds were fatal and her legs down were crushed. All the felines sadly backed away as Crowpaw crouched beside her, nuzzling her cheek. Her blue eyes locked onto him as she softly smiled, tears in her eyes. Crowpaw knew she was afraid and scooted closer to her as he helped her lift her head and let her head rest on his chest, his chin setting on her head as he silently cried but then felt warmth wash over him as she spoke, telling him she loved him and wished she could've had more time to tell him and that they had more time together. Crowpaw let her head sink into his fur as he closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks and spoke, telling her he loved her too and he would've been honored to have been her mate in the future. That night, Russetpaw died in her sleep in the familiar scent of her lover, Crowpaw.
  • After that night, Crowpaw became selectively mute. Never speaking a word after the death of Russetpaw, only speaking to those he was very close too.
  • After a Moon he was healing from the lost of his best friend/lover and finally got back into the groove of things.
  • Crowpaw became 12 moons and was ready to become a warrior.


  • Crowpaw became Crowfrost, using the suffix Frost due to Russetpaw always saying his eyes reminded her of Frost.
  • Crowfrost sorted out some herbs for the Med Cat meanwhile Whitefish tried to flirt with a she-cat.
  • Crowfrost spent the day with his brothers and they all sparred and did challenges.
  • Crowfrost happily was padding into camp before bumping into a beautiful sandy colored she-cat. Crowfrost's eyes narrowed as she flashed her green eyes at the tom, introducing herself; her name Sandclaw.
  • Crowfrost happily spent time with Finchstorm, helping him lead a patrol before he also got to spend time with Sandclaw and soon gained feelings for the she-cat.
  • As the night sky was decorated with stars, Crowfrost spent time with Pebblebreeze and felt sadness due to her being ill and not having much time left. As the night went on, Pebblebreeze asked when she passes that he'd care for her kits. Crowfrost kindly accepted and spent the last five days with her before she died peacefully with her kits asleep beside her and surrounded by her brothers.
  • Crowfrost laid beside Willowsong as she laid in the Med den, as she weakly looked at Crowfrost, wishing she had more time with him and that she could've watched him have a family of his own. Willowsong thanked Crowfrost for giving her a second chance at being a mother and she'd watch over him. Crowfrost cried as he curled up beside the she-cat who was a mother figure as he told her it was okay and he'd be okay. Sadly an hour later, Willowsong passed.
  • After three moons, Crowfrost felt uneasy as Sandclaw acted carelessly around the kits, stating he'd rather be with the kits then her and guilt-tripping the Tom. Although he promised he'd spend time with her and they could have a night alone together but his feelings for her were vanishing.
  • After a few days , Crowfrost happily became an uncle to Whitefish and his mate, Poppytail's kits.
  • Crowfrost was needed for a patrol and asked if Sandclaw would mind to watch the kits due to Whitefish being busy with his own. Sandclaw happily agreed and spent the day watching the kits.
  • Crowfrost happily laughed, feeling everything was getting better until the eyes of Whitefish crushed his smile, the tom looked down as he told him, Pebblebreeze's kits were left unattended outside of camp and had been killed by a fox. Crowfrost felt his heart shatter as he raced by and yelled for Sandclaw, demanding her to appear. The she-cat slowly came, a glare in her eyes. Crowfrost yelled as he asked her over and over where was she. The sandy-colored she-cat looked away as she mewed, saying she took the kits out for a walk and she had told them to come into camp but the wouldn't listen so she left them.
  • After that night, Sandclaw told Crowfrost she had found someone new and didn't need him anymore. Crowfrost felt his spirit break as he broke down, realizing how stupid he was for believing she truly cared for him and not only that but he let his sister's wish die.
  • Two days later, Whitefish and Poppytail left the Tribe, Whitefish told Crowfrost the tribe wasn't safe for his kits and mate and he had to leave, find a safe place and he hoped they'd meet again someday.
  • Crowfrost awoke in the night as he looked over seeing Sandclaw was gone and decided to follow her scent, tracking her down through the woods as he let himself go numb, his family was gone and all was left was the broken, shattered road he once hoped he could've walked on with his siblings beside him. Crowfrost had found the she-cat beside the lake where she licked her paws and approached her, asking her why she left the kits when she knew they were defenseless. Sandclaw laughed and told him that she didn't care. & that she knew a fox was near and was tired of the kits and wanted them gone. Crowfrost felt his body become paralyzed as he felt himself slipping inside. As Sandclaw laughed, Crowfrost looked down in defeat unsure what happened over the moons. Crowfrost walked over as he mewed, saying she had something stuck in her scruff and wanted to get it out before it could cause a knot in her fur. As Crowfrost pawed at the back of her scruff, his paw slipped infront of her throat and without hesitation Crowfrost slit Sandclaw's throat, and whispered in her ear. "You deserve this." The tom bit Sandclaw's leg as she let out a gurgle scream and the fox did as Crowfrost hoped. Crowfrost turned as he padded away, in the background Sandclaw screams were muffled by her own blood as she drowned and was being mauled as the fox tore her apart.
  • Crowfrost left the tribe in the night never giving his trust to anyone.
  • A Few Moons Later, Crowfrost sat on a rock as he watched over the land, thinking on his past before his eyes drifted onto a black colored she-cat, whom was known as Ravenheart. Crowfrost ended up becoming good friends with the she-cat before he fell in love with her and they became mates. Crowfrost was happy but something inside him didn't feel right. One day Crowfrost was taken by two-legs where he spent 1 year away from her and made his way back but was a new tom. Crowfrost had changed and became someone new. Sadly Crowfrost let Ravenheart go, saying she needed someone who was better and who could love her right unlike him. Crowfrost sadly said farewell to Ravenheart, never seeing her again.
  • Though Crowfrost accepted his new life and knew this was his life and one day hoped he could go home. Find his forever home and have a family someday.
  • Crowfrost joins ShadowClan and meets Shadowstar.
  • 7/1/23 / Crowfrost returns from a 1 year pause!
  • Crowfrost meets a rogue named Val in the forest where the two observe each other and ask questions.
  • (coming soon)



  • “Don't worry. Mommy doesn't hate us..." ― Crowkit To His Siblings; Whitekit & Tawnykit.
  • "My Daddy and Mommy don't show love like others but I know they love me... in their own way."-Crowkit To The Other Kits In The Nursery.
  • "Willowsong, you may have lost your kits but I promise to be like a son to you! I'll make you proud!"-Crowkit to Willowsong After The Death Of Her Kits.
  • "Life is just full of obstacles, if we weren't strong enough, life wouldn't have put them there."-Crowpaw to Whitepaw.
  • "I find your training methods odd but I trust you!"-Crowpaw to his Mentor; Finchstorm on their second day of training.
  • "I- I just knew she needed my help and before I could think my legs took off. Before I knew it, I was in the rapids rearing her up to the surface. That doesn't mean I'm some Miracle Worker."-Crowpaw answering questions from the Medic and Finchstorm why he leapt into action without waiting for a mentor.
  • "I get it... you and mom both just weren't made to be parents. I'm hurt I don't have a good relationship with you and mom but I understand." Crowpaw to his father;Jaggedclaw about their relationship.
  • "Sometimes I think bad things happen in order to make those stronger."-Crowpaw to Tawnypaw.
  • "I'm not an idiot. I know my damn place, It's about time you found yours. You're stronger then you give yourself credit for. So shut up and stop apologizing to me!"-Crowpaw to Russetpaw after she apologized once more and talked low of herself.
  • "I- I think you'd be an amazing father. I'm grateful I have you to teach me the meaning of life. I guess... I think of you as a father figure..."-Crowpaw to Finchstorm.
  • "Hey Willowsong! I told Finchstorm I needed to take today off. I came to hold up my promise of being a son to you! So here I am!"-Crowpaw happily greeting Willowsong.
  • "I always knew Pebblebreeze was ill but the thought of her leaving so soon and leaving her kits behind... it hurt but I know she died peacefully along side her mate and kits. I will uphold her promise to raise her kits."-Crowpaw to Whitepaw after speaking of raising the kits whenever their father couldn't.
  • "I think I find life deeper then most.. I guess it makes me kinda odd, huh?"-Crowpaw "No! I find it actually cute..."-Russetpaw to Crowpaw.
  • "I may be a warrior now but that doesn't change the fact I still need you in my life."-Crowfrost to his former Mentor Finchstorm.
  • "Sometimes I think my heart wants one thing then my brain says the opposite. My heart wants to be with Sandclaw but my mind and gut tell me not too. How do I know what to do?"-Crowfrost to Tawnypaw's Spirit.
  • "I'll be okay Willowsong... I'm glad I got to have you in my life, I always dreamt of having a family and you gave me the love my mother couldn't give, I am forever grateful... I- I know your family is in Starclan awaiting for you. Everything will be okay."-Crowfrost to Willowsong in her last hour.
  • "I loved Ravenheart... b-but I knew I wasn't right for her. I will always treasure the four moons we had and I hope she finds someone. She deserves so much better and I can't give her what she needs... I know she'll hate me but I hope someday she will realize I did it for her because I loved her."-Crowfrost to Starclan.
  • "I keep fighting because someone once told me that at the end of this dark tunnel there is a light waiting for you to grasp."-Crowfrost to Bailey a Farm Cat.
  • "Heh... Russetpaw was my first love. She always will be and deep down I'll always love her."-Crowfrost
  • "Heh, you're the first she-cat or cat I ever had a duet with... I didn't know you could sing."-Crowfrost to Shadowstar after she began to duet him while he was singing alone in the forest watching the moon reflect on the lake.
  • "I... I just love wheat-stems. They're my closure, yknow? I guess I just find myself feeling calm with them in my muzzle."-Crowfrost
  • "Err- I like to sing alone but I do enjoy singing at night. Meadows and fireflies are peaceful to me."-Crowfrost.
  • "You know... you're a fool for thinking that way about me... but I guess that makes me a fool too..."-Crowfrost to Shadowstar after she confessed her feelings for him.


  • [Prefix] Crow- [Utter its characteristic loud cry.]
    • Given To Him For His Ebony Pelt.
  • [Suffix] Frost- [A deposit of small white ice crystals formed on the ground or other surfaces when the temperature falls below freezing.]
    • Given To Him By Himself After In Memory Of His Former Apprentice Lover Whom Always Said His Eyes Reminded Her Of Frost.


  • Fact #1: Crowfrost has an amazing Singing Voice.
  • Fact #2: Crowfrost and Sandclaw were never mates.
  • Fact #3: Crowfrost can't go an hour without a wheat stem in his muzzle.
  • Fact #4: Add


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