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Status Alive, active
Allegiance Croissant's Bakery
Rank Cook in training
Previous Ranks Loner
Sex Female
Age 8 moons

Creampuff is a cream colored she-cat, with a darker cream tail and ears, pale yellow eyes, and a light cream muzzle and paws. She is currently a cook in training of Croissant's Bakery. She is friendly, playful, and jealous.


  • Name: Creampuff
    • prefix- [the thick white or pale yellow fatty liquid which rises to the top when milk is left to stand and which can be eaten as an accompaniment to,desserts or used as a cooking ingredient; for her coat color] suffix- [a light pastry case, typically one made of puff pastry, containing a sweet or savory filling; for her puffy fur]
    • Next Names:
    • Former Names:
    • Nicknames: Cream, Puff, Puffy
  • Sexuality: Too young
  • Birth Date:
    • Zodiac:
    • Birth Season:
    • Birth Place:
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Date of Creation: 6/10/2021


Creampuff is a small, young she-cat. Her fur is a cream color and is puffy and thick. Her muzzle, paws, and chest are a beige like color, or a more pale version of the rest of her body. Her tail is big and thick, with long fur. Her ears are folded on her head, instead of sticking up. Her ears and tail are both a dark brown-cream color. She has a small, round, light pink nose, and her whiskers are short, and not very noticeable. Her paws are stubby, and her body is roundish. Her pale yellow eyes are round and wide, with eager and excited pupils.

  • Hex Colors
    • Base: #EADECE
    • Markings: #FBF4EC
    • Markings: #BEAF9A
    • Eyes: #FFF3A7
    • Nose and Paw Pads: #FEC8C8
  • Voice Claim:
  • Height:
  • Breed: Mixed Breed

Clan Standings

  • Clan: Croissant's Bakery
    • Rank: Cook in training

Status in Clan

  • Education
    • Mentored by: Pudding
    • Apprentice:
  • Goals:
    • Meet all of the Bakery cats
    • Train with Pudding
    • Become a cook


  • Positive traits: Friendly, cheerful, playful, confident
  • Negative traits: Jealous, naive, devious, nosey

Creampuff is a friendly she-cat, and finds greeting others to be easy as cake. She is cheerful, and usually looks on the bright side of things. She is playful, and will never turn down a chance to have fun. She is quite confident as well, and, while she isn't snobby, she doesn't look down on herself, and isn't a bit insecure. As much as she loves making friends, she can become jealous quite easily, and is easily offended. She will become upset and angry if you spend more time with your other friends than you do with her. She likes being included in everything you do. She is quite naive, falling for teicks easily, especially since she trusts others quickly. While she seems sweet, she can also be devious at times, especially when she becomes jealous. She might not always act on her malicious plans, if she is anbry enough she might do bad things. This trait could worsen or lessen as she gets older. She is nosey, and tends to get into others business, even if they don't want her to. She'll listen in on conversations she finds interesting, and she'll ask you about any suspicions she has about stuff.


Kithood (0-6 moons):

  • Secret, hehe

Apprenticehood (6-12 moons):

  • Creampuff discovers what she thought was an abandoned bakery
    • As she enters the building she discovers that other cats live here
    • Croissant, the chef (leader) allows Creampuff to join
  • Creampuff meets a tom named Breadstick who is Croissant's brother
    • While talking with Breadstick, Creampuff notices that he seems nervous
    • She learns that Breadstick wasn't expecting so many cats to join the Bakery, but he assures her that he likes them living here
    • After talking to Breadstick for a while, Creampuff decides to meet some other cats
  • Creampuff meets Hershey's Kiss, who likes to be called "Hersh"
    • She learns that Hersh used to live at a zoo
    • Hersh tells her about what it was like at the zoo. He explains that humans would watch him, and sometimes the young ones would accidentally step on his tail
    • He asks Creampuff about her life before she came to the Bakery, and she tells him that she mostly just wandered around the neighborhood
    • She tells him that she doesn't remember her parents, and he replies that he doesn't remember his either

Warriorhood (12 moons-Present):

  • Not yet lol









Other Relationships

Mother [NPC] (???) (0%)

I don't know what to think of her...

Father [NPC] (???) (0%)

I don't know what to think of him...

Croissant [Localoof4] (chef) (50%)

I don't know him that well, but he's the chef, which means he's super important! And, he's the one who let me into the Bakery!

Breadstick [Localoof4] (40%)

He seems nervous a lot, and he says um in every sentence, but he's cool!

Hershey's Kiss [Fadedwish] (30%)

He lived in a zoo! That's so cool!


I love the Bakery! Everyone I've met so far is really nice! I can't wait to meet everyone!

Cats Outside the Clans

There's nothing wrong with them. In fact, I think they're cool!


  • Relationship status: Single
    • Mate: Too young
    • Ex-mates: N/A
    • Offspring: Too young
  • Current Fling: Too young
    • Former Fling: N/A
  • Candy-Eye:
    • Mentally:
    • Love Language:
  • Experience:
  • Attracted to: N/A
    • Formerly Attracted to: N/A
    • Cats Attracted to Creampuff (Happynyss): N/A
    • Cats formerly attracted to Creampuff (Happynyss): N/A
  • Ships: N/A



  • Creampuff lied to Hersh about not remembering her parents
  • Creampuff will probably be pansexual when she grows up
  • Creampuff is afraid of the dark


"I'm Creampuff!"

-Creampuff to Everyone

"Hehe, Crossy."

-Creampuff to Breadstick

"Yes, I have a mentor. Her name is, um, Pudding, I think. I haven't met her yet, but I'm sure she'll be awesome!"

-Creampuff to Breadstick

"You would make a great mentor!"

-Creampuff to Breadstick

"Thanks for the advice. I think I'm gonna go try to meet some other cats now, though."

-Creampuff to Breadstick

"Humans would watch you? That seems scary... and kind of cool!"

-Creampuff to Hershey's Kiss

"Well, I lived on my own before joining the Bakery. I don't really remember my parents, but that's okay."

-Creampuff to Hershey's Kiss

"At least you aren't the only one who doesn't remember."

-Creampuff to Hershey's Kiss


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