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★◟ ♂ · Warrior ⊹₊⁺

⸝⸝🍂◟ current name coyotepromise
previous names coyotepaw , coyotekit

⸝⸝☀️◟ age 23 moons

⸝⸝🍂◟ creator vic

⸝⸝☀️◟ status alive & active

⸝⸝🍂◟ residence mossclan

◞🏜️ᴗ brief desc
╰ a skinny, scraggly brown coated tom with brown eyes. his fur seems to comb in every direction, giving him a very disheveled look. his tail is shorter than the average cats, and his ears are just a little too big. he has tan markings on his underside and front legs
◞🏜️ᴗ image
this art is by ME, biteyerheadoff on discord

◡◠☆ brief personality desc
Coyotepromise is a loyal, strong-willed warrior. He is very passionate individual, but is very friendly to those around him. He is happy to help out a fellow warrior, or any cat in need, but sticks to the rules very closely out of fear of being reprimanded. Coyote tends to want to shy away from things that scare him, but he has troubles speaking up about those things.