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Colm Preyton


"God put me on this damned earth for a reason, damn it!"

Basic Information

Former Rank
Ol' Cloudy
100 moons
Deadwood West
Bar Tender


Primary Pelt Color:
Secondary Pelt Color:


An old soul, Colm is older than god's dog and twice as mangy; he's the type of character most have childhood stories about, a generous character who appeared out of nowhere one day and never left- no one knows his origin, most assume he was a traveler who came to stop back in the day and never left and he surely acts like it. Wise and approachable, although more reflective in his old age, many would note how this feline is intelligent and very happy to help out the younger generations although this all comes at a price; he never expects anything for free and never gives for free either, usually owed something by someone or another through his trade. At times Ol' Cloudy has been known to become irate and snap at those around him; the reason for it is unknown, perhaps his old age or built up frustrations, but either way may god have pity on your soul if you're around him during these fits of rage. Once his rage has subsided he will often be much harsher on those around him than you'd expect, much less willing to give out a good word or advice to those who may desperately need it but know this, it is very rarely you he has an issue with, much more the circumstances. Though he is happy where he is now, they have to admit they still think of their old comrades and plan the night he will return to them; he'd like to think they became night spirits and because of this can often be found out late at night, singing to the moon and sharing a drink with the wind, hoping they realise he toasts to them every night before bed. In his old age he has grown much more superstitious and aware of the arcane and unseen; with his drinks he often says a word to the spirits in hopes they take pity on him when he joins them.


Many would describe him as a once-handsome, semi muscular maine-coone cross with a thick, fluffy, naturally greyish brown overcoat with vague, mackerelled tabby markings and a soft, white underbelly that creeps up into his maw and finishes just between the two brows that he usually keeps firmly furrowed. Though his monumental figure carries many the battle scar these days and his muzzle is greying with age, he still has a youthful glint behind his soft, violet-blue gaze and he has decided he wishes to keep it that way until they give up on him. Many would note how the former ranger who turned to bar tending with age has a strange collection of leather accessories he adorns his figure with, including one that looks like a utility belt and often holds his drink-making apparatus or, in trying times, the blade with which he cuts the fruit for the beverages he serves dutifully even though he is long past retirement age.


Former Mates
Brandy Macentire
Lily West
Kallen, Lilian, Victor, Lorcan

OC Name
Wesley Toadson
"A smart one, that boy.. Too smart for his own damn good.. I gotta show him Canada, one day."
Brandy Macentire
Strong Crush
"Mon Soliel.. How I do adore..."

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