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F2u by binoftrash DA

Created: [11/24/20]
Creator: Lilacquil
Toyhouse: Link
Themesong: Exit Music (For a film)

Name: Cristo
Previous Name(s): N/A
Nicknames: Cris, Crissy
Joke nicknames: Crissyman

Residence: Lux
Previous Residence(s): Southern Canada

Rank: Healer
Previous Ranks: None

Species: Dog
Breed: Double merle border collie

Age: 4 Years
Birth Date: ???
Birthplace: Southern Canada, suburban home


Breed: Border collie
Eyes: Pale blue
Base color: White
Spots: Light gray and brown Height: 30 inches
Weight: Appox. 54 pounds

by Lilacquil

Because of his unfortunate genes of being a double merle border collie, Cristo has poor eyesight, hearing, and scenting skills. He's rather lean under his thick white fur, which has light brown and grey patches on his chest and face. He also has pale, icy blue eyes that seem either hyper-focused or completely zoned out. Cristo is tall and rather domineering, though is not strong in any sense.


Precise and elegant, Cristo is a guy who seems to have everything together. He's talented at words and japes, and agile at manipulating conversation. Because of his overall impenetrable persona, Cristo can come off as rather intimidating. He does not show empathy nor his prime emotions easily. Most who talk to him feel as if he's disappointed in them for some reason, just how he likes it. Despite this, Cristo acts very pleasant and polite to anyone he talks to, usually adorned with a quaint and friendly yet closed off smile that doesn't completely meet his eyes. He's also very observant.

Sexuality: Asexual homoromantic
- Preference: Although he may not be actively looking for a partner, Cristo would most likely be attracted to someone refined and classically good-looking that would catch his eye and be able to hold intellectual conversation.

[+] Smart, comforting, polite
[=] Calculating, intimidating, independent
[-] Cold, detached, unfeeling

Likes: Studying plants, cold weather, challenges, music, small-talk
Dislikes: Swimming, unsteady terrain, humid weather, getting his paws dirty

Tobias | Brother | 70%
❝That dog has grown from a sensitive young pup to a reckless adult. He's still just as childish as ever. How disappointing.❞ Cristo scoffs.
Amaris | Who knows | 1% - 100%
❝She's gone now. And here I am, picking up the pieces.❞ Cristo isn't sure how to feel.
Phineas | Alpha | 60%
❝A bit sensitive. Someone of his status shouldn't be so... emotional.❞ He supposes the guy is alright.
Finnegan | Friend | 90%
❝He's certainly caught my interest.❞ Cristo looks away.
Anne | Sister (unknown) | 50%
❝A nice young female.❞ Cristo doesn't really know or care who she is.
Gou | Acquaintance | 40%
❝I've only ever seen him while wounded and unconscious. Maybe he should take better care of himself.❞ Cristo shrugs.


❝You know I can't do that. I have unfinished business here. I have my family to think of now. And... And I wouldn't be a good life partner. You know how much I love you, but I would only cause you suffering. It's what I do best.❞ -Cristo to Amaris

❝Maybe if you weren't such a hot mess I wouldn't need to pity you. You're not some charity case I need to tend to. If you want to be broken and humiliated by some slinky ashiest, be my guest. I don't need this from you, Amaris.❞ -Cristo to Amaris

I'll show you broken and unlovable! You manipulative bastard, Amaris! YOU DON'T CONTROL ME. NO ONE DOES! I KNOW WHO THE HELL I AM, AMARIS. From the second we murdered our friend, I've known who you are! You're a husk of a dog, Amaris! You're nothing! No one! You feel nothing! You have... NO idea who I am!❞ -Cristo to Amaris

❝Alright, then. Take off the life-saving mixture I made with the last of my healing materials. See what happens when you contract sepsis and you slowly yet effectively die. Y'know what smells worse than herb mixtures, dear brother? Rotting flesh.❞ -Cristo to Tobias

❝Well, then. I suppose some are more apt to surviving in style than others.❞ -Cristo to Tobias

  • Cristo is born in Canada to his mother Lady in a suburban home, along with several siblings including his brother Tobias and sister Anne
  • He forms a close bond especially with Tobias, though at a young age develops a bossy and detached personality to his family
  • At only a few months old, Cristo is sold off to a very shady young man. Tobias begs for Cristo to stay with him and run away, but Cristo stays strong for his brother and tells him to let him go
  • The adoption was a scam. Once Cristo's new owner learns that he is partially blind and deaf, he is treated very poorly
  • Cristo bears a very dangerous and toxic adolescence, going to sleep hungry most nights. He thinks he has no chance of living on his own
  • The humans disappear, and Cristo is left on his own at one year old
  • He does his best to sustain himself, but isn't very successful
  • Eventually he meets a small friend group, consisting of a she-dog named Amaris and a male named Hans among others
  • Amaris and Cristo's sickly-sweet fake personalities mesh well, and they gravitate toward each other, almost in an unhealthy way
  • Amaris and Cristo vow to each other to be best friends, and tell each other everything
  • Cristo and Amaris kill Hans for reasons Cristo can't remember today. Cristo is shaken to his core
  • He works with Amaris to pin the murder on another friend. Cristo is so filled with guilt he runs away from everyone
  • Cristo lives on his own for a while, barely living on the land. He teaches himself how to heal himself using plants and items he finds in human homes, before meeting the dog pack Lux
  • He is accepted as a healer and lives rather reclusively, though makes a few acquaintances as he moves with Lux
  • Tobias joins Lux, Cristo is shocked though acts disappointed at how his brother decided to live his life
  • He discovers his mother Lady had been in Lux this whole time. He hadn't recognized her and Tobias is furious
  • Amaris joins Lux as well. Cristo is torn between terror and relief at seeing her again. He feels as if he will never truly be away from her. Their toxic relationship resumes
  • An atheist pack named Verum forms and breaks away from Lux. Relationship growing rocky because Cristo called out Amaris several times over, Amaris and Cristo join together
  • The two hardly speak during Verum, but Amaris is appointed to Beta and puts Cristo on edge. He starts to have doubts about the group
  • Eventually, Verum's alpha Roxie is killed by a lightning bolt, and the Pack is allowed back into Lux
  • Amaris leaves for good. Cristo says his goodbye, telling her he loves her, and is left feeling torn

Cristo is not open for private roleplay, but feel free to visit him in his group Lux!

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