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General info[]

  • Name: Constans, a name given by his previous romaboo owner and taken from a 7th-century Roman emperor, Constans II.
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Age: 30 moons
  • Birthday: Exact birthday unknown
  • Birthplace: The streets of a twoleg neighborhood?
  • Date of OC creation: 29th March 2022
  • Current status: Aridclan caretaker
  • Rank: Caretaker + scout
  • Traits:

(+) Polite, hygienic, patient.

(=) Sly, thorough, energetic.

(-) Mischievous, paranoid, proud.


This illustration should sum it up.



Constans was born in the streets of an average American suburban neighborhood. The place is not known, but Constans was born a stray cat. He was abandoned by his mother as a kit and got adopted as a pet by a 12-year-old boy. Soon after he arrived in his owner's home, he got deloused and dewormed by a veterinarian. That was the only medical treatment he received from a veterinarian.

Constans' young owner turned out to be a romaboo (Roman Empire fan) and this is the cause behind his name. When the owner had a free time, he would read Constans some books about Roman history. The owner did this repeatedly for a prolonged time. So Constans grew up listening to his owner's rambling until some topics of Roman history got imprinted on his mind.

When his owner almost turned 15, he got bored of playing with Constans so he left the cat outside of his house. Constans could have joined his misguided companions who have turned into semi-stray street cats. Semi-stray street cats are the most degenerate of cats. Most of their foods come from meowing loudly in front of the twolegs, "forcing" them to feed the degenerate cats. If there is a fertile unneutered male cat among them, it is possible that he is the father of the cats of the entire neighborhood. And Constans despised this kind of degenerate lifestyle.

So, Constans traveled through dangerous places for months and made his way to the Arizonan deserts. There, he found his new home, the Aridclan camp.