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《 Coffeeshine 》
OC CREATOR Bluewolf458
CUR. USER Bluewolf458
AJ USER Bluewolf458
AFFILIATION Floodclan (Formerly)
PREV. RANK(S) Medicine Cat, Kittypet
FUT. RANK(S) Starclan Resident
CUR. NAME Coffeeshine
PREV. NAME(S) Coffeekit, Coffeepaw, Coffee
CUR. AGE 121 moons
MENTOR Gentleriver
APPRENTICE Flamepath (Formerly)
BIO. MOTHER Gentleriver
BIO. FATHER Riverwisp
BROTHER Saffronshiver
SISTERS Lichenpad, Pinewhistle
UNCLE Sharpglare
AUNTS Bluebellkit, Arcticbell, Clawmark, Junipertail
GRANDMOTHERS Fangstrike, Eaglefur
GRANDFATHERS Rainfeather, Ferntail
BIRTHDATE November 5th
VOICE 0:12
Coffeeshine is a mutt cat showing scottish fold bloodline. An herbalist rogue turned medicine cat, he served the clan Hazeclan along side his apprentice and fellow colleague, hoping to lead the clan into a new era of medicine. Now he’s a washed out old man that’s on his own.

A disheveled dark grey scarred scottish fold tabby tom with folded down ears, light grey underbelly, dark grey stripes, a furless leg, wrinkles from age, and striking amber eyes. He has many different breeds mixed into his bloodline, but him specifically displays the appearance of scottish fold, british shorthair, and a little bit of munchkin. Breeds in his family tree include, siberian, british shorthair, munchkin, scottish fold, himalayan, maine coon, bengal, birman, Norwegian forest cat and several others. After his fight with the rogues, Coffee has a furless leg, scar covered face, and several large scars on his torso and tail.


character name // username · relationship · trust

Gentleriver // Bluewolf458 · mother · 90%
Mother taught me everything she knows, I am a medicine cat because of her knowledge. She died of greencough when I was about 18 moons. My siblings and I miss her.'

Riverwisp // Bluewolf458 · father · 50%
He died when I was little, mother said he had a disease though and that he was just a big kid at heart. We probably wouldn't have gotten along that well.'

Saffronshiver // NPC · brother · 90%
Saffron had always been really hotheaded, but I care about him anyway. He was reliable when you needed him.'

Pinewhistle // NPC · sister · 80%
She cared more about her appearance then health, Lichenpad and I always seemed to be tending to her weak and not well treated body. Ya know, I miss her everyday…'

Lichenpad // NPC · sister · 75%
My youngest sibling was taught about herbs and medicine cats from mother alongside me, we both have great knowledge of healing. She found love and broke our vow in our youth, even if we didn't serve clans, it was still a vow. She left with that mate when our mother died, but it didn’t matter to me. I understand her plea though, wish I could say sorry to her…'

Berrystar // Bluewolf458 · Great Grandmother and Starclan Guide · 60%
This one, oh where do I begin. She acts like she's my darn mother, always expecting me to treat her with the highest respect. Sometimes I catch her not even paying attention when I'm trying to talk to her cricket brained starclan tail. But she does indeed have wisdom, just not in the way one would expect. Even after all these years my thoughts have barely changed on it.'

Wolftuft// Bluewolf458 · god uncle · 75%
Uncle Wolftuft was in a lot of mother’s stories, she told us what not to do with dogs using him as an example. After finally meeting, he seemed more than the tom in the stories, as if he had grown with the times.'

Flamepath // 19spot · Former Fellow Medic/ Former Apprentice · 70%
Weird specimen that one was, she was always hiding in the grass, giving me static, hopping on my back when I was eating, and often teased other apprentices. She’s the reason I got attacked in my eyes, yet I don’t resent her for it. That one still had much to learn in the ways of a medicine cat but I trust her and I hope she was a good one after I left. Ah now I remember, after time had passed, my little apprentice became fully fledged, having taken the place of a disrespectful cricket. I bet she resents me now, my statements to her prove better than any second opinions how much of a hypocritical cricket I am.'

Cinnamonpaw // Jasperdragons · Former Apprentice · 0%
Abandoned the clan and medicine cat ways, just like my sibling. I have lost all respect for her.'

Honeypaw // Coolyetti · Former Apprentice · 0%
Traitorous cricket, left just like the first one. How is it that Cami’s apprentices always left, yet Flamepath remained? I was both intrigued by this realization and infuriated with our former apprentices. I understand her sentiment some now looking back.'

Cami // Firefly899 · former clanmate/ Former fellow medicine cat · 7%
She broke the medicine cat code! A traitor to what we stand for! Giving up her role as a medicine cat just to have children? I want nothing to do with that cricket anymore.'

Eclipsestar // Shadowcat65772 · Deceased Leader · 60%
She didn't give me proper respect when we first met, but I csme to see her for the reasonable leader she was. Eclipse was even more anti social than me sometimes. I don’t remember her well.'

Lamb's Ear // Emperorpenguin77 · Clanmate · 5%
Leave me alone.'

Summithowl // Pugmustache · Best Friend/ Brother Figure/ Deceased · 91%
You were a really curious Tom Summit, no one besides family ever broke my walls. Yet someway it was by you, and appears the same has as well for me. I outlived you, and yes I did plant flowers in my garden for you, however I hope you never have the need to be given such a treatment. When I first said those words back, I truly hoped my desire for you to live longer would’ve been true... rest.... my dear friend.'

Crowfall // Horseylove800 · Clanmate · 10%
I went out of my way to heal his pitiful excuse of a wound, then he harassed me?! Shows how little brain was in that frail skull of his, stupid cricket.'

Greenbudgie // Popsicoe · Former Clanmate · 5%
Rude guy that wanted to steal my clovers, always told others to avoid him at all costs. He was a plant thief! He left my cousin and the clan, darn cricket never got respect from me.'

Sharpglare // Edgefeather01 · Uncle · 40%
Uncle Sharp was a weird cricket, he attacked me, but said I was the last darn hope for our bloodline. I don’t give a fox, however he really cared for our family, so back then I decided to go along with it for his sake, even if he was a cocky old coot. Found out old dirt cat dropped dead long ago, I used to say it “serves him right”, but honestly looking back I miss him!'

Oleanderkit // Lithospheres · Friend · 71%
This little one was the only cat in hazeclan I felt comfortable with during my early days. We even planted a clover garden together in my den, but I suppose good things don’t last forever. She was poisoned and passed away at my paws, I used to visit her grave from time to time and I was sure to keep her garden lively until the camp was flooded. I still miss her even after all these moons.'

Berry// Duchesswolf15 · clanmate · 50%
Odd Tom, but he wasn’t really that bad, he was fun to tease as well. Somewhat daft from time to time though, and he was too quick to jump on the accusation train, and shows a lot of insecurity.'

Foxtrot// unknown user · clanmate · 30%
Hadn’t properly talked him back in the day, yet he retained a similar character from what is recalled. I wish had given him a chance to catch up.'

Doestar// Duchesswolf15 · leader and semi apprentice · 61%
Rare for me to teach another to fish, he even received a clover from my garden, lucky he was I suppose. From what I can remember he still carried it with him. Summit was his mentor for everything but fishing and swimming, taught him those skills myself.'

Northwind// Dish4455 · best friend’s mate/ former crush · 45%
Friend wasn’t a word I would use with him . North seemed stable, I admit to feelin some things back then but it escapes me now.'

Tansyprance// Catsnouts · member of his clan’s ally · 30%
Respectable Tom, somewhat like Summit in demeanor yet not as nervous it seems. Polite and respectful, I hope to become better companions with him in the future.'

Velf// NPC · former mate · 100%
He was the first and last true love of my life, I miss that darn cricket so much…'

Coffee comes off as a quiet and very steely tom, that just seems to hate everything with disdain and anger. It's hard to scratch passed the surface with him as he's very picky about those he wants to see as a friend. However, he's a very wise and calm male, that personally enjoys quiet. Always an introvert at heart, you can find him being alone either enjoying the outdoors, or sorting herbs. He cares very much about the gathering of medicine, seeing it as a fun activity rather than a chore. Teaching his apprentices about the life of a medic is mixture of annoying and fun for him, as it really depends on the attitude of whom he is teaching. To him, nothing is more important than living a good life, and anyone who says otherwise, he merely says they're wrong, as living a good life means you can have things important to you all around. This led him to be very neutral based, never taking full sides even if sometimes it wasn’t necessary to do so. Without a father figure growing up, Coffee acts somewhat feminine due to observing his mother and her body language as a kit. He's iconoclastic, always putting his own beliefs up on a pedestal and shunning those desires and beliefs he deems improper to the vows and thoughts he's set for himself, however this side of him only comes out when religion is involved. If he believes you have no potential for something or finds annoying, Coffee will come out and say it. He was once a very quiet and reserved tom, yet became someone who struggles on how to properly use his emotions. He lacks trust with others from past experiences, yet he is slowly starting to change, but has not quite found the support he needs to get out of that confusing state. Words often leave him unwilling to trust, as they left somewhat of an imprint on him. Coffee has a heart, one that is very closed off and blocked by many doors keeping it concealed. When he tried to open some, either a cat ignored him, yelled at him, or a tragedy occurred which made him close and lock them again. Those that do break down these locked doors manage to gain the trust of a very loyal and protective friend, that will be more heartbroken if he’s betrayed by them. Coffee comes off as a grumpy and rather rude Tom who disrespects everyone around him, but mostly he imitates what he’s seen. Although that’s not entirely true, Coffee is truly a very grumpy and to himself Tom, that just wants a few cats not to completely berate him, especially his apprentice. Sometimes Coffee will use names he picked by himself to address cats. In many ways he says these names as he finds it easier to remember than a cat’s true name, which is why he settled for “crickets” when acknowledging a group. When he was attacked by Rogues, Coffee had become very grounded and quiet, shaken from his encounter. As the years went by he mellowed out a little bit, but still retains his quippy and moody attitude.
Calm // Collected // Understanding
Respectful // Wise // Gentle
Stubborn // Orderly // Perspective
Folksy// Iconoclastic // Quiet
Blunt // Cold // Erratic // Grumpy
Impatient // Sedentary // Steely


  • Coffeekit, Lichenkit, Pinekit, and Saffronkit are born to Gentleriver and Riverwisp, two loners with clan blood.
  • Riverwisp finally passes away after suffering from his disease since birth.
  • Coffeekit and Lichenkit start taking interest in herbs when their mother treats Saffronkit's stomachache.
  • Coffee meets his starclan guide, Berrystar, during a dream. He finds out she is his great grandmother.


  • Per tradition of the clans, Gentle gives all her kits, apprentice names. She keeps training them in the ways of a warrior and medicine cat.
  • Coffee studies hard and begins to memorize the herbs he is taught.
  • One night Lichenpaw gets white cough, Coffee manages to treat her without any worry. Thus proving his potential.
  • Coffee spends the next several moons experimenting with different flowers, berries, herbs, and plant materials his mother dare not touch. Gaining new knowledge of herbal remedies.


  • Coffee and his siblings receive their final names being, Lichenpad, Saffronshiver, Pinewhistle, and Coffeeshine.
  • Winter comes on a whim, and Gentleriver catches Greencough. Unable to find the proper herbs, she is unable to recover and passes away at 61 moons.
  • Grief stricken, Lichen wanders away, leaving the other three siblings alone and worried.
  • Eventually the other three, now without parents, go separate ways, in hopes of finding new happiness.
  • Coffee wanders for eight moons, but eventually receives a message from starclan to go to a clan that recently lost a medicine cat.
  • Coffee ends up in Hazeclan territory, being taken in by a patrol. He is brought to their leader, and questioned.
  • Coffee is put on trial and becomes the assistant to Cami, he plans to change that once he passes the trial.
  • The clan start accepting Coffee is now in their lives, and slowly adjust to his presence.
  • Eclipse eats American Bittersweet by mistake, becoming very sick. Coffee treats her and at long last he is accepted by the her as a full medicine cat.
  • Coffee starts gaining the respect of his clan as a powerful healer, but they still find him rather repulsive.
  • Coffee befriends a kit named Oleander, she eventually becomes his first clan friend. He helps train her by a mossball.
  • Oleander and Coffee make a clover garden in the medicine den, because they were getting destroyed outside by other kits.
  • A new cat named Adder comes to the clan, and tries to befriend all members of clan. Coffee is skeptical but doesn’t show it, preferring to stay out of the clan’s business until someone is injured.
  • Oleander dies from eating poisonous berries, destroying Coffee on the inside. He keeps up the garden she and him made, keeping the clovers alive.
  • Flamepath is one of the group hated for his beliefs, but he dare not show those thoughts aloud and attempts to be a voice of equal ground to her.
  • Eclipse disappears and a large battle involving Adder’s rogue group and clan break out, Coffee is overwhelmed with the amounts of injuries he has to aid in treating. Including eclipse.
  • Coffee spends the next few days tending to the clan leader with his fellow medic and the medic apprentices, while keeping aid up with his other patients.
  • Heronwing and Longmusk come to the medicine den and Coffee helps them figure out she is having kits.
  • Cinnamonpaw abandons the clan, and her friends, therefore causing Coffee to lose all his former respect for her.
  • Cami and Coffee have a big argument.
  • Coffee helps Heron gives birth to her kits.
  • Lamb confronts Coffeeshine about his behavior and he does little to defend himself.
  • Flamepath stops listening to Coffee, after all the treatment he gave to their clan mates.
  • Cami, Coffee, and several warriors fall ill, leaving Flame and Honey to save them.
  • Coffee recovers, and names Honeypaw the new medicine cat apprentice.
  • Wolftuft confronts Coffee and he finally puts down his mask for but a moment, crying into the elder’s shoulder.
  • Sweet’s leg goes dead, and he is reminded of his elder friend’s own lost limb.
  • Lamb becomes selectively mute, and Coffee has mixed feelings about it.
  • A tom named Berry is turned against by his clanmates and Coffee is one of the few that defends him and Foxkit.
  • Canary is killed by rogues invading the clan, leaving the clan in utter disarray. Coffee tries to remain calm and neutral, helping the mentally fearful, and the physically injured. After attacking Almond for injuring clan mates, and hissing a lot,Coffee eventually breaks down into Summit’s fur, venting to a cat he’s usually remaining stern with.
  • Coffee puts daffodils in his garden to represent his deceased cousin alongside the clovers he raised with Oleanderkit moons ago.
  • Summit keeps coming to Coffee for emotional support, while also remaining in senior warrior duties.
  • Sweetflower dies and Coffee forgets she exists afterwards.
  • Coffee ends up training Doepaw and Summithowl in the art of swimming and fishing. He proves being a loner gave him a lot of skills normal full clan raised medicine cats might not have picked up.
  • When Summit is busy with other parts of the clan, Coffee takes his apprentice a Flamepath and Sum’s apprentice Doe to the river, where he trains one about fishing and the other about herbs at the same time. He figures out the two get along quite well.
  • Coffee goes out into the forest after being called disloyal by his own apprentice and clanmate he defended, and ends up being attacked by rogues. He managed to defend himself at first but is badly beaten and critically injured.
  • During his recovery period, Aspen the deputy leaves the clan, and Summithowl is named the new deputy, making Coffee quite proud of his friend, even if he didn’t show it.
  • Doepaw is made a warrior and given the name Doefeather, Coffee gifts him a clover from his garden as a token pride for the young cat.
  • Coffee recovers but is heavily scarred and now has a permanent limp from his injuries, yet he doesn’t mind it all that much.
  • Meadowclan’s deputy is found by a patrol, yet Coffee isn’t able to assist much as he is out and about doing therapy for his injuries.
  • After meadowclan is found, Coffee befriends one of the warriors named Tansy, he helps him gather twigs and herbs to rebuild meadowclan’s camp. In the end, the two clans become allies, and the medic couldn’t help but smile some.
  • The clan camp is flooded, Summithowl dies, Coffeeshine nearly drowns.
  • Hazeclan rebuilds itself into Floodclan, Coffeeshine plants poppies in his garden.
  • He feels a small spark for the widowed Tom Northwind, but doesn’t act on his feelings.
  • Coffee is withdrawn and feels depressed.
  • Realizing he feels empty, and now that his apprentice is fully trained, he leaves the clan life behind and becomes a loner once again.

Loner Life

  • He wanders for many moons, still practicing medicine and the spiritual ways his mother taught him whenever he can.
  • One day he meets a very welcoming tom named Velf, a kittypet with tons of life behind eyes.
  • He often frequents the tom’s backyard and they grow close.
  • One day Velf’s owner finds Coffee and takes him in. Thus he becomes a kittypet.

Kittypet Time

  • He spends years as kittypet, living his with Velf.
  • Whenever he could he kept up with his medicinal knowledge, using it to help Velf and himself when needed. Their twoleg barely took them to the vet due to that.
  • He was never spayed.
  • Velf and Coffee fall in love, they formally become mates.
  • One day Velf got very sick, scaring Coffeeshine after examining him.
  • The vet tried everything they could but Velf got worse and his twoleg put him down.
  • distraught by Velf’s death, Coffee fled in the night, forever leaving the cushy life of a kittypet.

Loner Life Take 2

  • Without his lover or anyone alive with him, he now wanders alone once again.
sexuality Homosexual
status Single
looking? N/A
oc's crushes Northwind (Formerly)
crushing on oc N/A
mate Velf (Formerly)
skill // stars // rating

  • Sight // ●●●●○○○○○○ // 4/10
  • Hear // ●●●●●○○○○○ // 5/10
  • Smell // ●●●●●●○○○○ // 6/10


  • Hunting // ●●●●●○○○○○ // 5/10
  • Offense // ●●●●○○○○○○ // 4/10
  • Defense // ●●●●●●○○○○ // 6/10
  • Speed // ●●●●●○○○○○ // 5/10
  • Strength // ●●●●○○○○○○ // 4/10
  • Endurance // ●●●●○○○○○○ // 4/10
  • Stealth // ●●●●●●○○○○ // 5/10
  • Swimming // ●●●●●●●○○○ // 7/10
  • climbing // ●●○○○○○○○○ // 2/10


  • Leadership // ●●●●●●○○○○ // 6/10
  • Intelligence // ●●●●●●●●○○ // 8/10
  • Mental Stability // ●●●●●●○○○○ // 6/10
  • Medicine Knowledge // ●●●●●●●●●● // 10/10
  • Wisdom // ●●●●●●●●○○ // 8/10

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《 "I wish to sleep, leave me be." 》