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agrw bee
ajc tig91455
coder bee
residence holtclan
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group information
  • naming; cinnamon flurry
    • prefix; cinnamon — an aromatic spice
    • suffix; flurry — a small swirling mass of something moved by gusts of wind
  • reasoning; its rather unclear where cinnamon flurry's name originated from
    • previous names; cinnamonpaw, cinnamonkit
    • future names; n/a
    • nicknames; cin, flurry

  • birth gender; ♂️ male
    • prefered gender; ♂️ male
    • pronouns; he/him/his/himself

  • age; 55
    • birth date; 17th march
    • birth place; holtclan alchemist den
    • birth season; spring
  • horoscope; pisces
    • birth stone; aquamarine, bloodstone, jade and jasper

  • status; single, possibly looking
    • sexual orientation; pansexual
      • definition; pansexual is the attraction to individuals regardless of gender.
    • romantic orientation; demiromantic
      • definition; demiromantic is defined as someone who does not experience romantic attraction until they have formed a deep emotional connection with someone
    • gender preference; no preference
  • fertility; tba
    • experience; none
  • past residence; none
    • past rank; n/a

  • current residence; holtclan
    • rank; council member
      • description;
        council members are the experienced and older warriors of the clan. they are more respected by the leader and sometimes are asked for advice. they are to be respected, but do not have any say over the head medicine cat deputy, or leader. these cats help the leader and deputy come up with alternative options or to simply help them settle a dispute.
    • past ranks; kit, apprentice, warrior
      • kit; newborns and young
      • apprentice; trainees
      • warrior; bulk of the clan
    • future ranks; tbd
my thoughts on holtclan are obviously positive, their my home, always have been always will be. despite most of the member's, standoffish attitudes, i still love them to bits.
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  • personality; first impressions to cinnamonflurry are everything, so he always tries to make good ones. he's known to be a very welcoming, kind hearted and understanding feline who is never one to judge no matter the circumstance, and is always a fun character to talk to and hang around with. yet, despite this, he can also be very strict and upfront, and surprisingly isnt all too forgiving either, unless he knows you well. otherwise, if you wrong him, he will turn his back to you, and likely never speak to you again. He's very optimistic, and tries to look on the good side of things majority of the time, and is a wonderful feline to go to for if you need to unwind or vent.
    • positives; optimistic, kind-hearted, loyal
    • neutrals; non-judgemental, energetic, upfront
    • negatives; strict, unforgiving
      • mental strength; cinnamonflurry's best mental strength is that he can handle and work very well under pressure, but he also knows when he needs to just take a step back from something
      • mental weakness; his main mental weakness would be that he's unforgiving, due to this he tends to hold grudges a lot, which can affect things in future
      • mental skill; cinnamonflurry is a very dependable and supportive feline who is always open to go to with problems you may have. he'll happily do favours for others in need or take on tasks that they couldnt complete to lessen their burdens. he's also great at viewing things from multiple peoples point of view

  • temperament; cinnamonflurry has a very calm, nurturing and optimistic temperament

  • preferences; cinnamon flurry personally doesnt have many strong preferences when it comes to weather, foods etc, the only known one would be avoiding conflict with other groups and outsiders
    • likes; tbd
    • neutrals; tbd
    • dislikes; tbd
      • phobias; currently none

  • goals; ∨ ✓ ☓
    • ∨ avoid personal conflict with ravineclan
    • ∨ serve and protect holtclan
    • ∨ find and return pumpkinpaw home
    • ✓ promote to a council member
    • ✓ take on an apprentice
    • ✓ complete apprentice training
    • ☓ train and protect pumpkinpaw

  • parental capability tba
    • experience tba
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  • breed; maine coon
    • build; relating to his breed, cinnamon flurry has a very tall, lengthy and bulky build with a long thick coat
    • height; 15 inches
    • weight; 18 lbs
    • length; 27 inches
      • tail length; 16 inches
    • physical strength; his tall and hefty frame helps for brute strength and making heavy attacks against his opponent, like body slamming. He's also good at trudging through thick mud, snow and scale rocky terrain easier
    • physical weakness; whilst his hefty frame is good for heavy attacks and brute strength, its also his weakness as it means he cant make quick or difficult manoeuvres easily, due to this, and his pelt being so thick, he cant swim all too well either

  • pelt; cinnamonflurry has a long and very thick coat with a soft texture, though it is very prone to knotting and matting, and things like leaves and twigs getting tangled into it so has to be groomed regularly
    • pelt texture; the texture of his pelt is very soft and warming, but its also pretty heavy
    • pelt colour; his pelt is a rather unusual color, a soft dusty brown to fawn tone that shows hints of a dull pink, almost lavender undertone to it when in the light
      • pelt markings; his darker markings arent the most visible, they are there, but better seen in the light. along his back is a long stripe that is slightly darker than his base colour, which is also the same as his tail colour, the stripe along his muzzle toward his forehead, ear tips and sides of his face. His feet, tail tip, cheeks and mane/chest are a visibly lighter tone, along with his eyelids.  
  • eye colour; his eye color is seen to be a very dull, yet soft olive green that have a kind and inviting feel to them
    • flesh colour; his flesh colour isnt the easiest to tell apart from his coat unless its his pads, as its a dull pinkish brown in color
    • blood colour; average to a cat, his blood is seen to be the normal red
      • scars; currently none that are visible

  • summary; overall, cinnamonflurry is a beautiful, fawn coloured monumental feline with a welcoming and kind gaze, and usually relaxed posture.
    • accessories; tbd
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family relations
  • past mentor;
    • ♂️ lowtalon, deceased
      • lowtalon was a good mentor, they taught me everything that i know today, and im grateful for that, if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be where i am today. i'll always look up to him.
  • apprentices;
    • ♂️ pumpkinpaw, missing
      • unfortunately i didnt get to do much training with pumpkinpaw, and i regret it. i wish i could have spoken with him more, and im upset that i cant spend more time searching for him. i should have been there..
    • ♂️ larchpaw, missing
      • admittedly, never really spoke to the boy much, he was kind of.. socially inept, i suppose, wasnt one for long conversations. though, it is a worry that he hasnt shown up again, after saying he was just going out for a walk..
  • parents;
    • ♀️ dustsnout, deceased
      • she was a very good mother, raised myself and my kin well. i feel bad for her, getting herself lost in such a cruel man lilacsun was, he didnt deserve her.
    • ♂️ lilacsun, deceased
      • a horrible, manipulative man. not only was he never there for my mother, he took away her children without even discussing it, and completely vanished. he never deserved her love, never will. i hope to god that he's dead now.
  • siblings;
    • ♀️ needlepad, alive
      • i never knew much about her, or.. anything at all, really, thanks to lilacsun. but, i hope she's doing well, wherever she is in life.
    • ♀️ robinnose, alive
      • i havent seen her since she left holtclan to follow her own path.. she never even specified what that was, but i suppose thats fine. just hope she'd doing ok.
    • splashspots, deceased
      • never knew much about them, much like needlekit. lilacsun took them with him when he left.
    • ♂️ spirehaze, alive
      • my only brother of all my siblings.. and an annoying one at that, but i still love him. he left not long after robinnose, not sure if they took the same path or not but they had the same idea in mind, hope he's well.
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credits in image names
my art on the left, others on the right

Cinnamonflurry by PapaBee-0224
Cinnamon by CryptChaos-6066
Cinnamonflurry by PapaBee-0224 (3)
Cinnamonflurry by PapaBee-0224 (2)

credits in image names

Cinnamonflurry by Lonelysnake-6138
Cinnamonflurry by ravioli-4596